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It Is What It Is


~~June 10, 2015~~ 


I strongly believe that policemen do their job while risking their lives. Their loved ones stay at home expecting them to return safe but always have the lingering thought in the back of their minds. For this, we thank both the law enforcement officers and their families.

Yet, too many cases are coming to the forefront that makes the public question the status of the police departments all over the country.

We grieve for each and every one that loses their lives in the line of duty. Yet, because of the nature of their work, they should be held to high standards.

This statement sums up for us how we can respect all law enforcement officers yet also question what is happening and has happened at the time of this writing.




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  1. This is so true, we aren’t being anti police for expecting accountability and stricter hiring practices


    • Mindyme, EXACTLY! I’m not anti-dentists because some extract healthy teeth. I just don’t believe that dentists that do that should retain licenses to practice. The justification we hear regarding police involved shootings, is like asking the dentist how many cavities the patient had to justify that in 5, 10, or 20 years, the healthy tooth would have been bad because the patient did not brush their teeth as instructed, so it was okay to make the extraction AND make the patient pay for it. In other words, prejudicial clairvoyance is used to judge the victim to relieve the wrongdoer of accountability.


  2. This is exactly correct. My dad was a cop for almost 30 years. Many things he said back then in the mid 50’s to 86, when he retired still hold true.

    He was a gun guy but always said, :Any civilian who leaves the house with a gun is LOOKING for trouble”

    “Always check your guns at the door……………on the way out of your house”

    “Once a cop pulls the trigger, his life is also over”

    “Yep, we’re paid to do (insert job description and relevant action here) but that doesn’t mean we get to shoot first”

    “We were trained at the academy to respond to being shot at……not force a response to us taking the first shot”

    I could go on for hours.


    • Racer, it’s a new generation; a different generation of law enforcement; a different generation of weapons and a different generation of gun laws. That saying that guns don’t kill, people kill, is contradicted by the actions of law enforcement in open and conceal carry states. Law enforcement has to now think about “intent” when a person has a gun or they think they have a gun. It’s the intent that LE often uses to justifying pulling the trigger of their weapon first because they know the purpose of guns is to kill, no matter the individual carrying/using it.

      Your dad was right — “Once a cop pulls the trigger, his life is also over.”


  3. Thanks so much for this reblog, sweet, dearest friend!! Hugs … ❤


  4. Very well put. I’m sure we can all share those sentiments.


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