This Is How A Florida Motorist Was Assisted

The Lawtey, Florida police department received a call for motorist assistance.

The following video shows how Officer Jay Raulerson assisted the motorist.


Bradford County Florida Sheriff Gordon Smith has made a public statement that officer Jay Raulerson “was confronted with a dangerous situation.”


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  1. I think wanna be police officers should be given an IQ test.

  2. Remind me, never go to Florida.

  3. Now that I am wandering around Charleston, savannah and Atlanta, I better not break down on the freeway..

    • Well Juan, I hope you have membership in a motor club and no one calls the cops before they arrive.

  4. I am not leaving home again. I am with Xena.

    • Hey Shyloh! During the Republican debate, a candidate mentioned that the largest American retailer (Amazon) doesn’t have a physical store. I laughed because they can’t see the obvious. Online shopping is what more and more consumers are doing because of conceal carry and customers or employees calling the cops reporting people having a gun. The shoot first and ask questions later has taken lives of innocent consumers. Thinking about it more, a person can’t go to the movies anymore without some nut either opening fire or killing a person for texting during the movie.

  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    Not sure what the motorist was upset about. (something about “g…d… lights”?)

    I read in another article that they sent him for a mental evaluation.

    The motorist did stop walking before he was tased.

  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    From an article way back in 2007:

    Though the device was initially developed as an alternative to lethal force, it has become a go-to weapon in situations of noncompliance even when the use of firearms would not be considered.

    “If a guy has a stick, you don’t pull a shotgun out,” says John Ryan, a former CIA agent and assistant director of the special investigations group of the Government Accountability Office, who oversaw a 2005 study on the use-of-force policies regarding Tasers,8599,1678641,00.html

  7. Taser, for the White guy…


    There is more to this story…..the initial call was about a man running in and out of traffic on a highway……not about someone broke down on the side of the road. When the cop pulled up and the man got out he started screaming about the lights on the officer’s car. He was tased and they found two chemical canisters on him (mace?). The man was Baker acted (involuntary committed to a mental health facility).

    Do screwed up things happen here in this State……yes, but this time I don’t see much of an issue considering the initial call was about a man who was a danger to himself and others by the reported actions to 911 and then screaming about the safety lights of the officer’s lights. A non lethal method was used to stop the man. Sometimes a person on drugs (not known here) or mentally unstable can be unusually strong and can easily overcome one person.

    • Let’s give parents of unusually strong children a taser and pepper spray so if they can use them on their children on the perception that the children are going to overcome them. There will be less parents prosecuted for child abuse and less children in foster care.

      You see, it’s all about authority and the perception of those in authority rather than treating people with dignity.

  9. I like the way this video was done. It says something important also, which is that an interest in citizens’ rights is not being anti-cops.

    • All because Devin wanted to be sure his encounter was recorded. The officer admitted he had new headlights, that they were very very bright and that he had pulled other people over that night for the same ‘offense’, of flashing their lights at him, thinking his brights were on. The SC already ruled it is NOT a crime to do that. It was a bad stop all the way around and the kid wasn’t even armed. It’s inconceivable this cop lacked the skills, the ability or the training to stop this kid without shooting him. Or at least it should be.

    • Hey towerflower, thanks for the link. After 2 hours in the water, I wonder if his skin looked like a shriveled onion? The video said that he was bitten by a K-9, but it doesn’t say where he was bitten.

      • I’m wondering if it was an untreated bite or a little ameba that lives in the warm water here. The ameba gets into the body through the nose and infects the brain, death comes very quickly, within a couple of days.

        • Towerflower,
          Remind me that if I ever come to Florida, to not get into the water. That amoeba sounds nasty.

  10. Someone never told this driver that it’s not polite to point and pointing at a cop can get one killed. He’s lucky he didn’t get a bullet.

    • He’s lucky he was White, especially in this part of the Dirty South.

    • Hey Glenn! Right. When I watched the video the first time and saw the man remove his sunglasses, I thought the cop was going to mistake them for a weapon.

  11. It’s in the mud bottom of fresh water, they say you can avoid it by wearing nose plugs when going into fresh water rivers or lakes. The time you have to worry about it is when the water is warm. But it normally claims at least one life every year and I’ve seen it happen as far north as N. Carolina. I worry more about the gators as their numbers are soaring, just a couple of days ago a professor from a local college lost her arm to a gator attack while swimming in a spring that’s popular with kayaking.

  12. My first instincts was there’s more to the story, especially noting the guys aggressive behaviour… he started out by pointing and yelling at the officer. That’s not the reactions of someone in need.

  13. …of assistance.

  14. This is horrific…and frightening to me. I wonder what is happening to our society and the people who were meant to protect and help us. It sickens me to the core.

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