5 Ft. Lauderdale Cops No Longer On Force Due To Racist Text Messages

Hat tip to Gronda.

ALERT: This article contains racial and other slurs that were used in text messages

Priscilla Perez was engaged to 22-year old Alex Alvarez. Alvarez was a police officer in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. They are no longer engaged. Priscilla and Alex had an agreement to check each others cell phones to make sure that neither were behaving badly. Priscilla wanted out of the relationship and in October 2014, she called the police for a domestic disturbance. Alex put on his police uniform. Priscilla was afraid of retribution, so she acted first, sending an email to Police Chief Frank Adderly saying there were racists in his outfit.   That prompted an internal affairs investigation.

In late January, Alvarez resigned before the investigation was completed and before he had to make a sworn statement about the allegations. The investigation also involved 3 other officers who last week, were terminated from their positions.


Screenshot of Fort Lauderdale cop Alex Alvarez’s video.

Priscilla sent screen shots of text messages between the four police officers and gave a sworn statement to internal affairs outlining Alvarez’s racist views against Blacks. The texts are alleged to have been sent while the officers were on duty. There is also a video in the investigation, allegedly made by Alvarez. The video, titled “The Hoods” uses the likenesses of his fellow officers (called “Savage Hunters”) cut with images of KKK hoods, vicious dogs, slave holders, blood, and President Obama with a mouth full of gold grills, pointedly calling the president a “n****er.”

Along with Alex Alvarez, Jason Holding, 31, James Wells, 30, and Christopher Sousa, 25 were investigated.  All four of the officers worked in predominantly black neighborhoods.

According to The Broward Palm Beach New Times:

“Their text messages include constant use of the word “n***er*,” including at least one mention of “killing n***ers.” Also shared among the group was a video – apparently created by Alvarez – of a mock movie trailer that described President Barack Obama with racial slurs as a movie villain who had to be stopped by “savage hunters.” The video goes on to show images of black people getting attacked by dogs and gun-toting white people.”

In addition to bigoted racist statements about Blacks, they also texted about homosexuals and coworkers. Wells texted the words “niggers” and “nigger lover” dismissively. He taunted Alvarez by calling him a “faggot” and called some of his coworkers “retarded brown.”

Holding texted about a “mudshark” — a derogatory reference to a white woman dating a black man.  He said the other cops called him this because he was dating a black Haitian-American woman. He said it was teasing, and “all in good fun.”  Holding once texted to Alvarez and Wells, after they’d been looking for some suspects who’d fled, “I had a wet dream that you two found those niggers in the VW and gave them the death penalty right there on the spot.”

The Investigation Report states:

“Officers Alvarez, Holding, Wells, and Sousa’s conduct is likely to have a negative impact on their interactions with the community and their coworkers as well as negatively impact their credibility in official proceedings.”

Their Defense?

When they were confronted by investigators, three of the officers suggested that the video was a regrettable attempt at humor, and that their use of the word “n***er” was not reflective of their true feelings about African-Americans.”

Wow! Have I heard that before. In fact, I heard it from several White Supremacist cyber-extortionists who use derogatory name-calling and words as if it’s their first language.  When their calling people “niggers” “retards” and monkeys were exposed on this blog, their defense is that were mocking the individual(s) — it was intended as a joke; humor; satire.

Make no mistake. Derogatory terms aimed at minority groups are not a joke. Mocking is a form of harassment and using specific terms elevates it from mere harassment to racial harassment.


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  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    BDT… 🙂

    • Jackie,
      Words cannot explain how hard I laughed when reading your comment. To show you that I’m not a person who texts, I had to look up “BDT” in the text dictionary. LOL!

      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

        Is BDT in the dictionary? I do not swear and I think that is as close as I ever get to it. 😉 Have a good day.

        • I found “BDT” in the text message dictionary. You reminded me of a time when I used to say “Dooley squat.” One day, a friend asked why I didn’t just use the word that Dooley did when he squatted. LOL.

          • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

            Ha ha ha! Oh my, that is so funny! For a long time I used to say “Rick-o-frats” when I was mad and it is nonsense. 😀 ❤

    • Jueseppi! Thanks for the reblog, dear friend. We have snow flurries in my neck of the woods. How’s the weather on your side?

  2. scrodriguez

    its a down right shame that Police officers think this way what is even more disturbing is how a Hispanic/Latino “Alvarez” would even pander up to his fellow officers knowing damn well that when he is not around those two are likely talking ish about his own kind.

    Alvarez is a perfect example of a sell out, look at the far rights Views when it comes to Hispanics, they want us all pushed south of the new border they created after they stole our land.

    and what really irks me in all of this is there are people who actually still state we are in a post racial era….
    you know the type to get on social media and post that Meme that reads

    “White guilt Being blamed for something your ancestors did years ago blah blah blah”

    No we don’t blame you for what your ancestors did years ago I challenge you and call you out simply because you support ideology that leads us back to what took place many years ago.

    • SC,
      This deserves repeating;

      I challenge you and call you out simply because you support ideology that leads us back to what took place many years ago.

      You also make another good point. I wonder if Alvarez took that position in an attempt to find acceptance with his co-workers?

      • scrodriguez

        You know he did which is pathetic cus you know when he is not in their presence you best believe they are talking about him

  3. In this electronic age, how on God’s green earth do these racists ever think they won’t be found out. Gee, it was all in good fun, ya know, like popping an air filled bag behind my friends head.

    Gimme a break, and send ’em to jail.

    • Hey Racer! It’s kinda like saying, “I threaten to shoot all of my friends.”

    • Racer, “Remember the Titans” was on cable and I just finished watching it. There were times when my mouth fell open, times of sighing, times of laughing, and crying. Just to think that the movie takes place around 1971. As the credits rolled, I thought that some folks today must have taken a time machine back in time to the days of segregation and racial slurs. They didn’t learn.

      • It seems, very sadly, that they’ll never learn. I’ll say it again…….I love listening to different peoples life stories. How can these racist be that narrow minded to have the “we’re white, so we’re just better” and worse………..other races are inferior.

        …………….it must be me.

  4. Ignorant!!! I also can’t believe how they play it off like it’s nothing. Really racerrodig………….. it must be me……… You are not alone.

  5. PS> Love you Xena……HUGS!!!

  6. I hope Priscilla Perez got the hell out of dodge. I commend her bravery in exposing the officers. I doubt there would be enough officers left to run the force if all the racists were exposed.

  7. Two sides to a story

    This kind of behavior among police is nothing new. During my last year of high school in 1970, I worked in a pizza parlor popular with off-duty cops. That was my very first exposure to overt racism. These guys were always bragging about their exploits and laughing about people they had contact with, usually black. They thought they were funny; I thought not.

    Needless to say, I’ve never had a particularly favorable outlook toward police ever since. I think there are far too many cops who shouldn’t be employed. I think the LEO we’re seeing getting fired now for racism are just the tip of the iceberg. There may be many more who aren’t racist, but who may be violent, sexist, and many other unfavorable traits. Law enforcement agencies need to wake up and weed these people out – and do what they can to avoid hiring them in the first place. That sort of power attracts all kinds of unsavory characters who masquerade as law enforcement do-gooders.

    • Two Sides,
      That is what I mean about people taking jobs working with the public in communities where they would not live. The idea that law enforcement is not willing to live in those same communities they are hired to serve and protect, conveys prejudicial ideologies.

      Along with what you said, I’ve seen some written police reports that question the education of the reporting officers.

  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    One by one across our country these people must be dealt with in the manner that the Lauderdale PD has dealt with them.

    Same in the political arena. Over the years we have watched many politicians and political candidates lose their standing when it has been discovered that they have used racial slurs or revealed their racial bigotry in other ways.

    Yet, until racial bigots admit that racism is a deadly DISEASE and begin to realize that passing it down to their own descendants harms their descendants’ hearts as well as destroying their descendants’ chances at lives of contentment and happiness, the endless loop of this portion of our country’s history will always be on “replay”.

    We must stay alert.

    • Yahtzee,
      I don’t know why, but whenever good and truth begins to prevail, it’s like light where we also see the evil lurking in the corners. Prior to 2008, I thought that racism was individualized and not rampant. Then, I began to see people really upset that a bi-racial man who identifies as Black would dare think he could be elected President.

      In 2012 with the killing of Trayvon Martin, the mean-spirited comments, and what I’ve been subjected to by way of harassment and threats, opened my eyes. Essentially, there is a group of people who are afraid that Blacks have too much power; too much courage; too much education, and too much money making it possible to retain all of the aforementioned.

      This morning, the movie “Joe and Max” was on cable and I caught about the last 30 minutes of it. The character who played Joe Louis gave a dialogue about how others always defined him, but when he stepped into the ring from the opening bell to the end of the match, he defined himself.

      That is what is happening again in America with bigots trying to define minorities, Islam, and homosexuals.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Xena,I suspect two mental dynamics are at work:

        1. There is the “enslaver” mentality that wishes to “reconquer” and turn the clock back.

        One method of control is to figuratively “chain” a whole group by negatively defining and stereotyping that group.

        2. There is the “inadequacy” mentality that wishes to gain false “self esteem” and false “superiority” by demeaning and pushing down people whom they feel threaten their job survival and their political control.

        Those who want to reconquer and turn the clock back play on the fears of the low-self-esteem bigots and amp up their fears.

        • Yahtzee, if we got 10 people like those former cops and put them in a room, we might find 10 different reasons for their motivation.

          Those who want to reconquer and turn the clock back play on the fears of the low-self-esteem bigots and amp up their fears.

          I don’t know about the “reconquer” because I don’t see what was actually conquered. Had those slave traders taken over villages in Africa and ruled the people, that could be seen as conquering, but they had to kidnap the people and imprison them on another continent. And maybe, you have touched upon a mindset that is the problem; i.e., Europeans deceiving themselves into believing that enslaving others was a conquering accomplishment.

          Had they wanted to conquer the North and win the Civil War, they would have killed all of the slaves instead of fighting over slavery. But, they didn’t do that and if they want to turn the clock back, it is for that purpose.

  9. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    I’m glad these individuals are not in positions of power any more. But the culture that produces such idiocy is alive and well in America. We are all responsible for ending it.

    • ohnwentsya,
      Thanks for the reblog. My mouth still drops open and my heart hurts when I read about the type of hate they put out, and combining it with a gun and a badge is absolutely frightening.

      • The good thing is that these monsters are being exposed so the “good ole boy network” can be dismantled for good. I think as scary and disgusting as it is to see shown so plainly; it was much s

      • My phone is insane! It posted in the middle of typing:-( I just meant to say that it was scarier when this mindset was prevalent and covert. When it was taken for granted and protected. I feel hopeful that these news stories are much like scraping a festering wound. Painful , gross and difficult but better than the gangrene that was setting in while it was well hidden beneath the surface.

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