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Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small,

First, I want to apologize for my absence on the blog. Yesterday, my doctor sent me for labs and this morning, I received a call of the results. After taking certain medication, I have to return in 2 weeks for more labs and a CT scan.  The pharmacy had to order one prescription that won’t be in until Friday. That will make it 5 prescriptions, and I don’t like taking medicine (prefer herbs and supplements), so it’s going to require discipline and looking at the clock to take all those pills at the appropriate times.

I’m also having some computer problems. My tech says it’s not worth investing in my laptop computer because the last time that the fan went out, it left many things inside “brittle”. About 99 percent of what I do for the blog is on my laptop. My desktop is an oldie and cannot be brought up-to-date because Microsoft no longer supports it. I cannot afford a new computer right now, so have to limit how much I use my laptop and hope that it doesn’t die on me too soon.

With all of the disappointments however, not feeling well enough to write original articles is the most disappointing. This is where I need your input. Would you like for me to reblog from other blogs, or would you prefer to leave this open discussion as the most recent post for the next week or so? Please let me know.

A message to Butterflydreamer2; I emailed you and there are others also concerned about you. We have not heard from you in weeks. Please let us know how you are doing.

Here’s one of my favorite songs performed by one of my favorite groups from the 60’s.  They were before their time and I’m so happy that they have recently recorded again.


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  1. scrodriguez

    Whats good folks? had court yesterday looks like things are nearly winding down with those matters.
    Feeling pretty good today got my sister over celebrating her Birthday so drinks should be served as soon as this post is finished.
    Wishing you all a Happy 4th of July Weekend please drive safe and if you are drinking have a good friend hide your keys and crash on their couch

  2. Get better soon, Xena! And hope your laptop will cooperate with you. I have a similar issue with mine – it’s been in use most days, on average, about 12 or even more hours a day, 7 days a week (with a few breaks here and there) since it was new six years ago – we’re hanging in together by a thread and a prayer! ❤

  3. ❤ you Xena

  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Here’s hoping that all goes well with your medications and CT scan.

    Just rest up and let your computer rest, too…I think this open discussion page will be fine for the next week, especially with the holiday coming up.

    Love you lots! 🙂

  5. crustyolemothman

    Xena, The importance of you regaining your health should have top priority at this time. I know there are plenty of people who can work together to keep the blog going forward. Thank you once again for providing a light to lead us forward in our progress toward a truly united society that places all people on equal footing. I’m sure that Yatzee and others will jump in and keep the discussion going in a positive manner…..

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Crusty, you also provide great springboards for discussion with your questions and thoughts.

  6. chuquestaquenumber1

    Don’t apologize for being ill.Just take care of yourself and get better.

  7. Xena, hope you feel better soon. I, too, have to take a boatload of meds and have had to accept the fact that I’ll be taking them for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, having had both a heart attack and a hemorrhagic stroke, the alternative is NOT attractive!

    On a different note, I had to replace my computer a couple of months ago I got this one from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00J8QD5ZY?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage. The price has gone up a bit since I got mine, but they also list other sellers who don’t participate in Amazon Prime. So far, I’m very happy with. Have never had THAT MUCH hard drive space before!

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      My goodness, you have been through a lot. It is good to hear that medications will now keep you in good shape. It’s amazing to consider all of the advances that have taken place in the medical field.

      Wishing you a happy Fourth of July.

      • Thanks! I HATE having to take the meds, but they’re necessary and it’s only a few seconds out of my day. Like I told the COX Communications Associate when he kept wanting to know why I was cancelling my Cable Account, “There are just too many things I want to do before I die!”

        Happy Fourth of July to you too.

        As an aside, when my divorce was finalized 21 years ago, I drove home from the courthouse, tears running down my face, and Martina McBride was belting out Independence Day on the radio. Oh, the irony!

  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    Xena, I am sending you bright healing energy.

    (p.s. It’s good stuff….soak it in. 🙂 )

  9. Xena I will keep you in my prayers and sure Jesus will heal & rebuke all the problems it might be health & computer too take care, blessed day ahead 🙂

  10. Xena, the computer I had before this new one was an $87 ebay special, Dell, Windows 7 Home Premium. It was slower than dial-up and had Apache Open Office instead of Microsoft Word, but it was an emergency purchase after my old computer died. Had to run my Malwarebytes disk through it several times to clean off all of the crap. But it worked well for email and web browsing and it sufficed until Amazon had a “Daily Deal” on the one I have now, with no sales tax and free shipping. I was going to put it away in case of an emergency, but cleaned it up and donated it to Goodwill instead. I know that not everyone can afford a new computer.

  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Here is a map showing the Black churches that have burned. Notice the area most of them are concentrated in and take a look at the dates of the fires.

    In my mind there is no doubt that these (with maybe, just maybe, one exception) are hate crimes against the Black community that followed the heinous killing of Mother Emanuel’s nine beautiful leaders by the racist murderer Roof. Who mentored Roof to commit his vile act? Were others mentored by the same person or group to attack these churches?

    Why aren’t investigative reporters pushing LE for more frequent updates on their investigations?

    • The one in Florida was caused by a tree limb the broke and severed electrical lines which in turn started the fire…..no arson. In a weird twist the sign had the message “Call 911, this Church is on fire!” They promoted a revival at the Church and left the message up.

  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    Now, Nascar has done more than ban official official use of the confederate flag at its events. Now its track facilities that run the races are asking fans to refrain from displaying the confederate flag at races.

    “The statement was signed by International Speedway Corp. and Speedway Motorsports Inc. – which own most of the tracks in the Sprint Cup Series, stretching from Florida to New York to California – as well as 30 specific tracks. It also includes independent tracks such as Tony Stewart’s Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio, Pocono Raceway and Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.”


  13. yahtzeebutterfly

    Investigation as to cause of fire at Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church in Greeleyville is complete with their finding that there was no criminal intent:

    The Associated Press ‏@AP 1h1 hour ago
    BREAKING: SC investigators find weather caused fire that destroyed predominantly black church.


    “SLED says its conclusion on the cause of the fire was based on an examination of the scene, analysis of debris, witness statements and a lightning strike report.”

    • yahtzeebutterfly


    • It’s just ironic that it happened NOW! Like Gibbs on NCIS always says, “I don’t believe in coincidences.” But, I’ll be damned if this isn’t one heck of a coincidence! Years ago, I lived in a house on a hill by an overpass. One night I was standing at the living room window when an electrical transformer exploded right in front of me, throwing half the county into total darkness. I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it happen.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        And that ONLY Black churches were destroyed by fire in that area of the South.


    Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers.

  15. HA! Dylann Roof’s sister started a GoFundme page because her wedding was cancelled due to her brother’s murderous rampage. She wants to start a new life.


    • Holy @#$%!!! Sh;t for brains seems to run in that family~

      • Sorry Xena, I wasn’t thinking. Otherwise, I would have said “sheet for brains.” I think it’s time to go to bed.

        • Linda, you could have written “shit” and the comment would have been posted. LOL!

          • Thanks, Xena. I wasn’t sure if YOU would get into trouble. My daughter has taught my grandsons to say “shitake mushroom” instead. Maybe I should follow her example instead of trying to reinvent the swear wheel??!!

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      What is with that family?

      • Well, the judge did say they were victims, so the sister must have wanted to take advantage of that. Her wedding was cancelled because her brother made her a “victim.” How many ways can we say “dysfunction”?

    • Poor thing sure your brother destroyed your entire life thats why you want to pander to people and scam money for a dream honeymoon vacation…
      smh who does that Sh!t seriously?

      • Heck! I had a dream honeymoon! My ex-husband was in the Army. We went to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy–never with more than two weeks notice and I had to do all of the packing, unpacking, and cleaning myself! Oh, and we spent overnight in Paris. Flew into de Gaulle Airport, then had to take the bus to Orly Airport. Saw the Eiffel Tower from the bus window. However, I’m sure that’s not the kind of dream honeymoon “shit for brains” is talking about.

        • scrodriguez

          I just do not get where she thinks that people would just be okay with her pandering to the public for money right now obviously Roofs behavior is learned and he learned it from growing up in the same home as she came from

          • Tell me about it! However, even in the same family there can be differences. I was the eldest of 4 and the difference is night and day. My sister who is 4 years younger than I am thinks she is entitled to everything you and I have and THEN SOME! The 2 youngest are simply gimme, gimme, gimme.

  16. My twitter account was suspended last evening and I can’t recall your twitter account name to save my life so here’s mine @MrNegroAnon follow me please so I can keep up with you.

    • Well I for one am sorry to hear that. You do a great service to everyone!

    • WHAT!?!?! Why would Twitter suspend you when you have been subjected to direct harassment for years? My Twitter is @XenaBb7. My account is protected so you have to request to follow.

    • Hope you get everything straightened out. I always enjoy reading your comments here. I don’t do twitter myself–facebook is traumatic enough! Happy 4th Mr. M.N.

      • Hello Ms. Linda, I had FB for 7 years then they sent me a request for documentation to prove my name was real and I instructed them to take a flying leap. Twitter is much better for me. The amount of knuckleheads on FB is alarming.

        • Tell me about it! I avoided it for years. Having worked in telecom, I see it as just another portal for someone to hack into your computer. The only reason I signed up at all is because my daughter posts photos and videos of my grandsons on it.. Otherwise, I wouldn’t use it. Just this week, I received a “Friend” request from my ex-husband’s current wife! Damn, lady! You slept with my husband, and now you want to be friends??!! I don’t THINK so!!! LOL!

  17. Sending you warm wishes and much love.
    Please take good care of yourself.
    You are sooooo needed on WP~

  18. Old School feel good Hip Hop

  19. So, someone discovered a sign in a Baltimore police van that mocks those taking rides.

  20. After reviewing Dylann Roof’s cell phone and computer records, investigators are exploring how much Roof’s associates knew, and when they knew it. There might be charges brought against others. The Charlotte Observer reports.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I’d like to see charges brought against the person who mentored Roof to commit his evil act.

      • But, there are people who will say that Roof was influenced by “free speech” and thus, those exercising that First Amendment right cannot be held accountable. That’s a problem that we have in this country. There is no law against hate. A person who expresses hate against another people, whether because of the color of their skin, they sexual preference, their gender, religion,birth defects, or any other reason, cannot be charged with a crime until and unless they actually cause physical harm to another. Prosecutors throw those who suffer emotional and/or financial harm into the civil courts. In other words, a person like Roof could terrorize numerous people with his hate and ideologies, and there is no resolve or recourse for those so terrorized until he acts on his hate by taking lives.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Yes, that is a problem, Xena.

          It’s just that I keep thinking that Roof was not a lone wolf…that someone helped him with his evil plans.

          • Yahtzee, I don’t know. He most certainly told his buddies about his plan to shoot-up a college. In my opinion, Roof surrounded himself with enablers; those that listened to him, were somewhat afraid of him, and co-signed his evil.

  21. Good! People like that don’t operate in a vacuum. They tend to be very vocal and make their beliefs well known. Think Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin!

  22. yahtzeebutterfly

    God bless you, Butterflydreamer!

  23. Xena, this is an emergency. Can you please email me? ;You have my email address. Thanks. Linda

  24. yahtzeebutterfly

    I so admire all the positive work that Sybrina Fulton is doing. I admire her strength, her dignity, and her compassion for others who have lost a loved one.

    Friday, July 03, 2015 | 8:54 PM
    “Sybrina Fulton Issues Challenge to ESSENCE Festival Audience”



    Sybrina Fulton, mother of the late Trayvon Martin, issued a firm challenge to ESSENCE Festival attendees during her Empowerment Session, “Moms on a Mission: Mothers Turning Tragedy Into Triumphant Change.”

    “I need you to make sure you’re voting in all elections,” requested Fulton. “Number two, I need you to make sure that when you get that summons in the mail for jury duty—the one that you don’t like to see—make sure you participate in jury duty. And number three, I I need you to connect yourself with a non-profit organization that has the same goals in mind and has the same values that you want to fight for our children.”

    • Thanks for sharing that, Yahtzee. Sybrina is a woman to admire. Her points were, well, right on point.

  25. yahtzeebutterfly

    This land is my land, this land is your land –

  26. The entire staff of the Tennessee Decatur County Clerk’s office has resigned in retaliation of the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling. Good for them, because if they cannot be public servants respecting the law, they should not have those jobs.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      “if they cannot be public servants respecting the law, they should not have those jobs.”

      Glad they left!

    • Good! People’s State taxes shouldn’t be going to pay the salaries of those who are that ignorant and backward. I graduated from HS in Tennessee. It was the only place I hated nearly as much as I hated North Carolina! Even Virginia was better! (yeah, I moved a lot).

  27. yahtzeebutterfly

    I wonder what impact, if any, this will have when Slager’s trial comes up.

    Documents: SLED missed bullets at Walter Scott scene, deleted other evidence”


    The recent developments brought to light through court filings came on the heels of a Post and Courier investigation, titled “Shots Fired,” that revealed shortcomings in SLED probes into 235 officer-involved shootings since 2009. Basic information sometimes was never collected, and police officers often were never pressed for answers to key questions.

  28. They are also doing a flag exchange.

    • The flag exchange is taking place at the Daytona racetrack….don’t know why my first comment didn’t go under the battle flag topic.

  29. Happy 4th everyone, hope it was a good one.

    Xena, I hope you are feeling better. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

  30. yahtzeebutterfly

    What do these photos of the City Council members from the Fourth of July parade say about the state of racial relations in Ferguson?

    2015, y’all.
    “Fancy all-white float vs. pick-up truck for the black council members.

    (~photo by Robert Cohen)

    (~photo posted by SearchSwag)

  31. I have a very serious question. I pray someone may be able to answer. Someone stole my credit card NUMBERS and PINS to a few of my credit cards. They didn’t take my cards but took the numbers and pins to make purchases online at various places. No one seems to be able to tell me who is doing it. But they did put a stop to it. Can’t they trace the IP address?

    • It sounds as if someplace you frequent, either in person or online, had a data breach. If you can remember what you were doing the day you used the affected cards, you might be able to narrow it down that way. When I worked at MCI, we could run a “trace route” script that pinpointed where the network was bogging down. Inevitably, it pointed back to one of our own routers!

      Unfortunately, few (if any) companies are as sophisticated or high tech as you see on TV. Those are all for show and are more fiction than fact.

      PF Chang’s reverted back to the old Carbon Copy Imprinting System after such a data breach. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2014/08/04/pfchang-credit-debit-card-data-breach/13567795/. When I worked retail (Yeah, I’ve had a lot of different jobs!), we would pull out the carbons along with the customer’s copy and give all to the customer. That way, the customer was responsible for disposal, instead of us having to worry about dumpster divers obtaining the info.

      It also could be from an ATM skimmer. This article may be of help: http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0216-protecting-against-credit-card-fraud

      Hope you are able to get to the bottom of it, Shyloh. You have my deepest sympathies.

    • Shyloh,
      To answer your question, tracing an IP address does nothing more than lead to the internet service provider. There are some programs that say they trace to the originating address, but that is actually to the office of the internet service provider. Law enforcement can get account holder information, or an attorney that has filed a case and submits a subpoena.

    • Along with the skimmer problem already mentioned, you have to worry about servers in restaurants and medical offices…all of which have made the news. Another problem is a skimming device that can read cards in your purse. To avoid that one you should buy one of those aluminum cases which shield the cards and block them from the mobile type of skimmer. Then you have to worry about garbage diggers still…..buy a shredder and shred all your bills.

      Hope it gets straightened out.

      • Towerflower, thank you. I heard about those aluminum cases. Good Idea. A little late now. But I am going to go get one today.

        Oh and I will hide my stuff in something else from now on. Thanks to Linda Anderson.

  32. Sending you healing thoughts, Xena ❤

    • Hey Carol! Thanks for your healing thoughts. I’m feeling a bit better and hope that the doctors will be able to make a diagnosis after the CTscan and next labs. Maybe by the end of the week, my arms will no longer be purple from the holes poked in them taking blood last week. 🙂

      • You poor thing! I generally have to have blood taken from the back of my hand, since my veins move around too much. The last time, they took it from my forearm! THAT was a new one! Hope you are feeling better.

        • Linda, my veins are small and crooked. Most lab techs take a look and know to get a child’s needle. I’ve not have blood taken from the back of my hand, but sure have had enough IV needles in that location. Thanks for your kind words. I’m feeling better and hopefully tomorrow, I’ll feel better than I do today.

          • Xena, my daughter was born in an old WWII Army hospital in Germany. Everything was white. White uniforms, white walls, white sheets…. When they finally got the IV in after going back and forth between my right and left hands, it looked like a crime scene! Blood sprayed everywhere, on the sheets, on the walls. I’m pretty sure it even hit the 20+ foot ceilings!

  33. I have a lot of cookouts with friends, coworkers etc. at my home. I have a feeling someone from a recent party went through my purse and just took the numbers. Shopping was from Sears.. JCPenny’s Shell Gas, Just to name a few.. Total was over 3,000 dollars. Of course I personally haven’t used my cards in awhile.

    Thank you so much Linda for the information.

    • Gawd, I feel for you, Shyloh! Now, you’re going to be eyeballing everyone in your circle of acquaintances with suspicion. Definitely hide your purse whenever you have people over. My mother used to hide money in a box of laundry detergent. Every time she paid for something, the bills smelled Tide fresh!

      • Yes because I looked at the date they were used. Checked my dates and that day I was home getting ready for the party all day. So it had to be that.
        Love your mom’s idea. It’s sad. But they’ll get back what they dish out.

  34. I hope you feel better Xena soon!
    I was going to nominate you for the three day quote challenge but after reading about your health problems and computer problems I don’t know if that’s really a good thing to do with this time. I hope you feel better I if I knew it was a matter I’m very good at researching stuff so I can find some maybe answers for you or something and pray for you.

    I hope you get better soon and also if you could ever afford a Galax Note 4 phablet, get one because you can do everything on it. The vocal recognition software on it is so good you can dictate a lot of things and simply check before posting it.

    You can create super high-quality images with it too with a high definition picture 16 megapixel cameras …..pretty cool thing.

    • Hey Paulette! Thanks for your consideration and kind words. I would love taking the 3 day quote challenge, but finding 3 other blogs that have not already been nominated, and who are willing to take the challenge, is a bit too much for me right now. As far as the new and improved technology, one reason I stick with the old is because I know it and don’t have to spend time learning new things. 🙂 I’m the person who, back in 1998, was offered money for my 286 computer to be used as a boat anchor. LOL! I finally got another computer in 1999 that I held onto until 2007. The desktop from 2007 is still what I use today for many things. It took until 2010 for my son to talk me into using a laptop. LOL!

      • I finally won the battle with the roaches in the apt complex I live in. Thursday the owner is fumigating my entire building. It took threatening to call the health department and board of housing though!

        • Paulette,
          YUK! I understand that those pesky critters are difficult to get rid of in apartment complexes and that it takes several months of follow-up extermination because they lay eggs. Here’s hoping you the best and I hope you are not displaced because of the fumigation.

      • I will be praying for you for your health of body, mind, and spirit.

  35. Feel free to reblog any of the things I wrote at this time when you’re not feeling well.
    Please get well soon!

    From your writer blogger photographer friend in Las Vegas Nevada –

    Paulette Motzko

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