6 Things We Know About Brian Encinia, The Texas Trooper Who Arrested Sandra Bland

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  1. I’m waiting to hear that.after a forensic examination ofsBland’s vehicle, there are reasons to believe that the ifficer may have detected smoke frim marijuana, and that
    s why he reacted so stronfly. she may have been smoking a ciarette to cover up the marijuana smello


    • That’s a lot of speculation, Bobbi. Sharon was not arrested for having a controlled substance, or suspicion of having a controlled substance. She wasn’t even arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance. Had the trooper smelled marijuana, don’t you think he could and would have added that into his report giving him probable cause to search Sharon’s vehicle?

      Conspiracy theories are being argued on Twitter. You might be more comfortable there than here.

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      • Xena, that post is one i hope to use to make a point, i read here for information and attempt to discuss the various issues with civility, honesty and truth….i have no desire to get any poster in any trouble and do enjoy an honest discussion, but do not enjoy personal comments and false claims about my words……..in the other Bland thread that has happened and PLEASE take no action against the poster doing that…i am only pointing this out in the hope of having civil discussions here at all times….TY for this forum and TY to those that contribute.

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        • Bill and Mothman,
          I have no intentions of banning anyone, and I would like to share what I know about Mothman being banned from another blog. Before I changed options here requiring a Word Press account to comment, Mothman used another handle. Someone impersonated his handle and sent comments to blogs. Because they did so using proxy IP addresses, their comments went into the moderation queue. Harassers did that here numerous times, but I take time to pay attention to comments in moderation when they have been submitted under the handle of someone who has previously been approved for comments without moderation.

          The administrator of that other blog didn’t take that time, approved comments thinking they were from Mothman, and then banned him for submitting comments through numerous IP addresses and because of the content of the comments.

          Since that time, and because of some other things that we are not free to discuss, Mothman’s comments have not been what he once posted in the past. They have been vague to challenging, and also some that are good thoughts. Indeed, there have been times when I thought Mothman was taking positions with the hope that the harassers would stay off his behind. This was confirmed, at least for me, when a harasser/extortionist posted a congratulatory post on her blog to Mothman for what she thought was getting me told off. They do like projecting and misrepresenting, because the discussion that Mothman and I had could not be construed in any way of anyone telling off the other.

          I’m not stating as a fact that Mothman takes certain positions to hinder attacks from harassers/extortionists, but I will say that I hope Mothman, like everyone else here, can and will express their true opinions rather than thinking they can please a snake by not being true to themselves.

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  2. Jim Harrington of the Texas Civil Rights Project sat down with the Texas Standard to go through the Sandra Bland dash cam video step-by-step. It’s quite a revelation of the troopers violations of Sandra’s civil rights.

    10 things about the Sandra Bland traffic stop every Texan should know.

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  3. Why do these cops need to shout . ALL THE TIME? Aren’t they supposed to be courteous to people who pay their salaries, the taxpayers ? We give people with stupid , little minds power , and this is what happens.

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    • Hey Ren! I don’t like that they shout either, and when I hear them use profanity, that really concerns me. Also, the threat of using a tazer when the trooper is in no danger is likened to armed robbery.

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  4. I hope the truth to this terrible incident is revealed and its sad sad sad that these incidents are occurring more and more.

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  5. I can’t read newsone articles on my iPad, they throw up ads that cover entire page and I can’t close them. 😦

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    • Towerflower, the same happens on computers. Newsone has some fantastic articles, but the time it takes for the ads to load, and then waiting until they have ran before reading the article, discourages me from reading them on a regular basis. Chicago Defender’s blog generally runs the same articles as Newsone, but they too most recently have become an ad site. I unsubscribed from following both because in the Reader, whatever videos of audio they present, automatically starts playing and loops with no way of turning it off.

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  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    The Huffington Post has transcribed the dash-cam video of Sandra’s and Encinia’s “exchange” during the traffic stop. Here it is:

    “The Transcript Of Sandra Bland’s Arrest Is As Revealing As The Video”


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  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson @deray
    And here is the #SandraBland autopsy, just released:

    (Administrator’s note. The link didn’t work, but I toyed with the title and upon the second attempt, located the article that has the link to the autopsy report. Thanks for the original link although it didn’t work, because I would not have found the autopsy report.)


  8. just saw something, during the video of Bland on the ground taken by a bystander it clearly shows a second police car angled towards where she was…..the officer from that car claims she SAW Bland kick the officer, so where is the video from her car showing that? for indeed IF she saw such a thing it should be on her video? IF they cant produce her video then either she wasnt there at that time and LIED about what she “saw” or she was there and the take down is on video…….

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    • Bill, I too wondered about the dash cam from the other police car, as well as what happened to Sandra’s cell phone.

      Funny thing about rights. If you are doing nothing to harm me, and I demanded that you get out of your car or I’ll “light you up,” and you got out of your car and kicked me, there would be no controversy for how the altercation started.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Bill a new dash cam video has been released but it is not the one you are speaking of.
      It is of the cruiser that arrives and parks behind the first cruiser that showed up.

      This one is from cruiser of the 2nd officer to show up.



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      • TY, so where is the video from the female officers car? and why was she removed from duty? the second question is likely because her video shows the take down and that she is LYING about any “kick”…..her video shows something she did that was very wrong or she would not be punished.

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        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Good question. Yes, that will likely show the take down.

          I’m glad you brought up that second question, Bill.


        • Bill,

          and why was she removed from duty?

          I read that she was placed on desk duty because when Sandra said she was epileptic, the woman officer responded that she should have thought about that before resisting arrest. That’s a blame the victim comment, totally uncalled for, kinda like protecting a rapist by blaming the woman for wearing a sleeveless dress.


  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Texas Authorities Just Released a Detailed Narrative of Sandra Bland’s Time in Custody”

    It is the second document on this linked page:



    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Excerpt from page 3 of “Custodial Death Report”:


      I think they incorrectly wrote the time as “0705” instead of just after 6:00 a.m. (Or was the video’s time not corrected for Daylight Savings time??)

      Take a look again at these times as noted in the jail video:

      Note this excerpt:

      06:03:35 (video time) – Two (2) male officers are seen entering into Cell 95 conducting their security check.

      Also, take a look at these screenshots posted by TheAnonMessage @TheAnonMessages Jul 23 where The White officer (who, I think, is Zuniga) points out the surveillance camera to Serges (who, I think, is the Black officer)


  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    May you rest in peace, Sandra.

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  11. yahtzeebutterfly


    There is power and uplift in this poem for Sandra:

    “Sandy Speaks (a poem for Sandra Bland)”


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  12. Sandra Bland’s mom obeying the Lord at Sandra’s funeral and giving praise in all things.


  13. Judge Mathis!!

    1st time we’re hearing the unapologetic truth broken down legally about what actually happened that we can see with our own eyes. not the twisted illogic criminals use to change reality into an excuse.

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  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    zellie ‏@zellieimani 1h1 hour ago
    14: The number of times Sandra asked why she was being arrested.
    0: The number of times she was told. #SandraBland


  15. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson ‏@deray 6m6 minutes ago
    Watch Live: Officials Give Update in Sandra Bland Investigation [Beginning Soon] http://www.nbcnews.com/watch/live-video/watch-live-officials-give-update-in-sandra-bland-investigation-322485827772


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      The DA passed out the toxicology report and left it up to the reporters to find their own experts to interpret it.

      He also said the feds are working on “the cellphone” and that he has not received a report yet.

      (He also referred to a rumor going around, and he stated he is not married to the medical examiner.)


  16. yahtzeebutterfly

    “The deeper meaning in the Sandra Bland arrest video that has so many deflate”



    I am struggling mightily with the death of Sandra Bland.

    Struggling to understand it, struggling with the tragedy of it, and struggling especially with how utterly unnecessary and unfair it feels. And how depressing it is to watch the video of her initial encounter with police.

    I am struggling with whether the nation that watches the video can see itself……………..

    He could have just ticketed her and left. But that’s when he asked (not even ordered) her to put out the cigarette.

    That was simply about power.

    Repeatedly, it’s a dynamic that has shown itself to be monstrous as the cameras are rolling. The Bland arrest happened at a moment when American policing seems too often unhinged. And the ability to alter or take people’s lives rests in the hands of officers who, when confronted in a job that requires a deft touch for de-escalation, seem criminally unable to get a hold of themselves.

    I’m the po-lice! I can do anything I want. You’re nobody deserving of a more thoughtful interaction. And there’s no societal pressure or apparently internal or human code that calls me to treat you the way I’d want somebody to treat my mother or sister or daughter. Even if I’m asking you, you don’t get to admit to a range of emotions, including irritation – your job is to endure, or just serve up some of that forgiveness because we can’t get enough of that.

    …………… I’m struggling to understand why people who seem so temperamentally unsuited for the myriad judgments of police work keep signing up (and getting hired) for the job.


  17. i endured far more abuse and cursing from customers of the bowling centers i managed than happened in this case……and i did nothing but SMILE and remain calm during each encounter(which were almost daily on some level).


    • Yeah Bill, that’s the difference. Companies depend on consumers to pay for their goods and services and if consumers decide they don’t need them, there goes the business. Law enforcement is needed, and they are hired by people who do not consider customer service to give the organization a good reputation.

      When communities have no trust in law enforcement, we end up with things like in Chicago where citizens do not cooperate with the police and some use vigilante justice.


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