Prosecutors To Dismiss Charges Against UVA Student Martese Johnson

The Chicago Defender

Martese Johnson Source: (Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images) / Getty
Prosecutors will drop charges against the University of Virginia student who was arrested and bloodied by ABC agents in March, NBC12 reports.

The Charlottesville Commonwealth Attorney will ask a judge to dismiss the charges against Martese Johnson, the third-year honor student who was arrested outside a popular bar while celebrating St. Patrick?s Day. The arrest stemmed from a discrepancy with Johnson?s valid state identification card.

According to NBC12:

Court documents obtained by NBC12 showed a review of the facts in the March 18 arrest of Martese Johnson found ?the interest of justice is not served by further prosecution of the defendant.? Prosecutors will ask for an order of Nolle Prosequi, which means they will not go forward with charges at this time.

?In the Commonwealth?s view, the interest of justice and the long term interest of the community are best served by taking…

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  1. “In reaching this decision the Commonwealth also found that the evidence did not warrant criminal charges against law enforcement officers who were involved in the events of March 18th,” said Chapman in a press release.”

    😦 Honestly, when you’ve had your butt kicked by police, you should automatically have charges dropped, because you’ve already been judged and punished.

  2. meh. still not good enough. this is the very least that should’ve been done. because the interest of justice would’ve been better served by prosecuting the police pig who attacked and scared that kid’s sense of self & forehead for life. when someone puts their hands on another person and injures them like that they should be held accountable. I’m sick of the double standards cops enjoy.

  3. It’s kind of sad that I’m happy over a decision that should have been a no-brainier, as there never was any grounds to charge this brilliant young man at all. But of course, no charges against the brutal thugs who brutalized him and just as easily could have killed him. Sickening world we live in.

    • Hey Caleb! Yes, he should not have been charged in the first place, and there is a double-standard.

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