22 Year Police Veteran Kills Wife

“He was no longer a sergeant for the Neptune Township Police Department. He turned into a criminal and a murderer,” said Marc Lemeiux of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.”


Philip Seidle

Sergent Phillip Seidle, a 22 year veteran of New Jersey’s Neptune Township Police department, is currently in custody on charges of 1st Degree Murder, 2nd Degree unlawful possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose and 2nd degree endangering the welfare of a child.

Charges came after Seidle ,51, chased his ex wife down as she drove with their 7 year old daughter.

It is reported that his recently divorced wife, Tamra Seidle, crashed into another vehicle in Ashbury Park New Jersey. A that point, Phillip Seidle drew his service pistol, a 40 caliber glock, and fired several shots into the side of his ex wifes vehicle. From there Seidle then positioned himself in front of the vehicle and fired several more shots in the windshield while their 7-year old was inside of the car.

Tamra Seidle was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. Officer Phillip Seidle eventually surrendered to law enforcement after attempting to take his own life. The couple has 9 children ranging from ages 7 to 24.

Reports are not very clear, as some seem to say that all shots into the car were made before police arrived, while others, and some videos, appear to show that Seidle fired additional shots into the car after having held the gun to his own head after police arrived.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and children during this time.

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  1. roderick2012

    I’ve been following this story since yesterday and the question everyone is asking is–why didn’t they shoot the SOB?

    I read that his wife died shortly after she arrived at the hospital so it’s possible that she could have survived if the cops had been more interested in her than protecting their fellow officer.

    I know it won’t bring her back but l hope that their children sue this police department for not getting her to the hospital sooner.

    I still can’t believe they embraced this killer after he shot his ex-wife multiple times.

    This is an obvious example of cop bias for one of their own.

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    • scrodriguez

      Witnesses state that the cops saw him shoot her, her kids should sue the Department for failing to protect their mother they were right there.

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  2. How many shots would he have gotten off had he not been a cop?

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  4. There is NO better example of preferential treatment& entitlement police give each other than this!
    And once again it cost someone else’s’ life & traumatized others.
    Where’s ALL the “Law Enforcement Leadership” condemning these cops, the Whole Department, for standing by while this deranged maniac just murders a woman in broad daylight, in front of a kid & THEM & on VIDEO??

    Now there’s plenty of video of clear misconduct in numerous cases but instead police depts & unions are doing all kinds of back flips yelling ‘look over here at these distractions’!

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    • Even when he started firing no one even tried to take him down.

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      • That is what upsets me. They got the daughter out of the car, and there he is standing with the gun to his head. The moment he pointed it was the windshield, had it been anyone else, the ops would have been fired. Instead, he got off 3 more shots at his ex-wife. Now of course, the medical examiner might be able to say what shots killed her, but not if they were the first, third, last. Thus, the only one charged in this situation will be the ex-husband.

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    • roderick2012

      Shannon, did you hear or read about the homeless man who was gunned down by the popo last week after he allegedly ‘threatened’ the officers with a metal pipe?

      Some of the bystanders claimed it was a stick.

      The cops claimed they had to shoot him because he was a threat to the children who were in the park.

      Now the cops fired seven rounds but only five hit the homeless man so two went astray.

      So who was more of a threat to the children?

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      • Yeah, same with that POS Darren Wilson, more than HALF his shots missed the unarmed teenager he murdered in cold blood! He didn’t GAF who else he killed as long as he got rocks off slowly executing MikeBrown until he got 2 feet away when he shot 2 bullets into the top of his head.

        The only positive thing i can say is that the killercops’ pathetic lies keep getting exposed on video for the whole world to see.
        Even some of the media is beginning to question police narratives before they just print the “official” story.
        My hope is that more Marilyn Mosby’s start charging these cowardly killers AND the co-conspirators, aka fellow cops, captains who enable & lie for them too!

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        • roderick2012

          The worse part is that they use the same pathetic lies again and again and their supporters swear the are telling the God’s honest truth.

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  5. Mr. Militant Negro

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  6. White guy with gun. Cops do not shoot him.
    White guy kills woman. Cops do not shoot him.
    With their actions, cops are saying White male lives matter.

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