Armed Gunman in Dallas Attempts Military Style Ambush on Police

Hello everyone.  Santiago here.

Saturday June 13th, just after midnight, James Boulware of Hutchins, Texas, a 35-year-old man who has all the traits of a Sovereign Citizen and a history of violence, drove an armored vehicle straight into Dallas Police headquarters and opened fire on law enforcement.


James Boulware (Photo: Dallas County)

WPTV reports that Boulware purchased the armored vehicle off eBay.

It is unclear why Boulware decided to open fire on police, but stories surfacing indicate that Boulware believed that law enforcement was the reason his son was taken away from him.

The father of James, Jim Boulware, told CNN he did not believe his son would take out his anger on law enforcement but believed he would have likely done so against the mother of his son who was awarded custody of their child in April of 2015.

It is reported that Boulware drove into Police headquarters and began to open fire with automatic assault rifles, and that he also planted explosives.

Dallas police Chief Brown said during a press conference that Boulware came to the department intending to kill police officers, and that officers came within inches of being shot, stating that officers barely survived the intentions of this suspect.

Boulware opened fire on the police station, police cars, and had at one point rammed his armored vehicle into a police car in which two officers would have been hit by their own car had they not moved out of the way.

Residents in a nearby apartment complex were also forced to duck and dodge the attack as bullets whizzed over their heads.

Boulware was shot by a sniper through the windshield of his armored vehicle, but it was still unclear as to weather or not the sniper hit the target, leaving Law enforcement and Boulware to have some what of a stand off in the parking lot of a Jack N the Box restaurant.

Robots were sent in to survey the vehicle and eventually break into the glass of the vehicle in effort to preserve the lives of officers on the scene. It was believed that Boulware may have potentially rigged the van with explosives.  Subsequently, it was discovered that Boulware was indeed shot by snipers and died on the scene.

I tip my hat to Chief Brown and the entire Dallas Police department for their efforts keeping the community safe and for keeping fellow officers safe from this armed lunatic.

Hat tip to Mindyme for the following report.

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    • scrodriguez

      Thank you for the reblog my friend, did you notice that not a single one of those #BluelivesMatter supporters stood out with signs thanking the police for keeping them safe?

  1. This guy was a few cards short of a full deck.

    • scrodriguez

      A few? this guy had an empty box of cards I mean he didnt even have the joker cards.. This man planned this attack for sometime, or planned to do some sort of attack he has threatened schools and Church’s thank God he never carried those attacks out could you imagine this man in his armored vehicle and assault weapons rolling into a school yard?

      I will update this story as more information is released I have a feeling we have us a Sovereign Citizen here.

  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    Thank God that no police officers lost their lives from the bullets Boulware fired! What a frightening attack!

    • scrodriguez

      Thank God Nobody lost their lives or was seriously injured this guy was a threat to everybody not just the cops the people who lived nearby who heard bullets wizzing past them.

      and shame on the CNN host Fredericka Whitfield for calling this nutter courageous and brave

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        “Thank God Nobody lost their lives or was seriously injured”


  3. What on God’s Green Earth is wrong with these people. Gee……I’ll blame the cops for something they had nothing to do with………..then use the trusty old armored van and get into a shootout I know I can’t possibly win.

    Yep………that’ll teach ’em to mess with me.

    • Racer,
      What’s worst is that had he killed one or more cops, the BlueLivesMatter folks would have blamed his ex-wife, all attorneys involved in the child custody matter, and those cops who arrested him previously for not understanding that what they put him through made him snap.

  4. chuquestaquenumber1

    Notice how this is NOT being called terrorism.

    • Of course it’s not being called “terrorism” although some reports say that Boulware planned and prepared for his ambush because the police called him a terrorist.

      Although he attempted to kill cops, the BlueLivesMatter folks are not calling him a “thug,” doxing his ex-wife, child, or dad, or complaining that he was not raised right. His dad has said that he thought little of his son getting a van because he said he might have to sleep in it. But, the BlueLivesMatter folks are not denigrating his dad for not getting his son help and opening his door for him to have a place to live.

      Double-standards and hypocrisy are so obvious that I can’t be angry about it, because the results are also obvious — those using it impugn their credibility.

      • Two sides to a story

        Amen – this would have been a far different story had the perpetrator been black or brown.

  5. CNN had the judge who oversaw his divorce on and she thought she would have been a target. She always had to Increase security when they had a hearing dealing with the divorce due to his threats. She was surprised he went after the police and thought she would have been his first target.

  6. “WPTV reports that Boulware purchased the armored vehicle off eBay.” I had no clue you could buy armored vehicles off eBay!!!. That’s crazy all by its self. I am thankful no one was hurt!

  7. yahtzeebutterfly


    Xena, I like your new equality banner heading. 🙂

  8. Two sides to a story

    White privilege. If this guy had been black, reports would have painted the victim as far more than a crackpot. Never mind that a black guy wouldn’t have been able to purchase an armored vehicle and would have been under suspicion as a terrorist at that point. Notice how that works?

    • Two sides to a story

      Oops, meant perpetrator, not victim. ^^

    • Two sides, had Boulware had been a person of color, the media and the White Supremacists social media harassers, would have had a field day painting him as a burden on society. And, because he tried killing cops, they would have called him a “cop-hater” and said they can’t wait until his funeral so they can dig him up and shoot him again.

      • There was a shootout in Cocoa Beach Sunday night between a State Trooper and a young man. All day on our local comment boards, because the shooting took place ‘downtown’ everyone referred to the shooter as a ‘thug’ who deserved to die. Once it was confirmed the shooter was a 15 y/o white kid, the tone of the comments changed.

  9. scrodriguez

    Jim Boulware states during interview his son was pushed past the limit due to liberal policies. Sure liberal policies is what drove your son to purchase an armored vehicle assault weapons and explosives to Ambush Law Enforcement it has nothing to do with the way he was raised does it?

    • OMG!! I don’t actually believe it!! this dumbass is complaining that his poor son never had a chance in this world with all the damn LIBTARDS in charge who’ve conspired in keeping all the white males down!!! OMG

      • I don’t actually believe it!! this dumbass is complaining that his poor son never had a chance in this world with all the damn LIBTARDS in charge who’ve conspired in keeping all the white males down!!!

        That is so pathetic that I can only …
        Shaking Head Sad

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