Tattooed Neo-Nazi Named As Suspect In Deadly Arizona Shooting Spree

My condolences to the dead victim, and best wishes for those wounded. Looks like Giroux had no problem publicly advertising his hate, right on his own face.

The Fifth Column

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Following a manhunt that lasted hours, police took into custody a gunman who allegedly killed one person and wounded five others across multiple shooting scenes.

The Mesa Police Department has not released the suspect’s name. But the Arizona Republic reported that anonymous police sources identified Ryan Eliot Giroux, 41, as the suspect in the shooting.

Giroux was released from prison in 2013 after serving more than six years for attempted aggravated assault, according to records from the Arizona Department of Corrections. He had served two prior prison terms on burglary and marijuana charges.

Giroux also sports multiple face and neck tattoos, including eyebrow ink that reads “Skinhead” and an “88” on his left temple. The number is a…

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  1. scrodriguez

    This is the craziest part taken from the article on Yahoo (Flores said Giroux has “an extensive criminal background,” but that police have not yet confirmed he has white supremacist ties)

    Are you kidding me? Get this I have my daughters initials tattooed on my right forearm and believe each and every time I run into Law Enforcement they automatically assume its Gang affiliated.

    Here you have a man with tattoos that are obvious yet they want to say well he has a lengthy criminal background but we don’t know if he really is a white supremacist even though his tattoos clearly say “Skin Head”



    • The “88” stands for “Heil Hitler” 8 being the 8th letter and all.

      If you see a Neo Nazi with “18” it means Adolph Hitler

      Noooooooooo, we’re not really sure if he’s a white supremacist in any way. Huhhhhh ??

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      • Exactly my point I mean even if they don’t understand the 88 they sure as heck can read English well at least I hope they can being that they are paid to serve the public and protect the citizens


        • based on the pictures i see of police all around this nation they also are “skin heads” that could be why they are reluctant to label him, he shares their core beliefs.


    • SC,
      Maybe Flores doesn’t know that Neo-Nazis are White Supremacists the same as some in LE do not know that sovereign citizenship is a branch of White Supremacy. And, maybe Flores thinks that “Skin Head” refers to a wearing a bald head and not certain ideologies.

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  2. The skin head eye brows are the bomb. It’s not like he would never have this exchange about him

    911 “Emergency, please state the nature of your emergency.”

    Caller “This guy just shot some people in a crowd and we need ambulances and the police fast,
    please, help us”

    911 “Okay, the police are on the way and you should see them any second, the ambulances
    should arrive in a few minutes, please stay on the line”

    Caller “Okay” (waits on hold)

    911 “Okay, did you get a look at the shooter?”

    Caller “Yes……yeah”

    911 “Can you describe him to me?”

    Caller “Yeah……well he’s a white male and he was wearing blue jeans and a T shirt, and maybe
    six foot tall or so…………….maybe, ohhhh……about 185 pounds.

    911 “Did he have any distinguishing marks or tattoos ?”

    Caller “Yeas……he had this funny symbol tattoo’d on his chin, at first I thought it was a goatee but
    it’s a tattoo.

    911 Anything else ?”

    Caller “Oh yeah, he had the number 88 tattoo’d on his left temple and his eye brows were letters
    that spelled out “Skin Head”

    911 “Really……Skin Head, that will make it easier to locate him, anything else”

    For the record “88” stands for the 8th letter of the alphabet twice as in Heil Hitler.


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    If you scroll down on this Twitter page of the Southern Poverty Law Center, you will find many good articles including some on Giroux:


  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson @deray · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Here is the livestream for the hearing of Officer Manney, he who killed Dontre Hamilton in Milwaukee:


  5. People are placed on watch lists, and their rights have to be honored unless and until they commit a crime. What about the rights of all citizens to not become victims by people who are known to be hateful and capable of causing death and harm?

    So, the government knew that Giroux holds hateful ideologies. They are helpless in doing anything to prevent him from carrying them out. A person is dead. Others are injured. This is a very sad case.


    • I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until the right wing NRA gun nuts say “……if the victims were armed they wouldn’t have been…….” wait, they’re the same assholes cheering this Neo Nazi Sub Human Piece of Shit on in the 1st place………….My Bad.


      • Racer,
        With some folks, it’s all about gun ownership and not about human life. So yeah, let them want everyone to carry a gun, and see how fast those ambushed are able to respond by shooting back.


  6. crustyolemothman

    While it in no way detracts from the crime he allegedly committed, it seems strange that the photo in this article shows him to have no facial tattoos, strange wonder where they went?
    The photo also indicates that the police have no qualms about race when it comes to doing damage to the person being arrested. At some point, perhaps we need to start the process of demanding that our own local communities (and fellow citizens) start following the laws that should apply to all of us equally… Then again perhaps equality for all people under the law is an unobtainable goal…


      • A mug shot from his arrest Wednesday shows that at least two of Giroux’s facial tattoos — one that resembled a goatee and another bearing the numbers “88” — have been removed. It also showed a bloodied and scraped up Giroux, who was injured while struggling with officers.

        So, the eyebrow tattoos are still there.


    • Mothman,

      The photo also indicates that the police have no qualms about race when it comes to doing damage to the person being arrested.

      That is why this blog does not discriminate when reporting victims of excessive use by law enforcement. This leads to the question, what have we heard from LE recently about two different men, in two different states, both of whom used guns?

      We hear from LE in Ferguson that they did not beat Williams. There’s complete denial. We hear from LE in Mesa that Giroux sustained his injuries while resisting arrest. Either story might or might not be true. What we are not hearing is from an attorney representing Giroux saying that the cops beat him. That mugshot is horrible, but forgive me is this doesn’t come across right because, all I could think of is that Giroux was probably still armed when he resisted arrest, and was yet taken alive.


  7. “That mugshot is horrible, but forgive me is this doesn’t come across right because, all I could think of is that Giroux was probably still armed when he resisted arrest, and was yet taken alive.”

    Oh i know exactly what you mean and I can’t agree more. This clown was more dangerous than Mike Brown was……or am I missing something, ya know, with Mike running away and then his hands up.

    Hey, you know me………I’m open to any thoughts.


    • Racer,
      You are right on.


      • I pretty much thought I was on to, well……you are on to something.

        I must say that if Trayvon had actually laid a hand on Fogen in an offensive manner, he’d have looked like Giroux after he was arrested………….hey, just sayin’…….ya know, what with the right wing nut jobs and that “Superman” talk.


        • Racer, let me add to that. Based on Zimmerman’s description of the “suspicious” person, had the cops arrived before GZ killed Trayvon, a cop could have killed him and called it a “good shoot.” Superman descriptions and let’s not forget demons. I don’t know why atheists would believe Darren Wilson.


  8. not on topic but reading the thing at UVa…it seems the abc guy GRABBED the person by the arm and pulled them over to other officers as the FIRST contact….THAT act is a physical assault and battery without cause…….the police do NOT have the legal power to just GRAB people on first contact……it seems now a law abiding citizen could end up DEAD because some officer just grabs them and they react as any normal person would…….BEFORE the police put their hands on a citizen they need to VERBALLY tell that person what this is about.


    • Bill, I’ve tried keeping up with that situation. It appears that the kid is an honor student. Your comment enhances one of the things I’ve shared here previously, which is that those having authority should not assume that human senses comprehend everything at the same time. Words that are shouted are not always understood because people are not listening for them. Grabbing someone is an act that can perceived as intending harm.

      I did a video about police brutality that started off with a clip from a movie that asked, “Why do you feel so free to touch me?”


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