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The Last Of The Millenniums

Don’t stand behind a horse that you just smacked it’s hind quarters.

thought36 never smack a horses bum

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  1. And now for some Big Mama Thornton 🙂

  2. Now that’s a good horse!

  3. ow!

  4. Either he learned his lesson or he’s six feet under. Just saying. I own horses. Not nice to hit horsey from behind like that. I wonder who was surprised more?

    • Hey Shyloh, I love horses. Oh, I think the man was surprised more. Seldom do us humans realize the strength of animals.

  5. These are great! Happy April 1st everyone!

  6. You as well mindyme62. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    Ouch! Poor guy!

    (But, I think it is a fake photoshopped clip…someone was holding the camera in just the right spot …also I don’t think someone could do that extra fast panning to the right without blurring the event a bit. Notice that at the end of the event you see more of the store to the right of the red vehicle. His body really didn’t make enough contact with the backseat window to crack the window. April Fool’s?)

    • It’s been making the rounds on the ‘net lately. It does seem like serious injury would have occurred had it been real! I posted something on my FB a week or so ago and one of my kids pointed out ALL the things that would make the scenario portrayed, impossible. 🙂 Thanks KID!! :/

      I guess you have to have a FB to see this, I’m not sure

    • April Fool joke on us — I just saw that clip on the preview of Mall Cop 2, coming soon to a theater near us. LOL!

      • yahtzeebutterfly

      • O.M.G. I didn’t expect that. haha. Good one. A must watch.

        • Hey Shyloh! I like comedy — not so sure about the slapstick, but will probably watch the movie when it comes to cable. 🙂

      • zimmerfuck ruined the whole ‘security guard/n’hoodwatch’ imagery for me.

        • Shannon, Zimmerman wasn’t as much as a security guard. He didn’t need licensing, credentials — nothing in order to be Neighborhood Watch. Even those guys who called the cops that day, who had not been trained in NW, had better sense than Zimmerman.

      • Annie Cabani

        Thank heavens it’s just a movie scene! I found it rather worrisome.
        Great trailer, though.
        (Sigh of relief)

        • Annie! Annie! I’ve been thinking about you all week! How the heck are you?

          About the horse — seeing the preview makes it funnier because we now know why he slapped the horse’s butt. 🙂

          • Annie Cabani

            Hi, Xena and friends!

            Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I miss you all, but I’ve been dealing with a lot of change at work lately. The special project I’ve been working on since 2004 is shutting down on June 30 and, though we had been promised that we could return to our original jobs, it turns out they changed their minds so we all have to find jobs for ourselves now (though we are getting some help). The project had gotten hugely political the last few years (and I mean that literally, since I work for my state government, which has taken an increasingly-sharper turn to the right over the past five years).

            Also, I got called back into the office – on less than 24 hours’ notice – after being home-based for almost five years. That’s not been as bad as I feared … BUT, no more “peeking” at my own computer during work days! And we’re down to less than 20% of our peak project staffing level, so the office is WAY quiet with only depressed people, rather than the full house of vibrant and excited folks of years gone by.

            It’s been a roller-coaster, for sure, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. (Well … for almost anything.) But, admittedly, the shut-down is stressful and tiring. So I haven’t had any late-night adrenalin or writing energy for quite a while, now. I’m too old for this stuff!! It’s tiring at my age. I could actually take “early retirement,” but I’d like to hang in for a few more years – if I can tolerate it – to get the full, big bucks. (Hahahaha!)

            One way or another, I know I WILL SURVIVE!

            Speaking of which, I love that song, and I’ve called on it many times over the years to pump me up through hard times. Listening to it always takes me back to 1979, when I was a new nursing grad and home care nurse and got pumped up hearing it blasting from windows in the North St. Louis ‘hood that was my district.

            • Annie, it’s good to see that you have a positive attitude with so much happening regarding your employment. So many state governments are making changes and I understand that even some counties are transferring programs to the state. I hope there is something you can do to work independently for income or that you find a dream job. Yes! You will survive. There is strength through struggle.

            • yahtzeebutterfly

              Oh my, Annie, that is quite the transition after five years! I can see that you are the type that can stand on your own two feet and succeed with the change.

              I’ve missed you here. So good to see your post 🙂

              Thanks for posting the song “I Will Survive”. Such a powerful song.

              I love these lines from “Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves:

              Sisters are doin’ it for themselves.
              Standin’ on their own two feet.
              And ringin’ their own bells.
              Sisters are doin’ it for themselves.

          • Annie Cabani

            Hey, Yahtzee! I miss you, too! And I LOVE that Eurythmics song – it’s impossible not to get up and dance/stomp around to it!

            Wishing you a Happy Easter, Sister!

      • Oh Snap!!

  8. Great April Fool’s set up! On a side note, I and my 2 friends were at the Mirage hotel last year but we visited every hotel on the Las Vegas strip. It was a unanimous vote that the Wynn was the best hotel but it is not as close to everything as was our location. We didn’t bother checking the price tag.

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