Matthew Apperson Free On Bond While Zimmerman’s Social Advocates Violate HIPAA

Let me say this before going further. I really don’t care that Matthew Apperson has been charged for shooting at George Zimmerman. I really don’t care whether Zimmerman was or wasn’t the aggressor. What I find is that this is all entertaining and as the case progresses, we shall see whether Zimmerman behaves in his demonstrated pattern.

When Zimmerman filed suit against Ames, it was reported that Zimmerman was subpoenaed for deposition, and he failed to appear.

When Zimmerman appeared at his bail hearing, and he took the stand and was cross-examined, he became physically agitated, vague, and forgetful. He never took the witness stand thereafter, even waiving his right to a stand your ground hearing, which would have required him to testify.

Zimmerman filed suit against NBC for defamation, but his lawyers did not proceed to discovery. It would have required that Zimmerman be deposed. Judge Nelson, who also presided over Zimmerman’s second degree murder case, dismissed Zimmerman’s lawsuit.

Orlando Sentinel reports;

“Mr. Zimmerman was relieved when he learned of Mr. Apperson’s arrest,” said Don West, attorney for Zimmerman. “George has confidence in the Seminole County State Attorney’s office to effectively prosecute Mr. Apperson and he will continue to cooperate in the investigation and prosecution of the case.”

zimmerman6-mug-shotsWe shall see. In this matter involving Matthew Apperson, we shall see whether the State’s star witness is going to cooperate by testifying, subjecting himself to cross-examination by defense attorneys.  Maybe the interrogation and mischaracterization of testimony and events committed by Don West upon Rachel Jentel in Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial, will come back to haunt Zimmerman. Can he withstand two days in the witness boxed being asked the same questions in 10 different ways?

What the world has seen of George Zimmerman is that he only talks when he has the spotlight, with no opportunity to be asked questions from opposing parties.

Apperson Free On Bond


Matthew Apperson at his appearance for bond.

Matthew Apperson, 35 of Winter Springs, Florida, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and firing a deadly missile into an occupied conveyance.

At his bond hearing this morning, Apperson was ordered to turn over his weapons and avoid contact with George Zimmerman. Since Zimmerman claims to be in hiding and doesn’t want his address and common places known, Apperson has been ordered that if he sees Zimmerman in a public place, that he has to leave.

Matt Appearson’s bond was set at $35,000, and he bonded out of jail this afternoon. His next court appearance is for arraignment, scheduled for June 23rd. Judge Nelson will preside over the arraignment hearing.

Zimmerman’s Social Media Advocates Clearly Violate Federal Law This Time

George Zimmerman revealed to the world in March 2012 that he is all too happy to have others advocate for him, while he stays silent. His way of advocacy involves people denigrating the opposing party. His dad, brother, Frank Taaffe, and John Oliver, interjected themselves in the media painting Trayvon in a bad light based on Zimmerman’s perception. However, this time, George is not charged with a crime, so why are his social media advocates busy trying to prove his innocence by denigrating Apperson and violating federal law?

From March 2012 until his acquittal on July 13, 2013, Zimmerman’s social media advocates went on a mission to find the personal information of witnesses, and members of Trayvon’s family. They made up what they didn’t know, even alleging that innocent minors were “DeeDee,” Trayvon’s friend who was on the phone with Trayvon as he was being followed and accosted by Zimmerman. Some claimed being able to uncover redacted portions of investigation reports released to the media that hid the names and addresses of witnesses. Zimmerman’s social media advocates relish as wanna-be sleuths, as if the public is interested in knowing how many traffic tickets someone received, where they work, or when their great-great grandparents were married.

This time, the police redacted a portion of their report and rightfully did so. Zimmerman’s advocates however, claim to have recovered a redacted portion and are spreading it through social media. It did not occur to them that when law enforcement redacts information that they are complying with privacy law. In this case, the redaction complies with federal, health privacy law.

HIPAA provides civil and criminal penalties for improper disclosures of medical information. 42 U.S.C. §§ 1320d-5, d-6. HIPAA limits enforcement of the statute to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

“The Office for Civil Rights enforces the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information; the HIPAA Security Rule, which sets national standards for the security of electronic protected health information; the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule, which requires covered entities and business associates to provide notification following a breach of unsecured protected health information; and the confidentiality provisions of the Patient Safety Rule, which protect identifiable information being used to analyze patient safety events and improve patient safety.”

Here’s a video made by someone who I would never be friends with, but it shows the origination for the violation of federal HIPPA law. The title is misleading because it was not hidden text but rather, redacted. No matter how it was redacted, it was not intended to be readable. Yes, the origination began on a blog that has a reputation for being racially offensive and doxing.

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  1. How does the police know there was no provocation? I find it ironic that now gz has the chance to see what it feels like to be stalked by a mentally ill person. Bless his heart.

    • They’re taking Zimmerman’s word and he wanted to press charges. Apperson will have a chance to tell his side at a SYG hearing.

      You spoke a mouthful — that is what makes this entertaining, to know that Zimmerman thought he had been shot.

    • scrodriguez

      LMFAO!!! that is too funny

  2. peni4yothot

    I swear z visited “Pet Cemetery”, whew!…..

  3. Don’t that beat all – they guy was paranoid and fixated on a guy who had threatened him at least twice that we know of – a guy on psychotropic drugs who was paranoid and fixated on black teens to the point he shot an unarmed black teen.

    How does it feel GZ? HOW THE EFF DOES IT FEEL?!!!!

    • Rachel, exactly — how does Zimmerman feel being on the other side?

    • Exactly, the slob who was calling police on children for playing in their own pool, the dead beat renter who stupidly followed 2 young black men to their own newly purchased townhome and had the audacity to ask to see their “papers” and harassing neighbors’ by calling police on their dog and lying about it then whining to police because they didn’t get their fast enough.
      dumbass, self righteous mr law and order meanwhile is the worst crime wave in the area! calling the cops on his landlord and committing identity theft by digging up the landlords private financial information looking for ways to stiff him out of his rent, calling cops on a caterer so he could steal his services for a fake graduation party that he never earned.
      we’re talking George Zimmerman, the pathetic self appointed neighborhood watch authority craving wannabe who took a gun and stalked and chased an innocent teenager in the dark then shot him while he cried for help!
      all the while he’s the one on tons of drugs!

  4. WOW!!! You go, Girl! This is amazing, Xena! And to think that Zimmerman and his cronies all thought everything was going to be swept under the rug. Interesting that Judge Nelson is involved. I blame her for the miscarriage of justice last time! Between orchestrating Zimmerman’s acquittal and what she did to Marissa Alexander, that woman should be disbarred (is that what you do to Judges?)

    Is it actually possible that the pro-Trayvon faction is finally going to see justice??!!

    • Linda, judges are not disbarred. The only thing that Judge Nelson did that made my teeth grind, was omit initial aggressor from the jury’s instructions. She got a frown from me when she excluded expert testimony of voice recognition.

      Turns out that Corey’s handling of that case was a dress rehearsal for Dunn’s trial. The prosecution learned to never put the defendant’s side of the story before the jury but force the defendant to take the stand and tell it themselves.

      • Two sides to a story

        How did prosecurtors not know this to begin with? Corey and the Jacksonville prosecutors are all savvy attorneys, first and foremost. Wasn’t their decision to try the case the way they did simply a plan for a lukewarm prosecution? After all, most of them are Republicans and most Republicans and conservatives feel that GZ’s trial was forced on him by public opinion. Even Corey may have felt that way, hence the crappy prosecution of the case.

        • Two sides, IMHO, the prosecutors assumed that members of the jury were like people on social media able to discern Zimmerman’s inconsistent stories and outright lies. So, they played his interviews, walk-through, and Hannity interview for them. The mistake is that unless Zim testified, the prosecution had no way of actually putting those inconsistencies and lies out front.

          O’Mara knew that even during voir dire. When he questioned Juror B37, he distinctly gave her instructions to tell other jurors that unless it came from the witness box, that it could not be considered.

      • scrodriguez

        Actually she did one thing that well you know with this jury even if we had Video proving it was murder they would have let George Walk anyways. But one key piece that Nelson denied the state was having the Federal Agent that George assaulted testify.

        The state has the burden to meet, while the defense was allowed to have this MMA instructor get on the stand and testify how George is a Weak Limp Wrist ******* and couldnt fight.

        Yet the state was not allowed to challenge that by bringing in a witness who could testify that he really could fight. To me that should get them another trial but it just seems Florida didnt want to convict George likely because it would bring scrutiny in regards to their gun laws.

        • Wow that really is a good point! They let that pig bring in his roid head lying trainer at “greatest fight gym in the south” to talk about how pathetic & weak Zimmerman is, but he was fit enough to patrol the neighborhood with a gun & chase down an unarmed, innocent teenager in the dark in the rain. He had to be strong enough to hold down & take aim at a teenage boy who’s no doubt struggling with all his might trying to get away from a man with a gun aimed at his heart!

          But the state doesn’t get a do-over when the defendant is acquitted. No matter how many terrible rulings the judge makes. State gets no retrial no matter how many unethical &/or illegal tricks the defense makes.

          I’d like to see another trial with the same prosecution & judge when the victim is someone’s blond blue eyed teenage son that Zimmerman stalked, chased, terrorized& murdered.

  5. I wonder when will incidents involving Zimmermann ever stop . He’s already grossing me out.

    • He IS gross! I can’t get over all of the pathetic women who fancy themselves in love with him until he turns his anger on them Just what is the attraction, anyway??!!

    • Hey Ren!!! The incidents won’t stop as long as Zimmerman is breathing. He has that type of magnetic attraction. 🙂

      • His murder still affects me to this day, , equally with Newtown massacre of 20 kids . Maybe it’s the thought of Trayvon Martin innocently walking with Skittles and a can of Arizona tea in hand, and those innocent kids. What happened to them was fundamentally evil. Of course I feel bad about the other killings by cops, but these two incidents can still make me tear up, for some reason.

        • Same here, Ren. Remember Columbine? When I heard how kids were shot in the head in the library, I couldn’t eat for several days. When I heard Trayvon screaming, I asked myself if I wanted to support justice and his parents. I had a dream about him. That is why I came to the internet and looked for blogs with like-minded people. On Christmas day after the Newtown massacre, I broke down in my kitchen and cried, thinking of the parents who had bought gifts for their children, and instead of opening them Christmas morning, were planning for their child’s funeral instead or packing up their little clothes and toys.

  6. Linda….you have a judge and proscutor mixed up. Nelson was the judge in Zimmerman’s trial and Angela Corey was the prosecutor with the Zimmerman and Alexander trials. Corey was a special prosecutor who was appointed to the Zimmerman trial and she doesn’t have dealings in the Orlando area unless appointed again…..the Jacksonville area is her normal territory. Nelson is a Seminole County Judge and had nothing to do with the Alexander trial in Duval county.

    • You’re right. Thanks. Brain fart!

      • I don’t screw up often, Towerflower, but when I do, it’s usually a doozy! But, hey! I’m old. I’ve earned the right!

        • No worries, we all make mistakes. I live in Florida so I’m familiar with these two cases. I’m guilty of getting facts screwed up too.

          • towerflower, from Florida huh. Did I not follow the Caylee Anthony case with you? It’s been a long journey. What the heck. I earned the right to get confused on all the cases too. It’s pretty bad when we can go back and remember all the names in trials and all. It’s like part of the family………… Tongue in cheek..

  7. This is all beyond amazing, but, Apperson will file a SYG Motion and win. At that point all charges will be dropped and Fogen will face a Civil Lawsuit and damages. He’ll be on the hook for legal fees as well.

    Turn about is fair play. PhuckingFogenPhoole MUST testify at the SYG hearing and we all know FogenPhoole cannot survive cross examination. When he’s asked about the rolling up of his window and who is driving in what lane he’ll collapse. His stalking Apperson and previous road rage incidents will be a key point.

    In this case the state needs beyond a reasonable doubt and Apperson needs 51% he was afraid for his safety, imminent harm or death. If Apperson doesn’t win a SYG hearing then the fix is in and and it’s proof of what I’ve said many times before. Papa Fogen has naked pictures of someone in high places.

    Maybe the state knows all this and the fix is in in Appersons favor on SYG putting Fogen in this position. Because of the HIPPA laws, Appersons medical / psychological issues can’t be brought up but I believe Fogens can since they are a matter of public record

    • Racer,

      but I believe Fogens can since they are a matter of public record

      I’m not so sure. Zimmerman volunteered the info to Serino, but that was another case. Prosecutors might file and be granted a motion in liminie on that basis. On the other hand, although his physician cannot break doctor-client privileges, if he’s a psych doctor, that will speak volumes. He only needs to verify or refute that Zimmerman had an appointment with him that day, and the time.

      Now, a really smart move for NeJame is to inquire about Zimmerman’s health insurance. It might be limited to citizens or residents of Florida. If so, the inference of insurance fraud will taint Zimmerman’s credibility.

      • I can’t help but think his records will come out.

        But …………does this mean he’ll be doing his gun shop tour again… bullet proof vests?????

        • Racer, it depends on how the defense plans its case. For example, we know that Zimmerman has publicly said that he carries his gun everywhere with him other than work — and he wasn’t going to work the other day. Since he publicly stated that to the media, it will probably be allowed and used as a basis for Apperson’s reasonable fear, along with their previous encounter.

          But …………does this mean he’ll be doing his gun shop tour again… bullet proof vests?????

          LOL! He might want to see if there are bullet proof masks, like Jason from Friday the 13th.

      • Why do you think Zimmerman has insurance? Did you hear about somehow, cuz I figured he lost it after he lost his half assed job.

        • Do you know if Florida extended its Medicaid program as part of the Affordable Health Care Act? If so, Zim might have qualified for it.

          • Xena, not yet…..that is a big fight Gov. Scott is in right now with the feds.

            • I wonder if Zim qualifies for Medicaid in Florida? As I understand it, in order to get insurance through Healthcare dot gov, the individual has to have income. If Zim has no income, he would not qualify. Or, maybe he’s been approved for SSI and has Medicaid that way, since he’s been unemployed for at least 2 years.

      • Two sides to a story

        PS – Isn’t the doctor in that location the same doctor that testified in Fogen’s murder trial?

    • Two sides to a story

      How can Apperson win with SYG if there’s no proof that Fogen brandished his weapon? Apparently that proof does not exist or he wouldn’t have been arrested – am I thinking right here?

      • Apperson only needs a “preponderance of the evidence” to win a SYG Motion. Since there are 2 road rage incidents of record, Apperson has more reason to be where he was, Fogen has stated he always carries a gun, and there are numerous incidents where he’s assaulted someone AND a murder trial and since Apperson will state Fogen waved his gun at him, and Apperson can prove he was in the right lane, and in all likelihood Fogen had to be behind him then pulled up alongside, he’ll probably win a SYG Motion.

        If he does, Fogen is now on the hook for all of Appersons legal fees and any damages the court deems appropriate.

  8. I have one wish….and that is Zimmerman felt the same fear that Trayvon felt before he ended his life.

    I remember in Osterman’s book how Z ran in fear back into Osterman’s home when he saw some African Americans outside a neighbor’s of Osterman. He feared that he was found and they were out to get him. So who took a pot shot at him? Not someone looking for a bounty reward but a white guy. I guess now he’ll be in fear of the unknown just like Trayvon was in fear of the stranger who ultimately ended his life after wrongly profiling him. How does it feel Zimmerman?

    • Two sides to a story

      Exactly. Plus, the Z family has been yelling about how much his life is in danger – well, you get what you create. No sane person would mess with him, actually, just like no sane person would have pursued Trayvon just for walking past in the rain.

      • roderick2012

        TSTS: Exactly. Plus, the Z family has been yelling about how much his life is in danger

        Yet Piglet pops up in the media periodically reminding decent people that he’s still breathing.

  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    Great article, Xena!

    “What I find is that this is all entertaining and as the case progresses, we shall see whether Zimmerman behaves in his demonstrated pattern.”

    “It’s Howdy Doody Time.

    Let’s give a rousing cheer,
    Cause Howdy Doody’s here,
    It’s time to start the show,
    So kids let’s go! “

    • Yahtzee, it’s like watching a circus. The question I’ve toyed around with is, how long would there have been an investigation, and if charges would have resulted had Matt killed Zimmerman?

      • roderick2012

        and if charges would have resulted had Matt killed Zimmerman?

        No, because it would have been Apperson’s word against……… which is still may be if Zimmerman refuses to testify which I believe he won’t.

        Along with Robbie and Papa Zimmerman George is one of the world’s worst liars.

        • Hey Roderick! I agree — I don’t think that Zimmerman is going to testify. Actually, I hope he surprises us and does. It will be interesting to see how many times he changes his story.

  10. Xena,

    I am glad you posted this been thinking about this for a bit let me show you a bit of Hypocrisy mixed with a twist of Irony. allot of your Traditional Zimmerman supporters who are Supporting George now as they did back then also supported Michael Dunn.

    when you think about this case with Apperson the only differences are nobody died and Apperson did not unload a clip or get out of his car to get better aim to empty out that clip. However those who are supporting George who supported Dunn, Supported Dunn based on the claim that Dunn believed he saw a gun and believed he heard threats which is why Dunn feels he had the right to draw his pistol and defend himself.

    Why isnt Apperson allowed to defend himself under the same circumstances in fact George did have a gun, while Jordan Davis and his friends a gun was never recovered. this just goes to show their true reasons why they support George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn which has nothing to do with self defense at all

    • Santiago, many of those on social media who supported Zimmerman’s self-defense claim, stopped defending him after his altercation with Shellie and her dad. Also, the thought that he would have an adulterous affair on the dime of others is downright disrespectful.

      For the handful that remain, they need Zimmerman to be their hero. They invested too much into him before and during his trial. They formed their opinions about third-parties so to them, a “win” for Zimmerman is a lost for Corey, Crump, Jackson, Tracy and Sybrina.

      Not many were vocal during Dunn’s trial, and the few that did take interest did so because Corey was prosecuting. They actually had more interest in Ted Wafer because Al Sharpton spoke about the case. They do not support defendants unless Crump or Sharpton have something to say about cases. Zimmerman just didn’t see it — they never supported him. They used what he did to attack Crump, Jackson and Sharpton, and subsequently, President Obama and AG Holder.

      Anita Smithy in Florida claimed self-defense, but they were silent about her case. She killed her husband. Let’s wait and see if they have interest in the popcorn murder trial. They probably won’t. For them, it’s not about “all lives matter.” They are only interested in deceased Blacks that they can paint as “thugs.”

      • scrodriguez

        I was just referring to the usual suspects and pointing out their selective way of thinking

        • was just referring to the usual suspects and pointing out their selective way of thinking

          Okay. 🙂 There are usual suspects on blogs, usual suspects on Twitter, and usual suspects on Facebook. Most of my experience/knowledge comes from the blogs because this is where they submitted their vile comments. About 3 of the usual go between blogs and Twitter. I don’t do Facebook so don’t know.

  11. Two sides to a story

    Hi Xena, I’m having trouble with my log-ins and logged in under my Twitter account, which put my comments in moderation since I’m signed up here with password. Since the comments are in moderation, you may as well delete them and I’ll comment with this account. Thx!

    • Two sides, I deleted them. I’m sorry you had problems with your log-in. Maybe one day I can change the option back to not needing a Word Press account to submit comments or if LE instructs me to do so to gather more evidence from the cyberextortionists.

  12. Two sides to a story

    PS – Speaking to the main point of the article – is it too much to hope for that the Treestump and Ms V get their hands slapped for federal violations of privacy law? : ]

    • Two sides, if the Lake Mary police department contacts the feds with a complaint, I imagine that the first thing they will do is ask the court for an injunction to remove the violations from social media. I’m not familiar with Florida laws, but if it has privacy statute regarding HIPAA, they can go through the State AG.

      Since this involves a criminal case and investigation, heavy fines might be requested. Personally, I can’t see how Apperson’s attorneys and the Lake Mary police can let this slide. It interferes with a criminal investigation along with violating federal law.

  13. BTW. watching that video, I worry about these idiots who claim to have ‘watched the trial’ therefor they ‘know what happened.’
    They truly think the trial is where all the ‘facts & evidence’ comes out. LMAO

    • Well Shannon, they didn’t watch ZIm’s walk-through either and compare it to his police interviews, or they would have known that his 40-foot stumble was a lie.

      • No. they’re not expanding medicaid. Its a big deal here. Since he goes every month, and has a pre-existing I doubt he could even afford insurance since he’s unemployed. Plus the type of drugs he’s on is usually a ‘cash’ doctors, not gonna be taking insurance.
        And remember he said he spent $200 month on doctors every month. It could be his doc is including the meds, cuz some also dispense pills in house. I think he takes 20 or 30mg of adderal 2x a day, those are expensive. 60 pills is at least $80-90 Plus Xanax but that’s cheap, maybe $20 month.

        • Thanks for the info, Shannon. So, what if George has another appointment while this case is pending, and Apperson cannot go near him, but he works in that same strip of businesses as George’s doctor? The possibilities of what could happen …..

      • also he claimed the first punch was to his nose and there was so much blood he couldnt see…BUT the pictures of his show he did NOT bleed from inside his nose….the blood came from the 2 tiny pin pricks on the tip of his nose…..and if there was so much blood he couldnt see and Martin kept on punching him it is NOT possible that Martin had NO DNA on his hands……FACT = Martin had NO DNA from fogen on his hands and NO marks from even one punch on his hands.

        • Bill, you remember the evidence and facts very well. We shall not forget. Justice for Trayvon might come in a manner we do not expect, but it shall come.

    • Shannon, I watched the trial too and there are still plenty of things that I missed. Call me insane, but I’ve been obsessed with this case from the beginning!

  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    Wonder what Don West is charging gz these days.

    • Two sides to a story

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a quiet little fundraiser going on among Z supporters.

      • Two sides, during his trial, there were some who didn’t trust O’Mara to handle the donations, so they decided to donate money to Zimmerman’s parents to give to him.

    • Oops! I thought you said, “Wonder what Don West is DOING these days!” The brain farts are in full force tonight!

      • Of course, it would help if I put on my glasses!

        • Now, now Linda. The other morning I thought about doing a blog post on embarrassing things we do but don’t tell others. That’s because the other morning while taking my shower, I poured hair conditioner on my shower sponge thinking it was shower gel. The bottles are the same color and I didn’t have my glasses on to read the label. For several hours, I had bouncy and behaving skin. LOL.

          • Try forgetting to rinse the conditioner out of your hair! I was combing my hair one morning and couldn’t figure out what that white goop was on my comb. Immediately had to get back into the shower to finish the job!

  15. here you go, WOMEN STANDING UP TO POLICE & taking back the streets from rouge cops who think they’re above the law!
    it’s long but you’ll see the women stop the cop from kid napping a 14yo for allegedly pushing the police call button as a prank.

    An angry member of the community boldly approached the officer and informed him that he has no business laying his hands on a 14-year-old child. She continues to bravely defend the child’s rights without backing down, adamantly demanding the officer’s names and drilling it into the teenagers that they need to tell their parents what the officers did.

    Around 6:20 the officer jumps out of his vehicle and charges towards one of the young girls who was calmly explaining to him that she had not done anything wrong. She continues to back away and witnesses, women and children, jump right in- trying to get between the teenager and the plain-clothed officer trying to snatch her.


    • That’s definitely interesting. My favorite video during the Baltimore riots was of the mother who caught her 17 year old son throwing rocks. She chased after him and towed him home. Of course the comments on AOL (which I no longer read, thanks to you Xena) were all screaming child abuse! Child abuse! But, you know what? You might not like her methods, but that is one Mom who won’t be going down to the morgue to identify her son’s body.

      • LOL@Linda. Like I told my son, once he got taller and bigger than me, then he could protect himself so it’s not “child abuse.” LOL.

    • Two sides to a story

      I think we’ll see a lot more of this type of resistance for unnecessary police contact.

    • Good, the community stood their ground! Those “undercover” who didn’t want to identify who they were, could have been anyone trying to snatch a young teen.

  16. O/T

    Laws apply to everyone, until everyone applies them.

    • Two sides to a story

      Yeah, 2nd amendment supporters seem to think that there’s some “whites only” tag on it.

    • I understand what you are saying, Xena, but why would anyone–white, black, or Martian–want to carry an AR-15 around in public?

      BTW, it’s another sleepless night, so there’s no telling what incoherent babble is going to come out of my mouth!

      • yahtzeebutterfly


        I’m with you regarding those AR-15 deadly weapons. Those nasty guns should be illegal.

        Yet, if they are not going to go after Whites the same way they went after the Black AR-15 carrier, we have a major problem in the our country because of L.E. treatment of Black citizens. The unequal treatment is a glaring injustice.

        • I agree with you. I grew up in the military, married into the military, and I don’t know a single soldier who carried a gun when he/she didn’t have to (hunters aside). It was just part of the uniform that they eagerly shed when they got off work.

          I wholeheartedly support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but (and here’s where I will piss off some people) I also believe the NRA should be declared a Terrorist Organization.

      • Well Linda, I think people open carry because the law in their state says that they can. They want to test the law and how law enforcement react. As we have seen however, when John Crawford had a toy rifle right off the shelf of the store, and leaning on it, law enforcement responded by shooting him dead.

    • I posted that on my Facebook the other day. I am getting SO sick of people who do not believe me. Thank you.

    • I saw this and wonder what the outcome was for the black man and woman filming him.

    • peni4yothot


      • Peni, I hear ya! The first cop who drew his weapon looked nervous like he wanted to shoot. And to order a 7 month pregnant woman to get face down on the ground is absolutely mind-bending.

        • peni4yothot

          I was on pins/needles watching that video. Sad how they treated her for her weapon, (camera) Thought about John Crawford in a open carry state, (IIRC) but still fatally shot by LE.
          You said it best, until you apply the law.

  17. Also OT – 9 people died in a mass shootout between skinhead gangs. No mass arrests, no teargas, no national guard calling anyone thugs.

    9 people died in a shootout between rival skinhead gangs in Waco, Texas today and gang members spent the afternoon chilling with police officers and texting. And Fredde Gray was killed because he “made eye contact”.

    • Disgusting, isn’t it?

    • Rachael….this involved 5 biker gangs and while some may have skinhead theologies not all biker gangs do. Quite a few biker gangs are known for many illegal activities. There have been mass arrests….192 so far and 18 wounded with 9 dead. I don’t see how you can compare this with the riots in Ferguson or Baltimore.

      They weren’t fighting over an injustice…the gangs were meeting to divide up territory when the fighting broke out. The bikers went after each other and not surrounding property to destroy. The police were expecting trouble and had forces standing by and moved in when the trouble erupted. It was over in a short period of time so there was never a need to call in the National Guard to ensure peace.

      What happened to Mr. Grey was wrong but I don’t see how the two compare.

      • Just watched a news conference on the Waco shootings. Arrests have been dropped to 170 and number may change. They are being charged with organized crime with capital murder (this could be a death sentence in Texas).

        The police will not release the names of the dead gang members saying they won’t give them publicity.

        The gangs knew there were police present before shootout since there were numerous police vehicles in parking lot patrolling prior to shootings. When they moved in the gangs went from attacking each other to attacking police. Several agencies were involved.

        Twin Peaks has revoked francise of Waco location due to their lack of cooperation with police prior to shootings and allowing the gangs to meet there.

      • peni4yothot

        “I don’t see how you can compare this with the riots in Ferguson or Baltimore”.

        Towerflower, I think what people are saying is how the media describes events. The special treatment TwinPeak people rec’d, vs activist.

        Here are some Twitter comments;

        · 1h 1 hour ago
        How many synonyms for “riot” will media use to describe white-on-white violence? #WacoShooting

        Granny T retweeted deray mckesson
        Privilege: permission to be on your phone, unhandcuffed, after going on a killing spree

        Why So Serious? retweeted deray mckesson
        Wow. Rumble? Sounds more like a boxing match than massacre.

        deray mckesson @deray
        9 dead. 18 injured. 100+ weapons recovered.
        & the gang is literally hanging out at the scene. #TwinPeaksShooting

        Chowder @TheUncoolest
        · 5h 5 hours ago
        Chowder retweeted deray mckesson
        Biker Melee..!?! THIS ISNT SMASH BROTHERS.

      • It doesn’t sound like Rachael was actually comparing the two in the way you imply.
        Sounds like she’s comparing the police response to both. Remember the response to gunners aiming at FEDS at the Bundy ranch.

        Personally I’m also comparing the police response to the two.
        The police have known about the issues yet couldn’t stop it. Why didn’t they call state police to control the thugs? They knew they’d be armed& many violent criminals, unlike the protesters.

        The police also say they shot some gang bangers during the massacre, but said no police were injured. Some find that pretty hard to believe. Dozens of injuries but none were cops?

        The police response appeared pretty light handed especially considering their claim they were also shooting, meaning they must of been in some fear for their own lives & innocent civilians. So why weren’t the gang members treated with the same indignities even some of the peaceful protesters were subjected to? Like corralled into a corner and maced, pepper sprayed, thrown to the ground with knees on their heads, shackled, hogtied etc.. I mean these ppl had just killed ppl! A human life isn’t the same as a CVS.

        I’m not nearly bothered that one of big pharma’s corporate babies got burned down (for more reasons than one) as I am about the 10yo little kid the cop in Baltimore pepper sprayed.

        As far as Ferguson or Baltimore’s property damage, basically the police could’ve prevented all of it had they been professional & arrested the police officers who were abusing the citizens for decades. The city could have prevented the police murders of innocent citizens had they taken appropriate action against corruption w/in their own government.

        The point is the blame for 99% of these riots is on our government for its subjugation & systemic failures toward some of its ppl throughout history. The differences between police reactions just confirms how hard the government works to keep the status quo.

        • peni4yothot

          I mean these ppl had just killed ppl! A human life isn’t the same as a CVS.

          Exactly Shannon, but yet they aren’t deemed “thugs”. smh. Bundy ranch; govt backed down. Ferguson/Baltimore; govt called out Natnl Guards.

          Pumpkin fest, win/lose game and now Twin Peak “brawl”; yet damages and loss of life but never referred to as “thugs”.

          Silly me, laws/rules/labels only apply for who????

        • TY great post….indeed after weeks of peaceful protests in both baltimore and furgeson the police response remained military like in uniforms and demeanor against UNARMED peaceful citizens……yet in Waco when they KNEW trouble was coming no such response at all.

        • I’m sorry and don’t mean to offend anyone but just trying to understand how the different events can be compared.

          I understand the feelings of inequal justice but situations are very different. The biker gangs in Texas weren’t protesting an injustice in which police pounced on them. Yes, I do agree that the militarization of police and their response was wrong in Ferguson. Yes, I agree that there are inequal responses to people of color. I guess the proper response would to have had all the gang members face down on the ground.

          Also, the 10 yr old boy was maced in Minneapolis during a protest of the Tony Robinson decision. Some protestors were jumping on cars in traffic and trying to open car doors. The police used mace to move the crowd back to ensure safety of motorists and the boy who was with his mother was hit.

          Yes, it was tragic when any child gets maced but why bring a young child to a situation that may escalate beyond peaceful protests? Please tell me how the police should’ve handled the safety of the motorists and those not peacefully protesting?

          The burning of businesses affect more than the corporation, they affect the community also. Jobs lost and inconvenience to residents if a business chooses not to reopen in the area. Not all businesses lost were corporate owned, some were privately owned.

          Yes change needs to happen and yes more police need to held responsible for their actions.

          • Towerflower – My point had NOTHING to do with comparing the events. The INJUSTICE was the way the police handled the crowd.

          • I’m not offended, I think I understand where your coming from, i just didn’t think you understood where Rachael & myself were coming from. like I said, I’m not comparing the two public displays of the citizens. I’m talking about the police responses.

            “The biker gangs in Texas weren’t protesting an injustice in which police pounced on them”
            Right, the bikes had just destroyed humans beings. so basically yes, if the police are going to do that to unarmed protesters, young men & women, elderly, some in wheelchairs, etc.. whatever, when they’re angry about legitimate grievances, than yes, the cops should at least attack actual killers who are armed and killing people in front of their face with the same enthusiasm as officer “bring it you fucking animals” clearly did.
            or not. why not just behave WAY better than they behaved in Waco? or Bundy ranch? since the protesters were not doing anything wrong when they’re complaining about injustices in the first place. it’s their right to complain & to demand the government work for them!

            The protests started when a cop executed an 18yr and left his body out there in the street for the whole neighborhood, including his family, to see, for hours!
            and instead of contacting his parents, they bring riot cops and barking dogs for ‘crowd control’ because people are standing around in utter horror! not to mention there were people out there who’d actually seen the cop kill the kid so they were also talking to the crowd telling them what happened.
            that entire scene was surreal to me. why dogs and shot guns, where were the grief counselors and therapists to help community deal with such a trauma?

            The riots started because those who tried to protest peacefully were being provoked, then finally pushed to edge & some criminal elements came and took advantage of the situation.

            as far as the local businesses that were looted, you’ll note that nothing in a white neighborhood was ever touched, even though one night the peaceful protesters actually tried to march through a white neighborhood and the state police rushed them like they were the secret service and the neighborhood was President Bush!
            I watched that on a live stream during the Ferguson protests, long before the rioting ever happened, and it was incredible how fast a swarm of cops came out of nowhere, swooped in and snatched some 20 protesters.
            It was unreal if you catch my drift.

            anyway, I’m actually saying no one should be treated like the police are treating some ppl, hopefully the more ppl who see what’s going on, the more people will help stop it.

          • I understand what you’re saying but really the reality is you don’t see any force being used against a single biker here. They just had a massive shoot out that left 9 dead and 192 arrested.

            Yet when you compare those facts to Freddie Gray making eye contact and running he had his neck broke. that leaves us to ask how is it possible force is necessary for a guy who runs away and is taken with out incident yet this shoot out between five biker gangs they are told to have a seat and wait to be cuffed.

            The militarized presence for un armed protesters is not needed, if you had a police presence that was able to deal with 5 biker gangs in a shoot out with out the need for a militarized presence then there is no need for that when you have a community un armed taking to the streets demanding justice.

        • Thank you Shannoninmiami – you got it.

    • peni4yothot

      Hi Linda,
      I read this on CNN’s ticker tape news. What I wonder is, would local police be able to purchase equipment thru private companies via Federal money allocated to them?

      • Hi Peni,

        Don’t know. Wouldn’t surprise me. All I know is that the world is changing so fast I can’t keep up. Heck! I still use AOL, for crying out loud!

      • Not all military style equipment is available for civilian purchase and police depts are considered civilian. Things like cammo can be. I know the city of Daytona Beach has a humvee they got from the military for just transfer fees. It had been used for mine sweeping in Iraq. They can’t sell it but if they choose to get rid of it, it has to go to another PD or returned to the military.

        I asked a swat member what it was used for and they told me it was used in every warrant delivery, Smh.

        • peni4yothot

          Wow, unbelievable. Warrant delivery; so they can do what, knock down the wrong house as they have in so many states. Crazy, thanks Tower for info.

          • that is why they dont need it and the reason our constitution says no standing armies…..give them the equipment = they will USE it even when it isnt needed…..standing armies = you will be in wars…….as is claimed now a permanent state of “war” against terrorists.

            • peni4yothot

              “…..give them the equipment = they will USE it even when it isnt needed…..”

              Exactly Bill, citizens expressing their rights to protest shouldn’t be met by an army.

              “There are more officers right now on alert in STL than in Waco, Texas”. (Twitter, DeRay McKesson)

  18. [url=]The U.S. needs to track police killings nationally[/url]

    • Thanks, Lonnie. Just signed my name. Although there are plenty of petitions that I support, the only other one that I have ever signed was the one for Rachel Jentel. I am pretty much an introvert and definitely not a rabble-rouser, but I do have very strong convictions,

      I have worked at a Police Department before and I know that most police officers are good, hardworking people, I also know that every community has its bad apples, even among the Police. At the PD where I worked, I have the reputation for being the only person with the guts to tell off the Police Chief in writing (my resignation letter).

      I guess that, deep down, I’m more of a rabble-rouser than I thought!

      • Lonnie Starr

        Good work, we’re all rebel rouses, when the right nerve is struck by an issue we care deeply about. The most important message to get out there is that, you fight for your own freedom and rights when you fight for the freedom and rights of others. Because any freedoms or rights that no one will fight for are lost to all.

    • Signed. Also they should add various circumstances involved….armed or not, etc.

    • Good to see you Lonnie.

    • LONNiE!!! Hey brother!! Its so awesome to see you (your avi LMAO)! I was just thinking about you yesterday when I was looking at old comments on leatherman’s blog!

  19. “When Zimmerman filed suit against Ames, it was reported that Zimmerman was subpoenaed for deposition, and he failed to appear.”

    Can I get a link or something for this?

  20. I came across a video on youtube about slavery and near the end they mention “red shirts”. Now that would be a really secret group of black haters. I remember I kept thinking how odd it was that GZ was wearing that red jacket on that night, because you just get the feeling that somehow that red jacket is very out of place, GZ favors dark colors, so why the red? Then there’s all this mysterious help he seems to be getting on that Sunday at RATL. So, perhaps there was a flock of red shirts at work, and he had to wear that red jacket to send the message that he was doing the groups work.

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