Walmart Aims To End Sale Of Confederate Flag Merchandise, Virginia & Mississippi Follow South Carolina’s Lead

Yes! Get rid of it.

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  1. Add Amazon and Ebay to the list! I am so impressed that instead of taking advantage of record sales as they were getting in the last few days, they took the high road and say ‘NO’.

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  2. Now for access to easy guns!


  3. Strom Thurmond’s son. And he never pretends that flag ever had an honorable cause–remove-confederate-flag-470304835955


    • yahtzeebutterfly


      Here is my transcription of the first part of the linked video of Lawrence O’Donnell’s show including the words of Sen. Paul Thurmond:

      Sen. Paul Thurmond:

      I think the time is right in the and the ground is fertile for us to make progress as a state and to come together and remove the confederate battle flag from prominent statue outside the statehouse and put it in the museum.

      It is time to acknowledge our past, atone for our sins and work towards a better future. That future must be built on symbols of peace, love and unity. That future cannot be built on symbols of war, hate, and divisiveness.

      Commentary by Lawrence O’Donnel:

      Senator Thurmond did not do the mandatory political bow to the confederate flag that other conservative politicians always do. He did not echo Gov. Nikki Haley yesterday saying that the confederate flag was a symbol of respect, integrity and duty.

      Instead, Senator Thurmond used all the credibility that the Thurmond name has with Southern conservatives and all the credibility of his ancestors who served in the confederate army to discredit everything that flag stands for.

      Sen. Paul Thurmond:

      Some say that the confederate battle flag represents the South’s heritage and ancestry. Let’s talk about the heritage aspect.

      My family has been in South Carolina for many generations. I was told that my great grandfather was with General Lee when he surrendered at Appomattox. I am aware of my heritage, but my appreciation for the things that my heirs accomplished to make my life better doesn’t mean that I must believe that they always made the right decisions. And, for the life of me, I will never understand how ANYONE could fight a civil war based in part on the desire to continue the practice of slavery.

      Think about it for just a second. Our ancestors were fighting to continue to keep human beings as slaves and continue the unimaginable acts that occur when someone is held against their will.

      I am not proud of this heritage. These practices were inhumane. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

      Commentary by Lawrence O’Donnell:

      When sons follow their fathers into an occupations, sometimes they find themselves wondering why they are there. Is there any larger purpose to this other than following in a parent’s footsteps. Today, Senator Paul Thurmond of Charleston, SC found that purpose

      Sen. Paul Thurmond:

      I have often wondered what is my purpose here in the Senate. I’ve asked God to guide me and strengthen me, and I have prayed that I will be able to make a difference for this state. I have prayed that I will leave this place better for the future generations.

      I am proud to take a stand and no longer be silent. I am proud to be on the right side of history regarding the removal of this symbol of racism and bigotry from the Statehouse.


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    Thanks for reblogging my post… No one checks my blog out and I was ready to shut it down:)


    • Oh no Juan! I read your blog almost daily. I don’t comment much, and that’s true for other blogs that I subscribe to. It’s not the content but time limitations. I love your sharing and you are versatile writing about your life as well as other things.

      Also,around this time of year, participation on all blogs reduces as people go on vacation, work in their yards and get more involved in family activities. Don’t limit how many are checking out your blog by looking only at the number of views but rather, the number of “likes” also. As I understand it, when we come through the Word Press reader, it does not give a “view” to the blog. Because I like giving a “view” I do try to visit blogs directly and also give a wave of “Hi” by clicking “like,” but I don’t always have time to do that.


  5. The irony here is that while the confederate flag is used as a symbol of oppression and slavery, Walmart is also a symbol of oppression and slavery. In fact, they are far more than a symbol, they stay in business through directly participating in said oppression and slavery.



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