Confederate Flags Placed at Martin Luther King’s Church

If nothing else, it’s a crime of vandalism, the same as anyone would feel having someone put animal ca-ca on their front porch.

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  1. It’s like putting a swastika symbol on a Jewish ‘s house lawn.. It will be considered harassment.

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  2. Thanks for posting this, Xena. I hadn’t known.

    I see it as an obvious hate crime because of it’s deliberate connection between Dr King’s activism and today’s continued struggle. They didn’t pick just any African-American church; they picked an international symbol of Black resistence. It’s a threat, reminding those who resist of what happened to Dr. King, and letting them know that the same death may well be awaiting those who go too far.
    It doesn’t have to be a real plan in order to be a hate crime – it just has to evoke a power greater than that of the individual committing it. Like a burning cross does. Although I know the confederate flag isn’t as threatening as such a cross, it still represents the racist violence that permeates our society, which can be evoked at will by any white person at any time – even if they don’t have the means or even the intention to employ it.
    IMHO, the feds should just step right over Georgia and use federal hate crime laws. If these states won’t pass that legislation themselves, they can just quit whining about states rights.
    Anyway, that’s my two – er, five? – cents.

    Thanks again Xena. BTW, a message is waiting for you on my blog. Sorry for the delay!

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  3. If the Wašicun (White Man) is not using their flag for hate, why place it on Sacred Ground?

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  4. Ignorance and hate are quite comfortable with each other!

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  5. scrodriguez

    Can someone remind me again why people claim this flag is not a Symbol of hate and racism? I mean if it were really about their “History & Culture” wouldnt you think that the KKK would not have been the only ones to rally on behalf of this flag in SC?
    and if its about their history why would they put the flag on the ground? Obviously they were just being sincere and though Church goers needed a floor mat to wipe their feet on before they went into church to pray for those hateful B*stards

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