Justice for Jonathan Ferrell – Kerrick Takes The Stand

We are following the trial of Randall (Wes) Kerrick, charged with voluntary manslaughter for killing unarmed Jonathan Ferrell.

Yesterday, the defense called Kerrick to the witness stand. One of our participants, Bill Taylor, makes excellent observations and commented about the inconsistencies in defense witnesses’ testimonies.


R.I.P. Jonathan

Officer Little, who was on the scene and deployed his taser, testified that Jonathan was pacing erratically and said “Shoot me.” The dash cam video does not show Jonathan pacing erratically, nor saying “Shoot me.” The defense is taking the position that it happened before the dash cam was turned on. Randall Kerrick however, testified that he didn’t hear Jonathan say anything. A report on Little’s testimony is the first video below.

Kerrick testified that he wanted to be a police officer, but the requirements were that he either have experience or a college degree. He had neither. He was hired in animal patrol. He was not asked how long he worked in animal control, nor how that gave him experience as a police officer.

Kerrick testified that Jonathan met the description of the man reported for the “home break-in” although it has been determined that Jonathan did not, nor had intentions of breaking into the house that he went to after crashing his car.

Today, we anticipate that prosecutors will cross-examine Kerrick. If the defense has no further witnesses, it will rest. The prosecution might put on a rebuttal case. Closing arguments could be on Monday, and then it is up to the jury.







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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    Mark Becker ‏@MarkBeckerWSOC9
    Courtroom packed again in anticipation of Kerrick’s testimony #KerrickTrial

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    “Why did you choose to take the stand today?”
    “To tell the truth about what happened.”

    More emotions from Kerrick as he discusses his family, learning he was going to have a child four days after the shooting

    “Would you have done anything differently?”
    “No sir.”

    “I didn’t know if he had a weapon” as he charged at me

    “He had a good chance of taking my weapon. There was nothing else that could be done.”

    TWC News Charlotte ‏@TWCNewsCLT
    Kerrick said he thought Ofc Little’s taser hit the suspect. He’s going back through his memory of the #shooting

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Defense about to show Kerrick’s dash cam, which recorded his response to the B&E on Reedy Creek Road

    Kerrick said Thursday he turned the dash cam off when he arrived because it would have only filmed darkness

    Kerrick appears to be taking the same route as Officer Adam Neal, whose dash cam recorded audio of the Ferrell shooting

    Radio traffic by now is familiar. Dispatcher relays the suspect is wearing a green shirt, 911 caller doesn’t know him

    Caroline Vandergriff ‏@c_vandergriff
    Defense playing Kerrick’s dashcam video from that night. He has his lights and sirens on headed to home B&E call came from

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Kerrick’s engine roars as he runs lights and sirens

    Mark Becker ‏@MarkBeckerWSOC9

    Now playing–Kerrick’s dash cam on the way to the scene. He turned it off after he got there

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Kerrick cuts off blue lights and siren, slows down

    Kerrick and other officers have said that’s what’s done so as not to alert a suspect

    Kerrick said at that point he was about a quarter-mile to Reedy Creek Road home

    No further defense questions


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Amy Cowman ‏@amywccb
    State begins cross examination with Officer #WesKerrick on stand showing transcript of intvw w @CMPD

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Asst. Att’y Gen. Teresa Postell handling the prosecution cross-exam

    Postell: “Do you want to take a minute to think about what you’ve told this jury?”
    Defense objects. Kerrick: “No ma’am.”

    Mark Becker ‏@MarkBeckerWSOC9
    Prosecutor Teresa Postell-do you want to change anything you told the jury yesterday?
    Kerrick-no ma’am

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Postell hands Kerrick a transcript of his interview with detectives

    Postell focuses on dash cam policies

    Postell: “You turned it off?”
    Kerrick: “If I arrived on the scene as I did, it wouldn’t have captured anything by darkness.”

    Postell: “You’re supposed to leave it on until the encounter is over.”

    Postell asks Kerrick to read the dash cam policies

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT

    Kerrick said it’s his normal practice to turn the dash cam off when he’s not encountering anyone

    Postell: you could have turned it back on as you left the home.
    Kerrick: I could have, but I was focused on finding suspect

    Judge Ervin tells Postell to stop interrupting Kerrick’s answers

    Postell asks why he didn’t “check on that woman and her baby” in the home. Kerrick said there was no sign of anyone home.

    Nor any sign of the suspect, whom a dispatcher said was in the yard

    The house appeared to be secured

    Kerrick said he was standing in the yard with a flashlight

    “There was a good possibility” that “yelling and screaming” in the distance was connected to the 911 call

    Mark Becker ‏@MarkBeckerWSOC9
    Prosecutor-you could’ve turned your dash cam back on, right?
    Kerrick-I was focused on the B&E suspect

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  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    “At one point I yelled ‘stop’ as he was coming toward Officer Little,” who drew his Taser on Ferrell

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Kerrick explains his first account does differ from Neal’s dash cam.

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Kerrick snaps back at Postell: “I’m sorry if there are a few inconsistencies” but I was in a fight for my life

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Kerrick gets choked up and says this was after I had a fight for my life sorry if there are some inconsistencies.

    Mark Becker ‏@MarkBeckerWSOC9
    Pros. Grills Kerrick on his story
    Kerrick-That was 4 hrs after I was in a fight for my life. I’m sorry if there are some inconsistencies

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Postell trying to use Kerrick’s own words against him, reading back his statement to detectives


  5. I’d like to see the video of his interview w/detectives. was he all emotional and pitiful then??

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I’d like to see the full interview w/detective too, Shannon.

      Wonder if it will be available sometime.

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      • Ladies,
        Ask and ye shall receive. 🙂

        The beginning is a short clip from the dash cam, followed with Kerrick’s interview.

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        • yahtzeebutterfly


        • Guess we know why he never even attempted a non lethal approach, because he’s 5’7″ 158lbs & had his gun muscles. but if he’s so damn SCARED to physically confront someone WTF is he doing as a police officer?? If he’s such a bitch coward & feels he’s fighting for his life even though no one’s actually laid a hand on him so he was NEVER FIGHTING, why didn’t just stay as a dog catcher??

          OMG i feel like smacking him upside the head hearing his dumbass apology that he was just in the fight for my life, sorry about a ‘few inconsistencies’

          But he had time to MANUALLY Turn OFF the Dash Cam?


          • But he had time to MANUALLY Turn OFF the Dash Cam?

            EXACTLY! What good are dash cams if the officers get to pick and choose when to turn it on and off?

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  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT

    “You didn’t get behind your car door, did you, to create some distance?”
    “Ma’am this all unfolded in 7 seconds.”

    Kerrick says he “wasn’t aware” of how he landed in ditch, whether Ferrell pushed or grabbed him

    Postell: what you’re saying today about Ferrell’s position on your body is not what you told detectives hours after

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Prosecutor questioning if #JonathanFerrell was focusing on Kerrick or running in the only direction he could

    Mark Davenport WBTV ‏@TheDavenReport
    State asks 3x abt #JonathanFerrell approaching: You didn’t get behind car door did you?
    Kerrick: “This all happened in 7 sec”

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Postell: you didn’t tell detectives then that Kerrick grabbed your gun

    Kerrick said he’s pretty sure that’s in his statement.
    Postell: “I don’t think so.”
    Defense objects to commentary.


  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Postell: aren’t you trained for this exact scenario?

    Postell: “You shot Jonathan to get him off of you.”
    Kerrick: “To stop the threat, yes ma’am.”

    Postell: your statement says Ferrell was trying to “get to” your gun, not “get” your gun

    Postell: “He was dying wasn’t he?”
    Kerrick: “He was still advancing towards me. I didn’t know he was dying.”

    Postell repeatedly asks that question. Kerrick gives the same answer.

    Postell: “You did know you discharged 12 rounds, didn’t you?”
    Kerrick: “At the time I didn’t know.”

    Postell: you told detectives you shot Ferrell from 10 feet away. Now you say 3-5 feet.

    Kerrick: “I had no idea any of them were striking him until I stopped firing. That’s when the threat stopped.”

    Mark Becker ‏@MarkBeckerWSOC9
    Prosecutor is hammering away on exactly where Ferrell was and whether Kerrick needed to shoot

    Pros.-you did not pull out your baton or your taser
    Kerrick-no ma’am this all happened in 7 seconds

    Pros.-Jonathan Ferrell was dying wasn’t he?
    Kerrick-I didn’t know he was dying


    • the way they words things “advancing towards me” is his description of a person he just shot in the chest multiple times????? the victim was on the ground dying at that time…..reaching out with your arms could be BEGGING please stop shooting me, since he couldnt talk likely because bullets had already ripped his lungs open….same thing for Michael Brown moving ones arms does not equate to attacking or advancing……..and him saying it only took 7 seconds shows he was LYING earlier about how it went down……7 SECONDS from a guy standing still in the lights with red dots on his chest ……until he had been shoot about 10 times 7 SECONDS, and the shooter claimed he first ran towards officer little(seen on video then he veers left out of view) then he slowed to a fast walk then turned back into a very fast run in 7 SECONDS 4 of which at minimum are on the video…….which leave 3 seconds for the slowing down then speeding back up and still he had not TOUCHED nor gotten close enough to touch the shooter……and the “trying to get to my gun” is utter lunacy why didnt he try to get the gun from officer little who was closer? he also said at one point when he was moving towards little he yelled “stop” well that is NOT on the video……..then his excuse for having inconsistencies(LIES) is he had just been in a “fight for my life” when the FACT is he was NOT in any fight at all, no punches were thrown.

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      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Your analysis is superb, Bill.


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        I feel, from watching Kerrick on the witness stand with his tears and all, that Kerrick probably confronted Jonathan more with his emotions than with calm reasoning.


        • TY for your previous comment, and you highlight the problem, many officers have thought these situations out in their minds creating an IRrational response when a situation actually happens, they have it set in their mind that every black guy is out to kill them when they are on calls, that walking towards can have no other meaning or goal than advancing on me to harm me, even though the person walking is unarmed and they have multiple weapons and other officers there at the time…..so in their own minds they already have decided they will SHOOT whenever confronted…..7 SECONDS by his own words…….yet during the first 4 second no officer yells stop we are the police! and without any identification they start yelling commands get on the ground get on the ground…….sorta the stuff a ROBBER might tell you.

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          • yahtzeebutterfly

            Yes,Bill, you have hit on the sad truth that they are tiptoeing around and not confronting head-on.


  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    Mark Becker ‏@MarkBeckerWSOC9
    Pros.-you shot Ferrell 10 times
    Kerrick-I had no idea any of the shots hit him until the last round

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Prosecutor asks he was dying. Kerrick says he was still advancing towards me at this time. I did not know he was dying.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
      Kerrick says I would think he would obey those commands #KerrickTrial and he says he was close enough he could see his face

      Prosecutor asks question you don’t get to shoot people every time you respond after Kerrick said it’s possible on any call someone is armed

      Prosecutor asks Kerrick why he didn’t reholster his gun. Says he did not have time

      Prosecutor asks if you do not see his hand it is not a green light to shoot. Kerrick says yes that’s how I was trained

      15 minute break


  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Kerrick lists why he felt the need to pull his firearm out, including the nature of the 911 call

    Postell: didn’t your hear firearms instructor say just b/c someone is charging and might be armed, not a green light to shoot?

    Robin Kanady ‏@RobinFox46
    Prosecutor asks #Kerrick if #ferrell ever threatened him? He answered “not verbally”

    Mark Becker ‏@MarkBeckerWSOC9
    Kerrick’s attys share a smile as the cross examination takes a break


  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    After a short break, Postell jumps back in, asking if Kerrick has a hard remembering what happened

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    I live it everyday ma’am. Kerrick’s first statement after break.

    Jury asked to leave room as lawyers argue about Kerrick’s application process to get to academy.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
      Mrs. Ferrell listens to lawyers argue about application Kerrick filled out. Jury is still out


  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Jury is back. Prosecutor asking about Kerrick’s application to academy about drinking

    Prosecutor reading when deadly force can be used. Kerrick is confirming what he learned

    Prosecution asking Kerrick if he was taught to fight, to use taser, to use impact weapons… He answers yes ma’am.

    Prosecutor says you learned if someone might have a weapon that doesn’t allow you to even use a taser.

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  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Postell: you’re trained that just because someone might be armed, not justified to use a Taser

    Postell lays out on a table all the other means at Kerrick’s disposal to use on Ferrell, including baton and pepper spray

    Postell goes through some “what ifs” about Kerrick’s dash cam

    If he had left it on, the dash cam would have recorded Ferrell, she says

    Postell quotes Kerrick as saying if he left dash cam on it “would have recorded nothing.”
    “Is Jonathan nothing to you?”

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Prosecutor brings over evidence that shows Kerrick’s gear.

    Kerrick says I couldn’t see if he had any of those things that night.

    Prosecutor asks Kerrick, people are not required to say help when they come up to you. He says no ma’am.

    Jury sent to lunch break.


  13. when somebody is running at you full speed with their head down, all you have to do is step aside at the last moment but leave one leg in their path, that trips them and they fall face first onto the ground…….or you can step aside and push them with your hand as they pass you and get the same result…….to claim shooting them is your only option makes ZERO sense.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Exactly, Bill! Just trip the guy!

      (When I was in karate, I learned a side pivot while my hands were in the praying mantis position. It takes care of you by brushing aside the opponent’s punch and can send the opponent flying if the opponent is coming fast at you. If you want, you can grab the opponent’s right punching-wrist, pull it toward yourself while pushing away hard at the opponent’s elbow for extra results.)

      I wonder how many hours most police officers train in hand to hand combat.

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  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    From “The Charlotte Observer” today:

    Prosecutors began cross-examining Kerrick just before 10 a.m.

    Postell tried to point out inconsistencies between Kerrick’s testimony and what he told investigators in the hours after the shooting:

    Why didn’t he leave his dashboard camera on?

    Did Kerrick fire when Ferrell was 10 feet away as Kerrick told investigators in 2013? Or was it 3 to 5 feet, as Kerrick testified Thursday?

    Was another officer out of the car with a Taser pulled when Kerrick arrived or did the officer pull the Taser shortly afterward?

    “I was in a fight for my life. I’m sorry if there are some inconsistencies,” Kerrick said.



  15. yahtzeebutterfly

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Kerrick back on stand

    Prosecution asks about 5 seconds to reholster and cuff someone after being tased. Questions why 7 seconds was not enough.

    Prosecution shows Kerrick his pants

    Prosecutor shows Kerrick some blood at the bottom of his pants not anywhere else. And adds Jonathan bled a lot.

    Amy Cowman ‏@amywccb
    State shows Kerrick his pants w blood on bottom, asks why there’s not more blood after all Gunshots, rolls her eyes

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Prosecutor shows Kerrick photos of his injuries & then photos of #JonathanFerrell’s injuries, asks they are quite different

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  16. yahtzeebutterfly

    Pamela Escobar WBTV ‏@ReporterPam
    Kerrick last read statement applying to police academy, I have the ability recognize when diplomacy isn’t going to work

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Prosecution finishes cross-exam. No further defense questions.

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  17. yahtzeebutterfly

    Amy Cowman ‏@amywccb
    State finishes cross on #WesKerrick , defense now calls Officer William Parks responded scene, handcuffed Ferrell

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Next on the stand is Officer William Parks, who responded to the shooting scene after the dust settled

    Parks “took over the scene,” saw Ferrell face down, checked Kerrick for gunshot wounds

    Once he saw there were none of Kerrick, Parks went back to Ferrell and handcuffed him

    Parks saw Taser in road

    Kate Gaier ‏@reporter_kate
    Ofc Parks says his DMVR wasn’t recording, was full and not downloading. So no dash cam from him either

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
      Parks rolled Ferrell’s body over. Didn’t find weapons but saw “a lot of blood.”

      This is getting to me……I need a break……be back in a hour or so.

      Good tweeter for you to follow:



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      • Yahtzee,
        I so appreciate your work and understand it takes a toll on you. Here’s a big hug and lots of energy and gratefulness. Hopefully, I’ll be available on Monday so you wont’ be alone following the trial.

        Big Hug smiley face

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    • Ok we heard it here first. once everyone has body/dash cams the excuses for not recording is gonna be they ran out of memory or didn’t want to waste the space on “nothing” so didn’t turn it on.

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      • yahtzeebutterfly



      • Shannon,
        Did he also say something about if having it on, it would have just recorded the darkness? Yet, the dash cam that was on lit up the road ahead of it.

        I truly hope that in their closing argument, the prosecution reminds the jury that Jonathan had committed no crime, yet Kerrick continued to refer to him at trial as a man who committed a “break-in.”

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  18. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    Parks: Kerrick said “he was hit in the mouth.” Didn’t see blood.

    Parks: handcuffing suspects, even if they’re possibly dead, is part of training

    Defense, on redirect, asks Parks if he’s trained to have “deadly force” as backup for officer with Taser

    Prosecutor clarifies officers should “be prepared” to provide deadly backup, doesn’t mean they should have gun out.

    Parks: “depends on the circumstances.”

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  19. yahtzeebutterfly

    Coleen Harry WBTV ‏@ColeenHarryWBTV
    #KerrickTrial: defense calling Chief Robert Honeycutt of Charlotte Fire & Chief Robinson Vol Fire Dept @WBTV_News

    says says Kerrick was sitting in cruiser, distraught; very upset; they took Kerrick out of car & put in ambulance

    says Kerrick was bleeding from mouth

    says as they were hey noticed a shiny object in woods; found vehicle; windshield was knocked out

    Chief says vehicle was hard to see in the woods

    defense done with Chief Honeycutt

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
    On prosecution cross-exam, Honeycutt says he didn’t actually see a “busted lip.” He had blood on the side of his mouth.

    Coleen Harry WBTV ‏@ColeenHarryWBTV
    fire chief is done on the stand


  20. yahtzeebutterfly

    Coleen Harry WBTV ‏@ColeenHarryWBTV
    #KerrickTrial: defense calling James Wilkinson, a paramedic crew chief w/Meck EMS @WBTV_News

    Wilkinson responded to the shooting scene; was directed to patient laying in ditch; shot; handcuffed

    patient was pronounced dead; Kerrick was pale looking; sweaty; anxious

    paramedic says Kerrick told him he got him; there was dirt on the back of his uniform

    says Kerrick’s blood pressure was 210/130; says Kerrick was sweaty;

    paramedic says they used measures to get Kerrick to calm down; he kept saying he couldn’t breathe;

    paramedic reading his notes from night he treated Kerrick at shooting scene

    defense & paramedic still reading portions of his report

    paramedic still testifying; telling the jury what Kerrick looked like when he saw him

    state cross examining paramedic; pointing out that Kerrick had a bruise in his mouth but wasn’t bleeding

    prosecutor pointing out that Kerrick refused to go to hospital; his BP came down; but man in the ditch was dead

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
      On prosecution cross-exam, Medic says he didn’t see any cuts on his face. There was a cut or abrasion inside mouth.

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  21. yahtzeebutterfly

    Coleen Harry WBTV ‏@ColeenHarryWBTV
    #KerrickTrial: defense calling Det Richard Jones, with CMPD Homicide unit @WBTV_News

    Det Jones assisted in the interview of Ofr Adam Neal – Ofr whose cruiser recorded the dash cam video

    defense playing recorded interview of Officer Adam Neal after the shooting

    2 detectives were in the police interview room with Ofr Neal after the shooting

    at this point from media rm having hard time hearing what’s being said in Ofr Neal’s recorded police interview

    Ofr Neal was called by state last wk b4 they showed dashcam video; now defense using his recorded police int’w

    jury still watching Ofr Neal’s recorded police int’w. I can’t understand what’s being said; no info to pass along


  22. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT 14m
    Defense tried to play another portion of Neal’s interview, but the computer had different plans.

    Judge Ervin is not amused

    Judge Ervin calling an early end to week two of testimony


  23. yahtzeebutterfly

    From “The Charlotte Observer” – – ->

    4:50 p.m.: Officer Adam Neal’s interview describes shooting

    Defense attorneys played a videotaped interview from 2013 of Officer Adam Neal, the third officer to arrive at the scene where Kerrick was shot and the one whose dashcam captured part of what happened. The other two officers – Kerrick and Thornell Little – did not have their dashcams on.

    Neal said in the recorded interview that his view was somewhat obscured, but he described the shooting.

    “(Kerrick) was backing up, firing,” he said. “The guy was still coming at him. He fired more shots. The guy was still coming at him.”

    Court was recessed around 4:50 p.m., and is scheduled to resume Monday morning.

    After two weeks of fast-paced testimony, the trial appears to be getting close to the end, and could go to the jury next week.

    Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/crime/article31086765.html#storylink=cpy


      Located on the right upper lateral chest, 11½” from the top of the head and 4½” from the anterior
      midline of the body, is a 3/8″ round gunshot entrance wound with a 1/16″ marginal abrasion along the
      superior aspect. No soot or stippling is identified around the wound. The wound track perforates
      through the skin and enters the chest cavity through the first intercostal space. The track continues
      through the upper lobe of the right lung, perforates the superior vena cava, and then passes below the
      right main stem bronchus. The wound track then perforates the esophagus and the aorta as it crosses
      to the left side of the chest and perforates through the basilar portion of the lower lobe of the left
      lung. The projectile exits the chest cavity through the left lateral 10th intercostal space. Associated
      with this and several other gunshot wound injuries of the chest is approximately 1 liter of right
      hemothorax and 1.5 liters of left hemothorax. A large caliber gray metal projectile and associated
      copper jacketing is recovered from the muscle of the left lateral back near the 10th rib.
      This is a penetrating gunshot wound injury of the chest with the wound track traveling from front-toback,
      downward, and from right-to-left with the body in an upright anatomical position. This has
      resulted in injury to the bilateral chest wall, both lungs, superior vena cava, esophagus, and aorta with
      significant hemorrhage and is lethal.
      Page 3 of 11 F201306334 31 October 2013 16:12
      Located on the mid portion of the chest, 17¼” from the top of the head and ½” right of the anterior
      midline of the body, is a 3/8″ round gunshot entrance wound with a slightly less than 1/16″ marginal
      abrasion along the superior and medial aspects. No soot or stippling is identified around the wound.
      The wound track perforates through the anterior chest wall and costal cartilage of right rib #5. The
      track continues with perforation of the pericardial sac, perforation of the lateral edge of the right
      atrium of the heart, graze injury of the right ventricle of the heart, small graze injury to the medial
      aspect of the middle lobe of the right lung, perforation of the medial basilar edge of the lower lobe of
      the right lung, passes through the diaphragm, perforates through the liver, and passes back through
      the diaphragm into the lower posterior chest cavity. The projectile exits the chest cavity with
      fracturing of the posterior right 11th rib. Associated with this is right hemothorax. There is also
      approximately 100 cc of liquid and clotted hemopericardium. A large caliber lead projectile and
      copper jacketing are recovered from the mid-to-lower right back muscle adjacent to the vertebral
      This is a penetrating gunshot injury of the chest with the wound track traveling from front-to-back,
      downward, and slightly from left-to-right with the decedent’s body in an upright anatomical position.
      This has resulted in injury to the chest wall, heart, right lung, diaphragm, and liver with hemorrhage
      and is potentially lethal.

      i found this from the official autopsy……these shots came while the victim was standing in other words these are among the first shots fired because many shots came after he was already on the ground but the trajectory of these show he was standing…….the damage from either of these shots would have been fatal without immediate medical care and likely still would be fatal…..both lungs and his heart were hit by these shots.

      the reason i post this is to show the officer above is clearly LYING……there is no way on earth after suffering those two shots the victim continued running and moving towards the shooter, falling forward yes, but running through those shots aint gonna happen……..

      the officer clearly says kerrick was firing while backing up(these first few hits) and the guy kept coming so kerrick fired more and the guy still kept coming……..after those first hits he couldnt breath because of holes in his lungs, he couldnt pump blood because of injuries to his heart, after those shots the only thing he could do was FALL forward.

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      • i think shot 4 hit him first and shot 3 was next as he was already falling…..shot 4 has almost no downward trajectory and hit his chest lower than shot 3 which hit higher and had a bit of downward movement through his chest cavity…shot 4 disables him completely and in rapid fire action shot 3 hits right after 4 as he has started falling to the ground………very much akin to the 2 fatal shots to Michael Brown….the next to last shot hit above his eye as he was already falling and moved almost straight down into his shoulder and the final shot hit the top of his head as he was closer to the ground or already on the ground……the forensics dont lie, but very often we see those doing the autopsies and the da’s do LIE about what was found.

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        • Bill,
          So Kerrick and Wilson both gave stories that the dead resurrected so they had to kill them again. At least Kerrick has been charged and is standing trial.

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    • the more i think the more i find……the shooter claimed at first he fired from 10 feet away, but today said it was 3 to 5 feet away…..yet this other officer claims he fired while backing up the guy kept coming, then he fires more and the guy kept on coming…..so now this officer is saying a guy running full speed did NOT cover 3 to 5 FEET during the shots? he kept coming but couldnt move 3 FEET? and the autopsy shows those shots were not from close range, which they would have to be if either officer is telling the truth.

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      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Wow! You are totally brilliant to put all of that together, Bill!

        I really think your conclusion is correct!


      • Bill,
        Did you catch on Kerrick’s interview in the police station, where he said that he shot Jonathan either in the head or face, and he just wouldn’t stop but kept reaching for his gun?

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        • i missed that, there is simply no way he was reaching for his gun, not with the shots he had already suffered……some type of dying movements yes, but fighting or grabbing for a gun NO way.

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          • Bill,
            Absolutely! It was Jonathan, not Kerrick, who was struggling for his life. For some strange reason, there are people who think once a person is seriously wounded, that there should be no physical reaction. Even a dog hit by a car will try to run away, turn in circles; otherwise react to the pain of death.

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        • they use that i was afraid he was going to take my gun excuse way too often…..that kept reaching for my gun is part of that fantasy excuse…..if his intent was to run up to an officer and take his gun why didnt he do that to the closest one? how do we know he could see past those lights to even know there was another officer in his path after he veered left out of sight on the video?…also the claim i didnt know if he was armed or not does not go along with i feared he was going to take my gun…..if he was armed why would he need to take your gun?

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          • Bill, you are absolutely correct — the not knowing if he had a gun, and going for my gun, are inconsistent excuses. Let’s go back further to the 911 call — had Jonathan had a gun, he would have shown it at the “break-in.”

            I’m really sick of the same lying excuses being repeated over and over and over. In the event that there is a justified shooting because the “suspect” was going for a cop’s gun, there is less chance of the public believing it because it’s been a lie in so many cases.

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  24. yahtzeebutterfly

    Jonathan’s family have told how Jonathan was a

    bright man with an ‘infectious smile’ who was always there for his brothers and sisters.

    ‘He was a role model,’ said his brother, Frank. ‘He had so much love in his heart. And he was always concerned about his family.’

    (excerpt from Jan. 14, 2014 Daily Mail article)

    (Jonathan’s brother Willie Ferrell and mother Georgia Ferrell)

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  25. Thanks for all the updates…..I haven’t been able to follow this story much.

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  26. OT but then again not….


    This officer hesitated…..he didn’t want to be the next cop on the news. It was a simple traffic stop in which the driver got out of the car despite being told not to, sucker punched the officer and then pistol whipped him with his own gun. What’s sad is the number of people who just filmed the attack and did nothing to help the officer.

    The officer lived and his attacker was later arrested.

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    • that happened about 2 miles from the last bowling center i managed……a very high crime area.


    • If only one cop on the Jonathan Ferrell murder scene had stepped in to stop Kerrick….

      I will begin to feel more sympathy for officers on the receiving end of assaults when officers who murder are held accountable.

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      • Mindyme,

        If only one cop on the Jonathan Ferrell murder scene had stepped in to stop Kerrick….

        I so wish that the trial was live streamed or video taped because we don’t know if the cops were asked what they were doing while Jonathan was purportedly “charging” at Kerrick, and what they were doing while Jonathan and Kerrick were in the ditch. It appears that they were nothing more than casual observers.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Praying for the Birmingham police detective and his family as he recovers.


      “Thanks for all the updates…..I haven’t been able to follow this story much.”

      Here are some important tweets from the courthouse by reporters:

      Coleen Harry WBTV ‏@ColeenHarryWBTV
      #KerrickTrial: CMPD Capt Mike Campagna on stand; he’s now the commander of Central Division @WBTV_News


      Cleve R. Wootson Jr. ‏@CleveWootson
      Campagna says shooting #JonathanFerrell was not consistent with #CMPD policy.

      Chris Miller ‏@ChrisMillerWBT
      Campagna: Kerrick should have reholstered gun, gone hand-to-hand with Ferrell

      Non-deadly force would have been the highest level of force Kerrick should have used

      “CMPD Capt. Mike Campagna”

      Published on Aug 11, 2015
      CMPD Capt. Mike Campagna says Jonathan Ferrell wasn’t justified in using deadly force.

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    • Sometimes Police have to fight, that’s why they’re trained to, not shoot on sight just in case someone has a weapon.
      And in this case they’re both alive and i think that’s the best possible outcome.


    • just read through that and it to me is obvious the officers ALL are trying to coverup even during this interview, they dont question inconsistencies and they sorta lead him to answers near the end when the second one greene says well he was close enough to grab your gun right? as in offering to kerrick here is what you need to say….and clearly he says the victim was WALKING towards little and was still walking as he passed by little, something the video shows is 100% WRONG……he clearly was running and not right at little but instead trying to avoid little by veering off to his left.

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