Roseanne Barr Wins Lawsuit Against George Zimmerman’s Parents

2011 Summer TCA Tour - Day 1According to the Orlando Sentinel, Seminole Circuit Judge Melanie Chase didn’t elaborate on her ruling but said, “This court finds there is no disputed issue of material fact and that the defendant, Roseanne Barr, is entitled to judgment as a matter of law.”

Robert Sr. and Gladys Zimmerman, parents of George Zimmerman, sued Roseanne Barr for tweeting out the address to their home.  This happened while George Zimmerman was in hiding after killing unarmed 17-year old Trayvon Martin, and before George’s arrest.

Attorneys for Barr argued that she cannot be held culpable for republishing already publicly available information. To make the case, they showed pages from a phone book found in a library that contained the address.

Barr’s attorney,  David Fink, said that Barr sharing her opinion on social media did not meet the high threshold of intentionally inflicting emotional harm. 

There is controversy and misunderstanding regarding posting the personal information of others on the internet, without consideration for how the court determines intent.

Rosanne’s attorney stated;

“Robert Zimmerman felt the tide of public opinion going against his son and so he injected himself into the public debate. The point here is that this is not private information — it’s public information — and these are not private citizens for purposes of these stories.”

Attorney for the Zimmerman’s, David Heil, accused Roseanne of seeking to incite  “vigilante justice” by calling crowds to rush the address.

Robert and Gladys Zimmerman

Gladys and Robert Zimmerman

Testimony revealed that the Zimmerman’s left their house and received death threats well before Barr’s tweet.  While their case was pending, George Zimmerman lived at the same house where he was arrested for domestic violence. That case was later dismissed when the woman refused to cooperate.

Meanwhile, no updates have been reported by the media on  George Zimmerman’s lawsuit against NBC that was dismissed, and that he has filed to appeal the dismissal.



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  1. Linda Andersen

    Hallelujah! Thanks, Xena. That’s good news for a change!


  2. crustyolemothman

    It would be good if Mz. Barr was given the keys to their house as settlement of the case… Fitting justice for the Zimmerscumms!

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    • Mothman, I’m waiting to see if there will be a written order and if the Zimmerman’s were ordered to pay Rosanne’s legal costs. That would be a real doozie.


  3. scrodriguez

    Looks like the Zimmermans run out of scams lets do a quick recap

    Tried to get rich off killing an un armed black teen #Fail

    Tried to get into Celebrity boxing #Fail

    Wanted a reality TV Show #Fail

    NBC Lawsuit #Fail

    Zimmermans mommy & daddy in a desperate attempt tries to sue a celeb #Fail

    its been well established through and through that family is nothing but a bunch of losers

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  4. roderick2012

    Speaking of Floriduh….

    .Florida cop placed on leave after video of him treating a homeless man like an animal emerges

    Officer Andrew Halpin is said to have been issuing the man “dog commands” while making him eat off the floor

    An officer in Sarasota, Florida has been placed on administrative leave after police were alerted to the existence of a video in which he can be seen treating a homeless man as if he were an animal at the zoo, the Herald-Tribune’s Lee Williams reports.

    Randy Miller was sitting handcuffed on a bench after having been booked for trespassing when Officer Andrew Halpin began tossing peanuts into Miller’s mouth. When they failed to hit their mark, Halpin kicked the peanuts closer to Miller to that he might eat them off the ground — which he proceeded to do.

    According to a source familiar with the incident, Halpin was prompting Miller with “dog commands” during the incident — which only came to the attention of the Sarasota Police Department after the Herald-Tribune acquired a copy of the booking video via a public records request.

    And the other two officers pretend they don’t notice *sigh*

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    • Dr. Drew showed part of the video with the homeless man and the cop throwing peanuts at him. Dr. Drew talked about law enforcement officers lacking respect and giving others dignity.

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  5. Another thing that came out in the trial, was that there was 50 tweets of their address prior to Barr’s. The Z’s never went after those people but went after the one person they never knew had money. This is an insight to the lack of character they have, they went looking for justice they were looking for a pay day and someone to pay for their dirty clothes.

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    • Typo above….never should have been knew…….so much for posting before reading, lol.


      • Towerflower,
        Fixed it for you.

        As I understand it, the Zimmerman’s took legal advice from their internet supporters on who they should sue and for why. Those same supporters assume that if a person with money is sued, that they’ll settle rather than litigate.

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        • Thank you…but I found another….weren’t looking vs were looking.

          It may be true about listening to those supporters but I think the biggest tell about this whole thing was the lawyer picked. Low rating….I think they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel before they found a lawyer who would take the case. Not even Morgan and Morgan (big law firm whose motto is “for the people”) would touch it and that’s the type of case he lives for.

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          • Towerflower, thanks for the info on the Zimmerman’s getting a bottom-barrel lawyer. I thought that when they filed the lawsuit and I looked him up. Maybe he thought that Barr would settle.

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      • Linda Andersen

        LOL! You’ve been hanging around me too long!

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  6. Two sides to a story

    : } I do hope the Z family learns and grows from their experiences.


  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    Tonight I have been thinking of Trayvon and his legacy.

    I have been listening to videos of songs and poems to Trayvon.

    And, I have been thinking of all of the positive work that Sybrina has been doing.

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    • Yahtzee,
      I can’t help but think that George’s parents have probably said to him many times, “Why didn’t you just keep your behind in your truck and let the police handle things? See the mess you got us into!”

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      • Remember the despicable lie he told on the stand, of how after Fogen and ShelLie had mentored the ‘poor black kids’ earlier that day before they left to go shopping’ ?

        UGH, I can’t stand these people.

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  8. And now the loser is trying to garner sympathy with the same tired BS~!
    homeless, penniless & suffering from PTSD.

    TowerFlower, pls tell the class why someone claiming to be suffering from the effects of war &/or a gangrape, but is in fact the grown man who stalked, chased & murdered a crying teenage boy & lied his way out of prison by blaming the child, should now be able to run around with an arsenal of weapons, including a giant shotgun?? even after several arrests for threatening ppl with his arsonal??
    cuz it would only make sense that those guns would be sold to pay for his treatment,,since he’s so pathetically broke & homeless& can’t possibly be expected to pay for it himself…just a thought..


    • Linda Andersen

      Probably for the same reason that the multi-millionaire Duggars are now begging for money since TLC cancelled their show.

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      • That’s so weird you mentioned them bc just the other day i was thinking when will the duggers start whining about supporting their 49kids now that their true selves have been made public.
        But i cld’ve told anyone there’s molesting going on in that place. I believe sex assaults are mandatory for the survival of cults. And i don’t believe for a minute that that one son is the only rapist in the family.

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        • Linda Andersen

          I agree with you 100% Shannon. They’ve always creeped me out. There were 4 children in my family. My father was a pedophile and my mother cared more about her meal ticket than about any of her children. And they wonder why I’m estranged from them now. My father died years ago. I used to have limited email contact with one sister and her daughter until they recently pulled a Facebook stunt to yank me back into the family dynamic. So I unfriended them. It was the only way I could think of to “divorce” people you’re not married to!


    • Shannon, when I clicked on the link, it said that the page cannot be found. I did a search for “George Zimmerman” but the latest articles were from May.

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  9. only way i could figure it out

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    • Hey Bonnie. Yes, I saw it last night. Poor George. The best he can do is paint a picture of a confederate flag to sell to people who hate Muslims.


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