Racist Texans Spray Paint ‘Everything From KKK To N***er’ On $50,000 Truck

The same thing is happening on the internet. There is a group of White Supremacists that do not want people of different races to associate and support each other online.

The Fifth Column

Racist Texans Spray Paint ‘Everything From KKK To N***er’ On $50,000 Truck (IMAGES)


Josh Joseph went to visit his good friends Darren and Hayli Frank in Spring, Texas, just north of Houston, for the 4th of July weekend. He never expected that he was going to be offending anyone in the neighborhood by doing so. For the record, Josh is black, and his friends are white. They were celebrating the holiday out in their front yard, and one of their neighbors likely saw their black guest. When they woke up the next morning, the Franks’ $50,000 truck was covered in racist vulgarities that the vandals had spray-painted.

The Franks live in a pretty nice neighborhood. They never thought that they would be the victims of a hate crime, especially not in their area. But, as people are finding out, racism is everywhere, including places you’d least expect to find it. Even though the Franks lived in a decent area overall, Texas…

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  1. Two sides to a story

    Holy smacks. I’m sure some of those idiots claim it’s all Obama’s fault.

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    • Hey Two Sides. Of course. As Roof said, Blacks are taking over the country. There might just be a group that wants to tear down the White House and build another one after having a Black president and his family living there.

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      • Linda Andersen

        What is wrong with people??!! Heck, I’m even willing to vote for Hillary Clinton if it means a Democrat stays in the White House. I know how you feel about Hillary, Xena, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet!


        • Linda, I understand. I won’t vote for Hillary in the primary, but if she wins the primary, I will vote for her in the election.

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          • Linda Andersen

            That’s what I meant, Xena. For the primary, Bernie Sanders stull has my interest!.

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          • scrodriguez

            Mine to Sanders seems to be a bit in the middle more of a Conservative Liberal hybrid type… and independent?


          • Linda Andersen

            Speaking of elections, Xena, my daughter’s polling place has a corner set up for children to “cast THEIR votes” while their parents are in the voting booth. In 2012, both of my grandsons were so proud of themselves that they got to “vote” for Obama!


          • Linda, that was sweet. I wish that the schools would teach children more about political positions and the election process. There are adults today who do not know the difference between a state representative and a U.S. representative.

            I remember when Bush was campaigning promising that if elected, he would overturn legalized abortion. I cringed, thinking that only appeals to the ignorant. No one can overturn a U.S. Supreme Court decision other than that court, and they have to be petitioned, and the petitioner has to have standing. Bush can’t get pregnant and even if he was a she and could, the law says that if he/she doesn’t want an abortion, don’t have one.

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  2. I’m surprised they or their neighbors had no security cameras.. I hate this. Poor kid.

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    • Mindyme, we are at a time when security cameras are becoming more and more necessary. That is why I love having a dog. No one can come around my house, even the driveway, without her letting me know.


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    So much hate by a coward that has to do his/her evil deed under the cover of darkness.

    Good to hear that some of their neighbors helped them clean it off.

    Also, good to hear that they refuse to be intimated by it all and that they left the word “love” on their truck after removing the other part of “n….lover”

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    • Yahtzee, I like that they left the word “love” too. That sends a powerful message to whomever defaced their truck.


  4. Dreamer9177

    I am conflicted whether the anger or the sadness should be my dominant response until I remember that sadness solves nothing. We have to get ANGRY about this!

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    • Dreamer, I understand. I feel sadness for people who are evil and hateful because the joy they get from hurting others is an insatiable appetite that eventually consumes them. I don’t feel anger, but disgust, because I think of such people like skunks or constrictor snakes. It’s their instinct to be offensive.

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  5. chuquestaquenumber1

    Good story. More importantly are you feeling better ?

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    • Hey Chuquest! Right now I feel sleepy, which is expected due to the medication. I’m a vitamin, herbs and supplement person, but my doctor doesn’t want me taking herbs and supplements with the current medication. Hopefully I’ll be much better real soon.

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  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    On the subject of the KKK, Rev. William Barber pointed out in his sermon(in the link below) that Shelby, NC where murderer Dylan Roof was arrested was a hotbed of Klan activity and that the street Roof ended up on or near was the street named in honor of Thomas Dixon who wrote “Birth of a Nation.”


    Timestamp 40:44 to 46:52

    Truth is, my friends, we have an extreme agenda afoot, and we can’t miss the message. We can’t miss….. that now, and I might get into a little trouble for saying this, Now is not the time, as some commentators have already started to suggest, to move to healing and closure. Especially when the killer is still at large.

    Now is not the time to say, “Oh this was just an attack on Christians. Uh Uh. Now is not the time to let people get away with saying, “We love Rev. Pinckney…we love the sound of his voice.” Not what he said. You know, “We love his church and how nice they are without being honest that many who say that they love the sound of his voice did not listen to what he said. They love him in death. They fought him in life. Many who say they are crying now will not own that they made him and his people cry when he was alive.

    Our society does not need healing right now, well it does need healing, but it needs the healing of TRUTH and CHANGE.

    I heard the Governor the other day, God help her, God help her, God help her, saying, “We’re going to fight this by giving the killer the death penalty.

    Giving the perpetrator the death penalty is not going to fix what ails us because the killer is still at large. You’re not going to work to kill racism and kill violence and kill poverty. Arresting one disturbed young man and then trying….. to dump on top of this one man the sins of slavery, Jim Crow, and the new racialized extremism that has captured almost every Southern legislature and county courthouse in the South will not bring closure or healing. It will simply cause a cover-up.

    It will create more hypocrisy. People will condemn the acts of one man and keep on with their actions that caused him to be like he is. You cannot heal a society that is sick, sick with the sin of racism and inequality. Where too many perpetrate in word and deeds a slow violence of undermining the promise of equal protection under the law, that preachers like Denmark Vessey and Martin Luther King and Rev. Pinckney fought for.

    You cannot heal a society by just saying that this is just one insane young man. You’ve got to deal with what drove him insane.

    ‘Cause racism IS a form of insanity. And a form of evil. And a form of being in possession.

    Somebody had to teach brother Roof the glories of the apartheid era of South Africa. Somebody had to teach him about Rhodesia. You don’t just run out and pick that stuff up. These countries didn’t even exist in his lifetime. He didn’t just go buy some random jacket patches…and just say, “Hm, this looks nice.”

    In fact, the lone means that he belongs to someone or he’s been influenced by someone.

    He didn’t just end up in Shelby, NC. My brother, hear what I’m saying? SHELBY?? Shelby, North Carolina, one of the hotbeds of Klan activity. Shelby, North Carolina where they still honor a street to the man named Thomas Dixon who was a racist only comparable to Hitler who wrote the book “Birth of a Nation” that was turned into a movie that glorified the Klan, was shown on big screen and depicted Black men raping white women and taking over the country. And, glorified the Klan for stopping them and were seen by a President in the Oval Office. And he (Roof) ended up either on or near THAT street!

    America, there are messages you must hear in the midst of your mourning….

    But this is not a scalp wound. This is not a wound that can be healed or closed with a few stitches, a Band-Aid and a little salve. The unequal distribution of freedom and money and land and dignity in the South has to be addressed with radical surgery. And the church cannot back up from this call. We need change, not closure. We need to reinvigorate the autoimmune dynamic of a new society based on respect and human dignity. We need to remember that the perpetrator has been arrested, but the killer is still at large.

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    • Linda Andersen

      As I’ve told Xena before, I hated NC when I lived there. After a year and a half, I took another job and moved right back to Virginia. Of course, I lived in Northern Virginia (DC suburbs), which is more blue than red. Northern Virginia pays 90% of the State taxes and reaps only 10% id the benefits.

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  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    For anyone interested you can watch the South Carolina State Senate Debate on the Confederate Flag at this link. Right now they are in recess and will reconvene at 1:00 pm ET.


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  8. The South Carolina Senate has voted to remove the Confederate battle flag from the grounds of the State House. The bipartisan proposal was approved by a 37-to-3 vote in the Republican-controlled Senate.


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