Michael Brown’s Friend Files Lawsuit and Grand Juror’s Suit is Dismissed


Dorian Johnson

Dorian Johnson, the man who was with Michael Brown when they encountered Darren Wilson who killed Michael, has filed a lawsuit against the City of Ferguson, former Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, and former police officer Darren Wilson. Dorian filed suit in the St. Louis County Circuit Court. Dorian’s complaint alleges constitutional violations, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress. It mentions many of the Justice Department’s findings.   Click here for the lawsuit.  It can also be found on the right-side border of this blog under “Documents.”

Paragraph 18 of the lawsuit alleges:

The actions of Defendant Wilson that give rise to this lawsuit are consistent with the  aforementioned findings of the Department of Justice. It is against this backdrop and culture of racially biased policing that Officer Darren Wilson encountered Plaintiff Dorian Johnson and his friend Michael Brown, Jr., both African-American males, as they walked down Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014. Officer Wilson used techniques that the FPD previously and repeatedly used to effectuate unconstitutional racially motivated stops of African -American citizens. Officer Wilson used this pretext to chastise and detain Plaintiff Dorian Johnson and Michael Brown , Jr. about the manner in which they were walking in the street.

The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $25,000 in addition to attorney fees and costs. Johnson is represented by Clayton, MO attorney Daniel Brown, and Louisiana attorneys James Williams and Inemesit O’Boyle.

Grand Juror’s Complaint

On Tuesday, a federal judge would not take jurisdiction over the case filed by a former grand juror and said that the grand juror needs to go to a Missouri state court to seek permission to publicly talk about participation on the grand jury to determine whether to indict Darren Wilson.

U.S. District Judge Rodney Sippel wrote:. “Federal intervention would interfere with Missouri’s procedures and policies in an area of special state interest, that is, the control, use, and structure of its grand jury system.”

St. Louis Today reports:

Tony Rothert, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri, which represents the juror, called Sippel’s dismissal of the federal suit “thoughtful.” Rothert said there were many positives in the ruling, including Sippel’s refusal to rule in McCulloch’s favor on the merits of the case.

Tony Rothert said that before deciding the next step, the ACLU would have to talk to the juror, but he expected action “soon.”

The former grand juror wants freedom to challenge State Attorney McCulloch’s “implication that all grand jurors believed that there was no support for any charges.”  He/she also wants to speak with relatives about the case. The former grand juror, whose name is anonymous, says in the suit that there was an unusual focus on Brown’s background in the investigation and allegations of “muddled and untimely” presentation of legal guidelines.

What Is It Costing Ferguson To Clean Up Its Act?

The City of Ferguson has hired Chicago attorney Dan K. Webb to negotiate or possibly litigate reforms with the Department of Justice.  His hourly rate is $1,335.00.   Dan Webb defended former Illinois Governor George Ryan on federal racketeering and fraud charges. Ryan was convicted and sentenced to 6½ years in prison in 2007.

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  1. Two sides to a story

    May the force be with him.

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  2. No, McCulloch needs to answer to what he did. the chief lost his job for lying basically. but mcliar needs to be held accountable for his bogus kangaroo grand jury & I’d really like him publicly humiliated for his arrogance & lies in his portrayal of the grand jury’s decision. they don’t get to go back like business as usual.


    • Two sides to a story

      Yes. Agreed. I hope Johnson is successful with his civil lawsuit because it opens the door to hold McCulloch more accountable.


  3. $1,335.00 per hour on a lawyer with a history of losing… . I don’t see justice coming from a Missouri State court in either law suit, the juror’s or Dorian’s. 🙂 Maybe I’ll feel differently after I read the suits and findings .

    Good Morning!

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    • $1,335.00 per hour on a lawyer with a history of losing… .

      Dan Webb used to be a federal prosecutor. The cases he prosecuted were mostly White Collar crime. When he went into private practice, it was for federal criminal defense. He takes cases where defendants are guilty, and tries to get them less time in prison. At least, that is what he did with former Illinois Governor Ryan.

      I wonder what his retainer was.


  4. #14 of Dorian’s lawsuit: “The Ferguson Police Department (hereinafter “FPD”) has terrorized the AfricanAmerican citizens in its community and engages in intentional discrimination on the basis of race. African-Americans comprise approximately 67% of the population in Ferguson, Missouri.

    The Department of Justice’s Report indicates that African-Americans are routinely targeted well beyond this proportion. For example, African-Americans accounted for 85% of traffic stops, 90% of citations, and 93% of arrests from 2012 to 2014. Other statistical disparities confirmed by the Department of Justice’s Report show that in Ferguson”

    How can anyone read this and not see this policy is biased???

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    • Right Mindyme! Dorian’s lawsuit is supported by the DOJ’s report. There was no good reason for Wilson to escalate jaywalking into shooting Michael’s brains out.


  5. peni4yothot

    Any witness to police corruption appears to be smeared and or harassed. Nothing obvious here, eh? (snark)


    • This is the intimidation and retribution process that corrupt people use to scare others so they won’t exercise their constitutional rights to redress grievances.

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    • Annie Cabani

      Police released details of an incident involving three men taken into custody after officers were called to the 5700 block of Acme Avenue at 3:21 p.m. Wednesday by someone “reporting a large group of subjects who were possibly armed with firearms.”

      Same old BS. Criminalizing a group of African-Americans who were doing nothing other than being a group of African-Americans! So they prompt someone to say … or someone knows enough to offer … that they were “possibly armed.”


      But WHO would such nonsense stick to?? Right! African-Americans!!

      This policing shit is out of control!!


      • Yep, laws are too broad/vague. LE can arrest in majority of states on “suspicion” such as; “possibly” and in “high crime” areas. F*ing unreal.
        There was a law (maybe still in existence) that an illegal search resulted in evidence thrown out. So this is how the “blue line” sneaks around it. Pfffffff……


  6. Well, guess what?


    • the correct legal wording is resisting an ILLEGAL ARREST, and the local IDIOTS just confirmed his lawsuit that he is having his right violated and they added a NEW law suit he can file for this false arrest…..they had NO reason to arrest him, no reason to touch him, no reason to question him, the police were 100% in the wrong.


      • Bill,

        resisting an ILLEGAL ARREST

        Yep. There you go. How does a person resist arrest when they have committed no crime? So, we have a new law where police say, “We want to find something to arrest you for, and if you open your mouth, we’ll arrest you for resisting arrest.”


        • and “yelling” at them is their official claim of what he did…….the citizens of this nation better wake up soon, i fear this summer, something is up with this increase in brutality even when they are being videoed.


          • … i fear this summer, something is up with this increase in brutality …

            The White Supremacists want their race war before Obama leaves office, preferably before the next presidential election so they can use it to smear Democrats.


      • Annie Cabani

        Amen, Bill Taylor.

        And if his lawyers for his civil case are on the ball, keep your eyes peeled for a “First Amended Complaint” to be filed in his civil lawsuit!


      • scrodriguez

        Spot on I didnt even think about that but you are 100% correct he just won his lawsuit


  7. Isnt there a law that says if you’re being illegally arrested you actually have the right to resist and if it happens that the police officer is killed/shot during the attempt to falsely arrest you, you’re not responsible? basically it’s self defense.
    because I’ve seen a report about a case where that happened and the victim of the false arrest was vindicated.


    • scrodriguez

      Interesting and I think I remember a case like that as well the only issue is I believe it has to be in the same state if its not a federal law if its a federal law then damn its over they better write that check tomorrow

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  8. would this claim hold any water…..in many states discharging a weapon in close proximity to innocent people is called “reckless endangerment” seems to me by wilsons own words he is guilty of that by virtue of firing 2 WILD not aimed shots from inside his car?Johnson was right there clearly in danger and the building the bullet was recovered from also had people in it.


    • yeah, LLMPapa demonstrated that bullet inside the apartment proved how outrageously off mark Wilson’s shooting was, especially considering that he’s chasing down an unarmed teenager who’s already been injured & trying to get away from him!
      just sickening really. everytime I think about how afraid Mike was while he watched helplessly as that POS murdered him


  9. If you wanna watch Loretta Lynch’s presser it’s on now in 2min.



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