One Person Charged In The Investigation Of The Death Of Kendrick Johnson


Kendrick Johnson would have graduated high school this year.

It’s rather insignificant because it doesn’t lead to identifying who killed 17-year old Kendrick Johnson, but it’s significant in the sense that there are consequences for people who break the law.

You might remember about the anonymous email purporting to have overheard a confession in the killing of 17-year old Kendrick Johnson. We reported it in March 2014.

The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous email dated January 27, 2014. The sender did not suggest that he or she witnessed the confession. Rather, the sender claims to have been given that information by someone who purportedly is aware of the confession by a person implicated in the email.

On January 28, 2014, Chief Assistant District Attorney Bradfield Shealy issued a subpoena to Mediacom Communications Corporation to provide the subscriber information for the person submitting that email.  A teenage girl confessed to sending the email. She even interviewed with the Valdosta Daily Times to give her side of the story.


Chauncey Dalton

In July 2014, 19-year old Dalton Chauncey was charged with making a false statement to law enforcement.   Chauncey is the individual to claim overhearing the confessions. On May 4, 2015, Chauncey admitted to fabricating the story, and entered a plea of guilty of making a false statement. He will be sentenced on June 18, 2015.


The penalty in Georgia for making a false statement to law enforcement carries a sentence of 1 to 10 years and a $1,000 fine.

Chauncey is the only person to have been charged in the death investigation of Kendrick Johnson. Information released to the public does not say where the federal investigation stands.

May Kendrick’s parents be comforted in knowing that people still care. Kendrick’s life mattered.


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  1. Thank you so much for this update. I know they will find something one day, I just know it.

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  2. Was he arrested for having made up the story to the girl or did he repeat the confession he (never) overheard, to the police?

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    • He was investigated for telling the story to the girl. When the sheriff interviewed him, he first said that what he heard was true. The sheriff wanted the names of the persons. Then he confessed to making it all up, including the persons who he said confessed to killing Kendrick.

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  3. Two sides to a story

    Hmm. If Kendrick Johnson’s death wasn’t a freak accident, then this charge smacks of further cover-up by the status quo.

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    • Two sides, I wondered about that. There are so many unanswered questions, and failure to collect all the evidence. That blood on the door is something that I question, notwithstanding the edited videos.

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      • Two sides to a story

        Yes, though they say it has nothing to do with the case, it’s a bit odd, considering that janitorial staff would probably clean it up after whatever incident caused it. Well, you’d think.


        • Two sides, if the blood on the door had nothing to do with the case, then its presence alone was a health hazard and the school should be cited.


  4. Omg this whole email situation is so convoluted. If I got this right, the story is basically this guy tells this girl that he overheard a confession & sends an email to police saying the same thing? Then the girl he told goes and tells media what he told her? I haven’t heard her story or what this guy said in his email but it would be interesting if he implicated the same brothers who seem to be the only suspects or if he implicated someone else entirely. And so after all this time, this guy is the only one they’ve charged… So many things wrong with this case, but this is pathetic.


    • Ok wait, the GIRL sent the email, not Chauncy (LMFAO Chauncy) here. She implies in the interview she’d heard the rumors about the same ppl as well as what Ebony magazine wrote about. and as far as I know, they reported about the brothers too. so this seems to mean that Chauncy here, implicated those brothers. the sons of the FBI agent. this says to me that those brothers have always been the target, not only by Kendrick’s family, but the students at the high school also suspect them.

      having this guy locked up/indicted/charged could totally be a sort of intimidation tactic by the LEO & the brothers’ family. they could be saying things like, look asshole, if you open your mouth again you’ll find yourself rolled up in the gym mat. or say this interfering with investigation issue is just a taste of what we could do to jam you up. imagine if they tried to pin the murder on him?? this kid from bumfuck Georgia (and I know this area in Georgia) is about as unsophisticated as they get. I’d guess he’s an easy target to bully into silence by LEO and someone working with the FEDS. this screams of conspiracy to intimidate to me. I mean obviously the Sheriff wasn’t interested in solving the murder so why would he press the issue of getting this guy to talk unless the sheriff was actually worried about what he knew and what he’d say to someone who could do something about it?

      idk, it’s shady. Kendrick was murdered & that’s just a fact. The LEO over there have no intention of solving the case which was obvious from the moment it happened. after the cover up began anyone involved has reason to keep it covered up now.


      • You’re right, Kendrick was murdered. The main 2 suspects father works with GBI and the public will never know what happened.

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        • Mindy I really hope you’re wrong. I’m sure you do too!
          But I got this weird feeling one day while I accidentally started watching one of the those ID channel shows (I used to love them & watched all of them for years, UNTIL Trayvon. now I can barely watch them because I always compare how the prosecution & judge et al treat the victim compared to how they treated Trayvon)
          Anyway, that day It just dawned on me that one day they’ll be a show like that about Kendrick because someday someone’s gonna confess or more likely, 25-30yrs from now, some new detective or prosecutor will come in & reopen the case and solve the crime with irrefutable evidence &/or confession by a witness or accomplice after the fact type person. They’ll either prosecute/convict the brothers, OR it’ll be too late because those brothers will be dead already from something like a car crash/suicide/domestic violence or maybe even be in prison for something else. I know I sound ridiculous but I’ve had these weird thoughts before and it happened. course I had a big one about something else about me & getting car jacked and I was wrong. but that wasn’t like Kendrick. I haven’t really followed Kendricks murder because I’m too upset about Trayvon still. But just outta the blue Kendrick popped in my mind, so I don’t know… lmao

          but I hope I’m wrong too, because the killers and everyone involved in the coverup really need to be put in a cage. the parents of those kids are disgusting ppl for doing this to other parents. and for that they need to have visit from karma.

          I’ve always said, if my kid ever did something wrong, especially as horrific as murder, I’d insist that he’d be punished. period. I’d want him to get mental heath care too. I’d hope it was not intentional, I hope my kid will be a decent person. but no matter what, whether it was an accident or a stupid mistake that got out of hand, I’d want him to own up and take his punishment & try to make amends.

          I know parents like Zimmerman’s don’t love their own kids. those ppl are just as deviant as Zimmerman &they’re only concerned for themselves & how they look or what ppl think of them. if they really loved Zimmerman they’d never support what he did. No normal parent wants their kid to be a child murderer who gets off on it & then profits from stalking & killing a young boy. they’d know the pain he caused to another family & want to do whatever they could to protect anyone else from him if they could.


          • shannoninmiami I know this isn’t murder. But my youngest son brought pot in the house. I told him 5 times to get it out. Take it some place else, or else. Well, I finally called the cops. UGH!. But it taught him a lesson. Don’t do illegal things and you won’t have to pay the price. How else are they going to learn if we don’t do the right thing our self. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, see my son in cuffs. He was also in gangs. But today. He’s pretty awesome. Very proud of him.

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          • Zimmerskin’s family saw him as a cash cow. That’s the extent of their interest in him.

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    • Shannon,

      …it would be interesting if he implicated the same brothers who seem to be the only suspects or if he implicated someone else entirely.

      He said that the people he named do not exist. Actually, he may have done that in effort to distract attention from the brothers.

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  5. Two sides to a story

    I’ve followed the case fairly closely from the beginning and it always seems as if someone is working overtime to keep a lid on it, just as happened with Darren Wilson / Mike Brown in STL.


    • Two sides. I agree. Too much is suspicious, and that includes Kendrick’s organs being removed and his body stuffed with newspaper. I’ve never, ever heard of a funeral home doing that. I thought that human organs had to be disposed of in a special manner and it required consent of the next of kin.


  6. crustyolemothman

    It would be necessary to conduct an investigation in order to find the killer (s) and this is not happening! What they call an investigation is a farce designed to protect a political figure and nothing positive will ever see the light of day because of that! Back to my silent mode…


  7. The drama with the email has bugged me since the minute I heard about it. I bet we know about 1% of that story.
    One of the most compelling reasons to try and stay healthy and aim for longevity is the hope of some day finding out the truth about things like the KJ story. That would be worth sticking around for.


    • Pat,
      There have been too many distracting stories, too many excuses, and too many hands in the pot which for me, makes it all suspicious. Knowing that there is a federal investigation, I’ve not expressed opinions. With the feds now looking into obstruction, the investigation is really interesting.


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