Sandra Bland’s Alleged Suicide Is Now Officially Being Investigated as a Murder

Based on the dash cam video, Sandra’s car was searched. I would like to know Texas law for illegal searches of vehicles.

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On Monday afternoon, Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis announced the death of Sandra Bland, which was initially ruled a suicide, would be treated “as it would be in a murder investigation.” Mathis also said while the Texas Rangers were leading the investigation, the FBI was now supervising it.

“It is very much too early to make any kind of determination that this was a suicide or a murder because the investigations are not complete,” Mathis reportedly said at a press conference.

On July 10, police officers pulled over Sandra Bland for failing to indicate before changing lanes in Waller County, Texas. She was violently arrested, according to a passerby’s video, after becoming allegedly combative with the arresting officer. She was found dead in her jail cell three days later.

After discussing Bland with those closest to her and those who saw her…

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  1. HA! He forgot to add in his report that he was bothered by Sandra smoking in her own car and his demands that she get out of the vehicle came thereafter. He suspected her of nothing.

    • “investigation” what on earth was he investigating? he had already called in her information and nothing was found……the entire problem was her telling him she could smoke in her own car and he lost his temper.

      • Right Bill. The trooper did not like being questioned. When he stated “legal” I wanted to vomit. Just because he said it was “legal” doesn’t make it so. Sandra’s death might not ever be ruled a murder, but Brian Encinia should never be allowed to have a badge and any position of authority ever again. Additionally, the cop that searched Sandra’s car should be investigated. By what law were they given authority to search her vehicle?

        • He has his widdle feelers hurt because the ‘black’ lady wouldn’t ‘mind him’ and ‘sassed’ him. He’s not the one on leave either is he?

      • roderick2012

        On another forum someone suggested that he thought she was a drug mule–a vehicle with out of state plates near the Mexican border.

        That’s why he wanted to get inside her vehicle so badly.

        The concern trolling about her emotional state and telling her to put out her cigarette clever way was to agitate her so he could claim she was resisting arrest and he could pull her out of the car if necessary so he search for drugs.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          I think he just wanted to go after her following her “rolling” stop and right turn on campus ( The officer made an immediate U-turn to follow her right after she did that.)

          Hope no one planted anything in her car after they arrested her.

        • Roderick, so haters have introduced a ridiculous theory to disparage the deceased? Did they say if she was suppose to have picked up drugs at the Mexican border, or was delivering drugs? And, if she was involved in dealing or delivering drugs, she would have had money to bail out. Also, I suppose that her having a job in Texas meant that she would not get those drugs to Illinois. Those conspiracy theories always have holes in them.

          • roderick2012

            No, nothing that extreme. Just that the drug angle was why the officer set her up by u-turning and following her aggressively.

            • Hmmm. I wonder if that rumor was started by the same person who started the rumor that the pool party in Texas was actually a child prostitution ring?

            • roderick2012

              Ha, ha, ha!!

              I’m not saying that Sandra had drugs but that the officer THOUGHT she had drugs hence his baiting her attempting to rile her to get into her vehicle. BTW did he hear that the Waller County authorities want Bland’s body back so they can perform another autopsy because the first one was ‘faulty’? These people may not be criminal but they are certainly incompetent.

          • exactly!

    • “Against the peace and dignity of the State of Texas” Are they kidding me??? There was nothing dignified about that officer’s behavior

      • Mindmyme,
        Did you notice that the trooper told the person filming to leave? Why? Because he must have known that his behavior is not permitted.

        • You know what would be really amazing at this point, if the Sheriff’s office would just say “yeah we messed up” Because there is no getting out of what happened at that stop.

  2. scrodriguez

    I saw the video of the traffic stop I can not believe this officers actions I mean drawing his firearm or taser not sure what it was but over failing to use a turn signal while changing lanes thank god that officer doesn’t work in LA people do that all the time including cops.
    I don’t buy the she killed herself narrative either glad its being investigated as murder but can we trust the system at this point?

    • What makes me SOOO mad is that they KNOW the dashcam is recording them but they feel so secure in their bully behavior that they will be protected no matter what. HE escalated that situation.

      • I agree 100%. They don’t care. The worst part of the entire thing. Dashcams are great but are they actually helping? Not if cops are getting off. And thank God by bystanders with phones.

        • yes!! Without that bystander and the one at Walter’s Scott’s execution in North Charleston, the public would never have been aware of their misdeeds and these cops would have gotten away with their deeds.

      • he also knew to take her OUT of the view of that camera before starting his physical assault outside the car……the first assault was on the video though while she was still in her car.

  3. Damn, I’m getting depressed!

    • Linda,
      Here’s something to hopefully life you out of depression. If not, let me know what will work for you and I’ll try to produce it. ((((hugs))))

      • Thanks Xena! This was just one of those days that the news seemed to go over the top! Where does it all end? Or does it just recycle itself over and over and over?

      • Is this the same guy? and i coulda sworn they had color tv by the 70s??

        • LOL@Shannon. 1969 uh? Color television was not common. People could still purchase a black and white set. Also, not all television stations broadcasted in color. There was one television station in the Chicago area, WGN, channel 9, that broadcasted in color starting in the early 60’s. All the other stations broadcasted in black and white.

          • Wow some memory you have there, you’ve obviously never smoked a dooby in your life!!
            i believe that legally disqualifies you from the 70’s entirely!

            • HA!!!

            • LOL@Shannon. I was a flower child. 🙂

              Nope, never smoked a dooby or experimented with drugs. Vanity saved me. LOL! I was with a group of friends who were smoking and two took LSD. They acted so crazy that I thought, “If that is what getting high is about, forget it!” Then they all got hungry and decided to order pizza, so I watched them act like starving people. I was the only one who went home that night. I was sober, my clothes weren’t in disarray, and I remembered my address. LOL!

            • That can be a powerful deterrent, watching others act the fool!

            • LOL@Mindyme. Being in an all-girl school that requires students to wear heels, gloves, and suits at least once a month kinda embeds ladylike vanity. LOL!

          • Thank you, Xena! I watched black and white for years AFTER color televisions came out because they hadn’t perfected the color yet. I was accustomed to watching black and white, but not red and green!

            • Hey Linda,
              You just reminded me of that. The earlier color televisions were awful with color with everything being either red or green, except for Garfield Goose. He was a yellowish-red. 🙂

        • Glenn Kaiser was formerly with Resurrection Band before he went solo. I’ll have to see if there’s information on the group “Free” and names of their members. Some years ago, I watched Glenn’s testimony but can’t remember if he was formerly with a band before Resurrection Band.

        • Shannon, you sent me into research mode. LOL! I know that Glenn Kaiser is from Chicago but wondered if he played with other bands before Resurrection.

          “Free” was an English rock group.

  4. Someone on twitter said “it’s not illegal to be rude to a cop.” Well, in this day and age, It can perhaps get you beat up, choked, hung, shot, ETC!!!

    • Shyloh, that is something that a lawyer representing Sandra’s family addressed when saying that citizens have rights. They should not be required to surrender their rights to prevent further violation of their rights.

  5. It’s now being reported that the dash cam video was edited.

    Watching the specific sections, it appears that maybe the audio was added later, so the video was edited to add time for the dialog.

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      I had only watched up to about the 20 minute mark of the video originally. I have now watched the parts that are in question.

      The “edits” were so poorly done that they were obvious. What professional “editor” would want to make it so obvious?

      “Watching the specific sections, it appears that maybe the audio was added later, so the video was edited to add time for the dialog.”


      ……or maybe to have people wonder if the jail video was edited.

      …..or maybe to hide someone going back to her car before it was towed to plant something in her car.

      • Yahtzee, there is still the question of what happened to Sandra’s cell phone. I remember when watching the video seeing the trooper place it on the trunk of Sandra’s car. I did not see it removed. Did I miss something, or is that a portion that was edited out of the dash cam video? Questions, questions.

        • Sandra placed her phone on her car when he had her out of the car right before he twisted her wrist outta cam view.
          I just saw on news that the PD have phone& refuse to release to family bc investigation. Unless she uploaded directly to a ☁ cloud surly they’ve erased her video.

          Another thing i keep wondering is did he have a bodycam on, bc it sounds like his& her voices are recorded fairly clearly at certain times in the dash cam video. But when the cop gets closer to his car to tell the bystander to get away cops voice sounds lower.

          Its all so weird. i can’t believe they have no video for 90mins up to discovering her body. That makes no sense at all! 3 hours NO ONE WALKED BY?!

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            I hope her video still exists because it would have recorded the officer’s facial expressions.

            Sandra knew the officer was in the wrong and was looking forward to taking him to court.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        And, are they in possession of her purse?

    • some guy posted these last night,

      here’s one portion that was def edited.

  6. I’d like to know why they didn’t have any ‘motion’ on the motion detection cameras at the jail for 90 mins????

    and apparently they weren’t as over crowded as they say. there was a huge cell right in plain view but they stuck her in the back all alone?

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I think that anything they are “withholding” will ultimately come out.

  7. LOOK AT THIS ONE!!! OF COURSE, THE 120lbs kid was a threat to an ARMED PIG’s LIFE!!!!!!!! GTFOHHHHHHHH

    Darrius Stewart killed in police custody, family says it’s case of mistaken identity
    thegrio18 hours ago#Memphis

    A Memphis police officer pulled over a car for a broken headlight and issued a ticket, but he put the passenger in the backseat of the police car in an alleged case of mistaken identity.

    “He’s nothing but 19 and weigh 120,” said childhood friend Derrick Patterson. “Anything, why couldn’t they pepper spray him, why’d they have to just shoot him?”

    “It could have went either way,” said Mike Williams from the Memphis Police Association. “Would it have been better if we had a police officer laying out there dead right now? No, it would not have been. It is not okay that we have a young man who is dead. I’m not going to sit here and let you beat me in the face with handcuffs. That’s not going to happen, because you can kill me. I’m not going to let you pull a knife on me.”

    YES of course it would’ve been better if the pig was lying out there dead than an innocent 19yo KID!! just chalk it up to a MISTAKE and MOVE THE FUCK ON as if nothing like they do all the time!

  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    Tweets from Lisa Bloom:

    Lisa Bloom ‏@LisaBloom

    Cop who arrested #SandraBland seemed to revel in sadism. “I will light you up” while pointing taser, “good” when she said she had epilepsy.

    It is not a crime to be annoyed when a police officer pulls you over. #SandraBland

    What is the law requiring a motorist to put out a cigarette when stopped for failing to signal? #SandraBland

    Black people like #SandraBland hassled, falsely arrested and killed by police all over the U.S. Not isolated incidents but systemic racism.

    We do not live in a police state. Citizens are not required to just do whatever police tell us, or risk arrest. #SandraBland

  9. This is a disturbing stop…..I encourage everyone to watch the long version and not the little clips. It starts with him finishing up another warning and you can see Sandra’s car run a stop sign, he u-turns around and starts to follow her. They are on a 2 way street, one lane on both sides. After going through a light the road goes into 4 lanes, it is at this point she moves over to the outside lane and she says she did this to get out of his way after noticing the cop moving up on her.

    I can understand her frustration…..a roadway increases in lanes and you pick one but get a ticket/warning for it because you didn’t signal your choice. But what set the cop off imo was when he wanted her to stop smoking and lost it when she refused and challenged him on its legality. He moves her out of range of the camera and now no proof exits of an assault….other than his own word. He suffered some scratches to his hands which he admits he got putting on the cuffs.

    Arresting someone for escalating a minor traffic infraction is ludicrous….all because she challenged the cop.

    I don’t know what happened to Sandra the day her life ended. She had fight in her and wanted her day in court but from what I have seen she also suffered from PTSD. Could she have felt helpless when she couldn’t raise the bail to get out? Fear of losing her job before she got a chance to start it? Could it have been a suicide or something more sinister? I hope answers come soon.

    • I just watched a press conference with a lawyer and Sandra’s sister. He stated something that is very important and sets the foundation for the trooper’s wrong. When asked by a member of the press if Sandra should have just done what the trooper wanted, the lawyer responded that citizens have rights. When they voluntarily surrender those rights without question, then there are no rights. Sandra asked about 14 times, “Why am I being arrested?” “Why am I being apprehended.” She had the right to know.

      The trooper had no reason to arrest her and he was looking to create one. In his written report, he omitted that he asked Sandra to put out her cigarette, AND he omitted that he threatened to “light” her up. Those two actions by him is what escalated the situation and violate Sandra’s rights.

      • I agree 100% that the cop escalated the situation. He didn’t like being challenged about her rights and when she refused to put out the smoke he was bound to arrest her. She had a right to know why and his constant refusal to answer escalated it.

        Also police don’t have people exit a vehicle for a “safe traffic investigation”, people are told to stay in their car for their safety, ie not get hit by a passing car. He didn’t make the previous driver get out for an investigation. This wasn’t a traffic accident but a moving violation so what investigation needs to take place out of the vehicle? None!

        I hope he loses his ability to work as a cop.

      • I wanna see that. I’ll look for it on YouTube

      • crustyolemothman

        Xena, Good afternoon! I’m not going to attempt to justify the actions of either the Texas Trooper or Mz. Bland, that would require the use of opinion on my part and that would cause a discussion that I don’t wish to partake of. I am going to post a link now, that would be good reading for some of you.

        If one were to read this short link, you would learn that the officer “did” have the right to request (ask?) Mz. Bland to step from the vehicle, while it is not always done the ability to do so lawfully is allowed. Once the driver refused to obey the lawful order to step from the car, the resisting arrest began. You mentioned an illegal search of the vehicle, once Mz. Bland was under arrest and the car had been ordered impounded a search and inventory is required by Texas law (as it is in most states), this is not just to find illegal items but to protect the possessions of the driver and or owner of the vehicle.

        • Hey there Mothman! I wondered about Texas law for searching a vehicle. Thanks for the link. I’m going to read it in just a few.

          Regarding your opinion, I think that’s what people are sharing now, mostly based on the dash cam video. I’ve not stated opinions yet except for the edited dash cam video because frankly, I’ve not been able to keep up with all the opinions of others. 🙂 I appreciate your sharing the link.

        • amazing stuff, you tell folks here they should read this then you give a FALSE comment about what it says…..of course it is legal to ASK her to get out of the car……and it is also legal for her to say NO….it is NOT legal for him to then order her out of the car unless he has a legal reason which he did NOT…….and you claim the arrest was legal under what grounds please? ….from your link = Assuming everything is clear and you do not have warrants, and your license is valid, the officer will decide what to do. They can issue you a ticket or a warning. Once that is done, the stop is complete.” he had done the check and was giving her a warning ticket = the stop was COMPLETE, he had no authority to detain her by questioning about the cigarette because his reason for the stop was FINISHED…….and then when he lost his temper over her asking him why she couldnt smoke in her own car, he had NO legal authority to demand she exit the car…….IF he had any suspicion or concerns for his safety that happens BEFORE the stop was completed…….your own link shows he was 100% WRONG, TY.

          • crustyolemothman

            Mr. Taylor, once again you attempt to provoke an argument. I would simply ask what you agenda is in attempting to belittle me and or my words? I provided a link, that you chose to read as you wish, and sir, that is your right. You will not manage to provoke an argument with me here leading to my being banned from this site as you did on another site, because I do not intend to allow it to happen. However feel free to use your free speech rights as you wish. Have a good day…

            • please put in quotes where i belittled YOU as a person? i did comment on your words because they were FALSE….your link said he could ask and i agree, it did NOT say he could demand or issue an order or reach into her car and assault and batter her….i have no clue what you are claiming me getting you banned somewhere? and i note you did not make any rebuttal of my comments and did attempt to falsely portray ME…pointing out a false claim you made is not trying to pick any fight on any level it is correcting your error and adding to the discussion…….nothing i posted belittled you or your words but again your post indeed clearly tries to belittle ME and give a false impression about something i never did……again what place do you claim i got you banned from please and how on earth could i do that?

            • Bill, that’s the thing. LE can ask whatever they want. Citizens have the right to remain silent. LE can ask people to voluntarily surrender their rights to their property by stepping outside of it, but without a warrant, people do not have to do so. If they are being accused of resisting arrest, then the officer must tell them what they are being arrested for before they can resist.

            • Mothman and Bill, let it rest. It comes as no surprise that those who participate here have strong personalities. We advocate for justice and equality for all — we are strong people. You both are strong people. Let’s not attack each other but what the real problem is that we see in this matter, which in my view, is that the trooper was not honest in his report, and did not want to be filmed using excessive force and violating protocol.

          • crustyolemothman

            Mr. Taylor, As I said, Have a nice day.

    • I know what you’re saying abt her running a stop sign, do you see this definitively on camera?
      Becuz i couldn’t see if she did or not becuz of cop’s dash cam angle.
      It kinda appears that she made a right w/out stopping but she could’ve also stopped at the sign that was out of sight& we just can’t see it. I’ll look again to see if i just didn’t see it.
      But he clearly targeted her when she made that turn since he made the uturn & road up on her, so running that stop sign would’ve been a reason he went after her way before she changed lanes! But he never mentioned her running the stop sign, so why did he target her the way he did?

      • It could be that the stop sign was from a private parking lot and cops can’t enforce them.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        When the officer was speeding up behind her car, I thought it was polite of Sandra to move into the right lane to give him an opportunity to speed on by.

        • Yahtzee…that’s was my first impression and what I would have done so I can understand the fustration of the stop. I think he noticed her not fully stopping leaving that lot and followed her to catch her doing something else.

          • yahtzeebutterfly


            You know, I think his speeding up and getting on her tail might have been a ploy. Perhaps, he hoped she would either speed up to his speed (and he could ticket her for that) or he hoped that she would quickly move to the right lane forgetting to signal “right.”

    • Do you mean ‘watch the long version’ that wasn’t edited?

  10. Two sides to a story

    Good. Shows there’s reason to be suspicous not only of the cop making the traffic stop but the jail personnel as well. Sounds like another community whose personnel need to be fired en masse.

  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    I heard that there were four women in the cell across from Sandra’s. I hope the attorney for Sandra’s family gets their names and interviews them.

    Why isn’t the ME releasing his/her report?

    Were Sandra’s jail phone calls recorded?

    Where is the EMS report from the scene of the traffic stop?

    Was there a recording of the cruiser where Sandra was placed of her conversation with the EMS people at the traffic stop scene?

    Where are the police reports of the other officers on the scene?

    • dont forget the officials at first said she made NO CALLS during her stay in jail but now after hearing recordings of her calls and what a bail bondsman has said they are caught in that LIE……why would they lie about that?

  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    You can see the “corrected” dash-cam video at the link below.

    “Texas officials released this new version of the dash-cam video July 22, 2105, showing Sandra Bland’s arrest. It’s several minutes shorter than the original and appears to be glitch-free.”

  13. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson ‏@deray 43m43 minutes ago
    “Y’all. #SandraBland told the bail bondsman she was afraid for her safety.”
    deray mckesson retweeted Alana Rocha
    Alana Rocha ‏@viaAlana Jul 20
    “Mathis: Bail bondsman who spoke to #SandraBland says she was afraid for her safety. Only had $100, not enough to post $500 bond.”

  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    I am sending my prayers and support for Sandra’s mother and family.

    So heartbreaking. So much pain.

  15. yahtzeebutterfly

    JamesFromTheInternet ‏@JamesFTInternet 2h2 hours ago
    #NYC stands with #SandraBland and has gathered to tell the rest of America to #SayHerName

  16. yahtzeebutterfly

    The Last Word ‏@TheLastWord 2m2 minutes ago
    Lawyer for #SandraBland’s family tells @Lawrence: Texas officials want to do another autopsy on the body, say 1st was defective. #lastword

    The Last Word ‏@TheLastWord 3m3 minutes ago
    Lawyer for #SandraBland’s family tells @Lawrence: “We have absolutely no intention of moving her body.” #LastWord #SayHerName

  17. yahtzeebutterfly

    Shaun King ‏@ShaunKing 7m7 minutes ago
    Voicemail #SandraBland left her best friend while she was in jail.

  18. Are any of y’all familiar with Dixon D.White? He’s a self proclaimed redneck who has FB pages encouraging people to talk about and educate each other on white supremacy.

  19. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson ‏@deray 24h24 hours ago
    “This is apparently another view of #SandraBland’s jail cell in Waller County, TX. (via @BillBishopKHOU)”

    Here is the view we have already seen:

  20. More reports are coming out….Sandra had tried to commit suicide last year after the loss of a baby and she also lost a Godmother last year. CNN also reported there were recent cut marks on her arms. I talked to my LE friend and they said that jail is in serious legal trouble (lawsuit) since her recent mental problems were documented on her jail intake forms and they didn’t take care in ensuring she didn’t harm herself. I don’t have a link yet to the forms.

    This doesn’t excuse the traffic stop and the trooper who escalated the situation.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Leah Binkovitz ‏@leahbink

      “The booking document has internal inconsistencies, trying to get answers at the jail now but no one is available, according to front desk.”

      Leah Binkovitz ‏@leahbink

      “In another section it says 2014. And in another section where it should be marked, it said she hadn’t attempted suicide in the past.”

  21. The story of this woman and her tragic death was personal for me.
    It was/is ugly and disturbing on so many levels, but mostly because she was a female alone, defending herself against what I consider a bully and an out of control man.
    Many years ago, during the Viet Nam War, I was a young married woman living in Texas, my husband was stationed at Ft. Bliss.
    When he left to go to Okinawa, and I was alone there, on many occasions, I was treated quite badly because I spoke up for myself when I was denied normal rights, like writing a check, etc.
    Where we lived near the Base, women had to demand their civil rights, which were frequently denied.
    Watching this woman’s horrific experience that day and what followed, brought back some very ugly memories.
    I DO NOT believe that she took her own life.

    • Gator Woman,

      Watching this woman’s horrific experience that day and what followed, brought back some very ugly memories.

      Oh, don’t I understand it. It brought back some of those warning lectures that I received from my parents, and my late husband. He had what is commonly called “street sense” and schooled me about what it’s like to drive in southern states with out-of-state license plates, particularly from “Yankee” territory.

  22. yahtzeebutterfly

    Leah Binkovitz ‏@leahbink 19h19 hours ago
    New video from DPS of traffic stop and a statement on yesterday’s release: “

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Notice that Ofc. Brian Encinia at timestamp 43:01 to 43:41 goes back to Sandra’s car with a form he apparently is going to fill out for the tow truck driver.

  23. There is a new theory that the Video is edited altered the argument to support that is the Audio and Video do not align.
    I counter challenge that argument, here is why, you have a dash cam that has been aligned with the Audio recorder that is located on the officer in other words take for example Walter scott, when he ran away while running away you heard Slager say Taser Taser Taser we had no video to align with that until Santana started to record but the entire time the audio recorder was running.

    So even though you see a little slip in the video when Sandra was pulled over I would attribute that to investigators aligning the audio recorded file with the dash cam video file so that it can provide somewhat of a accurate timeline of events.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      They have deleted the old video and now have the “corrected” one posted. The new one is 3 minutes shorter that the first one they released.

      • Right but the point im making is the Video was dash cam, The Audio is a separate recorded file from the mic that is on the officers person. So what they did was combine the two files together to show what happened during the traffic stop which is why there was a little glitch in the vid

  24. yahtzeebutterfly

    Starting at timestamp 8:51

    Trooper ENCINIA: You seem very irritated.

    SANDRA (calmly) : I am…I was getting out of your way…so I move over…So yeah, I am a little irritated, but that doesn’t stop you from giving me a ticket though.

    Trooper ENCINIA : Are you done?

    SANDRA(again calmly): You asked me what was wrong, and I told you. So now I’m ( ?)

    Trooper ENCINIA: Do you mind putting out your cigarette, please? (note tone of the word “please.”)

    SANDRA: I’m in my car (?….I don’t have to put out my cigarette)

    Trooper ENCINIA: You can step on out now.

    SANDRA (still in a regular calm, but assertive voice) I don’t have to step out of my car.

    Timestamp 9:23 -Trooper ENCINIA: Step out of the car. (puts his clipboard on her hood and opens the door.)

    I think Trooper Encinia has the emotional make-up of a hornets’ nest which can very easily be disturbed.

    He basically invited Sandra to tell him why she was irritated. He did NOT like her answer of “I am…I was getting out of your way…so I move over…So yeah, I am a little irritated, but that doesn’t stop you from giving me a ticket though.”

    Instead of discussing with Sandra her reason for feeling irritated, he responded only with Are you done?”

    Now let me tell you what I think his intention was at this VERY point of the exchange:

    Based on the fact that later in the traffic stop video where Trooper Encinia told Sandra to take off her glasses just before he slammed her head to the ground, I think that his asking her to put out her cigarette signals that he intended to get her out of her car right after he said “Are you done?” simply because she explained why she was irritated after, as she said, “You asked me what was wrong, and I told you.”

    • well he apparently planned on slamming her head into something if he asked her to take off glasses. what a POS. he was butthurt that she would not grovel at his divine presence!

  25. This is a trip. they forged the jail documents& even i could tell,
    especially how well she explained it.
    Its the pages they forged tho that seem to indicate the jail forged her signature on medical records.
    no one has mentioned the epilepsy? is she or not? if she was could she have had a seizure & hurt herself or choke or smother herself???
    what about

    • TY for that effort i note on her B’s there is no loop in the middle on all except 2 where there clearly is a loop between the 2 humps forming the B shape……those 2 were NOT her signature in my opinion because the motion to make the loop is way different from the motion not creating those loops……her B’s have a wide separation between the humps making the B

      • Yep, but I just posted it all over the internet, I didn’t/couldn’t do it!!
        The author’s name is somewhere on the page.

        But if you read her notes as she goes thru it, its really easy to see how she comes to the conclusion that the signature on page 7, one w/medical info, is clearly not the same as the rest.
        She can’t say w/ certainty any are really Sandra’s bc she’s just looking at what was released publicly, but she is saying that one is deff not like the others..

        This is really an outrage bc either this #RacistCounty Sheriff thinks no one would notice or thinks everyone else is as stupid as he is.
        So again we have officials who have terrible power over human beings that he has no respect for.

  26. 2. Preliminary Investigation Revealed Encinia Violated “Courtesy” Protocols

    Texas Department of Public Safety officials informed reporters this week that Encinia violated several traffic stop and courtesy protocols.

    A DPS spokesman didn’t state what exactly the officer did wrong, but legal experts claim his alleged abrasive behavior could be a factor.

    Texas Commission on Jail Standards also slammed the Waller County Jail for inconsistent training and failing to actively check on inmates every hour face-to-face.

    Bland’s rights were also violated during the arrest. Citizens are allowed to remain silent after handing over their license and proof of insurance


    • Bland’s rights were also violated during the arrest. Citizens are allowed to remain silent after handing over their license and proof of insurance

      Whoop, there it is!

  27. Sharon Bland’s autopsy report has been added to the right-side border of the blog.

    • its just horrible. that’s all i can say right now after reading it in its entirely.
      but if you look on twitter there’s MD’s questioning why the ME didnt do a CT scan on her head to look for bleeding & that certain evidence may be lost forever.

      • i have zero proof, but if the ME knew she had a head injury from the take down, then they would also know doing a CT would show that injury and that it could have caused her death…… NOT doing that CT would protect ALL involved in the killing and coverup.

        • Yeah & a pathologist on Twitter was talking about bleeding on the brain causing some of the symptoms she complained about like not hearing out of an ear because some artillery/nerve being struck or something & loss of appetite bc per autopsy her stomach was COMPLETELY empty etc.. they called it a 48hr death or something because it until the 48hrs they seem to be fine besides a few minor symptoms like a headache or loss of appetite but then they drop dead. and the fluid w/in the brain would be the only tell after death the ME could use for definitive proof. & the ME would not know it w.o the scans or wouldn’t be able to prove it w.o the scans showing the fluid before they did the autopsy and the fluid drains leaving no sign unless there was significant bruising/or shifting of the brain w/in the skull. i’m just saying probably the same as you, that unless & until they can prove 100% to me that Sandra killed her self, i have no reason to believe it bcuz they have every reason to lie about it.

          also, it turns out the ME is the wife of the prosecutor!!!

  28. Those abrasions on Sandra’s back and shoulder bother me. It’s an indication that she was physically assaulted, whether during the “take-down” or after she was taken to jail.

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