North Charleston Police Officer Charged With Murder

A passerby video taken by cell phone showed a man running, his back turned, as 8 bullets were fired at him until he fell. Had investigators depended solely on North Charleston Police Officer’s Michael T. Slager’s story, the 33-year old might not have been charged with murder.


Walter Scott

Slager stopped 50-year old Walter Scott for a broken brake light and found that Scott was wanted on a warrant for failure to pay child support. Slager claimed he tried to subdue Scott with a taser, only for Scott to take the taser from him before trying to overpower him, making the cop fear for his life, leaving him no choice but to open fire.

Michael Slager booking photo

Michael Slager’s booking photo

The video footage, which The Post and Courier obtained Tuesday from a source who asked to remain anonymous, shows the end of the confrontation between Slager and Walter. It was the first piece of evidence contradicting a statement that Slager released earlier this week through his attorney. Speaking of which, after the video was presented, Slager’s attorney David Aylor issued a statement that he withdrew his representation of Michael Slager, saying, “This is a terrible tragedy that has impacted our community.” 

In a separate South Carolina case, officer Justin Craven has been charged with discharging a gun into an occupied vehicle, a lesser charge than the manslaughter charge sought by a prosecutor before a grand jury. In February 2014, Ernest Satterwhite was chased by Craven for 9 miles beyond city limits to Satterwhite’s driveway. After Satterwhite parked, Craven repeatedly fired through the driver’s door. The 25-year old Craven faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of the gun charge.

Some may find the following video disturbing.


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  1. When will these cops learn, the chances of being recorded outweigh the times they won’t be.

    I hope they do keep the person’s identity secret so he doesn’t end up being fed rat poison in jail, after he’s stalked and arrested for some petty charge.

    Nothing surprises me anymore. My condolences to the family of Walter Scott. My heart goes out those who love him.

    The officer there with Slager needs to be charged as well.


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    #BlackLivesMatter ….. Keeping a close eye on this one. It’s recorded …. hoping!


  4. This is beyond outrageous. Thank God for that video. My heart cries for Walter and his family and friends. This cop did this over child support ????

    I see a Coast Guard man in one picture and a mug shot look in the other.

    Didn’t this cop think his shots entering Mr. Scott’s back might be a bit incriminating ??

    Must be me…………..


    • This cop did this over child support ????

      I think Walter ran because of unpaid child support, and the cop killed him because he ran. I get your point though. Running is now a crime with a sentence of execution.


  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    May the Lord enfold Walter’s family and loved ones with His comforting love.

    Oh how I wish Walter could have supernaturally outrun those cold-hearted bullets from that killer. I have just been looking, staring at that photo above with my heart calling out to Walter,
    “Run faster, run, run, Walter. Live on. Make it back to your loved ones!” But, it’s over. An unarmed, non-threatening man has died at the hands of a casual, target shooter. I am just feeling so sick and feeling so very sad.

    May you rest in peace, Walter Scott.


  6. My thoughts and condolences are with Walter Scott’s family. How sad it is as a society that the video had to go to a large newspaper to ensure action is taken. The person who captured it on film is a true hero. Another thing that is being said is the cop planted the taser on him. You can see the officer go back to retrieve an object off the ground and others better than me have done a frame by frame examination and picked up when the officer drops it again near Scott’s body.

    I wonder if additional charges will be brought against other officers who arrived and lied on their reports….they claimed first aid and CPR was given when the video shows none was given.

    I agree every officer needs to have a body camera.


    • You can see the officer go back to retrieve an object off the ground and others better than me have done a frame by frame examination and picked up when the officer drops it again near Scott’s body.

      Okay, I have an explanation for that, based on what we have been told (not yet verified if it’s true). It is said that the taser was engaged, and the cords can be seen between Walter and the cop. Then the taser is dropped. That is when Walter ran. The cop walked back and picked up the taser and put it next to Walter’s body. While the logic might be to have the taser close to the needles rather than the cords spread out over that distance, Slager had a light-bulb moment — allege that Walter tried using the taser on him.

      Even with Slager’s story, investigation on the range that the bullets were fired, the location of shell casings, and that Walter was shot in the back, should have still led to charges — had the investigation gotten that far, that is.


      • Did a little research on tasers. Police tasers have cords that can extend to 35 feet. Once fired they cannot be rewound and refired. You must change out a cartridge (that holds the cords) for it to be used as a taser again. Some police tasers, don’t know the exact model that was used in this case, also have probes to be used as a stun gun… that case then contact must be made fully to a person for it to be effective. Taser might not be effective if the battery level is low or if the person is on mind altering drugs (Scott does not have a history of drug use). Plus we don’t know if the probes of the taser made proper contact for it to be effective.

        While watching CNN this morning you will see two objects fall….one between Scott and the officer and the other drops and rolls/bounces to the right and rear of the officer. I missed the second object until it showed and it does show up clearly… what are the two objects? One might be the taser and the other the cartridge that holds the cords.

        Slager also had his excuse ready because when he called the shooting in he stated right away that Scott grabbed his taser. You can see the moment he calls when reaches up to his mic on his shoulder.

        I truly believe that if this video had not been taken the officer might have gotten away with it….didn’t matter the distance between Scott and the shell casings…..With the taser planted near his body and his claim that Scott grabbed it he could still have claimed that Scott was now armed and a threat to his safety.


        • Towerflower,

          Slager also had his excuse ready because when he called the shooting in he stated right away that Scott grabbed his taser. You can see the moment he calls when reaches up to his mic on his shoulder.

          AHA! I heard the call, but did not pay attention to the timing. Excellent observation.

          Also, thanks for pointing out that if the probes were in Scott, then the taser could not have been used on Slager anyway.


  7. Two sides to a story

    This insanity must stop!


    • Two sides, when Rodney King was beaten and it was caught on camera, I thought, now there will be accountability. There wasn’t.

      When Kelly Thomas was beaten and it was caught on camera, I thought, certainly, there will be accountability. He’s the son of a retired Sheriff and he was White. I was wrong.

      When Eric was choked on camera, I thought, is this going to go the way of Kelly Thomas? I was partially correct — the cop wasn’t charged so forget about there being a trial.

      Now, we have Walter Scott shot in the back on camera and the officer charged with murder. However, I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. The disappointment is really in people, mostly those who sit on juries, who judge the injured and deceased rather than apply the facts to the law.


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  9. To Butterflydreamer2 from all of us;


    • butterflydreamer2

      Thank you all, I am doing fine, so far so good!!!!!!!The lady sitting next to me at chemo has the same type of cancer I do, was diagnosed at age 52, is still well and kicking 16 years later. 16 years ago the removed one of her kidneys, and now the remove parts of the other. I asked her why the didn’t start her in chemo the, and she said the kind of so called chemo we are on didn’t come out until 10 years ago as an experimental type, and now she has been on it for 10years, but feels great and has lived for 16 years. She’s a great inspiration and I’m a believer. It is what it is, thumbs up!!!!


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Your health report is wonderful news, Butterflydreamer! I am so glad you were able to discuss your chemo treatment with a lady who has done so well on it.

        Love and hugs!


  10. butterflydreamer2

    Thank god for the guy with the camera, otherwise the cop would have walked with his made up story.


  11. someone burst my bubble with a comment about wait till court and the prosecution lets an all white jury decide the cop ‘learned his lesson’
    The election in Ferguson gives me a little more hope that maybe that wont happen in this case.
    maybe, just maybe they’ll do the right thing this time.


    • roderick2012

      Shannon, I am not holding my breath for him being convicted either.

      What I am afraid of is that if there are protests before the trial the Slager’s lawyer will use that to weed out potential black jurors from the jury pool.

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  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    The following are two photos from the Houston Chronicle showing demonstrators.

    Rev. Dr. Arthur Prioleau holds a sign during a protest in the shooting death of Walter Scott at city hall in North Charleston, S.C., Wednesday, April 8, 2015″ :

    A man holds a sign in this photo saying “BACK TURNED, DON’T SHOOT” :


  13. Live interview, given by mayor and chief of police after they met with Walter Scott’s family.

    Officer has been fired from the force. Wife is 8 months pregnant and the city will continue to pay for health insurance for the wife until the baby is born….said it was the humane thing to do.

    No interviews will be given nationally until after the funeral. The police will provide a full police escort for the funeral to ensure a peaceful funeral for the family.

    101 body cameras, enough for every member of the force, are now on order and will be given out to every cop.

    While people let the mayor speak, when the chief of police spoke, interruptions started….No justice, no peace.

    Reporter asked the COP about life saving measures said to be given….specifically CPR. He said he observed one of the officers lift his shirt and do something and it might have been CPR but he doesn’t really know. (Wrong, what that officer was doing was checking him for weapons, wounds, but Scott was still face down and you don’t do CPR on a person’s back. So if he really looked he would have realized that.)

    Mayor takes over again since the audience respects him and not the COP. Mayor threatens to stop interview if they don’t stop interrupting.

    More video exists… dash cam for one…..not all video has been seen by mayor and COP.

    Another agency has taken over the investigation….SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division).

    This is another town where it is mainly black with mainly white officers, mayor said they would love to have more people of color on the force.

    Not every officer is CPR certified…..asked what other officers roles were and he said that he doesn’t have all that information and only from the video knows that one checked him out and another (the shooter) checked for a pulse on his neck.

    End of interview.

    My thoughts……the city is willing to pay for the health insurance for the pregnant wife but how about paying for the funeral of Walter Scott……that would also be the humane thing to do.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Towerflower , thanks for reporting on the interview.

      “Reporter asked the COP about life saving measures said to be given….specifically CPR. He said he observed one of the officers lift his shirt and do something and it might have been CPR but he doesn’t really know.”

      How many days has it been since the shooting?? And the Chief of Police does not know whether or not CPR was given after seeing the video?? Does a town really need a chief of police of that intelligence level??


      • The COP claims he only viewed the video one time. Sad if that is true, with something like this you should have viewed it frame by frame to ensure policies were followed and to ensure proper action is taken. Thankfully the investigation is out of his hands.


  14. OT: Boston Marathon bomber guilty on numerous charges and eligible for death penalty.


  15. The police hierarchy were ready to buy the police officer’s story. The good news is that all his lies were part of the record before the video was viewed. The chief had to have been shocked. The person who took the video was very courageous in taking it and making sure it was delivered into the correct hands. Too bad that what happened to Michael Brown wasn’t on video. The chief said in a press conference that he is ordering body cameras for all his officers who deal with the public.


    • It’s like turning on a light and watching the cockroaches scatter. When there is only one side to a story and no witnesses some people tend to believe that only side (GZ is a prime example). When that video surfaced they scattered after realizing the lies told by the officer…..even the officer’s attorney dropped him like a hot rock after finding out his client lied to him.


  16. Here’s the press conference from this morning;


  17. This is good news. These police officers do not need to be rewarded for murder.


  18. Slager makes his first appearance in court.


  19. yahtzeebutterfly

    Photo of Walter’s memorial being created by two caring women”

    If only the tears could bring him back.

    How many more will die before we as a nation stop looking the other way?

    How many ears must one man have
    Before he can hear people cry?

    Yes, an’ how many deaths will it take until he knows
    That too many people have died?


  20. This Police Officer Slager had better do some jail time. If he cannot be convicted, there is no hope. First you have the officer lying about the entire scenario for the record; claiming fear of being attacked by a Taser; a video discounting his entire story; the police chief not feeling very protective; the video showing the officer possibly planting evidence. This had better be handled correctly. The world is watching.


  21. The terms used by some is also disheartening…..the Police chief called it a bad decision, the current fundraiser said it was a misstep. A bad decision is buying gas station sushi or me trying to wear a bikini. A misstep is a mistake in judgment or action. It could be said that pulling Mr. Scott over for a bad blinker was a misstep since I believe it has been said in another case that it’s not illegal for one blinker to be bad in that state.

    I was in a field in which it demanded perfection and correct decisions in every word and action that I took. Not performing at 100% could have resulted in a loss of life. Even when no incident occurred I was still subjected to random tapes being pulled and my performance evaluated. Cops should be the same. If a cop thinks a bad decision could be made then they shouldn’t be a cop.

    Laws exist that protect fleeing suspects, in South Carolina they can’t fire on a fleeing suspect unless there is a threat to the public or the officer. None existed here, it wasn’t a bad decision or a misstep, it appears to have been a conscious decision to set the stage and a defense for the murder of a fleeing man. Mr. Scott’s outstanding warrant wasn’t for a violent crime, it was for non-payment of child support and that should not have been a death sentence. The police officer’s actions to return back to the site where the taser was dropped and pick it up and re-drop it at the victim’s body was not a bad decision or a misstep, it was once again a conscious decision to set the stage of his excuse for killing a man. An honorable person can admit to a bad decision or a misstep and accept responsibility for it regardless of the consequences. This officer was not honorable.


  22. Thank goodness for cell phones. Police can’t then hide behind their pathetic excuses – their go to excuse is – I feared for my life – how can you fear someone who is running away from you. This is plain murder.


  23. The young man who filmed the encounter just gave an interview on NBC nightly news. He said, before he started to record, that both the officer and Scott were on the ground and he thought Scott was trying to get away from being tased. He said he could hear the taser. He said he turned the video over to the family.


  24. kindheart101

    I live in Charleston, and the young man who took the cell phone video was just on the local news.

    He said there was NO reason to shoot Walter, because before he could start taping them, the officer had him on the ground, in complete control, because he had alredy tased him. Then he said Walter got up, struggling, and ran away.

    It has been announced that every single officer on duty in Charleston is required to wear a body cam. (About time!)


  25. kindheart101

    Services will be held for Walter on Saturday.

    People are being asked by the family to please be calm, and feel peace.

    I will be there.

    RIP Walter


  26. Witness to cop killing Walter speaks. (The video I originally embedded was removed from Youtube. The same happened with the video posted in the article. I have replaced them and looks as if we must stay vigilant to make sure that the videos are “live”.)


    • kindheart101

      And then the cop planted what looked like the taser by Walker after he killed him.

      Thank God for videos!


      • Kindheart!!!
        Having the video to show that Slager lied is beneficial. I just hope that the jury, or if a bench trial, the judge sees the video without bias.


        • zero chance of no bias…..the coroners report on sunday showed it was MURDER yet the chief and mayor still told the LIES about what happened……..unless there is some special prosecutor named the same thing that happened in missouri and florida will happen here…..the prosecution will throw the case with incompetence on purpose… florida they did NOT hammer home the forensic FACT that Martin had NO dna from fogen on him making it impossible that he had punched fogen………..same thing in missouri NO evidence of fighting on Browns body and no witness saw Brown throw any punch yet the official narrative is the Brown punched wilson even when it is fact wilson had NO injury from being punched.


          • Bill, I agree, and ultimately, it depends on the direction that Slager’s defense attorney takes. His original attorney dumped him, and I haven’t read that any other lawyers are knocking down the door wanting to defend him.

            Regarding Zimmerman’s trial, I was disappointed that the prosecution did not hammer on the fact that the things that Zimmerman said caused him fear for his life, no longer existed when he took his gun out, aimed, and shot Trayvon in the heart. Then too, even if Zimmerman admitted that he did not kill Trayvon in self-defense, juror B37 would have done what she did, which was sentenced Zimmerman to lessons learned.


  27. There is current discussion about the video on Twitter. I’m not inclined to address it in 140 characters or less. Please people, don’t get distracted with what was dropped and what was placed next to Walter’s body. The key inquiry is three-fold;

    1. Slager said that Walter took his taser; but,

    2. Walter did not have the taser when he ran; and,

    3. Slager removed his firearm from its holster and shot 8 times while Walter ran with his back turned to Slager.

    No matter what happened before Walter ran, it did not justify shooting him in the back as he was running. Walter posed no threat to the officer nor the community. He was unarmed.

    There appears to be a mindset among those who think that anyone who thinks there is an unjustified police killing is a “cop-hater,” and they distract by debating what happened before the officer drew his/her weapon. That debate relies on what the suspect did or may have done before he/she ran and effectively defends acts of anger in retribution.

    Isn’t that the same thing we hear in many of the ideologies of White Supremacists and those who commit domestic violence? They justify escalating to commit harm on the basis of what someone allegedly did or said before removing themselves from the circumstance.


  28. Frame-by-frame analysis of the Walter Scott shooting video by CNN.


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  30. Dash Cam Video From Walter Scott Shooting Released


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Transcript provided by The Guardian:

      Slager: “Licence, registration and insurance card. What’s that?”

      Scott: “[Inaudible] I’ve got my licence.”

      Slager: “OK, let’s start with your licence. The reason for the stop is your third brake light is out.”

      Scott: “[Inaudible].”


      Slager: “OK.”

      Scott: “I don’t have [inaudible], I just bought the car from my neighbor.”

      Slager: “Uh-huh.”

      Scott: “And he still has the insurance [inaudible] for the car.”

      Slager: “Do you have insurance on the car?”

      Scott: “No, I don’t have insurance on the car – he has it.”

      Slager: “OK, well if you don’t have insurance on the car since you bought it, you don’t have insurance.”

      Scott: “I haven’t bought it yet. I’m saying I’ve got to do that on Monday. [Inaudible] me drive the car, ’cause my car is down. I can call him.”

      Slager: “Oh, OK. Right. Let me have your driver’s licence … So you don’t have any paperwork in the glovebox?”

      Scott: “No, sir.”

      Slager: “No registration in there? No insurance?”

      Scott: “No, he has all that stuff.”

      Slager: “OK. But you’re buying the car?”

      Scott: “Yes, sir.”

      Slager: “Did you already buy it?”

      Scott: “No, not yet. I’m about to buy it Monday.”

      Slager: “’Cause just a minute ago you told me you’d bought it, and you’re saying [inaudible] Monday.”

      Scott: “I’m sorry about that. I’m gonna [inaudible] on Monday.

      Slager: “Alright, I’ll be right back with you.”

      Slager returns to his patrol car. About 30 seconds later, Scott opens his driver’s door and steps out momentarily.

      Slager: “You have to stay in the car.”

      Less than 20 seconds later, Scott opens his driver’s door again and runs away.


  31. Slagger is repugnant. I am soo mad at watching this video. He went on a hunt and then went in for the kill. He is as animal and it clear that he is a racist MOFO. I am sorry this is disgusting. I hope that he suffers as this man suffered. #Blacklivesmatter


    • Hey supabutterfly! I don’t like seeing anyone suffer. As we have seen however, those who kill and walk don’t generally have a good life thereafter. It appears that the more they are defended on social media, and if they walk, the more their life suffers because their defenders placed them in the spotlight.


  32. Emotional Meeting between Feidin Santana (the man who videoed the killing of Walter) and Walter Scott’s Family.


  33. scrodriguez


    • Santiago, excellent breakdown! Had Slager not given a false report saying Walter took his taser, his going back for the taser and dropping it next to Walter would not be questioned.


  34. yahtzeebutterfly




  35. yahtzeebutterfly


  36. yahtzeebutterfly

    Natalie Jackson @NatJackEsq · 1h 1 hour ago
    #WalterScott In South Carolina, defense lawyers decides whether or not to include lesser offenses for jury consideration at trial. (1 of 2)

    Natalie Jackson @NatJackEsq · 56m 56 minutes ago
    #WalterScott So Defense could ask lessers offenses be excluded & force jury to decide only on Murder 1: … (2 of 2)


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Natalie Jackson has corrected the above as follows:

      Natalie Jackson @NatJackEsq · 8h 8 hours ago
      CLARIFICATION: from Marc Guillory: Defense can ask for lessers or not, but they CANNOT ask they be excluded unless the prosecution agrees.

      Natalie Jackson @NatJackEsq · 7h 7 hours ago
      Based on M. Guillory’s Clarification of lesser includeds, I will delete my previous two tweets so as not to confuse anyone.


  37. R.I.P., Walter


  38. Memories of Walter Scott


  39. well i need a shower now having just read some comments at the conservative treehouse, simply put those people are INSANE RACISTS……….they are claiming because you can see the wires from the taser running to slager that means he was hit by it in the chest, problem is the picture shows the wires going to his HAND that is holding the taser…….then they claim he got shot in the leg by the taser and couldnt even walk, except for the fact he had no trouble running back to grab the taser and plant it……….


    • They are big on conspiracies over there….in the first couple of days there wasn’t much support for the officer and all you needed was a couple to through in their insane theories and then they all jump on the band wagon.

      Before the GZ trial they were all convinced that there were 3 Rachel Jentels.


    • Bill,
      Back in 2012-2013 during the Zimmerman case, there were people who read over on the treeslum. They were upset with the lies and hatred and wanted a place to chill. Thus, I opened a private chat blog for that purpose where they could talk about music, their jobs, etc. where they could wash and bind up wounds in their heart from reading so much hatred.

      What I saw was that when people are racially bigoted and that stuff is consumed on a regular basis, there is a desire to respond in like-kind. That is why they do it. They want people to coin racial slurs in response to “thugs,” “savages,” “chimped out.” They want people to respond in hate that they can use against them.

      As I understand it, once a taser with the wires has been deployed, it can only be engaged upon the person who already has the needles in their body and otherwise, cannot be re-used. In other words, if Slager engaged the taser on Walter, there was no way that Walter could use the taser on Slager. Now, if we want to challenge the bigotvoyant story, it would mean that Walter used the taser on Slager TO GET AWAY because HE RAN. Walter was no longer a threat to Slager and he was unarmed. It was after Walter turned his back and started to run that Slager removed his pistol.

      We can anticipate that they will photoshop images from the video and do whatever else they can to defend Slager. They are the first ones to say “Let’s wait on the facts,” while introducing their version of facts.


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