$2.25 Million to the Family of Jonathan Ferrell

The City of Charlotte, North Carolina, has agreed to a settlement with the family of Jonathan Ferrell.


Jonathan Ferrell

Jonathan, a 24-year-old former football player at Florida A&M University, wrecked his Toyota Camry in a subdivision northwest of Charlotte sometime after 2 a.m. on Sept. 14, 2013. It is presumed that he went looking for help, as a woman called 911 and reported that someone was knocking and kicking on her door. Jonathan walked away from the house back to his car, and three officers showed up. One officer, Randall Kerrick, pulled his gun and fired 12 shots, 10 of which hit Ferrell. Most recently reported is that the other two officers, both Black, did not draw their weapons.

Georgia Ferrell, Jonathan’s mother, said that the family will now turn their attention to the voluntary manslaughter trial of officer Randall Kerrick. It is scheduled to being July 20, 2015.


Randall Kerrick

Kerrick’s defense lawyer, Monroe Whitesides, asked the court to dismiss the case. He alleges that the lab destroyed Jonathan’s blood samples before they were able to have it independently tested for drugs. The court is scheduled to rule on that motion today.


Earlier in the case, Kerrick’s attorneys asked for a change of venue. His lawyer, Michael Greene, brought up Ferguson and Baltimore, asking Judge Robert Ervin to take it all into account as to whether Kerrick can get an unprejudiced jury in Mecklenburg County, N.C. The judge denied the motion to change venue.


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  1. What the hell does it matter if the victim’s lab work was lost, he’s not the one on trial.


    • Mindyme, you are so right, but the rapists defense is all they have; such as, “What was she wearing that night?” It distracts from the fact that he was unarmed and that the other two officers saw no need to draw their weapons.


      • Exactly, if the defense can say he had taken drugs or alcohol then you know it will be the person was drugged out of their mind and acting crazy to try and boost the cop’s claim he was fearful.

        I can’t wait for the day that any shooter, whether cop or civilian, gets a drug/alcohol screen after a shooting……..I can dream right? after all they test in most fatal car accidents so why not fatal shootings.


        • Towerflower, I agree, there should be blood tests on the shooters as well. The dead don’t get a chance to say how and what they felt, and that is interpreted by what substance is in their blood. The same testimony should apply to the living.


  2. And I’m so glad a change of venue was denied.


    • Mindyme, me too. Based on his attorneys’ argument, there is no where in the entire nation that he can find an impartial jury.


  3. Mr. Militant Negro

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  4. Progress………..slow but sure. If the jury has any sense at all, he’d done. Of course some juries have no sense at all, lets hope this one does.


  5. Two sides to a story

    At least this case has a decent ending on the civil end.


    • Yes, Two sides. It’s the only constitutional remedy. Still, it puts a bad taste in my mouth to know that government is more than willing to put a price on human life, just as they did when selling slaves.


  6. They arrested apperson!? Why, he like every thinking person has every right to fear for their life at the first sight of that murdering slob!


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