Dylann Roof Indicted On Federal Hate Crime Charges

In a 16-page federal grand jury indictment, Dylann Roof, the 21-year old who killed 9 people in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, has been indicted on 33 counts of federal charged, including hate crimes, firearms violations, and obstructing the practice of religion.

Killed by Darynn Roof - We RememberU.S. Attorney General Lorette Lynch announced the charges yesterday. The federal charges are in addition to the state murder charges. The Justice Department has not decided whether it will seek the death penalty against Roof, nor whether its prosecution will come prior to the state’s case.

South Carolina does not have a state hate-crime law. AG Lynch stated that the federal charges were needed to adequately deal with a defendant that “decided to seek out and murder African-Americans because of their race.”

The federal grand jury’s indictment accuses Roof of planning the murderous attack on Blacks because of their race and wanting to carry out violence in a Black church.

The indictment describes Roof’s use of a personal manuscript in which he decried racial integration, used racial slurs to refer to Blacks and disparaged them as inferior to Whites. Prosecutors believe he planned for months to increase racial tensions throughout the country and seek retribution for perceived wrongs he thought had been committed against White people.

“The parishioners had Bibles. Dylann Roof had his .45-caliber Glock pistol, and eight magazines loaded with hollow-point bullets.”


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    #Charleston9 …. #NeverForget! Hoping justice is served!

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  2. scrodriguez

    This is an obvious hate crime should also be considered domestic terrorism as well BTW Xena Check your e mail

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    • Santiago, domestic terrorism is more of a description than a criminal charge. I really wish that Homeland Security would do more to let us know how they define it.


  3. Linda Andersen

    I hope they hang the little bastard by his balls. Oops! Did I say that out loud??!!


    • 🙂


      • Linda Andersen

        I take it I haven’t been banished? (sheepish grin)


        • Banished? When you use that word I think about the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome when he was banished by being placed backwards on a horse. Thunderdome lived to regret banishing him. LOL!


          • Linda Andersen

            I never saw that movie–in fact, I’ve seen very few movies unless they’re on broadcast TV (which I now watch in color, thank you very much). I just didn’t want to cause problems for you be saying what I REALLY think of Dylann Roof!


          • Linda, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is an old movie. It’s my favorite of the Mad Max series.

            You are free to express yourself and what you said about what should happen to Dylann cannot be taken as anything other than stress relief from the horrible crime he committed. Now, where did I put that barbed wire? 🙂

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  4. roderick2012

    This is a waste of precious federal resources because l am sure he will get the death penalty on the state charges.

    I wish AG Lynch would concentrate her resources on the Sandra Bland and Kendrick Johnson’s cases.


    • Hey Roderick! I suspect that the AG wants to proceed on the hate crime charges for that reason — to establish that Roof committed a hate crime because South Carolina doesn’t have hate crime statute. At the same time, I agree with you about wasting precious federal resources.


  5. Two sides to a story

    I don’t think there will be any snags in this prosecution. Roof is too blatant for prosecutors to ignore. This isn’t a Zimmerman situation.


  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Bills aim to close loophole that allowed Roof to buy gun”
    December 19, 2015


    Roof’s drug arrest last February should have prevented the sale, but data entry errors meant a background check didn’t produce the pertinent details in time. Federal law gives the FBI three business days to tell a gun dealer if someone can’t legally buy a firearm. Once that window expires, as in Roof’s case, the sale can proceed by default.

    Proposals by a Democratic senator and Republican House member would extend to 28 days the allowed time for reviewing criminal records. Rep. Doug Brannon said when he learned Roof should not have been allowed to buy the gun, “I was sickened to my stomach.”

    “If the law had not had that loophole, I can’t tell you Dylann Roof wouldn’t have gotten a gun, but it wouldn’t have been that gun,” and it should’ve been harder for him to obtain any gun, said Brannon, R-Landrum.


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