What Slager Did Not Say – The Killing Of Walter Scott

Hi there.  Santiago here.

As expected it didn’t take long for the conspiracy theorist to surface regarding the killing of Walter Scott and the arrest of Michael Slager for murder.  The conspiracies range from hearing stories about a magical leaf that Slager dropped near Walter’s body, to hearing about an alleged ground attack by Walter Scott. Now we are hearing an outright lie claiming that Walter somehow tazed Slager.

I find it a bit disturbing that the blogs pushing this nonsense also forgot to mention the fact that Slager walked back to the area where he fired the shots that killed Walter, picked up the tazer, and brought it back over to Walters laid, and dropped it right next to Walters body.

But it doesn’t stop there. Based on the dashcam footage, we know that the tazer was deployed as Slager stated “Tazer, Tazer, Tazer.”

Slager did not say that Walter took his tazer until after he killed him.

 Slager did not say at any point that Walter used the tazer on him.  With at least 4 different audio recordings, Slager never once stated that he was tazed.

The 1st audio recording is from the dash cam that Slager was equipped with.  Slager was also equipped with an audio transmitter.  It is by way of his transmitted that we hear him say “tazer, tazer, tazer” indicating that he deployed tazer.

The 2nd audio recording took place just after Slager shot and killed Walter. There is no mention of being tazed by Walter in that recording.

The 3rd recording is when Slager was being briefed by a fellow officer on what to expect.  Slager laughs off his adrenaline high —  no mention of being tazed by Walter in that recording.

And finally Slager’s phone call to his wife was recorded while he was in his patrol car.  Slager makes no mention to his wife that he was tazed by Walter.

Of course I expect more spin to be added to the conspiracy theories in the coming days. Those who support the killing of unarmed Black men will twist up the dash cam audio, and claim Slager saying “Tazer,Tazer, Tazer” really meant that Walter was going for his tazer.   No it does not.  What Slager said is a standard protocol for law enforcement when they deploy a tazer.

We see examples of this in the Eric Harris shooting video.  Just before Robert Bates shoots and kills Eric, Bates states clearly “Tazer,” indicating to the other officers he is deploying his tazer.

Additionally, in a separate Slager video just released, it shows Slager tazing a man in August of 2014.  Just before he deploys the tazer, Slager is heard saying, “Tazer” .

There is no way any of the conspiracy theorist can argue that Slager’s call of “Tazer,Tazer,Tazer”  meant that Walter was going for his Tazer.  Slager would have said that and it would have been on the recording, which never happens until after Slager pulled the trigger, shooting Walter five times in the back.

Now, let’s get on to the images that the conspiracy theorist are using to support their argument. We already know, based on Slager’s transmission, that the tazer has been deployed. Even IF Walter somehow managed to get his hands on the tazer,  how would that be a threat? A tazer has separate cartridges that are on the belt of the law enforcement official.  Each cartridge is good for one deployment.  The only way Walter would be a threat under those circumstances is if he somehow managed to take another cartridge from the officer’s belt, insert it in the taser gun, then aim and fire. But let’s use common sense here.  Look at the images below very closely.

pic 1

If that’s a tazer cable, it is going from Slager to Walter’s ankle, then the theorist have a big problem.  Those pushing the false narrative that the cable is running from Walter to Slager are intentionally dishonest.  For this photo to indicate that Walter tazed Slager, Walter would have to have launched it from his ankle. The next image is Walter breaking free from those cables.  They fall and are still attached to the Stun Gun.

pic 2

But of course it’s expected that we hear some nonsense from some who have their own agenda.

We have four different audio recordings and not once does Slager mention he was tazed; not to his commanding officer, not to dispatch; not to his wife —  the closest people to Slager.  Not a single person who Slager spoke with was told that Walter tazed him.

Yet we have this theory being kicked around as if it’s the truth. No it’s not the truth. The truth is Walter was shot in the back 5 times and was no threat to the community or Slager. The truth is Slager picked up the tazer and planted it next to Walters body.

pic 3

pic 4

The truth is Slager has in the past used unnecessary force, tazing another citizen when there was no need to. The truth is had there been no video of this, a killer would be patrolling our streets pretending to protect & serve our communities.



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  1. yeseventhistoowillpass

    I’m surprised you haven’y mentioned how 10 police officers in San Francisco are going to be fired if they don’t resign for their racist and homophobic texts they had been sharing with each other…. check it out…

    • Hey Juan! Santiago wrote the above post. I’m happy that he did. I’m under the weather and still have a plate full of things to do. I’ll see if I can find info about the SF cops and their tweets.

    • Working on it, Not just San Fransico but the officers in San Bernadino who beat a man down after a 3 hour chase on a stolen horse.

  2. I just added the police incident reports to the document border that were filed Re: Michael Slager’s killing of Walter Scott. There is no report filed by Slager.


    • that is proof many officers flat out LIED on that official report…..

      • Two sides to a story

        Indeed, the tactic used by Michael Brown’s killer.

      • Hey Bill! They lied because Slager lied with the exception of one thing — one report documents that Slager said he fired his taser. That means it could not be fired again even if Walter took it from him.

    • Yep, Sgt Gann needs to be charged with Obstruction and filing a false police report.

    • Thank you Xena, I wonder why there is no report from Slager perhaps he reserved any comment until he could come up with a good enough lie

  3. Santiago,
    This is very informative. It appears that some folks are using a false hypothesis to justify firing 8 bullets at a running man. The false hypothesis that Walter used the taser on Slager is necessary for them to justify the killing, but what it really does is send a message that those armed can use guns just because they are angry.

  4. something that’s been bothering me recently, really disturbs me, is the incredible disrespect the police have for any of us to some extent, by their willingness to put their fucking hands on anyone, in any way they please. I see them escalate a situation w/a nonaggressive person into a confrontation & then just grab them. slam them on the ground and put their knees on someone’s back or head or somewhere. it’s sick and sadistic. and I’m not even talking about the ones killing ppl.

    Don’t we realize that these are the ppl we pay to carry guns & trust their judgment to use them.
    why aren’t police some of the most careful, thoughtful, analytical, intelligent types? not the foul mouthed, angry dummies out there on youtube beating up pregnant women & shooting young kids?

    • Two sides to a story

      Because the position attracts sociopaths and narcissists, thought to be about 1 in 4 people in the US, about 25% of the population. If 25% or thereabouts of most law enforcement agencies are sociopathic, even on a borderline level, it explains a lot. Not to mention the strength of the police unions makes it even more possible and more attractive to misuse force – for a long time now, cops have only been placed on administrative leave for their misbehavior and sometimes not even that – perhaps they get a report placed in their personnel file and nothing else. But of course, good cop whistleblowers get fired. And the miscreants who do get fired for misuse of force or other crimes tend to get rehired somewhere else. There’s also the issue that most police departments don’t hire people with higher IQs – smarter folks tend to use less aggression and make better decisions but they also tend to become disenchanted and quit their jobs if dissatisifed with how law enforcement agencies are run, so the situation has turned into a big Catch-22 conundrum. We’re we’re now seeing clearly the results of decades of poor policymaking and racism and downright pathological BS in many departments.

      I despair. But there’s hope – our 21st century network culture is exposing the fraud and starting to turn it around.

      • Two sides to a story

        PS – great post, Santiago! : ] I love you evidence guys and am in awe of your research and analysis. PS – I also think some of the bad cop supporters simply love to lie and manipulate. It’s sport to them to play the same game that crappy cops play.

    • Shannon, those physical restraints that I see used by law enforcement in videos and photos, would cause me to believe that they intend to kill me. The foul language conveys that they don’t like the people whose knees they are putting on their heads and/or arms they are putting around their throat. Overall, they have the power and authority to kill and there is nothing “suspects” can do when their ability to breathe.

      Humans tend to see specific parts of their body as being very vulnerable. The head, neck, and back are three.

      • “F**K your breath”, the officer called out when told the Tulsa man couldn’t breathe.. as if because he ran from the police, he deserved to die. I don’t think ‘difficult to apprehend’ is a good enough reason to kill folks.

        • They had him on the ground and restrained no need to even think about tazing that Harris at that time Bates could have hurt any other officer he has basically endangered the fellow officers working with him.

          Here is a million dollar question Did Bates take the same oath as all other Police officers do is he protected by the union I honestly do not believe he was in that investigation legally to me that is an illegal practice its no different than a Neighborhood watch captain

          • I agree 100%………..and what does a 73 year old insurance man do on patrol…..or during an arrest ?? This is insanity. Did he have any training ?? I doubt it. 4 or cops have Harris down and he pulls a gun and fires !!!

            The worst is the responses. When Harris says “you shot me” one cop says “he didn’t mean to”

            As if that mistake is excusable at that point. My dad was a cop and I can tell you he said it a thousand times, never pull your weapon unless it’s 100 % necessary and NEVER point it anyone AND keep your finger OFF the trigger until you MUST open fire.

            No……………..this guy is a wanna be with some money playing in a game well over his head and now one more death for no real reason. If Harris was under investigation and they had a case, that’s one thing, but shooting someone that is not a threat is a crime, no if’s and’s or buts about it.

            • scrodriguez

              I honestly believe Bates was paying them so he could eventually have this type of opportunity almost like having a hunting license if you know what I mean people are sick in this world im telling ya.

          • roderick2012

            SCR: They had him on the ground and restrained no need to even think about tazing that Harris at that time Bates could have hurt any other officer he has basically endangered the fellow officers working with him.

            This incident is a rerun of the Oscar Grant case except that murderer was actually a cop.

            • Roderick2012, I too thought about Oscar Grant when I read about Bates. IIRC, the cop who killed Grant was sentenced to 3 years.

            • Two sides to a story

              Only he wasn’t actually a cop, not really, more of a player.

    • Unfortunately Police officers are human beings just as anybody else you have good and bad in all types of people. Allot of Cops joined the force to protect and serve and sort of give back.
      While others have joined the force because of the idea of being in a postion of power there are those who become cops just for that very reason as there are those who join the military in hopes of being deployed I know it sounds sick but thats the world we live in I honestly believe we are going to see more nonsense as this story moves forward.

  5. There will always be the dregs of our society who will believe as long as the police are killing people of color, they must of had a good reason. I’m wondering how much Slager’s beg site has collected by now.

    Police in Gainesville Florida used an APC in a recorded traffic stop, after a 23 y/o college student gave the officers a 1 finger salute.

  6. Mr. Bates was charged. Knock me over with a feather… The first statement from the Department was that no charges would be filed. ‘Several’ folks took to the TCSD FB page and let their feelings be known. Social shaming has it’s place when used for the correct causes.


  7. Not only did Officer Slager already use the Taser already before the shooting, he was claiming he rendered aid to Mr. Scott and I definitely do not see this on the video.

    Last night, I was watching ALL IN with Chris Hayes and he mentioned a video cam re police shooting case in Cook county, IL. which he says has not been made available to the public. The following excerpts regarding this case was reported in 4/10 Chicago Tribune by Jeremy Gorner :

    A proposed settlement of $5 million to the mother of Laquan McDonald, 17, is scheduled to be discussed at Monday’s monthly Finance Committee meeting at City Hall, according to an agenda for the meeting posted online Friday.

    The $5 million settlement — which still would need to be approved by the full council later this month — comes nearly six months after McDonald was shot 16 times outside a fast-food restaurant on the Southwest Side.

    These folks would not be willing to settle for 5 million unless this video cam business is for real. The Mom has not even filed a law suit.

    • He lied about everything he even told dispatch if you listen to his radio call in after he shot Walter, that there were multiple wounds to the Chest, and to the Thigh 100% false those wounds to the chest were exit wounds after being shot in the back

    • I forgot to mention this case involved a kid being shot 17 or 18 times by police, a few months ago. The original press story made it look like the kid was at fault except now the police/ prosecutor are willing to settle for 5 million before the Mom has filed suit???? What’s missing????

      • the reasoning is they do NOT want the truth made public in a trial…settling avoids airing the facts.

      • Gronda, the city would file a claim with its insurance company and the insurance company makes the settlement offer. Something similar happened in the neighboring city of Rockford. The city settled wrongful death with the estate of Mark Anthony Barmore for more than a million. The city council has to approve those things, and they considered the cost of litigation, including appeals. There is also the tendency of having to hire private counsel to assist the city attorney, the costs of discovery and witness fees.

        But mostly in that case, one of the cops retired on disability, and the other is still on paid administrative leave awaiting a psychological evaluation to see if he’s fit for duty. Oda Poole was previously found unfit for duty. He has not been on the streets in a uniform with a badge since he killed Barmore in 2009. I suspect that on the basis that the two cops would not do well at trial, and that it would be hard finding an impartial jury, that the city attorney understood that they would lose the case and settled instead.

  8. Good article Santiago. One thing about police tasers, while it is true once fired the cartridge must be replaced, some police tasers can also be used as a stun gun. This is so that the taser can still be used as a non-lethal weapon if you no longer have a replacement cartridge. Stun guns work on the same principle as a taser but you must make contact with a person with the two prongs for it to work. The prongs do not fire out any wires but stay attached to the taser. So the taser might have still been consider a weapon even though it had been fired. I haven’t seen the exact model that the officer used to verify this.

    I also questioned a police friend about the CPR stories. They gave an explanation that it “might” have to do with their training. They might have been trained in a course of First Aid and CPR and in their reports wrote the name of the training and not necessary the actual aid given. Not an excuse but a possible explanation.

    • Very good point I forgot about that you are correct, However there is No evidence that Walter even got his hands on the tazer all we hear from Slager is “He went for my tazer”

      That is a very vague statement how do you know he went for your tazer? or is that what your assumption was? or how about this is that what you made up along with the story of giving CPR & the shots being to the chest and not the back?

    • sorry but that is an excuse and is utterly silly……i had CPR training in the USAF, also in health class in college and in basketball practice when the team was taught CPR……NOBODY on that scene rendered any cpr or any other life saving measures, they rendered ZERO aid to Scott…..checking for a pulse is NOT aid, looking at his wounds is NOT aid……..and the p[art about the taser is rather silly also since Scott was running away with nothing in his hands there is nothing to suggest he was armed or a danger.

      • Here is the scary part when Scott was shot you saw Slager draw his pistol Aim and unload 8 shots, 5 hitting Walter in the back. He knew that Walter did not see him draw that firearm walter was running away and yet not one verbal command hell there is not one verbal command on any of the audio that has been released he murdered Walter.

      • Bill….don’t shoot the messenger….I agree with you and others 100% about no CPR being given to Mr. Scott. What I do when some questions come up about police procedures and such I will contact my friend and ask them about it. They said it might had to do more with training and how they will fill out a report. That the comments in the report may have had to do with their past training in CPR/first aid and they just repeated the name of the training.

        Only very basic aid was given to Mr. Scott and even then not right away. The Sgt. on scene wanted his kit and waited for it and there is later video of them applying pressure bandages to his wounds. When seconds can count they didn’t appear to care one bit about Mr. Scott.

  9. What’s this thing with the conspiracy theorists wanting to know why Walter ran? Only Walter knows that and he’s dead.

  10. There is something here about this story that bothers me. There was a passenger in Mr. Scott’s car. Yet before the video became public, the police were telling the press that the officer was being attacked with the Taser by Mr. Scott and the he was in fear of Mr. Scott. Yet, there was a passenger / witness in the car who hopefully was not blind and deaf. What is wrong with this picture???

    • scrodriguez

      He was in the car just came forward actually but didnt witness the shooting doesnt know why Walter ran.

  11. scrodriguez

    New Vid guys….. no way did Walter use the stun gun on Slager

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      From timestamp 1:15 to 1:19, you can see Ofc. Slager’s stun gun fall to the ground behind Slager.

      • scrodriguez

        Did you see the vid I just posted above, How have you been by the way?

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Yes, the timestamps I posted refer the video you just posted here.

          You have done a great analysis today on this page.

          • scrodriguez

            I havent had much time lately found some free time and well let’s just say the false narrative being kicked around I do not want that to gain traction and it hasn’t in fact. The blogs pushing that theory do not even have as many comments, tweets, Reblogs, or views as this one does. Thank you all for your support.

            • yahtzeebutterfly

              Thanks for all the time you have put into this and for creating the two videos that nail your points.

            • scrodriguez

              🙂 believe me in a few more weeks ill be back at it 100% allot going on right now, Court once again (Wish this didnt have to be but it is what it is) while selling our home its been hectic lately

            • I just wish the video was clearer dealing with the stun gun falling to the ground, did Scott knock it out of his hand or did Slager throw it to the ground.

            • Towerflower,
              My eyes cross trying to see everything in the video regarding the taser. If Walter knocked it out of Slager’s hand, or if Slager threw it to the ground — either way — Walter did not have it. He was not trying to use it on Slager when Slager pulled his gun and shot Walter down. Walter was no threat to Slager nor anyone else.

              I enjoy reading analysis that confronts and challenges the opposition, but in this case, the opposition made a false hypothesis by drawing attention to the taser while neglecting what Slager said and did not say. Slager’s now withdrawn attorney released a statement to the media of Slager’s version. That was before he saw the video.

              Slager’s own attorney did not see anything in that video indicating a support for Slager’s story. He withdrew. That was the ethical thing to do although surprising for a defense attorney.

            • I have a clear video fully enhanced going to work on something I noticed something and it all aligns with what Santana said he saw. the “Tussle” Santana noticed, he said Walter was on the ground I believe this for 2 reasons (1) Walter was stunned with the stun gun evidence that shows this is the moment that Slager drew on him and fired 5 shots into his back. We can see in that video the cables from the stun gun gain tension as Walter runs away.

              Another OBESERVATION (NEW)

              As walter broke free from Slager and as slager draws his pistol watch closely look at the officers lead foot, as Slager draws the fire arm (The same time walter runs) you will see that the cartridge for the stun gun is on the ground near Slagers foot as walter runs away that cartridge travels with walter indicating he was hit by the stun gun.

              So to me what I believe what Santana described as a tussle and said scott was on the ground, is the moment Slager stunned Walter with the stun gun.

              as we the viewer see the video where it all starts notice Slager appears to have his left hand holding Walters right hand and walters pants are somewhat pulled down and his hat is on the ground in front of the officer as wel.

              To me in that moment slager had discharged the cartridge and was assisting Walter in getting up, Walter then broke free ran slager discarded the stun gun drew his gun and shot Walter five times in the back

            • Xena, I agree but my desire was answers to who had control of the taser so as to expose another portion of the story as lies.

              I was trying to see if Slager threw the taser to ground himself when he realized that the probes did not connect properly and then drew his gun and fired.

            • Towerflower, I understand. Like with other cases, I am drawn to the words of the perpetrator. “He went for my taser” is what Slager said. Those trying to justify shooting Walter in the back are the people who have gone beyond that and said that Walter took the taser. They have gone further by saying that Walter tased Slager. Then, they try to use the video to support what they say, but Slager did not say. Too bad that they will not be on trial as Slager’s proxy.

    • that clearly shows why the wires appear to be attached to slager, because he threw the taser down behind him to the right and the wires got pulled tight as Scott ran away giving the appearance they were attached to slager…it also shows me why Scott ran at that time, slager was drawing his gun and Scott saw that.

      • scrodriguez

        I honestly think the tazer went off just before the video started I believe what we are seeing in the video is after Walter was already hit with the tazer to me it appears as if the cartridge was in Slagers right hand the stun gun he discarded as soon as Walter ran which was at the point in which Slager was drawing.

        Again I can not put enough emphases on the key factors here

        1) there is no sign of a fight for the tazer at all

        2) you never hear slager say that Walter tazed him

        3) you dont see CPR being performed at all no aid to Walter until several moments later

        4) you clearly see slager walk back pick up the stun gun and drop it next to Walters body.

        5) you never once hear slager on any audio recording tell walter “Stop or Freeze” he simply uses his tazer then switches to his gun with out giving a single verbal command

  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    “SEE IT: Former NYPD cop disarms gunman by ramming with police cruiser to end Arizona crime spree “

  13. yahtzeebutterfly

    I think it is odd that the tazer prong was apparently in the back of Walter’s lower leg. Was the tazer shot while both were running?

    • scrodriguez

      Yup in fact if you grab the Santana video just before he focuses on the two when the camera is just being turned on you hear the taser sound he tased walter prior to what we saw later when he was gunned down

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        I just looked up general police policy for using tasers and found this excerpt from the article I will link below the excerpt:

        The Greer Police Department’s use of force policy states, “(Tasers) will only be used against persons who are actively resisting arrest or exhibiting active aggression. Due to risk of injury from a fall, (it) should not be used … on fleeing suspects unless the suspect is an imminent threat to him/herself or others.”

        At the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, the policy states, “(It) should not be used on a non- aggressive resister.”

        In Henderson County, Tasers are prohibited “if no immediate threat is posed.”

        Even Taser International, the maker of the popular X26 model used by Greenville Police, warns, “Fleeing should not be the sole justification of using electronic control weapons against a subject.”

        University of South Carolina professor Geoffrey Alpert, an expert on police-use of Tasers, said while the devices can prevent injuries to officers and suspects, they can also cause injuries in certain environments.

        “Most departments I’ve seen prohibit the use of a Taser when someone is running, particularly on the sidewalk or on the street on pavement. If you shoot someone with a Taser, it’s very likely that person is going to fall down and not be able to use his hands and arms to protect himself and just fall right on his face and that can cause some very serious injuries,” Alpert told WYFF News 4’s Tim Waller.

        from “Greenville Police Taser policy more liberal than many
        Expert: ‘Most departments prohibit use when suspect is running’ “


        • There is a reason for that and Great find by the way, The reason its not advised to use a tazer on a fleeing suspect is because once that taser is fired you have 1 positive wire and 1 negative wire and as they both deploy out from the cartridge they shoot out almost in a V.

          Example the wire on the left side shoots out to the left as its deployed the wire on the right side shoots out to the right this is so that way neither of the wires make contact with each other which could in turn damage the stun gun and or hurt the officer.

          Now using a stun gun on a fleeing suspect as he is running away think about it one the wires spread further apart from each other as its deployed. Meaning this is exactly why they do not recommend using it against someone who is running what if one wire hits someone else in addition to the suspect?

          Now as I stated before the single wire in Walters right leg doesnt mean he was not hit with both… Keep in mind Santana saw him on the ground to me that means he was hit with both but as he got up as Slager had his hand around Walters arm just as walter ran in that moment one of the wires could have easily come out.

          Either way 1 thing is for sure Slager was involved in no struggle for the taser why would he feel the need to plant the evidence if he has nothing to hide? why lie about shots to the chest? I will tell you why cus his story was going to include the same old he went for my Stun Gun then charged at me…… until the video surfaced

  14. Two sides to a story

    It would be interesting to know what other shady cases Slager has been involved in, if any.

    • Hey Two sides! There are two other cases of Slager using a taser when not required. One was a traffic stop, and the other time was mistaken identity. Here are the videos.

  15. slager has said a great deal. He told us who and what he is by his actions which speak louder than words.

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