Missouri City Elects Its First Black Woman Mayor – Cops and Civil Servants Resigned Without Notice

ParmaParma, Missouri is a small town located in Southeast Missouri. The 2010 census reports that it had a population of 713 people in 283 households. The racial makeup was 67.46 White, 29.45% Black, and 2.81% Latino.

Parma’s mayor, Randall Ramsey, had served for 37 years.   This year, he was defeated by Tyus Byrd, a Republican. Byrd was sworn into office on April 14th. Last year, residents were concerned with increases to their water and electric bills. Then Mayor Ramsey said he had an open office, but residents said that their voices went unheard by city officials. Ramsey encouraged residents to attend city council meetings, but one said that when she went, it was cancelled. Ramsey stated it was because there weren’t enough board members available to attend.

Five of the city’s six cops quit after Byrd was elected. Two were Tyrus Byrd, Parma's new mayorfull-time and three were part-time officers. Outgoing Mayor Randall Ramsey told the media that the cops gave no notice and were joined by the city attorney, clerk and water treatment supervisor. They all cited “safety concerns” in their letters of resignation. The letters of resignation have not been released to the new mayor and there are reports that they cannot be found and that the computers were cleared.

Residents who were interviewed say they are not concerned about their safety, and they are relieved about the situation because Parma doesn’t have many problems in town.

On a personal note, I prefer that employees quit when they do not want to work under a certain person, rather than circumvent the person’s authority and/or attempt a constructive discharge. We saw too much circumvention by our national Congress in effort to make President Obama a one-term president. We also saw how certain processes were delayed to point a finger at the President to blame him for why Congress was not working for the good of the nation.

It is important that leaders be able to trust those who serve citizens. Since the election of Barack Obama as President, and his appointment of Eric Holder as Attorney General, many have experienced that reaching out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation leads to the proverbial going in circles. Calls to the main office for the Department of Justice regarding civil rights violations are handled by gate-keepers who summarily advise citizens to surrender their constitutional rights if they don’t want them violated.

Recently, a New Jersey law enforcement officer blamed President Obama for law enforcement’s constitutional violations.

My best to the city of Parma. At least the new mayor starts her position with a clean slate.


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  1. Two sides to a story

    Not one bit racist, no sir. Postracial America.

  2. Hmmmmmm ?? !! ?? and those rascally rabbit Republicans claim what ?? and the computers were cleared………and, uhmmmm, the letters disappeared, and well, all I can say is…….

    Go away…………….and stay away !!

    • Racer, the town should be happy to get them off the streets. Let’s just hope they don’t go to Oklahoma and become rent-a-cops.

      • And how ironic that the mayor is a Republican. Where’s Allen West, Herman Cain, Larry Elder and all those other Black Republicans who are always claiming that Black complain about racism too much now?

        • Hey J.R.! Remember there was a time when Republicans were the good guys and advocated to end slavery, while particularly, southern Democrats were the bad guys. After the first voting rights act, some politicians learned that when there is a significant Black population to effect the vote, to run as a Democrat. However, they are the type of pre-civil war Democrat. That is why I prefer to look at the candidate rather than the party.

      • Yep………….Go away…….and stay away !!

  3. I have been posting this on Facebook for days now and I can’t believe how some people can be so effn naive. One person insisted I always play the race card, maybe it was because she is a woman. Ok. That makes it better then. SMH. I red another article where one theory was this had been prior run by a good old boy network and with her in office, they couldn’t continue, and that was why all the computers were cleared. I’ll post it if I can find it. I tried to explain to this other person the dog whistle “good old boys” is and that it perfectly explained why a black woman would cause that kind of reaction. It’s on my timeline so it will be easy to find. There was another article I posted today where all I could say is sometimes things are EXACTLY as they appear. And how do they get away with wiping the computers? That’s government property.

  4. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    New Jersey *groan*

  5. Sometimes things are exactly the way they lookhttp://www.examiner.com/article/80-percent-of-missouri-town-s-police-force-quit-after-first-black-mayor-elected

  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    Seems to me that wiping their computers clean is an indication that they were scared of something that the computer records would reveal.

    • Computers aren’t really ever wiped ‘clean’ though, are they?

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Correct….junk in the attic still lies dormant from what I understand.

    • Of course they were scared. If they resigned in masse, heaven knows what they said on comments about her. The good news is that the community voted for her and has faith in her. She can now hire a diverse police force, new city attorney and water treatment supervisor. She can make sure that the replacements are of good character, honest and competent who will work in the best interests of the community. Those who resigned in a cowardly way, are easily replaced. This way there are no racist, good old boys, self serving employees serving their own interests, They did her and the community a favor. If they expected to make a statement, they did. Don’t let the door slam on the way out and good riddance!

  7. It’s utterly detestable, but who needs a bunch of chauvinistic racist pigs in powerful positions anyway? They’re the type of people that keep dragging our arses back into the dark ages. Good riddance is what I say! I bet she had something on them and they knew their time was limited anyway? Well done, Tyus Byrd… now do some good! 😉

    • The whole world knows the GJ was rigged. What’s sad is even knowing it was rigged, some folks wanted a ‘win’ for Wilson on any terms.

      • yes, that’s really my biggest problem with the way this case has been treated. Twist the facts into illogical nonsense. Doesn’t matter how obvious it is either. McCulloch is the pig who made such spectacle claiming to do an extra thorough investigation, giving the grand jury ALL the evidence &the grand jury ‘gave up their lives’ for this while the media & all the eyewitnesses were making “false claims” (but only the ones who didn’t support Wilson’s narrative, bcuz the only 2 who did support Wilson were perfectly legit, even tho one was confirmed as never being at the scene in her pathetic life) which made this case so much harder to treat fairly. & that’s why he brought the defendant in to literally give his side, unchallenged, so that when he released the transcripts we all had the ‘truth’ that he already knew before all that nonsense.
        and yet, to the bigots delight, he gets away with it because no one will stop him.

    • Two sides to a story

      Awesome news. And heads are going to roll soon in Tulsa over the insurance guy reserve cop.

  8. True. As racist and misogynistically deplorable as those actions were, it is wonderful they are no longer there. Obviously that garbage was there a long time and it appears the trash was taken put. Good riddance!

    • yes, Thank you Rachael, that was interesting. I’ve been reading about this the past few days. Mr. Pickens is very brave. I don’t blame him for suing.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Thanks for posting this article, Rachel.

      Only when a traditional town faces change do we learn about its character and what is hidden just below the its surface.

  9. This may start an embarassing trend with the ascent of black elected officials in local government. Ferguson has two new (black) city council members so we will have to see how many of the city’s finest (and I use that term loosely) will now bail.

  10. crustyolemothman

    I fail to understand why anyone would complain about this situation. Is it not the opinion of the majority that all these “white privileged allegedly racists cops” be removed and replaced by people that more closely represent the ethnic make up of the community? This little town will be an interesting place to watch in the future as change occurs away from “white rule”. Now if Ferguson can just get rid of all the white cops there, things will in many peoples opinion, improve for the black community there. Change will happen regardless of the wish of many people, hopefully it improve the status of the minority population within our society. Time will tell how successful these changes are… I wonder how the “white” population of our nation will handle suddenly becoming the “new underclass” in this nations society?

  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    • This is beyond embarrassing. I liked her comment about the attorney who told her she couldn’t take office.

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