Coward Racists And Bikers Gather For Anti-Islam Stunt Outside Phoenix Mosque

This is an excellent breakdown and history, plus good info on the people behind this display of violations of civil rights because of religion.

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Dozens of people have gathered for a provocative rally in front of the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix, Arizona, staged during Friday prayers. Anti-Islam event organizers encouraged participants to bring guns and Mohammed cartoons.

However, an even larger group of Mosque supporters gathered in a counter-protest. Arizona police stepped up security in the area to prevent provocations and defuse tensions should the events turn ugly.

The gathering outside the Phoenix mosque became a convergence of two rival protests with a phalanx of police officers separating the two.

The group of anti-Islam protesters amounted to an estimated hundred people, some wearing offensive t-shirts and placards.

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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Thanks for re-blogging this, Xena.

    I am going to read it now.

    I am saying prayers for peace and understanding.


  2. But they look like such nice Christians!! /s


    • LOL this is exactly what gets me. look at the difference between this type of protest and compare that to Ferguson, Baltimore, New York or anywhere else recently. The difference here is this is NOT a protest its a stand off, this group targeted people of color and people of faith.
      Brought their guns and are standing outside of their place of worship, basically challenging all of Islam to a gun fight in the parking lot. this is no protest here what so ever. this is a group of Violent thugs trying to start a shoot out with a group of people they have targeted based on their race and faith.


    • They bring reproach upon the name of Jesus Christ and those who walk the path he instructed.


  3. These guys don’t care about religion, they just want to spill blood. I wish they would all fly to Syria and Iraq and let them fight ISIS. They aren’t brave enough to do that though.


    • Mindyme, are you kidding?!? (snark) Have them join the military when there’s a Black man as Commander in Chief? Join the military when it’s racially integrated?!? And, with women?!? And, direct deposit their military wages in Jewish owned banks?!?! That’s too much like belonging to the human race.


  4. Saw this last night on the news, crazy thing is these idiots claim this is first Amendment. Hate speech is not protected speech. Law Enforcement should have put on their riot gear got their pepper spray and tear gas loaded up their military vehicles and pushed them out.

    whats sad to see here is the idea that these idiots think they are really doing something here as if this is some sort of “Good Cause”. keep in mind we have troops in the middle east events and acts like this only put our troops at risk.


    • Santiago,
      Your comment — the same applies to the cyberextortionists. They say it’s “free speech” when the intent behind it is criminal to violate the civil rights of others, and because of their ideologies of White Supremacy.

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      • scrodriguez

        Lets keep it real the only reason those racist idiots were there was to start some funk they were not there to exercize their 1st Amendment rights. they showed up armed and ready to shoot in the event the funk got to boppin off.


  5. MN man says he was fired following Obama tweet. It got the attention of the Secret Service.


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