Jury Selection Begins In Trial of Randall Kerrick

randall-kerrick-mugshotRandall Kerrick, former officer with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C. police department, is charged with voluntary manslaughter in the killing of 24- year old Jonathan Ferrell.   The Root reports 5 things we need to know.


  1. Jonathan Ferrell was unarmed and looking for help. Around 2:30 a.m. on Sept. 14, 2013, Ferrell’s car ran off the entrance road into a suburban neighborhood just 15 miles from downtown Charlotte and crashed into some trees. Authorities believe that immediately after the crash, Ferrell climbed out the car’s back window to seek help. He knocked on the door of a nearby home. A female homeowner answered the door, thinking it was her husband returning home from work. Upon seeing Ferrell, she closed the door and called 911.

The three CMPD officers who responded to the 911 call encountered Ferrell on the road. In their description of events that night, officers said that Ferrell “charged” and “ran” at them. The officers attempted to stop Ferrell with a Taser before Kerrick shot him. CMPD officers found Ferrell unarmed.


  1. Kerrick shot Ferrell 10 times. Kerrick fired 12 rounds, with 10 shots hitting Ferrell killing him. Kerrick claimed self-defense. The shooting was reportedly captured on a police dashboard cam, but the video has not been released to the public. Police ruled that the shooting was excessive, which led to the voluntary-manslaughter charge. Since Ferrell’s death, Kerrick has been on leave without pay.


  1. It took two grand juries to indict Kerrick. In January 2014, a grand jury declined to indict Kerrick, but prosecutors argued that the grand jury wasn’t a full panel and resubmitted the case. Kerrick was then indicted by a second grand jury later that month. Kerrick’s attorneys called the move to resubmit the case unlawful and attempted to block it but failed.


  1. Kerrick’s lawyers tried to get the case thrown out. On May 6, Kerrick’s attorneys, George V. Laughrun II and Michael J. Greene, filed a motion to dismiss the case, arguing that Ferrell was under the influence the night he was killed. The motion claims that witness statements say that Ferrell “ingested illegal drugs, possibly marijuana, and/or other substances on the night of the shooting.” The document goes on to describe Ferrell’s interactions with Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers as “aggressive conduct,” claiming “that the decedent’s behavior was caused by the alcohol he consumed and substances he smoked on the night in question.” However, a toxicology report showed that Ferrell, who had been drinking that night, was not drunk and had no drugs in his system.


  1. The city of Charlotte reached a $2.25 million settlement with Ferrell’s family. In May, 2015, City Attorney Bob Hagemann announced at a news conference that the Charlotte City Council approved the settlement by unanimous decision. Hagemann said that the “city remains saddened by Mr. Farrell’s death” and that this was a “fair and equitable settlement.”

Ferrell’s mother, Georgia Ferrell, was pleased about the settlement but also said in a statement that “it is devastating to know that nothing we will do will ever bring Jonathan back.”


Jonathan Ferrell

On his last night in Charlotte, Jonathan Ferrell joined his co-workers at one of their favorite spots and took on what his family members say was a familiar role. Ferrell, never a big drinker, volunteered to give a friend a ride home. After the gathering ended, Jonathan went miles out of his way to drive co-worker, Max Funderburke, to Bradfield Farms, a sprawling suburban neighborhood east of Charlotte.


No one seems to know how, but Jonathan was in car accident. He lost his cell phone. When he knocked on the door of a house, presumably seeking help, the woman in the house called 911 and reported that someone was trying to rob her.

When officers located Jonathan, he ran towards them.

Charles Monnett, who represented Jonathan’s family in the federal lawsuit, stated,

“It would never dawn on Jon to view (police) as a threat or that he would be viewed as a threat. It just wasn’t in his psyche. There were three officers present. They’re using a lot of lies to cover themselves. No matter what they say, it does not justify why one officer shoots someone 10 times and the other officers don’t draw their guns at all.”

Jury selection is scheduled to begin today in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, with Judge Robert C. Ervin presiding. Judge Ervin is based in Burke County.

Fox 46 in Charlotte is suppose to carry live coverage. They have a video already set-up on Youtube. The live coverage may or may not start on the video embedded below. If not, we will try to find where it can be watched.


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    You can find out a bit of what’s going on outside the court building by taking a look at this Twitter link:



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    Lulu tweeted:

    WHERE: Government Center
    LOCATION: 600 E. Fourth Street, Charlotte NC
    TIME: 11:00 A.M.
    DATE: July 20th, 2015


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    Court started at 10 a.m. with beginning motions before jury selection begins.

    Several members of Kerrick’s family are in the courtroom. Ferrill’s family has scheduled an 11 a.m. news conference that WCNC.com will carry live online and on the WCNC app.


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    Tweets from:
    Jane Wester ‏@janewester

    Watching @MikeGordonOBS count witnesses – over 200 names including Roy Cooper, NC Atty General #JonathanFerrell #KerrickTrial

    Note: not everyone on witness list will necessarily be called to testify

    Jury questionnaire asks about feelings toward police after Ferguson, Charleston, Baltimore and elsewhere

    Judge will allow media access to completed jury questionnaires, as requested by Observer atty Jon Buchan #KerrickTrial #JonathanFerrell

    Witness list: two pages single spaced of police officers including Police Chief Kerr Putney

    Judge is modifying questionnaire to remove identifying info. Line by line, word by word edits

    Judge Ervin says he’d rather not release completed questionnaires but that Supreme Court ruling compels him.

    Judge: no audio, photo or video recordings during jury selection. We are free to sit and take notes.


  6. SICK ppl are working in LE and they do some unbelievably horrible things to citizens for fun!
    this is what happens when you are a decent person and can’t live with yourself if when you witness the police brutality and murder and ordered to STFU

    Here’s the Corrections Officers Gang Slogan “You never walk alone” say signs at the florida prisons.

    Kelly Bradley crouched in the corner of his cell, cowering under a blanket, as five officers clad in riot gear barreled inside and jumped on him, pinning him face-down.

    As they cuffed Bradley’s wrists and ankles, one of the officers, William Hamilton Wilson, reached toward Bradley’s face and dug his index finger into the inmate’s eye — several times —until he ripped out Bradley’s right eyeball. It happened swiftly, almost as if it was routine.

    Afterward, the extraction team at Charlotte Correctional Institution was summoned to the commander’s office. Capt. Scott Anderson, a 23-year veteran of the Florida Department of Corrections, asked the officers what happened.

    No one saw anything. No one heard anything. No one could explain how Bradley’s eyeball ended up on his cheek, dangling by a thread.

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/special-reports/florida-prisons/article27738046.html#storylink=cpy

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    • Shannon, I’m —- speechless.

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    • “Pisciotta told the truth, and Wilson was arrested. After testifying against Wilson, Pisciotta was fired and lost almost everything: his home, his friends, his pension and his career.

      “I knew once I did the right thing, and I stepped forward…my career would be over,” Pisciotta told a jury during Wilson’s 2009 federal criminal trial. “It’s something you don’t do. You don’t go against other officers. Because my life has been a living hell ever since.’’

      Wilson, now 32, the only person criminally charged, was convicted of civil rights violations, served five years in federal prison and was released in December. Other than Pisciotta, no one came forward; no one else was disciplined. Six other officers were involved in the episode and four of them, including Anderson, were promoted. Two are still at Charlotte ”

      This is so sick

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    Jane Wester ‏@janewester 11m11 minutes ago
    Fifth page of jury questionnaire asks for “feelings, positive or negative” abt police #KerrickTrial #JonathanFerrell


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    WSOCTV ‏@wsoctv 3h3 hours ago
    WATCH full raw: #JonathanFerrell’s family speaks before #KerrickTrial

    Tweets from
    Michael Gordon ‏@MikeGordonOBS 58m58 minutes ago
    First group of prospective jurors filing into the courtroom, three packed rows. Judge begins

    Most of the first batch from the jury pool is made up of women. About two-thirds are white.

    At 2:27 p.m., the judge tells the jurors why they are here Wes Kerrick stands and faces them.

    Jurors are completing questionnaires. For the first time in state history the public will get their answers.

    Michael Gordon ‏@MikeGordonOBS 4m4 minutes ago
    Prosecutor Adren Harris hugs Jon Ferrell’s mom & brother as Kerrick’s wife watched from 20 feet away.

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  9. Yahtzee,
    Thanks for all the updates. I went to find the video of the Jonathan’s family press conference, but Flash keeps crashing. 😦


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      yw, Xena.

      Sorry your Flash is crashing.


    • I have that problem too, more often now than I used to.

      I hate updating and downloading ‘new versions’ of stuff because I’m just not that ‘computer savvy’ and never know if what it’s asking me to do is for real.


      • Mindyme,
        About a week ago, it was reported that Adobe Flash was no longer being supported by browsers and Youtube. I received a message to update and after I did, things were fine until this week. This week, it started all over again.

        One thing I noticed is that when I go to news sources that have videos, after watching 4-5, the crash starts. 😦


  10. EMS spent 3 whole minutes “caring for” Sandra,
    In total, ALL officials involved including the ‘Police 1st responders” who found her, spent a total of 8mins pretending they were concerned with Sandra’s life.
    i get the most horrifying feeling the more details we hear. i didnt finish listening to that video that girl took of the sheriff & i wanna hear his story better & compare it with the Capt. Brian Cantrell, “chief of investigations” for the Waller County Sheriff’s Office.

    He says:

    Cantrell, also present at the news conference in Hempstead on Monday, offered new details about Bland’s booking into the jail.

    He said the arrest charge against Bland on July 10 — assaulting a public servant — required her to be classified as “high risk” and that was why she was separated from other female inmates. There were no other “high risk” female inmates in the same cell at the time.

    Cantrell said Bland had no injuries when she came to the jail. He said she was placed in the cell after a deputy processed her arrest paperwork and read from a sheet of standard questions posed to inmates, asking her about her health, including her mental health.

    “There were no reported injuries by Ms. Bland to jail staff and no medical treatment requested,” Cantrell said.

    So the investigator said she had no injuries but how would he know if she didn’t see a doctor! I can’t even believe the stories in this county!

    i’ll leave a link to this story,that town is like a horror movie! this whole thing is just like one of those horror movies when a young person breaks down in a strange small town never to be seen again. smh i can’t imagine how scared she was.

    i really hate how the author says Sandra was ‘already irritated from getting pulled over”
    How do they know?? Cuz NO, She was MUCH more likely nervous & scared at getting pulled over! And obviously she had every reason to be scared for her life!!

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    • http://www.texastribune.org/2015/07/20/sandra-blands-death-now-murder-investigation/

      For years, racial inequity has punctuated Waller County’s political landscape, which has been fraught with everything from kickback schemes to allegations of voter suppression and police brutality. Hempstead, the county’s seat, is located next to Prairie View, home to Prairie View A&M University, the historically black college. Both towns sit along U.S. 290, a main Houston-to-Austin artery.

      In 2003, then-Waller County District Attorney Oliver Kitzman sparked outrage when he questioned whether Prairie View students could vote in local elections, a point challenged by Texas’ attorney general’s office. The following year, Kitzman, who is white, announced he was resigning from office. Earlier this year, Prairie View students celebrated their own polling station.

      In 2007, the city of Hempstead’s council members fired then-Police Chief Glenn Smith following allegations of brutality against young black men. Smith disputed the charge, saying he was removed because of small-town politics. In 2008, Smith successfully ran for sheriff and is the county’s top lawman today.

      In 2009, Hempstead’s former mayor pro-tem, Larry Wilson Sr., and city alderman Paris Kincade were sentenced to prison for accepting kickbacks for city contracts. Also sentenced was then-Justice of the Peace DeWayne Charleston. All four men are black.

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      • “In 2007, the city of Hempstead’s council members fired then-Police Chief Glenn Smith following allegations of brutality against young black men. Smith disputed the charge, saying he was removed because of small-town politics. In 2008, Smith successfully ran for sheriff and is the county’s top lawman today.

        In 2009, Hempstead’s former mayor pro-tem, Larry Wilson Sr., and city alderman Paris Kincade were sentenced to prison for accepting kickbacks for city contracts. Also sentenced was then-Justice of the Peace DeWayne Charleston. All four men are black”

        This is such BS and I’m so tired of things like this. Even a White female cop will be prosecuted before a White male cop will be for the same crime.

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        • Again the institutional racism rears its ugly head when 4(FOUR!!!) black men are the only ones punished with prison, pretty much the most severe punishment of all! And we know they weren’t able to get those “kickbacks” in some private black bubble! What about the white men who were involved & likely received FAR more kickbacks? Did they actually testify against the black men? Sure they did or at least provided evidence.
          Yet this country pretends its perfectly acceptable to punish one group for a crime another group can participate in w/o consequences.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Shannon, in the video of the conversation with Sheriff Glenn Smith that you posted yesterday, Smith said that the reason Sandra was put in the cell alone was because the other one was already crowded. Smith did not say it was because she was “high risk” as Cantrell asserted.

      On another topic,

      Remember how it was a “Public Safety Department Officer” who pulled Sandra over for the improper lane change?

      Well, as this NY Times page shows, the arrest was VERY close to the Prairie View A&M campus (looks like 2 blocks or so):


      Did you know that the campus police at Prairie View A&M are part of the Department of Public Safety? I think that officer followed her from the campus.

      Here is the patch worn by the Campus Police which shows they are part of the Department of Public Safety:

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  11. A pool of 12 jurors was chosen today, but only 2 were voir dired, and both were released.

    The jury selections is already off to a long and tedious start; only two jurors were questioned Monday—the first was dismissed for a financial hardship, while the second was dismissed after stating that she’d read a lot of news coverage related to the case and “she had made up her mind that Randall Kerrick was guilty.”

    Jury selection will resume at 9:30 Tuesday morning. If the process becomes too difficult, the judge does have the option to move the case to another county or to bring in an out-of-town jury.


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  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    A local panel discussion took place last night to discuss issues and what is needed for moving forward:

    On the night of the first day of what is sure to be a long trial process, dozens gathered at Little Rock A.M.E. Zion Church Monday night to pause for just a few hours and talk about peace for the future.

    It was standing room-only inside the church, packed with people for this panel discussion.

    Jonathan Ferrell’s mother, Georgia, sat on the panel along with leaders of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg NAACP and the North Carolina ACLU.

    It was a public forum on race relations, police accountability and the path Charlotte needs to take for healing both during and after the Kerrick trial.

    The forum’s leaders said it starts with inspiring better ideas for the future.

    “How people that have new ideas, organic ideas that can spring from something like this can be included in the system because our whole thing is to try to spread as much as we can to end institutional racism,” said State Organizer for Safe Coalion NC, Robert Dawkins.

    “It’s very important to spread that message because we need a little more peace around here. Too much violence. Too many of our innocent kids have been killed,” Georgeia Ferrell said.



  13. “Since Ferrell’s death, Kerrick has been on leave without pay” Amazing in itself..


  14. yahtzeebutterfly


    You will be able to keep up with the trial by going to Twitter hashtag #KerrickTrial or by reading tweets at these two links:



    or tweets by Michael Gordon ‏@MikeGordonOBS


  15. yahtzeebutterfly

    Amy Cowman ‏@amywccb

    5th juror candidate says never heard anything about the case before jury duty, says doesn’t watch news, or follow news #KerrickTrial

    Juror 5 says girlfriend lived in #ferguson Missouri so familiar w incident, has family in Charleston so #CharlestonShooting close to home

    Juror 5 says follows a Facebook page where crazy traffic stops happen to police officers, so he thinks police always have to fear their life

    State asks juror 5 if based on comment that officers are always in fear, juror says police never know if suspect has gun or what to expect

    State now asking juror 5 about #CharlestonShooting hitting close to home, juror days he follows a lot of it on Facebook #KerrickTrial

    Judge asking juror 5 if selected as juror could he could base opinion on evidence heard in court not prior opinions , juror days yes

    Judge denies state objection to juror 5 after he says he could be fair and partial #KerrickTrial, judge sends him back to other 2 candidates

    There are now 3 possible jurors in holding that passed questioning, juror number 6 now being brought in #KerrickTrial #juryselection


  16. yahtzeebutterfly

    Amy Cowman ‏@amywccb :

    State now questioning juror 6, white male, how much he’s followed case and #ferguson case, NY shooting and others #KerrickTrial

    Juror 6 worked for law enforcement says since he retired he tries to not watch much on police matters, state asks if prior knowledge biases

    Juror 6 said based on being patrol Sargent he was involved in policies on using excessive force, and assesses situations when hears them

    Juror 6 says always feared being in situation requiring excessive force and feels for the officers and victims of these cases #KerrickTrial

    Juror 6 says was involved in 3 officer involved shootings in career, says when got subpoena thought could it be the #KerrickTrial ?

    Juror 6 says when he heard of #WesKerrick case first reaction was “Oh no” , say as Sargent he had to plan ahead for incidents #KerrickTrial

    State asks Juror 6 if he will use prior officer training and policies in career to make judgement or facts hears in courtroom #KerrickTrial

    Juror 6 says doesn’t think can turn off his mind from what he knows and experienced to starting fresh w facts of this case #KerrickTrial

    No objections to juror 6, he is 4th to be sent back with other possible jurors, court now recessed to 11:15 when #juryselection continues


  17. yahtzeebutterfly

    Amy Cowman ‏@amywccb

    Juror 9, white female enters for questioning says has 2 week paid vacation to Alaska in Aug and has work conflict #KerrickTrial

    Juror 9 says has high stress level on job and looking forward to vacation, state now questioning her #KerrickTrial

    Juror 9 says her opinion based on what she’s heard in shooting and other police shootings , #weskerrick shooting was justifiable

    State tells Juror 9 this is not Ferguson, do you know facts are different? Juror 9 says feels most police shooting incidents justifiable

    State still questioning juror 9 on her opinion in police involved shootings around country, state asks if can follow facts she says not sure

    State asks juror 9 be removed for cause, judge asking her if she can put aside opinions to follow law, she says she’s by sure #KerrickTrial

    Defense now questioning juror 9 about her following the law coming for jury duty, could she follow law in case, she says she would have to

    Judge asks juror 9 could she put aside prior opinions and experiences and be fair to both sides, she says yes, judge denies state objection

    Juror 9 still being questioned, state wants her dismissed , defense doesn’t , judge asking her if she understands reasonable doubt

    Judge asks juror 9 to call cruise she has booked on lunch break to see if can get refund or relief for it, court recess now till 2p


    • Reading the voir dire of Juror 9, it’s like asking a person to marry you, they say “no” and don’t love you, and then the pressure starts through questions. “Can you learn to love me?” “Can you put away all the dreams you wanted in a marriage and enter this fresh without prejudices?”

      Juror 9 does not belong on that jury.

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    • Wait This is so crazy! So judge denies states objection to an ex-cop who admits to shooting 3 ppl in career when MOST Cops NEVER shoot anyone (at least that was the case until recently)
      And the white woman who thinks EVERY cop shooting is probably justified? Who clearly wants out of there, or she’s a stealth juror& this is all a scam? Why wld a judge insist someone stay who’s biased and says they don’t wanna be on the jury? That’s not fair.
      And what about the guy who said cops gotta be on edge & shld worry abt getting shot at all times? Was that Juror 5?
      So basically that’s 3 white pro-cop jurors right there. A killer cop would pray for even one of these 3ppl, let alone all 3, on their jury.
      Its pretty much guaranteed, no way would all 3 of these ppl agree to convict a cop, it would NEVER happen no matter what.

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  18. yahtzeebutterfly

    From yesterday near end of day:

    Amy Cowman ‏@amywccb 17h17 hours ago Charlotte, NC
    They have reached first 12 potential jurors in #KerrickTrial , all will now be brought out for more in depth questioning #juryselection

    Michael Gordon ‏@MikeGordonOBS 17h17 hours ago
    12 jurors who made it past first cut are being brought intro the courtroom. 4 men, 8 women. Three blacks, 1 Latina, 8 whites.#KerrickTrial


    • Thanks for all the updates on jury selection, Yahtzee. Maybe they will actually start opening statements by Monday.


  19. yahtzeebutterfly

    The reporters in courtroom have just a few tweets from today. You can read them here:




  20. yahtzeebutterfly

    Jane Wester ‏@janewester 27m27 minutes ago

    Judge Ervin: No more Twitter or electronic devices in courtroom (allowed in hallway, where we are right now). #KerrickTrial #JonathanFerrell

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  21. yahtzeebutterfly

    Jane Wester ‏@janewester 9m9 minutes ago
    “Judge Ervin reversed his earlier ruling to allow media to see completed questionnaires. So no more of that #JonathanFerrell #KerrickTrial”


  22. yahtzeebutterfly

    Jane Wester ‏@janewester 6h6 hours ago
    BREAKING: Defense strikes 3 jurors. All 3 are black women. #JonathanFerrell

    Jane Wester ‏@janewester 6h6 hours ago
    The remaining 9 jurors are official now. 2 black women, 1 Latina woman, 4 white women, 2 white men #Kerricktrial #JonathanFerrell


    • Yahtzee, thanks for the update. Maybe they will select 3 more tomorrow and alternatives. I really want them to get the show on the road, but to do so with an impartial jury.

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  23. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Jury Selection Continues Monday In Kerrick Trial”



  24. yahtzeebutterfly

    This morning they will need to find 3 more jurors to add to the 9 permanent ones they have. In addition 4 alternative jurors will be needed.


  25. yahtzeebutterfly

    Today (Monday)

    Jane Wester retweeted
    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 45m45 minutes ago
    “State used fourth strike to eliminate juror who’s a former cop. Questioning will resume after lunch.”


    • “State used fourth strike to eliminate juror who’s a former cop. Questioning will resume after lunch.”

      Whoopee!!! Now the question is, does the state have any strikes left?

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  26. yahtzeebutterfly

    Jane Wester retweeted
    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 3h3 hours ago
    Two jurors who began questioning Friday were approved and officially seated. 11 of 12 jurors now selected. #KerrickTrial #JonathanFerrell

    Jane Wester retweeted
    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 3h3 hours ago
    Defense uses 4th strike on juror #3 from today, African-American woman. One seat + four alternates to fill. #KerrickTrial


  27. yahtzeebutterfly


    So far, 11 jurors have been chosen to decide whether Kerrick is guilty of voluntary manslaughter.

    The largest category of jurors is filled by women: there are eight; four of them are white, two are black and two are Hispanic.

    There are three men on the prospective jury panel, all of whom are white.

    At least half of the panel has a friend or relative who has worked in law enforcement.

    There is one category that is lacking: so far there are no black men on the panel.


  28. yahtzeebutterfly

    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 4m4 minutes ago
    Back in the courtroom for week 2, day 2. Judge Ervin dismisses juror #4, African American woman, for cause. #KerrickTrial #JonathanFerrell

    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 1m1 minute ago
    Juror #4 said she had problems with police; later admits she already thinks Kerrick is guilty. #KerrickTrial #JonathanFerrell


  29. yahtzeebutterfly

    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 26m26 minutes ago
    “Questioning has moved on to juror #5. Defense and prosecution still have two strikes each. #KerrickTrial #JonathanFerrell


  30. yahtzeebutterfly

    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 4h4 hours ago
    Last juror in the #KerrickTrial seated. Juror #5, African American man and Vietnam veteran, was just approved.


  31. yahtzeebutterfly

    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 55m55 minutes ago
    Prosecution just used 5th strike on juror #9, white man and current police officer (but not with CMPD). #KerrickTrial #JonathanFerrell

    They still need 4 alternates.


  32. yahtzeebutterfly

    Michael Gordon ‏@MikeGordonOBS 10m10 minutes ago
    First alternate selected: white male, missionary. Says no crime occurred in Ferguson but NYC and N. Charl deaths wrong. #KerrickTrial


  33. yahtzeebutterfly

    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 2h2 hours ago
    2nd alternate seated before lunch. Juror #12, white woman, approved. Only two alternates remain to be chosen.

    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 2h2 hours ago
    2nd alternate said incidents like Ferguson are “a big ole mess.” She also comes from a military family.


  34. yahtzeebutterfly

    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 23m23 minutes ago
    3rd alternate juror selected, 63-year-old white woman, in the #KerrickTrial. Only one spot remains to be filled. #JonathanFerrell


  35. yahtzeebutterfly

    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 34m34 minutes ago
    Last alternate, white woman, just seated in #KerrickTrial. 12 jurors + 4 alternates finishes off selection process. #JonathanFerrell

    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 16m16 minutes ago
    #KerrickTrial to start Monday morning at 9:30 am. Jury selection completed after 8 days of questioning.

    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 9m9 minutes ago
    12 jurors + 4 alternates include at least 7 whites, 3 blacks and 2 Latinas. All alternates are white.


  36. yahtzeebutterfly

    Today, the judge will be deciding cameras in the courtroom during Kerrick’s trial.



  37. yahtzeebutterfly

    Cameras will be allowed in the courtroom during Kerrick’s trial.



    • yahtzeebutterfly

      from the above article:

      The judge’s ruling means that a still photography camera and a video camera will be used in the courtroom. Video can be captured and used by all media, but cannot be sent directly to the internet in real-time.

      Ervin also said he will not allow live posting to the internet from devices in his courtroom. Laptops and tablets can be used for taking notes, but live posting must be done from outside the courtroom.

      (Opening arguments will begin on Monday.)


  38. yahtzeebutterfly

    Hayley Fowler ‏@h_fowl 7m7 minutes ago
    “Reporting from the courthouse for the #KerrickTrial. Follow @theobserver for live updates from back at the office.

    Kerrick Trial Witness List: Friends, police and experts

    Power of video will be tested at CMPD officer’s trial”

    Michael Gordon ‏@MikeGordonOBS 2h2 hours ago
    “Two of the three prosecutors in the Kerrick case just walked by. No sign of lead guy Adren Harris. He’ll give opening arguments at 9:30.”

    Amy Cowman ‏@amywccb 7m7 minutes ago
    “Both #WesKerrick and #jonathanferrell families inside courtroom for opening statements of #KerrickTrial , judge giving jury instructions”


  39. yahtzeebutterfly

    You can keep up with the Kerrick trial here:

    “Live updates: Trial of CMPD Officer Kerrick to open Monday morning”

    Jonathan Ferrell photo:



  40. yahtzeebutterfly

    You can also keep up at this hashtag link:



  41. yahtzeebutterfly

    Corey Schmidt ‏@ChiaroscuroTV

    Prosecutors have begun their opening statement. They immediately mention that Ferrell had been drinking and smoking marijuana that evening.

    PROSECUTORS: Ferrell never tried to force entry after his wreck; only yelling to solicit help.

    PROSECUTORS: Upon finding Ferrell, police gave no commands but immediately drew their weapons. Ferrell fled in fear.

    PROSECUTORS: Ferrell is shot from 10 ft away; after falling, he’s shot 8 more times.

    PROSECUTORS: Ferrell never made threats, brandished a weapon, or acted with hostility before being shot and killed.

    PROSECUTORS TO JURY: Who polices the police? You do.

    Corey Schmidt ‏@ChiaroscuroTV

    DEFENSE OPENING STATEMENT: Denfense begins by reading officers’ oath.

    DEFENSE: Ferrell didn’t act like a responsible person after his accident; knocked violent and appeared ready to break into a home.

    DEFENSE: Ferrell’s loud screaming to turn off burglar alarm was terrifying.

    DEFENSE: Ferrell never asked for help, only yelled demands to turn off a burglar alarm. Also never told officers he was unarmed.

    DEFENSE: Police were responding to a high priority breaking and entering call. Ferrell matches the suspect description

    DEFENSE: Evidence will show that Ferrell was grunting indecipherably and acting irresponsibly

    DEFENSE: Ferrell told officers, “shoot me,” reached into his waist band, kept advancing after being shot

    DEFENSE: Evidence and testimony will show that Ferrell was climbing on top of Kerrick as Kerrick was shooting at him to defend himself.

    DEFENSE: Trial isn’t about race, but choices. Ferrell made the wrong choices that night. #KerrickTrial

    Mark Davenport WBTV ‏@TheDavenReport

    DEFENSE: Ferrell approaches Kerrick, strikes him in face, puts hand on his gun, keeps advancing as Kerrick shoots @WBTV_News #KerrickTrial

    DEFENSE: Ferrell drinks + smokes so much night of the shooting his friends send him text “Good luck on ride home” #KerrickTrial @WBTV_News

    DEFENSE: Evidence will show Ferrell’s DNA is on Kerrick’s gun barrel. Kerrick’s DNA is under Ferrell’s fingernails #KerrickTrial @WBTV_News

    NOW: Opening statements for both prosecution and defense have wrapped up. Took less than 1 hour combined #KerrickTrial @WBTV_News


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      From Charlotte Observer:

      9:45 a.m.: Prosecution’s opening arguments

      Jonathan Ferrell began crawling after Officer Wes Kerrick shot him, a prosecutor told jurors, and Kerrick shot him again.

      Adren Harris, a special assistant attorney general, painted a harrowing image for jurors of what happened the night Ferrell was killed.

      Ferrell was in fear of his life, Harris said, after another officer pointed a taser at him. He ran between two patrol cars where Kerrick was standing with gun drawn.

      Harris claimed that Kerrick, who was back pedaling, fired the first volley, then fell into a ditch. He said Ferrell, injured, fell at Kerrick’s feet. Kerrick, he said, fired six more shots. Ferrell’s body moves, and Kerrick fired again, Harris said.

      After the last two shots, Ferrell’s body remained motionless.

      “Neither officer on the scene, while Jon is lying face down in a pool of blood, attempts to render any first aid,” Harris said.

      Instead, they handcuffed him.

      “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, “ Harris said. “Who polices the police when they do wrong? Harris looked at the jurors and said simply: “You.”

      10 a.m.: Defense gives opening statement

      Jonathan Ferrell’s bad choices forced Officer Wes Kerrick to “make the ultimate choice,” a defense attorney told jurors.

      Ferrell’s DNA was found on the slide and trigger of Kerrick’s gun and beneath Kerrick’s fingernails.

      “This case us not about race. It never was,” defense attorney Michael Greene said. “It’s about choice. “

      He portrayed Ferrell in a negative light – having argued with his fiance earlier that day, smoked marijuana with a friend and behaved aggressively when he knocked on a homeowner’s door after wrecking his fiance’s car.

      Ferrell was standing in a karate stance at her front door and then yelling afterward, Greene said.

      “She didn’t hear him yell help because he never said it,” Greene said.

      10:20 a.m.: Ferrell’s sister is the first witness

      After opening arguments wrapped up, the prosecution called Ferrell’s sister as the first witness.

      She was asked whether Ferrell was an identical twin. He was not. That was the only question she faced.

      Ferrell’s fiance is the second witness.

      10:35 a.m.: Ferrell’s fiance emotional during testimony

      Jonathan Ferrell’s fiancé broke down in tears on the witness stand as she recounted an argument they had on the last morning she saw him.

      “I didn’t say I love you, and I didn’t say goodbye,” Cache Heidel said.

      They had argued, she said, about his career and about his finding “a solid foundation” so they could one day marry and have a family.

      “Jon would never raise his voice at me” she said. “I was mainly the aggressor.”

      Corey Schmidt ‏@ChiaroscuroTV 13m13 minutes ago
      HEIDEL: She paid their rent and bills, supported Ferrell financially.


  42. yahtzeebutterfly

    Corey Schmidt ‏@ChiaroscuroTV

    Ferrell’s sister has taken the stand. She’s already fighting back tears.

    Ferrell’s sister is only brought on the stand to identify her brother and their relationship. She’s already been dismissed.

    Cache Heidel, Ferrell’s fiancé, has taken the witness stand.

    HEIDEL: The day Ferrell died, before she left for work, they had an argument about their future.

    HEIDEL: Found out Ferrell had been killed by police at her door that morning.

    Judge meeting with prosecutors and defense as defense starts asking Heidel about Ferrell history with police.

    Judge asks bailiffs to escort jury from the courtroom. Defense is now asking Heidel about assault charge on Ferrell’s record.


  43. yahtzeebutterfly

    Corey Schmidt ‏@ChiaroscuroTV

    Prosecutors questioning Lucian Edwards, Ferrell’s coworker. Was with him at restaurant before Ferrell was killed.

    EDWARDS: Remembers Ferrell with 1 Bud Light. Maybe a shot, too. Describes Ferrell as very relaxed at the Hickory Tavern. “Same old John.”

    Mark Davenport WBTV
    Work friend (Edwards): Close to 20 ppl @ Hickory Tavern. Ferrell’s first time out w/ group. He was quiet “Same old John”

    Short recess in #KerrickTrial: Lucian Edwards, Ferrell’s coworker, excused from stand. Will resume w/ witnesses @ 11:25


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      From Charlotte Observer:

      11:10 a.m. Ferrell’s friend describes night out before shooting

      Lucien Edwards, Ferrell’s co-worker at Best Buy, described Ferrell as soft spoken and relaxed that evening when they socialized with a group of friends at Hickory Tavern.

      That was the first night Ferrell had ever joined the group after work, Edwards said.

      He was unsure of how much Ferrell had to drink. The group took a shot together, but Edwards wasn’t sure if Ferrell partook.

      “Jon had one Bud Light sitting at his table that I remember,” Edwards said, but Ferrell was one of the more relaxed ones.

      “Jon was just the same guy that I knew that night,” Edwards said. “I didn’t have any concerns.”

      Edwards said he didn’t see Ferrell leave.

      Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/crime/article29842051.html#storylink=cpy


  44. yahtzeebutterfly

    Hope E. Paasch ‏@hpaasch 5m
    5 minutes ago
    #JonathanFerrell friend Max Funderburke is on the stand at #KerrickTrial. Marijuana is likely to be discussed.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      12 p.m.:

      The prosecution has called four witnesses so far: Ferrell’s fiancee and three friends he knew through work.

      On the stand now is Max Funderburke, who lived in the neighborhood where Ferrell wrecked his car and then was shot dead. Funderburke testified that he arrived at Hickory Tavern with another friend and was originally supposed to ride home with him. But he ended up getting a ride from Ferrell.

      Funderburke estimated the drive time was 20 to 25 minutes from the tavern to his home in Bradfield Farms. Ferrell wrecked his car after leaving Funderburke’s home that night, leading to his fatal encounter with police.

      Funderburke says they did not smoke or drink anything in the car, and made small talk while Funderburke told him where to turn. He says Ferrell’s driving was “pretty normal.”

      Funderburke is still on the stand and has not yet been cross-examined. He is expected to be questioned about marijuana use by Ferrell.

      Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/crime/article29842051.html#storylink=cpy


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        After watching TV for a few minutes at Funderburke’s house, the pair went into the garage and smoked some marijuana, Funderburke testified. He said it was a partial joint that they passed back and forth. He said he knows Ferrell put it to his mouth but does not know if he inhaled.

        (The medical examiner report on Ferrell showed nicotine and caffeine, but no marijuana or other illegal substance. His blood alcohol was 0.06, within the legal limit for driving.)

        Funderburke said Ferrell seemed fine to drive when he left, and he thought Ferrell would use the navigation on his phone to get home. A few minutes after Ferrell left, he said, he texted Ferrell because he’d forgotten to thank him for the ride.

        Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/crime/article29842051.html#storylink=cpy


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