Open Discussion – June 12, 2015

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small,

It’s been a busy week.

The pool party in McKinney, Texas resulted in constant headlines including the resignation of officer Casebolt and the employment termination or suspension of several people who were either involved in the originating physical altercation, or who made bigoted racial statements on social media.

blue butterflies

Regarding the death of 12-year old Tamir Rice, in response to citizens’ affidavit, a judge has decided there is probable cause to charge Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann with murder, manslaughter, reckless homicide and negligent homicide.  Judge Adrine also found there is probable cause to charge Cleveland police officer Frank Garmback with negligent homicide.

Some are reporting this as actual charges, but they are not.  They are probable cause findings.  The State’s Attorney has stated that he is taking the evidence before a grand jury to decide whether to charge the two officers.  You can read the judge’s decision here.

Peace signs

This week, three more people have been killed by members of law enforcement, one being a homeless man in Overtown, Florida, in front of dozens of witnesses including children.

love-butterflySo much happens so quickly that we are unable to blog all of the follow-ups.  Remember James Boyd?  He was the mentally ill man killed in New Mexico.  Officers have been charged with his murder.

Peace quote

The bigger scheme of problems and injustices caused me to spend time this month considering what I do to help others. There are times we do not know how much the small things are a tremendous help .  I’ve learned that no act of kindness is in vain.

No matter what path you walk, I hope that this video encourages you.

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  1. scrodriguez

    Female Prison worker charged for assisting convicted cop killer and another murderer in their escape. whats crazy is how Society is more tuned in on those rowdy teens in McKinney but this lady who assisted two killers keep in mind one shot a cop 22 times, well she had low self esteem, felt loved, was confused….. all this coming from those who pretend to be part of the police lives matter movement..

    • Oops. Great minds think alike. 🙂 We were both posting about this at the same time.

      • scrodriguez

        Then we have Rachel Dolezal ima say this right now do I have a problem with her lying about her race, You betcha, she lied about her race for personal gain and I am not talking about her position and elevated status as a member of the NAACP I am talking about the full ride she got at Harvard full scholarship depriving some other African American out there of a better future and life with a degree from Harvard.

        cut my head off for saying that but she stole from someone and didnt just take something petty she took a degree that would have made a huge difference in someones life.

        • I agree, that was a dirty thing to do. And what a blemish to the NAACP for her to have done that too.

          Didn’t Zimmerman use Hispanic for his college loan applications for preference when he normally checked the White ‘box’ on other paperwork?

          • scrodriguez

            Yup but the difference is George is half hispanic so he didnt exactly lie, this woman outright took a scholarship that did not belong to her in the first place

  2. Joyce Mitchell, a 51-year old industrial training supervisor at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, has been charged with promoting prison contraband and criminal facilitation, by assisting two convicts to escape from prison last weekend. Both charges are felonies.

  3. From another article:

    “APD detective Keith Sandy is heard calling Boyd a lunatic, and it’s clear he spoke about using force against the homeless camper, something that was caught on a New Mexico State Police audio recording.

    This f*****g lunatic? (unintelligible) I’m going to shoot him with a (unintelligible) shotgun here in a second,” said Sandy.”

    • scrodriguez

      Does New Mexico have the death penalty cus this guy deserves a seat in that hot chair

    • scrodriguez

      Just kidding I dont support the DP only in extreme cases but this does seem pretty extreme obviously planned

      • Only due to everyone knowing of these incidents are officers finally being held accountable. I really believe this.

  4. Here is one that just breaks my heart. Well, I guess all these stories do, but I hadn’t heard this one

    • Shared on my FB along with the link for the FB page of the Little Rock Arkansas PD.. We have to let them know WE know and that this ain’t cool. .

  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    Here is the Craig Ranch video of those 2 women fighting the teen:

    If you watch it full screen you can see one of the 2 women has a hold on the girl’s hair pulling it.(Timestamp 0:01)

    In order for her hairpiece braid not to be pull out, the girl defensively holds that braid in the hand of the woman and keeps the woman’s hand near her hand so the woman cannot succeed in pulling it out. At the same time both sides try to pull them apart after the 2nd lady has hit the girl.

    Finally they are separated, but you can see at timestamp 0:09 that the girl is holding her braid that the woman was pulling at. She was able to hold onto the braid, but it had been pulled out by the woman.

    (You can see the loop at one end of the braid hair extension.)

    • She should have kept her mouth shut, it’s disgusting to see a grown woman behave this way.

  6. I’m currently working on getting the 6 part investigative report on the death of Tamir Rice on the blog and under documents. Also, I’ll be adding a tab on the top menu titled “Tamir Rice.”

  7. Here’s the press conference addressing the shootout in Dallas, Texas.

  8. chuquestaquenumber1

    New Black Panther party members threaten to blow up police station= Thugs,gang bangers,Obama,Sharpton,Holder,Lynch,Black lives matter all culpable. Part of the War on Cops.

    Muslim attacking a police station=Terrorism,Isis is in the U.S.,Sharia law being brought to USA.

    White James Boulware drives up to Dallas police station in armored van with guns and bombs and proceeds to attack police station=Mental illness responsible. Not Terrorism,James isn’t a thug,War on Cops and Police lives matter people silent.

  9. The woman was grazed, but the bullet also hit the building causing debris to fall and injure 3 others.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I read about this yesterday.

      How many accidental gun dischargings with injuries and deaths do we have to hear about before we see a change to gun laws.

      • I don’t know if NY law is like that in Illinois, but here, businesses can put up a sign that no guns are allowed. The Waldorf should definitely do that so that their customers are more comfortable.

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