‘Muslim-Free’ Gun Store Now Selling George Zimmerman’s Confederate Flag Paintings

So, he paints a Confederate flag over an American flag that he painted. That speaks volumes.

The Fifth Column

<span class='image-component__caption' itemprop="caption"><span style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 20px; background-color: #eeeeee;">In this July 9, 2013, file photo, George Zimmerman leaves the courtroom for a lunch break during his trial in Seminole Circuit Court, in Sanford, Florida.</span></span> CREDIT: JOE BURBANK/ORLANDO SENTINEL/ASSOCIATED PRESS In this July 9, 2013, file photo, George Zimmerman leaves the courtroom for a lunch break during his trial in Seminole Circuit Court, in Sanford, Florida.


George Zimmerman, who rose to national notoriety in 2012 after shooting and killing unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, is now selling prints of a Confederate flag painting, in part to benefit a Florida gun store owner who is facing a lawsuit after declaring his business “Muslim-free.”

The prints — copies of an original work hand-painted by Zimmerman — are available for about $50 each at Florida Gun Supply in the city of Inverness. Andy Hallinan, the store’s owner, declared his store a “Muslim-free” zone in a July YouTube video, on the grounds that he did not want to “arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots.”

The Council on American-Islamic…

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  1. The ethics-free and decency-free zone that is George ZImmerman never fails to disappoint in his ongoing war against doing the right thing.

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  2. So let me get this straight Zimmerman paints over the American flag with the Confederate flag so that he can then argue that the 2nd amendment protects our 1st amendment am I understanding this right?

    Okay so the store owner he is selling these in support of is Anti Muslim and refuses to serve any Muslims. So the question becomes how much do they really care about our Constitution?

    when you consider that the same very constitution that idiot claims to love so much also clearly states that we have the right to religious freedom.

    The store owner should be held accountable here in him denying Muslims the right to purchase or even visit the store is based on the fact that they are Muslim. in other words he is violating their Constitutional rights as citizens of this Nation.

    if they have a right to own a gun per the 2nd Amendment then obviously that tells you that they are Americans or at least citizens. Even though they follow Islam the laws of this very land should apply to them and they are to be protected under the same laws as anybody else.

    Funny that George would unzip himself after the Federal investigation was over with and come out and clearly state who he really is. I mean its Obvious look at what he is implying here, he has a distain for certain ethnic groups in addition he painted over the stars and stripes with the Confederate flag all this just after what took place in Charleston.

    I hope they re open that investigation and nail his ass.

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    • crustyolemothman

      While I do agree with most of you words, I think that you have given too much credit to the Zimmertrash. He is in this case, as in everything else he does, looking to make a quick buck, and nothing more. He would align himself with the devil himself if he thought he could profit from doing so. I said after the Non-Conviction of the murder of Trayvon that the family should have filed an action against him in civil court. I realized then that they could never collect much (if any) money from him, but it would have allowed them to prevent him from profiting from his reputation, such as he is attempting to do in this instance. If every time he attempted to do something like this a lien was filed to attach any and all proceeds, it would basically prevent him from profiting from anything except honest work, and we all know that he will never attempt something like that…..

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      • I wonder if O’Mara has an attorney’s lien on Zimmerman’s assets?

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        • crustyolemothman

          Xena, He had indicated at one time that he did, but how much of what he says can we accept as truth?

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        • I wonder if Georgie paid any Taxes on that supposed $100K that he made selling his lil painting, has anyone notified the IRS about his earnings?

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          • I seriously doubt he made that 100K, the bid history was filled with newbies to eBay (less than 5 transactions) and the last real bid from anyone with a real reputation on eBay was around $15K. In an interview in S. Florida he wouldn’t confirm he got 100K, only that it exceeded his expectations and that was $100. Even with these prints they have slashed the price by more than half.

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          • The 100K he claims to have made was proven to be a hoax. I forget all the details but even a rep. fro e-bay stated as much. As I recall, he had a few faux bidders jacking the price up. It was at like……$5.00, the jumped from that to over 80 K in one bid, the to 95K in one bid then 100K.

            As an e-bay’r……..Yeah, Right.

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    • Personally, I think George Zimmerman’s Constitution has heartburn!

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  3. Does this prove Zimmerman is a racist? http://t.co/n3k2u59gz2— The Young Turks (@TheYoungTurks) August 19, 2015

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    • crustyolemothman

      Did you notice in the Zimmertrash’s own words he admitted the first picture did not actually sell? If his original painting had indeed sold, how could he have painted over the canvas it was on to produce this picture (or tracing?)….

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      • scrodriguez

        As Serino testified to George is a Pathological liar too bad Serino didn’t follow his instincts while investigating

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      • Omg i see what you’re saying!! Lmao but supposedly Zimmerman “sold” that 1st flag POS painting to the someone who in turn put it on eBay. Several of us watched & some participated in real time jacking up the auction. During the auction i watched ppl bid & retract & bid again w/different accts. I watched to see if there were any real bidders, & i’d say there were no more than 5 real bidders. And at the end you can see real bidders stopped at around $150-200 & w/in the 1st 24hrs.

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        • Two sides to a story

          I don’t think he actually sold a painting for 100k, do you? No evidence for it anywhere.

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          • NO way, not in a million years! but he’s dying for ppl to believe he did cuz it makes him feel like ppl like & support him, especially those w/the means & inclination to waste 100K on his scribbles!
            think of it this way.would anyone ever mention that ‘painting’ if they knew he probably got a thousand for it? Do you think this other clown would even entertain zimmerman if zimmerman told him the truth, that the auction was a bust?? nope! they’re both trying to scam & they’re scamming each other! lmao

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      • Exactly. if you look at his face on every picture he alleges to have painted and sold, it’s the same. So, hello Photoshop. In fact, it’s the same shirt. In fact, the twists and lay of his shirt are exactly the same.

        Note to FogenPhoole………..nobody with a double digit IQ buys your crap. Literally and figuratively.

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    • Here’s the video;

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    • That was great!

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  4. 2 dopes looking for easy money, and unfortunately dopes will be buying that trash.

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    • I wonder if the gun shop’s owner’s attorney knows that Zimmerman has gotten involved? I mean, that gun shop owner is facing a lawsuit that I suspect claims a violation of civil rights. Zimmerman and the confederate flag cannot be a benefit in the guy’s defense.

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      • You would think the attorney wouldn’t want that kind of publicity. Zimmerskin’s support can’t be a positive thing.

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      • It’s another toxic Zimmerman encounter. He seems to like to embrace gun store owners with bad outcomes for the owner.
        1. The Arms Room…..caused a gun show to be canceled, then the owner had the event at his store where maybe 20 people max came to see Z.
        2. Pompano Pat’s……where he was playing security cop at the store, the owner lost a mayor’s bid due to his association with Z.
        3. Now this guy….he is the first non-disgraced cop turned gun shop owner and time will tell how the toxic Z will affect him and his business.

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  5. By Fabiola Santiago


    In case any of us had any doubts about where he stood or who he really is, George Zimmerman is selling copies of a painting he made of the Confederate battle flag out of a gun shop in central west Florida.

    A soul doesn’t get more rotten than this.

    Adding fresh sting to a national wound he opened when he shot to death an African-American teenager walking home from a convenience store is a novel low, even for Zimmerman.

    But do-gooder “Georgie,” as his bailiff uncle portrayed him at his murder trial, just had to intervene and come to another bigot’s rescue. He thought the Confederate flag was just the thing to show support for discrimination and profiling of another group, this time Muslims.

    In a promotional video for the $48.90 flag prints (discounted from the original $97 that not even his supporters apparently wanted to pay) Zimmerman explains that he sought out Andy Hallinan, owner of Florida Gun Supply in Inverness, after learning that Hallinan had declared his store “Muslim Free” and was facing consequences.

    Hallinan is being sued for discrimination by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization.

    Zimmerman says he was moved to paint the Confederate flag and the words “The 2nd protects the 1st” as an ode to both the right to bear arms and to the Stars and Stripes he painted first and sold on eBay for $100,000.

    And now, here he is, adding to his résumé fund-raising for the cause of discrimination: Buy a print and you’re entered in a raffle to win the original bad, childish George Zimmerman painting of the emblem of the South that fought to perpetuate slavery.

    What a contrast to the dignified way the Miami parents of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin are conducting their lives and operating the Trayvon Martin Foundation to make a difference in young lives and to help parents who have suffered losses like theirs.

    The foundation is hosting a Youth Empowerment & Solutions (YES) Conference in Miami Oct. 22-24. Last weekend, Trayvon’s father hosted a “Circle of Fathers” for men who have lost children to senseless gun violence.

    “They have recommitted themselves to the mission to remember their son,” Adner Marcelin, spokesman for the Parks & Crump Law Firm that represents Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, told me Tuesday.

    Fulton and Martin won’t comment on Zimmerman.

    “The family does not comment on his actions or anything to do with him,” Marcelin said. “They are focused on their son and his foundation.”

    Zimmerman, on the other hand, only gets himself into trouble with the law, with girlfriends who call the cops on him then run out of the picture scared for their lives.

    He acts, post the not-guilty verdict, like the troubled man he is — the one the jury couldn’t or wouldn’t see. A man who fans the flames of a divided, ailing country with no thought to the family who lost a young son who was minding his own business and was where he belonged.

    A man who had taken another’s life in legitimate self-defense would act with more dignity.

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  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    In the meantime, Trayvon’s legacy lives on through the positive work of the Trayvon Martin Foundation founded by Sybrina and Tracy. I admire them for helping to make the world a better place.

    Live on, Trayvon, live on.


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  7. I did a post on Muslim Free Stores

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  8. chuquestaquenumber1

    1.For all of you who think George Zimmerman isnt a racist. Now what?
    2.This is Muslim Free gun store is not about honoring the dead soldiers or others kill
    3 Active shootings in South Carolina,Maine,Louisiana.All by white men. Has any gun store owner said” Because of the recent active shooting violence, I will not sell guns to white men.”

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    • Chuquest,
      Good points. I question how the gun owner determines religion? This question connects his decision to race because there would have to be a prejudicial assumption by the gun shop owner that all Asians are members of Islam. That would be a wrong assumption. Remember the church in Wisconsin, (I think it was) where the members were attacked and a cop was shot by the perpetrator who assumed that the members were Muslim when they weren’t?

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      • chuquestaquenumber1

        Yes you’re speaking of Wade Michael Page. The terrorist who went to a Sikh temple killing Sikhs he thought were Muslims. I was surprised when LEOs described his crimes as terrorism.

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        • Yes you’re speaking of Wade Michael Page. The terrorist who went to a Sikh temple killing Sikhs he thought were Muslims.

          That’s the case. Thanks. So, the question now is, does Andy Hallinan not sell guns to people dressed like Sikh’s assuming they’re Muslim, or does he discriminate against brown and yellow people assuming they are Muslim?

          I was surprised when LEOs described his crimes as terrorism.

          That’s probably because he wounded a police officer, who is considered under “terrorism” as a representative of the government.

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    • oh lordy, I can imagine the outrage if that were to happen.

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  9. Two sides to a story

    Geo definitely has a self-destructive streak. Seeking money, of course, but his bright ideas will lead to personal disaster. Amazes me again and again that he can’t see that.

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  10. I was pleasantly surprised to find how many supporters this page has.


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  11. Off topic.
    You might have heard about the situation regarding Shaun King. Well, Snopes has reported on it including things about Vicki Pate.


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    • So it’s not a secret even to LE that Icky Pate is the one who released Kendrick’s autopsy photos.. What a wretched worthless POS she is. I can not wait for her to get what she deserves.

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    • OMG Xena! I had completely forgotten about the “V. Pate” fiasco until you reminded us!

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      • As I understand it, V. Pate illegally acquired King’s birth certificate and is alleging that it proves he is White. King has stated on Twitter that he’s not going to (my paraphrase) air his family’s laundry because a White Supremacist doesn’t know his family. I don’t think it was V. Pate who contacted media sources however. D. Piercy has pages of tweets to news sources that he sent the link to with King’s birth certificate that is posted on Pate’s photobucket account. The grapevine has it that they are both now under the magnifying glass.

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  12. Not one word on Robert Zimmermans twitter supporting his brothers sale of the latest “painting”.
    Hmmm….. wonder why ?

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    • I just checked the ‘net to see if Robert had commented. I didn’t find anything on that but found this article I had never read before:

      “Until his little brother, George, shot and killed an unarmed black teenager on the sidewalk of a Florida gated community more than two years ago, Robert Zimmerman Jr. was “the family fuckup.” He used the phrase with me a lot, but the first time was in October 2012, at a dark back table at the Algonquin Hotel’s Blue Bar in Manhattan, six months after what all the Zimmermans call “the incident.” He was downing a double gin and soda, and he was wearing a Hugo Boss suit, “diamond” earrings from Kohl’s, and the remnants of airbrush concealer from a quick appearance on Fox News’s Geraldo at Large. He went on to name all the ways he was a lousy namesake for his father, Bob, a former Army sergeant, and a disappointing son for his mother, Gladys, a fierce, devoutly Catholic first-generation immigrant from Peru. “Unemployed. College dropout. With a DWI and a boyfriend,” he said, listing his sins. (The boyfriend was a big problem for Gladys, somewhat less so for Bob.) But then, overnight, George had become “the Wreck-It Ralph of America,” and Robert—articulate, sweet-natured, maybe in over his head—was thrust into the role of family savior. “You know what that means?” he said, ordering a second gin and soda. “Zimmerman in charge of rebranding.”


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      • Mindy, I think by now Robert may have given up hopes of making blood money from his brothers actions.

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        • The article stated all 3 of the Zimmerskin’s siblings are unemployed. Does it make me a bad person to find some glee it this?

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          • Maybe the infamous artist can make enough money to support the whole klan! LOL

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          • The daughter was let go of her job when it was discovered that she was included in the transfer of the donated money. Unless she was employed again since then, it would mean that she’s been unemployed since 2012.

            No one really knows what Junior did for a living. He said at one point that he was being cancelled after he interviewed on television on behalf of his brother.

            We know what happened to George. He lied to his employer about being robbed and not being able to produce a police report to that effect, abandoned his job.

            If that family had just kept their mouths shut, or in the least not litigated the case in the media ….

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          • Now that space travel is in vogue for people with more money than common sense, it’s a shame the Zimmermans didn’t come up with the idea of a “Z Space-Travel Agency. All expenses paid trip to Mars with a sight-seeing layover on the Moon. One way only.” They could have volunteered for the maiden voyage. I don’t think either planet has and extradition treaty with us!

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      • Mindy, long article, but VERY interesting. It never ceases to amaze me how some people’s minds work!

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  13. From the Hannity interview several years ago :

    GZ:I hate to think that because of this incident, because of my actions, it’s polarized and divided America and I’m truly sorry.”

    GZ: I am not a racist.

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  14. http://floridagunsupply.com/firearm-blog/support-america/

    Has anyone else visited GZ’s business partners website?
    Andy wants to change America.

    His plan is :

    Get armed
    Get trained
    Carry daily.

    GZ has met his match.
    2 paranoid dopes !

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  15. I am constantly amazed at the gun store owners who embrace this fool. If I owned a store he would be the last person I would want around my business. Zimmerman is the poster child for irresponsible gun ownership. No person who truly is interested in gun safety and being a responsible gun owner would get near him.

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  16. Anyone look at the GZs Twitter page ?
    He has a message for haters

    It starts out:

    Haters, take note

    Why do I succeed
    I succeed because I am willing to do things you are not.


    There is more. You can read the rest on Twitter.

    Since when has he succeeded ?
    What are his accomplishments? Killing a black kid? His so called art ?
    He’s d@mn right I am not willing to do the things he does.
    I would NEVER label anyone a suspect and follow them.

    I hope he is knocked off his high horse real soon.
    His arrogance and lack of remorse for taking the life of another is mind boggling and sickening.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I am not sure he can ever see himself for what he is and therefore can’t be lowered from his “high horse.” He is a person who has had multiple episodes of uncontrolled rage (one of which was deadly) for which he has never taken responsibility nor for which he has ever been remorseful.


  17. FogenPhoole……..the ultimate loser.

    He claims he “succeeds” At what I ask.

    He quotes Hitler. Wow !! The ultimate psycho

    Lets see……..FogenPhoole is

    A racist
    In legal trouble
    In debt greater than most humans can get in 3 lifetimes
    Is a gun Nut
    A predator
    A murderer
    Has a serious propensity for violence
    Hates ipads
    Punches inlaws
    Shuts the electric off of moms
    Is a pathological liar
    Opens fraudulent business’s
    Fails at everything
    A stalker
    A media hound
    The reason Robert Zimmerman changed his name to Bob Dylan (he saw it coming)
    A deadbeat
    A plagiarizer
    Unfaithful….his friends, family, wife….

    Did I mention homeless ??

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    • yahtzeebutterfly


      “The reason Robert Zimmerman changed his name to Bob Dylan (he saw it coming)”


      • We can all laugh (he deserves it) but the reality is that nothing in my list is off.

        I’ll go back to a point in time a few years ago here where everyone mentioned some of their accomplishments.

        What does this pathetic oxygen user do ?? besides waste the air we need to survive on. Just like websites and all of us say, what is with this nut case ??

        What the hell is with this crap, we’re all safer if we’re all armed…….but wait, Muslims can’t be armed……oh, and Hitler had it right with “Jews can’t be armed…..or allowed any rights” and well, now that it’s in the open, black people can’t be armed…..and those Asians…..nope…..no guys for you guys.

        So…………correct me if my rant (spelled “logic”) is off, but doesn’t all of that spell…..



  18. I heard that stealth Muslims are buying guns and ammo from him in huge quantities just to piss them off and say it can be done…..hey, just what I heard.


  19. Interesting that GZ has a link to his brothers Twitter page, but Jr has no link to little brothers Twitter page. Could JR be ashamed of GZs latest money making scheme?


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