The Killing of Walter Scott

There is no way that Slager or the conspiracy theorists can lie their way out of this one… This video establishes the following;

Walter was already hit with the taser and likely knocked down by the taser just prior to the shooting.

(supporting evidence)

  • Walter’s hat on the ground 
  • Walter’s pants are somewhat pulled down 
  • Stun wires in Walter’s leg 
  • Cartridge case for the stun gun on the ground at the feet of Slager 



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  1. Well that video should clear up any cop bootlicking idiot’s delusions!

    Zimmerman’s dumbass actually recorded himself committing aggravated stalking against Trayvon & the 911 call recorded him murdering Trayvon.
    But Slager had no idea he was recorded murdering & covering up the murder of Walter Scott.

    • scrodriguez

      Thats what makes this so creepy he didnt know he was being recorded so you saw him act as he would in normal everyday cop on the job mode. That in itself is scary it came too natural the way he picked that stun gun up and dropped it next to Walter.

      The other part that is so disturbing is the fact that it came too natural for the other cops to look the other way when that shit happened. this video proves whats been being said for many many years.

      No I am not saying that this video is an accurate depiction of all police officers its an accurate depiction of what has been reported time and time again concerning bad cops.

  2. What am I the first one here??!! LMAO

    • Hey Shannon.
      LOL! You’re always number 1 in my book.
      This was published rather late, and I forgot to allow comments until about half an hour after it was published. Sometimes, Word Press automatically defaults to allowing comments to articles written by our writers, and sometimes it does not. I never have to worry about that with articles that I post, so forget at times when towerflower and Santiago write for the blog.

  3. [People of color] are expected to educate white people as to our humanity. Women are expected to educate men. Lesbians and gay men are expected to educate the heterosexual world. The oppressors maintain their position and evade their responsibility for their own actions. —Audre Lorde

    Black people are not here to teach you: What so many white Americans just can’t grasp

    Condemning racism is easy. Being a true ally in the fight against white supremacy requires time and research

    • Shannon,
      There would be no need to educate if people of all races got to know each other without biases. Remember Josh Solomon? He took medication to change the color of his skin, went in public as a Black man and after a week, couldn’t stand it anymore.

      “Afterward, Josh told Oprah that “white people get this respect and black people are constantly trying to prove that they deserve it or are worthy of it.”

    • White people already know what to do. It grinds my gears when some feign ignorance as their excuse to not do the right thing.

  4. Getting tired of hearing how police officers are virtually untouchable, this is what I think. I think ALL citizens should get a bullet-proof vest and wear them like police officers. I don’t understand how a police officer with a bullet-proof vest can EVER feel threatened, then shoot others in the back as they are running away from the officer. Police are hunting the defenseless, just as a person kills a defenseless animal, such as a deer, and call it “hunting.”

  5. Of course he lied. Slager wasn’t even worried about the camera, he looked right at it. It’s as if LEOs know they will be protected by their superiors and police unions.

    How many more are there, murderers, protected by their badge?

  6. I know all officers aren’t hateful racist. I know there are those who ‘do’ the right thing, even in the face of adversity. I want to share this particular case. It seems pretty tame in light of recent events.

    In SC, where I grew up and have many step cousins, one of those cousins passed in her sleep Tuesday night. 62 y/y, mother, grandmother and aunt, Debra was an RN who helped babies and children. Debra passed due to natural causes. Debra raised sweet, gentle and fair minded children.

    I always knew ‘something’ had happened when her husband, Randy, worked for the police department in our small town, that caused an ‘out’ with another relative who worked there but never took the time to find out what that was until I got the news of her passing. Randy is truly one of the ‘good’ ones.

  7. Well hopefully we’ll have the last laugh and he’s charged. GUILTY OF MURDER in the FIRST DEGREE….. by the JURY!!!

  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    Your captions with the arrows in the video make it very clear to me just how the event unfolded, Santiago. Thanks.

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    A sick and Inconvenient truth..

  10. The Blue Line is strong and cops will always get away with murder. That is why it is important that bystanders make sure that these murders are filmed.

    • Raewyn,
      A question I’ve asked myself is, if I were a police officer, and knew that another officer lied about killing someone, how safe would I feel working with that person? I suspect that there is lots of vulnerability and threats of blackmail that goes on.

      • Remember the old Mafia saying, “Two people can keep a secret……….if one of them is dead” When Slager looked at the camera, did he not know what was going on, or is he that arrogant to think nothing would come of it. The truth is that more and more of these murders are being captured on video, it’s the cops policing cops that is in the way.

        How does Eric Garners murder escape a prosecution ? How many others on video get a free “….he was scared…” bullshit pass.

        On the other hand, many are being prosecuted compared to the past, it’s when it isn’t that we go into overdrive.

        • Hey Racer! I suspect that Slager thought photos were being taken and not video. You are right about the history of videos because it dates back to the beating of Rodney King, and those cops walked free. No matter what a jury decides, the public has eyes and common sense.

        • The witness was asked about the filming & he said he didn’t have the phone in a way the killer could see he was filming but he wasn’t specific. so basically the killer saw the witness watching him but didn’t know he was filming it & that’s prolly why he was able to leave with his phone & show it to someone.
          remember the cops took Walter’s brother’s phone from him.

          the cops also took ppl’s phones during the time Mike Brown lay dead in the street for those 4hours. I’m still reading the grand jury transcripts but I can’t wait to hear if any of those videos were played for them. that one juror is still fighting for the right to speak about what happened in there, I hope they get to.

          I have this feeling someone got at least some of Mike’s murder on video. maybe other’s recorded different things at different times and they could all be kinda edited together to show what happened… prolly just a dream..

          but there’s still a chance that Wilson could be tried. they could still get a judge to assign a new prosecutor or something like that. there’s a couple of different ways to bring Wilson to trial on a state charge…there’s still a chance.

          the chief of police is such a snake in the grass. but in one of his sweaty pressers he said they had collected ppl’s phones looking for evidence.
          there could be other evidence on video besides mike being executed. in one video I swore I saw Wilson & another cop trampling through the crime scene very close to Mike’s body & I thought I saw one of them kicking something around & bending over picking something up. at the time I thought it was likely a shell casing because it was so close to Mike’s body..

  11. This video made my stomach turn. I can’t believe I watched someone being murdered right before my own eyes. Did anyone else caught the quick head move the officer did as if he was saying “did anyone see me murdering this guy?”

  12. When I posted the first article about the Walter Scott killing with the video, that video was subsequently removed from Youtube. Another video that I embedded in the comment section was also removed from Youtube. T

    When videos analyzing and incorporating the original video were done, I wondered if those videos might be in vain because the originals are disappearing from Youtube. In other words, would it only be a matter of time before all videos showing Walter’s killing, or portions thereof, be pulled from Youtube?


    According to the New York Times, a publicist representing the bystander who shot the video, Feidin Santana, said the footage will now cost media $10,000 to run. Markson Sparks, the celebrity management company based in Sydney, Australia, sent out cease-and-desist letters to outlets this week.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      How odd.

      • Good morning Yahtzee! It’s not really that odd. Generally, the online news sources include videos on their websites and not Youtube. There are programs now that will capture those videos, and people do that and upload them on Youtube. The news sources will then make contact and ask that they be voluntarily removed.

        With Santana’s video, it’s his original. He gave it to the family and from there the info gets a bit confusing. We don’t know if the family gave it to their lawyer and he gave it to the media, or if it was given to the police who released it to the media. As the News One article reports, the time for “fair use” is over.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          I see.

          A question. If the grand jury hands down a decision for this to go to trial, would prospective jurors who have seen the video be allowed on the jury?

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      TECH 4/17/2015 @ 3:45PM
      The News Media’s Use of the Walter Scott Video Is – Surprise! – A Newsworthy Use

      • It’s going to be a back and forth situation. Of course the video is newsworthy, but did Santana intend for it to be given to the media? That’s a reasonable question that could come up if this goes to court.

  13. yahtzeebutterfly
  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Witness in Walter Scott shooting recognized by legislators”

    Excellent article:

    “Dreaming of Walter Scott”
    by Kasai Rex

    • I’m glad that Santana was recognized for his courage. Hopefully, this will cause those who are thinking about retaliating against him to think twice and change their minds.

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