Justice for Jonathan Ferrell – Kerrick Trial Continues

We are following the trial of Randall (Wes) Kerrick, an officer with the Charlotte/Mecklenburg, NC police department, who is charged with voluntary manslaughter for killing Jonathan Ferrel.

The videos below include a recap of the case,  a portion Kerrick’s testimony last week, and the prosecutor’s cross-examination questioning his inconsistencies.

If you’re interested in what has been covered of the trial already, please use the search on the right-side border for “Jonathan Ferrell.”


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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam 1m1 minute ago
    Waiting for #KerrickTrial to begin third week of testimony.


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Picking up where we left off Friday with the video of Officer Adam Neal’s interview with detectives #KerrickTrial

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT


  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Neal demonstrates how Ferrell was “clawing at” Officer Kerrick when they were on the ground

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Neal says he thinks #JonathanFerrell was on bath salts or mushrooms. He also described series of shots

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Neal: Ferrell acted like a “zombie” on bath salts

    Neal thought he was going to have to Ferrell in a sleeper hold, but “it was going to be tough.”

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Officer Neal’s description of #JonathanFerrell, he was ready to roll

    Cleve R. Wootson Jr. ‏@CleveWootson
    Officer Adam Neal describes seeing #JonathanFerrell approach Ofc. Randall Kerrick

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Ferrell was “already moving” toward Kerrick when Neal got out of his cruiser

    Neal: Ferrell “looked crazy”


  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    Angela Hong ‏@AngelaWSOC9
    Ofc. Neal shows Ferrell’s actions. Says his fists were balled up & pumped arms & moved forward. #KerrickTrial @wsoctv


  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    A fellow officer in the Hickory Grove Division

    Dossett went to the home where Ferrell stumbled after his crash

    Dossett spoke with Sarah McCartney, who called 911 and reported a breaking and entering

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Dossett says he interviewed 911 caller and said she was visibly upset and appeared terrified

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Dossett also took Kerrick’s statement on the scene and filed a report

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Ofc Dossett says he also wrote a report where Kerrick was the victim. “Victim stated suspect assaulted him by unknown means”

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    The report said Ferrell assaulted Kerrick

    Defense questions if Kerrick is an honest person, and Dossett says he’s “a truthful person.”

    Prosecution asks if Dossett got “the suspect’s” statement, which he couldn’t because “the party was deceased.”

    Angela Hong ‏@AngelaWSOC9
    Prosecutors asks if Ofc. Dossett got both sides of the story for police report. He says no because Ferrell was dead.


    • Prosecutors asks if Ofc. Dossett got both sides of the story for police report. He says no because Ferrell was dead.

      There we have it! A one-sided story based on speculation that makes no sense.

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  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Jury now hearing from law enforcement training expert Dave Cloutier

    Cloutier helped develop defensive training tactics for North Carolina law enforcement

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Dave Cloutier is the defense’s use of force expert.

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Cloutier reviewed SBI and CMPD internal affairs files, as well as the CMPD use of force policy

    Cloutier also interviewed Kerrick

    Cloutier has reviewed “virtually every document in this case.”

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Expert reading list of info. he reviewed as well as interviewing Kerrick to come to his expert opinion

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Jury sent out so Judge Ervin can hear what Cloutier has to say about “auditory exclusion.”


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      “Auditory Exclusion”

      Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
      That’s a “common term” for not being able to hear during use of force

      The hearing loss can cause someone to guess how many shots were fired “substantially less than what they actually fired.”

      Kerrick said he was not aware he had fired 12 rounds

      Prosecution says it’s being taken by surprise with Cloutier’s testimony about “auditory exclusion”

      Ervin: “It’s not uncommon for an officer who has fired shots to not know how many he’s fired?”
      Cloutier: “Yes sir.”

      Angela Hong ‏@AngelaWSOC9
      Expert says in auditory exclusion ears shutdown & can’t hear due to stress. Won’t know how many shots fired.

      Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT

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      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
        Cloutier taught CMPD Captain Mike Campagna, the prosecution’s use of force expert

        Defense asks Cloutier to assess Kerrick’s actions, beginning with his response to the B&E call from Sarah McCartney

        Cloutier: Kerrick “was concerned the caller may have been removed from the residence.”

        Jury is back to hear Cloutier’s testimony


  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Use of force expert says Kerrick’s actions, “in my opinion it would be consistent” with guidelines

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Cloutier: Kerrick’s drawing a weapon “would be consistent” with law enforcement training and CMPD policy

    Cloutier: drawing the weapon was justified because of the nature of the 911 call

    Cloutier: a person doesn’t have to have a weapon in hand to be an “aggravated aggressor”

    Cloutier: a person’s body can “absolutely” be used as a weapon

    Cloutier: Kerrick firing his gun is consistent with CMPD use of force and basic law enforcement training

    Angela Hong ‏@AngelaWSOC9
    Cloutier: Kerrick’s actions was consistent with training because it was a dangerous situation and taser did not work.

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Interesting twist. We have teacher (Cloutier) and student (Campagna) giving very different testimony on use of force.

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  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Cloutier disagrees with Campagna’s testimony that Kerrick should have reholstered his gun and gone hand-to-hand

    Cloutier: Kerrick’s keeping gun out during encounter is consistent with CMPD policy and law enforcement training

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Expert is talking about pre-attack cues: clenching fists, stare, failure to comply with commands, sweat

    Expert says he disagrees with state’s use of force expert, Capt. Campagna’s opinion to reholster and use lower level of force

    Expert says battle over a weapon is considered a lethal force encounter

    Angela Hong ‏@AngelaWSOC9
    Defense finished with Dave Cloutier. We will now have a recess & the state will have chance to cross examine him. @wsoctv #KerrickTrial


    • so according to this “expert” police can shoot to kill whenever they desire, doesnt matter if the person is unarmed and has broken no law…….doesnt matter if they are no threat at all…..just shoot them and when they raise their hands begging for mercy, that makes it a lethal struggle for the gun….how can any jury convict when you allow this type of LYING on the stand?

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      • Bill,
        There we go. The jury has to stand in the shoes of the victim. It kinda reminds me of the Jodi Arias trial where at closing, the prosecutor described what Travis was going through and experiencing as Jodi was stabbing him.

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        • The defense witness looks like a hired gun….this icould be partly how he makes his living. Did the prosecutor ask him how often does he testify in court and how often is his testimony in favor of the police defendant?


  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    On cross examination, expert says he retired in 2001 and some techniques have changed

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Handling the questioning is Teresa Postell, who grilled Kerrick last week

    Postell’s questioning trying to paint Cloutier’s expertise as out of date

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Lots of evidence in this case. Expert says he reviewed 7225 pages prosecutor says there is a total of 21,000 pages

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
      On defense redirect, Cloutier says the number of shots fired is not “troublesome,” quoting the defense

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  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    The defense is now getting to DNA evidence

    Eve Rossi with the CMPD crime lab has been called to the stand

    In opening statements two weeks ago, the defense said Ferrell’s DNA was on Kerrick’s gun

    Rossi is typically a witness for prosecutors. Not in this case.

    Rossi swabbed the gun’s handle and trigger

    Three blood stains were found on the gun

    Rossi: “not unusual” that Kerrick’s DNA would be on his own gun

    Mixture of Ferrell and Kerrick’s DNA found on two areas of gun

    Only Ferrell’s DNA was present on the muzzle of Kerrick’s gun


    • they need to be clear and stop this mixing of terms…dna and blood…….blood has dna in it and indeed some splatter from the shots would get on the gun……using dna makes it sound like the victim touched the gun, using blood sounds more like splatter.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Robin Kanady ‏@RobinFox46
      DNA expert now talking about testing of #Kerrick’s boots

      TWC News Charlotte ‏@TWCNewsCLT
      Blood found on Kerrick’s uniform belonged to Jonathan Ferrell.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Kate Gaier ‏@reporter_kate
      Now on to Kerrick’s pants… Stain on right front, lower pant leg positive for Ferrell’s blood

      Amy Cowman ‏@amywccb

      Rossi says the DNA in blood found on #weskerrick pants matched DNA profile of #jonathanferrell

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      • Blood on the bottom of pants sounds like shooting him while he was already down. I don’t know how else you get his blood on the bottom of pants leg otherwise.

        wonder if the jury has black ppl.

        and remember this is the 1st cop charged w/killing someone innocent in like 40yrs or something like that.. and still if he gets convicted he’s looking max 11 years???!!! how does that even square with our expectations of a trained cop’s professionalism? how can 11 yrs possibly be punishment for shooting at an injured person 12times and then making false statements afterwards to cover your ass??
        11 years sounds like a person’s sentence for robbing a bank to feed their family type thing, not taking a life in cold blood.

        god I can’t stand Kerrick’s whiny sniveling ‘I was in a fight for my life’ shit. there was NO FIGHT!


  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Being sent to lunch. More DNA testimony this afternoon.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT 4h4 hours ago
      Lunch break ends with more DNA testimony from Eve Rossi with CMPD’s crime lab

      DNA tests were also conducted on the front door and screen door Ferrell pounded on after crash

      Ferrell’s blood was found on the deployed air bags in his wrecked car

      Kerrick’s DNA found under a fingernail in Ferrell’s left hand

      Ferrell’s DNA was on one of three marijuana roaches found in ash tray at co-worker’s garage

      Co-worker Max Funderburke testified he and Ferrell smoked marijuana shortly before Ferrell’s crash

      Expert says Ferrell’s DNA on the gun could be the result of him touching the weapon

      DNA expert can’t “tell a story” about the DNA findings that would explain how Ferrell’s blood and DNA were transferred

      On cross-exam, DNA expert says Ferrell’s DNA could have transferred to the gun when he put his arm up in “defensive posture.”

      Prosecution points out the DNA analysis does not explain how the shooting/struggle happened

      Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam 3h3 hours ago
      DNA expert confirms DNA does not tell how it happened or how it was deposited.

      Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT 3h3 hours ago
      The defense rests

      Defense renews motion to dismiss manslaughter charge

      As expected, motion to dismiss dismissed

      3 hours ago
      Jury has been sent home for the day and will return tomorrow for closing arguments

      Prosecution doesn’t want the jury to consider a lesser charge, asks only voluntary manslaughter be considered

      Prosecution and defense arguing over whether defense can say Ferrell attempted a burglary

      Defense basis is Ferrell pounding on door

      Prosecutors want to say Ferrell had right of self-defense from Kerrick

      Prosecution will get to go twice tomorrow since defense offered evidence

      Defense says its closing argument will take about an hour and a half

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      • “Kerrick’s DNA found under a fingernail in Ferrell’s left hand

        Ferrell’s DNA was on one of three marijuana roaches found in ash tray at co-worker’s garage”

        #1. How do they go to some OTHER person’s home and take joints out of their ashtrays to use against a dead man who WASN’T EVEN AT THAT HOME WHEN HE GOT DEAD???
        so if I die in Miami the cops can go to a ‘co-workers’ home in fort Lauderdale to see if my DNA is on their joints?
        And didn’t they already test his blood and found Jonathan was not drunk or stoned?!
        I wish we could’ve seen the cross exam on that DNA. I hope the prosecution ripped Kerrick for continuing to call him the “suspect” and the other killer enthusiasts for calling kerrick the ‘victim’

        #2. Kerrick probably touched Jonathan’s hands after shooting him to make sure he was dead. or when he was shooting him at point blank range while he was dying on the ground. sickening.

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        • could it come from contact with kerricks pants? if it came from skin where is the mark on kerrick? and certainly post mortem contact is possible officers did handle the body.

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          • As a matter of fact the EMT did testify that he 1st went to fuss over Kerrick, the one who wasn’t laying on the ground with 10 bullets in his body. So it is possible the EMT transferred the DNA.
            But my problem is that some of those jurors could totally hang their hat on to that DNA issue& use it to legitimize Kerricks ridiculous BS!


            • Shannon, absolutely! The prosecutor had better explain that in closing arguments along with Kerrick’s inconsistencies. There is no reasonable doubt that Kerrick killed Jonathan. The question for the jury is whether Kerrick was justified. I’m really hoping that the prosecutors will take a page from Martinez’s play book in the Arias case, and present the jury with what Jonathan felt and went through as he was being killed by Kerrick.

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            • They mentioned in the link that Jonathan was crawling trying probably begging for his life. That’s what this is about. The crime of Killing an innocent person, snuffing out this man’s awesome life. He had 2 jobs he was getting married. He had his whole life. Leaving his fiancé & family with their lifetime of grief. They need to bring him there in the court room so jury remembers him.


  13. The defense has rested. Closing arguments will be tomorrow. (Flash has crashed again on my computer. I have to reboot.)


  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam 1h1 hour ago

    If u want to watch closing arguments live tomorrow u can. Judge approved live streaming of closings for

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  15. yahtzeebutterfly

    From The Charlotte Observer:

    3 p.m.: Defense rests; closing arguments on Tuesday morning

    After finishing with a CMPD DNA expert, the defense for Kerrick rested on Monday afternoon.

    The defense made a motion for dismissal, claiming the prosecution had failed to prove its case. Such a motion is common, and was denied by Superior Court Judge Robert Ervin.

    Closing arguments are now scheduled for Tuesday morning. Afterward, the jury will receive its instructions and begin deliberations.

    The 12-member jury has two people who are Latino, three African-American and seven white. Eight are women and four are men.

    Four alternate jurors who have heard the entire case side-by-side with the regular jurors will likely be released from service after closing arguments. The alternates are all white, and consist of one man and three women.

    If convicted of voluntary manslaughter, Kerrick faces three to 11 years in prison. He has been on unpaid suspension since the shooting.

    Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/crime/article31292267.html#storylink=cpy



    Closing arguments are scheduled to begin at 12:30 EST. I’ll start a new thread when I find the link to the live stream so we can follow and comment. Justice for Jonathan!

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  17. Gawd I hope the jury gets this ‘right’.. ugh


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