Chicago Cops Coach Youth Baseball League On South Side To Broker Peace

The best to them!

The Chicago Defender

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At a time when interactions between African-Americans and police are fraught with tension over allegations of excessive force by cops across the nation, a team of Chicago officers are making efforts to improve relations with youth on the city?s South Side, reportsThe Huffington Post.

The Englewood Police Youth Baseball League hopes the sport of baseball will help combat violence by uniting athletes in Englewood?one of the city?s most violent communities?with mentors from the police department, notes the report.

?Showing them that police are human, that we?re their friend, that they are safe around us. That?s an extension of being a police officer,? Angela Wormley, police officer and volunteer coach, told the news outlet.

The league launched in May as part of a partnership with Get In Chicago, a program that works to eliminate juvenile violence, and the community welfare organization Teamwork Englewood…

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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Sounds like a great program.

    Hope the police also get to know the adults of the community through “meet and greet” type get togethers and feedback type programs.

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  2. “The league of six co-ed teams, for boys and girls ages 9-12, kicked off its season on Tuesday, May 5th, at Hamilton Park, 513 W. 72nd St., with a fundamentals of baseball clinic. The league’s practices and mentoring sessions are held on Wednesdays with additional baseball clinics occurring on Tuesdays. The season will run through mid-August, with the first official game to be played on Wednesday, June 24. Children are participating free of charge as Get IN Chicago is paying for league expenses and all equipment, and Mesirow Financial, an independent, diversified financial-services firm, is donating the uniforms.”

    In collaboration with the Chicago Park District, Get IN Chicago funded Teamwork Englewood to administer the league and provide supplemental programming for the youth, such as sessions on nutrition, violence prevention and conflict resolution. Twelve Chicago police officers from the Englewood District are volunteering to serve as coaches and mentors and manage the teams throughout the season.

    The League aims to expand understanding of the experience of inner-city youth among police officers and reduce negative attitudes, hostilities and opposition of youth and their families toward law enforcement.”

    I like it!

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  3. Hope this spreads throughout the cities.

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  4. Xena,

    after this court stuff is taken care off I am going to visit a few local PAL Boxing clubs and do a blog post with Video

    PAL is Police Athletic League

    What they do is provide Gyms to kids in effort to keep them off the streets in fact I think I am going to visit the Jerry Ortiz Boxing Club which is in a rough spot of Los Angeles but what these Gyms give to our youth many just dont know and its not just Police that do these things for youth

    90% of our Amateur boxing trainers in So Cal provide the same type of programs and volunteer their own time to give these kids a sense of hope for the future.

    its not just learning the sport of Boxing allot of these young men and women learn life skills from it when I get through this I will be sure to make that a priority so the blog can see how things like this work

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