Did Zimmerman Jeopardize His Appeal Against NBC

gz southparkWritten by scrodriguez.

Here we go again same (expletive), different toilet. George Zimmerman is playing the blame game again. This time he has pointed the finger at President Barack Obama stating that our president is to blame for racial tensions surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Of course we expect the typical “I am not to blame” campaign headed by Zimmerman. after all his past clearly proves this right? I mean it wasn’t his fault that he was following an unarmed teen in the middle of the night first by car then by foot he didn’t create any scenario at all that would leave a kid to feel threatened no not good ole Georgie.

George follows the book, respects the law. (snark) I mean that is retardedevidenced by him disregarding the neighborhood watch handbook guide in which the Director of neighborhood watch clearly stated, time and time again, not to follow anybody. The handbook clearly states you are the eyes and ears for law enforcement — not the vigilante.  George’s actions remind me of a statement made at his trial by Rachel Jentel.

In fact, George was even reminded this on his non-emergency call when he reported a suspicious looking black teen walking through the Retreat at Twin Lakes. And of course, after several neighborhood watch meetings, after having read the handbook given to him and being reminded on the non-emergency call not to follow, George did not follow those instructions. In the end, he said it was Trayvon’s fault for his own death.

Oh wait – maybe it was the dispatcher’s fault for asking if he wanted to meet the arriving officer at the mailbox. Maybe it was the day of the week’s fault because he and Shellie always grocery shopped on Sunday evenings after he cooked dinner for her – although Shellie had left George the day before and was at her dad’s.

Shellie and GeorgeFast forward since his acquittal, Zimmerman has had several run-ins with the law. The 1st run in was with his estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman. George with his new girlfriend, showed up at his father-in-law’s house and got into a physical altercation and assaulted his father-in-law. George also threatened Shellie and her dad, and menacing reached into his shirt where he was known to wear a shoulder holster. George destroyed Shellie’s iPad contained video evidence that would have put George away for a hot minute. And of course, whose fault was it? Why it sure wasn’t George’s fault. Ask his supporters. Ask his brother. Ask George.

The next incident occurred with Samantha Schiebe. George and Samantha were at odds and once again, George with his relationship under distress couldn’t handle it. He resorted to violence. George is said to have reached into a bag, pulled out a Kel Tech shotgun, used the butt of it to break Samantha’s glass table, and then pointed the gun at Samantha as she was on the phone with 911.

George then barricaded himself inside Samantha’s with her locked out. It took authorities a bit of time to gain entry to the house and make an arrest. Once they did, photographic evidence of the home confirms Samantha’s side of the story. Yet somehow, Georgie got her to recant and yes, the same wash, rinse and repeat pattern developed where none of it was George’s fault.

Following that, we had a report that George was involved in a road rage incident threatening a man on the road. The next day, George showed up at this man’s job and was waiting in the parking lot. When law enforcement arrived, he got a slap on the wrist and was sent on his way.

Then there was the wine bottle incident and again, it was not George’s fault. He is just a poor victim with a ton of bad luck…. My ass he is.

Barack U MadToday it’s all about President Barack Obama. All the sudden, it’s the President’s fault for creating racial tensions regarding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. I would like to know exactly where George gets this idea from. The President never said anything that created racial tensions and if he is hinging that based on Obama’s statement “if I had a son he would look like Trayvon,” George is really stretching it with this accusation. Of course if President Obama had a son, he would not look like Justin Beiber.

If George’s belief is based off the fact that many, including myself ,believe george zimmerman posterhe is guilty, well then all I have to say is welcome to earth. We have a right to believe what we believe. We have a right to view this from a different perspective that does not insert NRA ideology or 2nd amendment scare tactics. This had nothing to do with our 2nd amendment rights or our self-defense rights. However, many who are advocates of the 2nd amendment and or self-defense laws jumped on the Zimmerman bandwagon simply because they believed those rights were being put in jeopardy.

Why would they think that though? Well obviously, the recent string of shootings leading up to the death of Trayvon Martin would lead them to assume change is going to be made. The point I am making here is this isn’t about self-defense. This isn’t about 2nd amendment rights. It’s about a responsible adult who is licensed to carry a firearm, following a kid at night and not once identifying to the kid who he is. George ignored both the rules of Neighborhood watch and the advice of NEN.

Had Zimmerman followed that advice he wouldn’t be subjected to what he is facing today. In fact, had he followed advice he may have actually been able to become a police officer as he once inspired to be. But George has played and is going to play by George’s rules. It’s his world.

I just find it comical that George is attempting to claim that the President Barack Obama is responsible for the racial tensions. Well Georgie, my response to this is quite simple. Mr. Zimmerman, in the interview, you put clear emphasis on Barack Obama’s middle name. So you tell me who is creating racial tensions here?

In addition how can you first blame MSNBC for creating racial tensions, then turn around and now say it was the president? I think you just shot your appeal in the foot, son.

zimmermanIbeatwomenAnd just a friendly reminder — NBC editing the non-emergency call had nothing to do with creating any racial tensions. They didn’t add anything to the recording and nobody made you say what you said on that call. Weather you said what I believe you did or not, the point is I hear what I hear and nobody has forced me to interpret that racial slur. To my ears it’s quite clear what you said on that call.

Disgusted ZimmermanYou are a grown man. It is time you start to own up to your garbage and stop pointing the finger at everybody else. You put yourself in these positions. Nobody forces you to get hinged up in situations like this. So, if you are unhappy with how your life is turning out, perhaps you need to sit down and re-evaluate the choices you are making because in the end, the choices we make are what lead us to where we end up in life…

In short Grow the F**k up

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  1. Who is he blaming for his other 5 arrests involving violence?


  2. Two sides to a story

    Kinda makes you wonder what Zero’s next screed will be. If he trusts in his experience as God’s plan, then all he is experiencing including censure from most of the sane world should be accepted without complaint as God’s plan.

    Thanks, Obama! : ]


  3. As we’ve all stated in clear and unambiguous terms, Fogen is out there. Waaaaayyyyy out there. So if we read this right, our President caused what ?? Racial tensions related to Fogen following, murdering denigrating and getting away with it all ?? How the f is this turd brain going to convince anyone with a double digit IQ of this round of crap.

    Lets take a trip down memory lane……

    So Fogen takes a 16 year old to a bar already under investigation for underage drinkers, and while he’s in the men’s room, his buddy gets popped, Fogen assaults one of the task force cops and it’s the cops fault because the cop didn’t specifically cater to FogenPhoole.

    Fogen fails most of his classes and it has to be the fault of the teachers…….Okay….

    He cons the school into allowing him to graduate and flashes that “…look what I got away with” look. Then decides he’s not going to pay one of the servers at his “graduation” party and I guess that’s the life guard at the club house’s fault.

    So then we move to his failed pressure washing business. He opens a business and made no money at all. In fact I read he never had 1 customer…….let me guess, it’s the printers fault that did his flyers and business cards. That makes sense to me.

    Then he shut his moms electric off………what’s up with that ??

    Then, and this is a good one, there’s his insurance agency, which also had 0 clients. Damn…..I’ve been in business since 88….thank God i didn’t go to the business school he went to.

    Let me ask who posted that MySpace racist rant of his………..BigBoi I assume ??

    There is no possibility of Fogen winning his appeal. His big mouth does him in. The biggest issue he has to overcome is his acquittal.

    SHIT !!!!!!!!!! It’s the jury’s fault……..He’ll be poor because the jury found him not guilty……and his lawyer and co-counsel are to blame………….

    Let me say very respectfully Mr. President………please sue the shit out of Fogen. Lets face it, if there’s defamation, it’s by Fogen.

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    • It’s NBC’s fault. No. It’s Obama’s fault. No. It’s God’s fault. Why can’t Zimmerman make up his mind? If it was God’s plan as Zimmerman believes, then he should accept his current state of being and stop blaming others.


    • He’s such an arrogant jerk


  4. Speaking of lawsuits, there’s the one filed by Papa and Mama Zim against Roseanne. They claim that they had to leave their house in a hurry and cannot return.

    Thanks to George’s last domestic violence escapade, we learned what? That he is/was living in the same house that his parents want Roseanne to pay for because it’s too dangerous for any of them to live there.

    Toxic George Zimmerman.


    • Wasn’t that dismissed with prejudice ???


      • Racer, the last I heard, it had been moved from federal court back to the state court. I’ll check and see what’s on the docket.


      • Racer, there’s a case management conference scheduled for 4/21/15. Looks as if discovery has been limited to interrogatories. Of course, Papa and Mama Zim are not in a position to pay Rosanne’s expenses to attend a deposition, neither pay their lawyer to travel to Hawaii to depose her.


    • “That he is/was living in the same house that his parents want Roseanne to pay for because it’s too dangerous for any of them to live there.”

      That blatant hypocrisy speaks volumes about Robbie Sr……….and whatever Army Intelligence branch he worked for.


    • @ 1:20 he has the balls to make something of the President inviting Trayvon’s parents to the White House for a “ceremony” Huhhhhhh ?? So the President can’t do that.

      This piece of shit thinks he should be what……feted at Crime Busters as Man of the Year or something. To start with, he’d actually have to be a “man” and we all know that’s a real stretch.

      For the record, Crystal has no clue as to what she’s talking about. Note to Crystal, there is an enormous difference between “not enough proof to convict” and “did nothing wrong”


      • @ 1:20 he has the balls to make something of the President inviting Trayvon’s parents to the White House for a “ceremony” Huhhhhhh ?? So the President can’t do that.

        They don’t live in reality. Poor things have probably not had close friends and a social life to know when people don’t want to associate with self-righteous folks.

        Sybrina and Tracy lost a son. Why would President Obama invite the Zimmerman’s to anything when the character they showed was to denigrate a dead 17-year old?

        Not once — NOT ONCE — did George ever say to the public that those on social media supporting his interest were not examples of his beliefs concerning race. His big brother had already disparaged President Obama, and Papa Zim wrote a book blaming George’s arrest on Obama and Holder. And they thought that the President was going to voluntarily invite them into his house?

        That is the classic characteristic of bullies. Insult, abuse, demean, and think that their victims are suppose to bow down to them.


      • For the record, Crystal has no clue as to what she’s talking about.

        You’re right-on. She forgot that by George’s own words, he had moved his head off the concrete and pinned Trayvon’s arm before he even went for his gun. But Crystal still believes that Trayvon caused his own death.


  5. I had forgotten about this video. It was published on May 19, 2013. Today, we see that George Zimmerman is living out his tattoo.


    • Since you went down this route, ya know, with that “I don’t need no doctor” part, I’ll see your video and raise you an appropriate song…………from one of my favorite bands from the early 70’s.

      I don’t ne – ee- ed no funky doctor……..1 ! – 2 ! – 3 ! – 4 !……

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      I don’t need no doctor I don’t need no doctor He don’t need no doctor
      I don’t need no doctor………..

      And for those who want to play along, the chords are E – G – A…!!!


      • HA! Racer, not only did he not need a doctor, he felt so good that he packed up his stuff and moved after leaving the police station.


        • I may get my son, my son’s drummer and my friend, who recorded with many famous artists, like Todd Rundgren, and do a live recording. I think I’ll change the Ad Lib’d ending
          to …

          George don’t need no doctor, fool don’t need no doctor
          He won’t see no doctor, George won’t see no doctor
          George moved out and he said, I don’t need no doctor


  6. Think I know why George’s divorce lawyer conducted the interview. Remember that George reopened the divorce for the court to distribute debts and assets. He needs to bring the case to a close because Capital One Bank has sued Shellie and of course, George doesn’t want to pay the bill. It’s case number 2015SC000136 filed in Seminole County.


    • roderick2012

      I guess neither George nor Shellie will get to live the ‘good life’.


      • Hey Roderick! Can we agree that any life without George is good? LOL! In the perjury case, Shellie did pay off her fine, in full. Good for her. Shellie has a chance because she repented for her lies. George’s karma slate will never be wiped clean because his self-righteousness won’t allow him to.


        • Right!!


          • butterflydreamer2

            Really George, you can’t think of a way you both could have lived that night? What else needs to be said.


        • butterflydreamer2

          Perhaps I should blame George for my current situation, his self-righteousness drove me to chain smoke until smoke blew out my ears. LOL, I have no one to blame but myself. See George, that’s how it works, I had other choices.


          • Butterflydreamer! I hear you. My flowers blame George Zimmerman for being neglected in June-July 2013, because I was watching jury selection and his trial live-stream. That weed that grew in the raspberry bushes is Zimmerman’s fault. 🙂


          • yahtzeebutterfly

            My garden weeds took over also because of gz. 🙂 ….but I admit that was my choice and not his fault.

            He needs to stop faulting everyone for all of his wrong choices.

            Can he? So far he has not, and he continues to be a “bull in a china shop” wrecking havoc as we have seen with his domestic “encounters” and other events.


      • I’m thinkin’ this is what’s really going through that thick skull of his……..

        Just one more morning, I have to wake up with the blues.
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        I got dreams, got bad dreams, to remember, the world he had.

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        All right….yeah, yeah….

        Can’t pull myself together, put on my smug face for you
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        I got dreams, I’ve got bad dreams, to remember, the world he had

        Cause I’m hung up, on big dreams, I’m never gonna see, yeah
        Lord help me baby, bad dreams get the best of me yeah.


        • My whole world’s fallin’ down oh babe, right down in front of me.

          Ain’t that the truth about Zimmerman!


          • On the topic of dreams, lets explore what we’ve achieved personally. I love reading what people have done in their lives.

            Somebody go 1st………Xena, you’re lead off batter.


          • Racer,
            There are people who have taken innocent information about my personal life, and used it to mock and harass. For example, I have shared that my husband is dead. The French version for whitebutterfly7, first in comments submitted here, then on Twitter, likes to mock that I’m a widow. She should live so long and happy to have a 39 year marriage like I did. That is an achievement in my book.

            In another area, the first article was posted on this blog in September 2012. As of July 2013, we had 68 subscribed followers. Now, we have over 470. Seeing that I did not join Twitter to promote new blog articles until August 2013, I would say that what WE have achieved is remarkable.

            I’ve achieved making new blogger friends, and friends otherwise, and maintained those friendships since 2012 when I came to the internet. Racer, you are one such friend, and you are precious.

            Of my dreams, I dream that one day people can live, play, and work together without bigotry. And, currently, I dream that the day will come when the people of Indiana realize that discrimination against homosexuals is wrong, and unless they have a gay radar, the businesses will still be serving gays.


          • 39 years of marriage !! That’s great !!

            Your blog is 1st class, of that there is no doubt.

            “Of my dreams, I dream that one day people can live, play, and work together without bigotry.”

            Absolutely !! That’s why I keep saying, “Why can’t we all just get along” Black, white, yellow, green, short, tall, thin, round……….makes no difference to me. I give everyone a couple of chances. if they prove to be a jerk, that’s what I know them as, if they’re cool, then we can be friends.

            My dreams and accomplishments…….well……they’re small compared to most, but before it was known as a “bucket list” I wanted to cram everything I could and was interested in, into my lifetime. I played HS football & Semi – Pro football. I never thought I’d get paid to play. It wasn’t much all things considered, and my left knee can predict how much snow, but the friends I made and the camaraderie can never be replaced. Of course, winning everything is sight helped.

            I love cars and drag racing. I have a small 1 man business working on old cars, hot rods, race cars, boats and the like. I drag raced on and off since ’73 and have won a lot of rounds and races. There is nothing like reading your name in a national magazine or “National Dragster” or watching yourself on ESPN coverage of an event. Drag racing gave the little guy like me a chance to race against and beat the huge names.

            I love playing guitar…….played a lot of gigs, but mostly in Church now.

            My biggest dreams are that my son be a better person & success that I am. You know I’ve stated that Trayvon could have been our neighbor, and been a friend of our sons. Hell…….he might even have been in his band, on his baseball teams, on double dates.

            The same for Jordan Davis. He and his friends were doing what my friends & I did when we were that age………go to the mall and look for chicks. My son is no different. Most of us have the same thinking, no matter who we are. We may all look different, and that’s a great thing, but the internal needs are mostly shared by all.

            Okay………who’s next !


          • Racer,
            You have many, many achievements. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Your music talent is outstanding as well. I can’t wait for your next recording.


  7. Reblogged this on Mysterious Observations and commented:
    I could not have said it better myself! Maybe he can amend his complaint against NBC t0 add Obama! The action would be stayed until 2016 but George can wait…what else is he doing? Everytime he opens his mouth he further alienates the population of Earth!


    • scrodriguez

      Thanks for the reblog & the comment, Yes I see this creating an issue with his appeal, I mean he 1st blames NBC for creating racial tensions now he has blamed the president so why did he Sue NBC and not Obama?
      Truth is the only thing that created racial tensions is what George said on that NEN call & the fact that Law Enforcement treated George as if his word was as good as gold they never challenged George never once looked at this incident and though maybe he is lying I mean after all he was caught in several lies when speaking to investigators.
      in other words to Law Enforcement Trayvons life never mattered & that coupled with Zimmermans NEN call is what created the tension


  8. another case in Inkster Mich……this time the lawyer has the video of the beating AND they now have a video of the officer after the beating he was standing behind the car with other officers and clearly he reaches into his right pocket with his right hand and “finds” the drugs he claims were under the seat of the car……..and this time the officer is question had already been fired from detriot and had stood trial for guess what? planting evidence but they saw it was jury nullification when he was found not guilty…..


    • Hey Bill. I watched the video last night and will post it in the next article. The choke hold is very, very scary. When are cops going to learn that choking people makes them think they are being killed?


      • Yep !! Survival instincts take over and you begin to fight back. But I guess they don’t teach that at the cop shop. Wait…………my bad, they do, but it only applies to cops.


  9. This is how the crazy right thinks. Everything is always President Obama’s fault. The problem now is that even those on the right do not like him anymore. Poor George. He is just so misunderstood. He is a prisoner of his own thinking. Do you think he’ll ever figure it out?


    • Gronda, IMO, no, he won’t figure it out. After the DOJ’s announcement, Don West gave the media a statement. That should have been it but no, George had to get in his nonsense. Seems like he’s trying to pull people who don’t like President Obama to support him; financially, that is. But, many people who don’t like President Obama still won’t side with Zimmerman. Obama is a politician. Zimmerman is an unrepentant killer.

      Zimmerman picks up on the arguments on social media, such as Twitter, from those who supported him. They criticize the President because of the color of his skin. Anything he says about race, they interpret it negatively and accuse him of race baiting.

      You know the saying about first impressions? Zimmerman apparently forgets that the first impression he gave to America was his NEN call where he used profanity, referred to an individual as a group using derogatory terms, took it upon himself to follow Trayvon, and changed his mind about meeting the officer but wanted the officer to call him for his location. Notwithstanding anything that happened thereafter, that was the first impression that Zimmerman made. That is the impression that stays with me. I would not trust him with a snake.


      • Two sides to a story

        Yep. NBC didn’t make an impression on me – Z made his own, full text and all. Sealed it with Hannity, and just keeps on going.


        • scrodriguez

          Just in case some do not know, Zimmerman has to show the Appellate court exactly where the lower court ruled in error. IF Zimmerman can somehow convince the court of appeals that the lower court ruled in error that in itself does not win Zimmerman squat.

          What happens from there is he will then be given a 2nd trial……. Meaning if Zimmerman can somehow manage to get this over on appeal and get a 2nd trial NBC can show this new Video in the new trial and make their argument.

          I don’t see his appeal getting anywhere but if it does I believe he shot his case in the foot.


        • Two sides, I didn’t hear NBC’s edited version and in fact, did not take a serious interest in the case until Zimmerman was arrested. I went to Yahoo news and read about it, and it was the comments on Yahoo from Zimmerman’s supporters who made his case a racial circus. That expanded to social media, blogs and websites. They gave the world the impression that Zimmerman is racist based on their words and photoshopped images of Trayvon, his family, attorney Crump, and other Blacks — and by Zimmerman’s silence to correct them. No matter how many times Zimmerman may have been called a racist, it was his supporters who called Trayvon “Traycoon.” Junior didn’t help either when he went into a bigoted twitter storm.


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