Out of 50 largest US cities, only one has a police force that isn’t whiter than the population

I’ve often said that I do not understand people who chose to work in communities where they don’t want to live.

The Fifth Column

Freddie Gray being loaded into the police van Freddie Gray being loaded into the police van|attribution: Citizen Filming


Which is it?


This is a problem. Day in and day out, in every major city across America, police officers are driving in from out of town, into the inner city, to police men and women they don’t know and most often don’t understand in any empathetic fashion. In a sweeping study done by the Center for Public Integrity, it was determined that regardless of whether a large city had a majority African-American or Latino population, the majority of police forces in every city but Atlanta had a far greater share of white officers than the actual population.

In another study of the 75 largest cities in America, it was found that while 50 percent of African-American and Latino police officers lived in the actual cities they serve as officers, only 35 percent of white officers…

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  1. Not living in the communities they ‘serve’ separates them from the citizens in so many ways.

  2. How many times do I have to say it — I can’t keep up. Unarmed homeless man in Los Angles has been shot and killed by police.


    • Other countries have ways of dealing with armed and unarmed citizens. Our LEO have guns so they have no reason to use their brains to to even try to de-escalate situations.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Yes, Mindy, ….they could have used other ways to both deescalate and subdue this man instead of ending his life.

        Even their police chief said:

        “”Any time an unarmed person is shot by a Los Angeles police officer, it takes extraordinary circumstances to justify that, and I have not seen those extraordinary circumstances at this point,” Beck said.

      • Mindyme, can you imagine if the colonies felt safe from invasion, and when developing the constitution, did not include the right to bear arms, that America would not have the problem of citizens having guns, so police have guns, and everyone is afraid of others because of guns?

        We as a country are certainly reaping what we sowed.

    • The police union says it wrong to say anything until we know everything about the cover up, errrr………..the facts.

      Us, as citizens keep saying, we want the “facts” not some cover up bullshit, dog & pony show where a killer cop says “I was so scared”

      You’re in a match with an unarmed guy…………just disengage stupid, cuz’ you know help is on the way, ya know, what with calling for backup and all.

      Did we all miss the memo from the cops saying to keep giving us material to protest about ????? Is that what this is ?? Can’t they see that if a cop gets arrested in SC, then MD, by the half dozen there, and more and more video surfaces, it might actually be time to actually “Protect and Serve”

      • Racer, you make a good point. It’s almost hypocritical to want a job that requires courage, then kill unarmed people on the basis of “I was so scared.”

      • scrodriguez

        Racer I was actually thinking about writing about these police unions here. Lets look at whats happening in Baltimore the police union is using the Media to taint the jury pool and create reasonable doubt regarding the knife that Freddy Gray had on him.

        Yet on the west Coast the LA Police Chief stated publicly that he doesnt see anything in the video that indicates justified shooting.
        Yet the Union out here has criticized the chief for saying that stating that it could mislead the public into forming an opinion that may not be accurate.

        So to sum it all up for you in short, When it comes to holding Law Enforcement officers accountable for their crimes, the Unions only want info leaked that will benefit their cause and will speak out against any leaks if it does not serve their agenda.

        in short the Police Unions should NOT be designed to protect officers who commit criminal acts they should simply be there to address employment issues nothing more. Breaking the law is not an employment issue its a criminal issue.

        • good point. since when does a union go all in like this when a member commits a crime? I don’t know much about unions but I thought they were to negotiate wages & equal employment issues &stuff like that, but as a collective, representing the group against big biz.
          I’ve always had a positive view of unions, but these police unions are kinda looking like political gangs really.

    • yahtzeebutterfly


    • Two sides to a story

      Clearly, LAPD LIKES to shoot people. I don’t see any real excuse for any of the last half-dozen shootings there. They seem to like to practice their skills on the homeless and street people. : /

      • Two sides, the only thing I can figure out is that they believe some people are burdens on society and they use that justification to kill them.

  3. Thank you

  4. oops i posted on the old page.
    but here’s the link If you wanna watch Lynch’s presser it’s on now.


  5. wow this is deep. i’m gonna look her up on youtube see what else she did. she’s beautiful &I love her! and did i say deep? it gave me chills. they don’t make music like this anymore, that’s for sure.

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      I really admire Nina Simone and love the video you posted. (Donna of Hedge and Donna also performed Ms. Simone’s song.)

      Have you seen this video “Mississippi Goddam” by Nina Simone:

      • Oh yeah, now I know who she is! I’ve heard Mississippi Goddam, so isnt Strange fruit her song too?

        BTW. I never knew this but i guess I can’t see videos or pics or click links using my wordpress phone app, so I’ll come back to the computer to see what you posted.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Shannon, I’ve heard that about phones not being able to play videos that are posted.

          Billie Holiday sang “Strange Fruit”.

          I don’t know if Nina Simone every sang it.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Here is Donna of “Hedge and Donna” singing Four Women

      Photo of Hedge and Donna:

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