Why Some People Are Mean – They Crave Chicken McNuggets

melodi dushane

Melodi Dushane


It was New Years day, 2010, Toledo, Ohio. Melodi Dushane wanted Chicken McNuggets for breakfast. The problem was that McNuggets are not on the breakfast menu. She flew into a rage.

Her rage resulted in a sentence of 60 days with 3 years of community control for vandalism and assault.

We wonder at times why people are mean. Now we know – they want chicken McNuggets.



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  1. Wait……….my son & I love McNuggets, and we’re not mean……..well, except that one time my brother stole my money, and I whumped him upside the head, but I was 9 at the time…..oh, and they didn’t have McNuggets yet….

    Soooooo, it must be……Ohio………yeah……that’s the ticket…..McNuggets in Ohio !!!

  2. IMO this is a good example of everyday-type police harassment. for a black guy i’d consider this one of the less invasive interactions but hugely invasive to others in society. you can imagine how annoying and demoralizing this could be for a grown man to deal with on a regular basis. to feel disrespected by some stranger with not only privilege, but a privileged asshole w/a chip on his shoulder and power to take your life at any moment.

    and before you think to yourself; why doesn’t he just show him his ID & be done with it, think about what if you don’t feel like it? why should you have to OBEY when you haven’t done anything wrong? what if you both knows he’s being condescending & his BS manipulations are an abuse of his ‘authority’ so he’s insulting your intelligence &being disrespectful towards you?
    and just compare this cop’s attitude towards this guy & most of the cops attitudes towards the gun suckers running around town w/shotguns blabbing about their rights not to show their IDs even when strapped & fitting the profile of a school shooter.
    yet this cops claims he fits the description of a “black guy with dreads” who was asking for money, even if he was (& he wasn’t), last I checked it wasn’t against the law to ask for money.

    • Shannon,
      Very revealing video. The profiling is layered. It started with a store clerk. It reminds me of what happened to John Crawford. If that guy had not lied on what John was doing in WalMart and called the cops, John would not have been shot down like a deer in the forest.

      • Incredible and unbelievable the officer that killed John Crawford wasn’t disciplined or charged and is still on the force.

        • Mindyme, I would have like to seen the guy who called in the false report arrested and convicted. John’s blood is on his hands.

    • The officer was being a dick, until he realized the man knew his rights. The prescription the man offered the police had his name on it. That should have sufficed with the request for ID although the man being harassed was correct, he didn’t have to show the officer anything.

    • these SKIN heads need to grasp their choice in doing that gives away that they are RACISTS…….that officer had no reason on earth to even talk to this person.

  3. I would loved to have seen the driver’s reaction that was behind the crazy lady!! What a show and story they have to tell their friends! “don’t make me assume my ultimate form” LOL

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