Swat team moves in as retired Judge shoots at Police officers

Hello everyone.  Santiago here.  I woke up this morning to take my wife to LAX as she is on her way to New York for a couple of days. On my way home a bizarre story came on the radio about an incident that took place on Wednesday involving a retired Judge who called 911 to report that there were armed people in his house.

As police arrived, it appears they were able to peek through the window of the house and saw 75-year old, retired judge and former prosecutor James Bascue, seated on a chair with two guns in his lap.


Retired Judge James Bascue pictured here in 1995.

Officers noticed Mr. Bascue picking up the guns then pointing one of the guns to his head.  Officers began to plea with the former judge asking him to drop the weapons. Bascue fired a shot inside of his home and shot out a glass door with the bullet nearly hitting one of the responding officers.  It was at that moment SWAT was called in.

After several attempts to talk Bascue down with friends and family members, it was finally a neighbor who convinced Bascue to drop his guns and come outside.  Although he had fired on police officers, Bascue was taken alive,  arrested on assault with a deadly weapon and held on $100,000 bail.

Bascue retired in 2007 after serving 17 years on the bench.  The LA Times reports that before he was appointed by Gov. George Deukmejian, Bascue was a prosecutor for 16 years with the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. He helped create the district attorney’s office’s Hardcore Gang Division.

My personal thoughts in this matter is that I hope Bascue gets the help he needs.  The police believe that he has a mental issue or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.   Bascue should be very thankful he is in jail and not in a morgue.  I am surprised that LE did not fire back.

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  1. kindheart101

    I agree with you. Let’s hope the former Judge gets the help he needs, whether being psychiatric or rehab.

    And I also agree that the restraint the police showed was remarkable.

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    • scrodriguez

      The restraint shown by LAPD is remarkable but theres also a good chance they knew who he was before they got there.
      However this judge obviously has some sort of issue be it mental health or substance abuse either way I hope he gets the help he needs.


  2. “it’s not what ya know but who ya know” I am thankful he lived to tell the tale


  3. Sounds like he attempted suicide by cop. Let’s hope we see more of this when it comes to others in the same situation.


  4. OT here – but I don’t know how else to do this – but this is good news



    • Somewhat good news….the judge’s ruling is only a recommendation to the prosecutor. The prosecutor will still send it to a grand jury who will make decision.


    • scrodriguez

      its a step in the right direction the DA still wants this to go before a grand jury, question is will they hand down and indictment does the DA want an indictment to me it doesnt seem like they do.
      But even then lets say we get a trial all it takes is one person in that jury pool and we know how the trend has been lately.


      • Evidently the DA made an election promise that any police shooting would go before a Grand Jury and he means to stick to that plan. Except in situations where the law requires it, I look at them calling for a GJ a cop-out in an attempt to pass the buck and responsibility. Now if the GJ comes back and says justified/no charges, the DA then can say it isn’t me it was the GJ who decided.

        What happens with the GJ also depends on how much the DA wants it if you ask me…..just think about MB when the DA let a known and proven liar testify.


  5. chuquestaquenumber1

    Is this an example of the mistrust towards cops by the liberal media that O’Reilly and Hannity and Hasselbeck talk about?


  6. I just added the judge’s decision to “Documents”. It’s titled “Tamir Rice – Probable Cause”.



  7. yeah, again a blaring example of white privilege. a white guy shoots at the cops, barely missing them& they just call in neighbors, friends, family & negotiators to reason with an obviously distressed madman.


    • To be honest I do believe the police knew he was a retired judge before arriving and likely was informed by friends and family of his health who knows. What I can say is this man has done allot for the city and county of Los Angeles I have no problem with them taking him alive thats what cops are supposed to do regardless their job is to apprehend people so that they can be punished by the courts.

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      • There’s no doubt the cops had a heads up about him. They treated him the way they should treat everyone they come into contact w/who’s suspected of having emotional or mental illness.

        I’m thinking about the mentally ill man X wrote about a few months ago.
        His mother naively called police for help getting him to hospital. When cops arrived he had like a screwdriver or kitchen knife in his hand but didn’t threaten anyone. And instead of speaking to the man calmly, respectfully, maybe showing 10% of the humanity they showed this former judge, they could’ve peacefully assisted him. But they just screamed at him and then shot him dead as his mom begged them not to.

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