Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Open Discussion

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


There are a few announcements …

This blog has disengaged ping backs. This is why. The other night, I received a Word Press notification for approval for a ping back. It happened to be from one of the White Supremacist cyber-extortionists.

In general when bloggers ping back, they use the title of the post on the blog that they are linking to. For example, in using a ping back for this post, it would be titled “Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Open Discussion,” followed with a link to their blog. The White Supremacist did not use the title of the Blackbutterfly7 blog post. Instead, he used the title of the post on his blog which contains the name of another blogger and calls him a monkey.

I will not voluntarily subject myself to seeing that filth, and there is no way I would approve that filth to be posted to verbally vandalize this blog with a link to his slanderous, hate-filled blog.

That particular White Supremacist has opened and deleted several blogs and websites. One of his first blogs in 2012 was suspended by Word Press for violation of terms of service. Until I changed options for this blog requiring a Word Press account to submit comments, he, or one of his conspirators, would submit comments containing links to the White Supremacist’s blog or website to mockingly let me know where I was being defamed and demeaned.  Apparently, now having no way to anonymously contact me, the White Supremacist sought to let me know that he has not forsaken his dedication to destroy Blacks and “White guilt idiots” who believe in equality for all.

He introduces the purpose of his current blog as;

This Blog will use the Alinski playbook against them..as liberals deserved (sic) to be mocked and demeaned. You will find no shelter here nor polite discourse. Liberals are ugly, ill informed, and evil they deserve no less treatment.

I apologize to those who properly use ping backs to Blackbutterfly7, and hope you understand why, in the interest of my emotional health, that I have now disengaged that function.

Butterflies-48Spring has finally sprung. The snow has melted. My flower and vegetables beds are full of mud. The rabbits wintered under my deck and based on how my dog sniffs it, they are still there. There’s lots of yard work to do, which this year, I’m going to undo and do differently. I’ve decided to use flower pots and hanging baskets rather than planting in the ground.


In case you missed it, our dear friend and supporter Butterflydreamer2 has given us an update on her medical condition and care. We want to continue lifting her up, hoping, and sending positive thoughts and energy to her.


Blackbutterfly7 has received a second award nomination for the Power of Words Award. This gives us the opportunity to pay it forward once again. You, our participants and visitors, might know of a blog that deserves this award. If so, please post a comment below letting me know.butterfly thank you 2


A big hug and thanks to our new visitors and subscribers. Your “likes” and following are very much appreciated. As hard as I try, I don’t always get around to visiting the blogs of new visitors and subscribers as quickly as I would like to, but please know that I appreciate you.


What’s on your mind?

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  1. Bail ó Dhia ar an obair (God bless the work – pronounced roughly – bally air un ubber). Used as a greeting, like good morning.
    I wish everyone would put their accounts of cyber-harassment up so we could see who is being harassed and who the harassers are and their methods. I closed comments on my site as a gang stalking target I was getting so much rubbish and people setting traps with links etc, it was too much trouble. I have the same problem keeping my sites “clean”.
    Your beautiful site lifts my spirits. Happy gardening. All the best. Clair


  2. I never new what ping-back was so never clicked on it. So your safe with me ha. I don’t have any blog except my poetry on blog spot and I never hardly go there any more. Thank you for explaining it. I’d never of known.

    Love and lots of hugs to you. NAMASTE’


    • Shyloh,
      It took me awhile to learn the functions on Word Press, and after learning the basic ones, the rest were acquired on a learn as you go and need basis. 🙂 A function of ping backs is so readers on one blog know of the blog that pinged back to read the article there. So, the White Supremacist cyber-extortionist apparently wants to drive visitors to his blog to read his filth. He has never had more than 6 followers to any of his blogs. He is popular and well-liked — NOT.



  3. Happy St Patrick’s Day and may all supremacists rot in hell.

    With You in Spirit



    • Hey John! You are a man of few words that hit the proverbial nail on the head. Thanks for your support and happy St. Patrick’s day to you too!

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  4. I am with you John Flanagan!!!!!!!!!!


  5. crustyolemothman

    Happy morning green people. A four leaf clover would be great to have in todays world.

    Here is a link to an article that seems rather strange to find in todays news environment. Read it and form your own opinion as to the validity of the mans words.



    • Mothman,
      As for me, I’ve settled in my mind that the DOJ and grand jury did what they did. Arguing their determination doesn’t change their decisions. For anyone to now address the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” movement that has been used across the globe is from what motivation? There is something wrong in Capehart’s article;

      And the popular hands-up storyline, which isn’t corroborated by ballistic and DNA evidence and multiple witness statements, was perpetuated by Witness 101.

      Whether or not Mike’s hands were up is not a matter that can be corroborated by ballistic and DNA evidence. It would be a matter of where the bullet holes are in his body. Because Wilson shot Mike in the arm and not center mass, it raises the question why. Did Wilson deliberately aim for one of Mike’s arms to bring it down? Had he shot Mike center mass, we would still have the same open-ended question of whether Mike’s hands were up.

      There were two men on video who said that Mike’s hands were up. I don’t know if they testified before the grand jury or not, or were interviewed by DOJ investigators. What I do know is that Wilson stated that Mike put his hands up. Why does Capehart omit that? There was a shot to Mike’s right-arm that the DOJ said could not eliminate, neither establish whether Mike’s hands were up.

      I forget the term that is used in such arguments when there is no possible evidence to establish the truth of the matter. Here is what I mean — no matter where Wilson shot Mike other than his outer forearms, it would not establish whether Mike’s hands were up or not. Thus, people needing proof limit that proof to where Wilson aimed to shoot, which leads to the logical question, would a cop aim for arms?

      My position is the same — Mike was unarmed. He ran.


      • crustyolemothman


        “” Read it and form your own opinion as to the validity of the mans words.””

        Your words were the very reason that I added that comment. This mans article will not change any mind that does not wish to be changed. Nor are his comments a true validation for those who agree with him. We as humans have the ability to form opinions based on facts as we perceive them, and most of us refuse to budge from those opinions regardless of any “alleged” fact or truth that is presented that does not agree with our opinion. I simply found the mans words interesting in the light of his prior articles leading up to this date. Is he correct? At this point in time does it even matter? People are free to think as they wish, and anymore to a small degree, say or write what they wish without (limited) government interference, perhaps that freedom will continue into the future? One thing that I do find troubling is that many people that believe the DOJ report on Ferguson was truthful and accurate, think that this same DOJ is lying about the death of Mike Brown. It would seem to me if they were not truthful on one they would not be on the other, but what do I know, right? Again, perhaps truth is bound too strongly to opinion…


        • Mothman,

          Your words were the very reason that I added that comment. This mans article will not change any mind that does not wish to be changed.

          Michael was unarmed and ran. Those are the only things that matter to me.

          One reason you have not seen me blog much about this is because I detected the diversion early on. Witnesses said that Michael had his hands up in a form of surrender. Those who wanted to make a mockery out of the Black population and witnesses in Ferguson conveyed what they wanted as proof. Their demand of proof was that Michael would need to have been shot in his forearms or hands to signify that they were up.

          People went in that direction. I did not. The fact that a wounded, unarmed Michael Brown ran is enough for me to question why Darren Wilson felt the need to get out of his vehicle and start shooting. That was amplified, for me, when it was revealed that the prosecutors gave the grand jury a repealed law giving law enforcement the right to pursue running suspects and shoot.

          Forensically, it can be proven that a person was shot in the back. It can be proven that a person was shot in the head. What cannot be proven is what the person was doing with their hands. Many people have been deceived into thinking that the only way to prove that Michael was shot while his hands were up in a form of surrender, would be if he was shot in his hands.

          Do you realize how deceptive that demand for proof is?

          One thing that I do find troubling is that many people that believe the DOJ report on Ferguson was truthful and accurate, think that this same DOJ is lying about the death of Mike Brown.

          That’s because they forget that there is a high bar applied to proving hate-crime, and our DOJ did not look at violation of civil rights otherwise.

          Again, perhaps truth is bound too strongly to opinion…

          Not in this case. In this case, people have drawn lines and do not want to recognize that there are more than only two opinions. Mankind has a tendency to put everything in categories of either-or. It helps them to decide where to direct their prejudices. The same attitude is true when it comes to many other subjects; religion and politics being two. People form what they think is for and what is against, and they place the opinions of others into one of those categories not allowing freedom to think outside the box they created for others.

          I’m outside the box. Michael Brown was unarmed. He was wounded. He ran.


  6. yahtzeebutterfly


  7. scrodriguez

    Happy St. Pattys day, be safe everybody…..


    • Hey SC! Having homemade chili and a beer tonight. Give me your FedEx acct number and I’ll send you some.
      Smileys drinking beer


      • I could use some of that too…..got any extra?

        Happy St. Patty’s Day to everyone.


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Beer! Beer! Beer!

        Joining in singing 🙂

        The corned beef and cabbage (with onions, potatoes and carrots) is ready and on low heat for when friends come over this evening. 🙂


        • Hey! You and towerflower can come over. I’ll send my private jet to pick you up, as soon as I can locate the pilot, that is. LOL! I like corned beef; cabbage not so much, so save me a slab of corned beef, please.



          • yahtzeebutterfly

            Saving one just for you, Xena!

            Then I’ll pack my toothbrush just in case you find the pilot….oooh a private jet. Cool! 🙂 Can’t beat our menus tonight….your chili and my corned beef. (Towerflower probably can locate your pilot for you.)


          • I found the pilot. He’s at a bar drinking green beer and singing karaoke. How can I complain? It’s St. Patrick’s day. 🙂


          • yahtzeebutterfly

            LOL! 🙂


      • scrodriguez

        LOL I don’t rely on Fex Ex lol


  8. I just finished watching the movie Finegan’s Rainbow. It’s been a long time since I saw it and had forgotten the social issues, great songs and dancing.


    A mysterious Irishman, Finian, and his beautiful daughter Sharon, arrive one day in Rainbow Valley, a small Southern town of tobacco sharecroppers in the mythical state of Missitucky. The town has its own resident dreamer, Woody Mahoney, who thinks that he might be able to put the town on the map by crossing mint with tobacco so that it’ll grow already mentholated.

    Finian’s come to the town because he’s stolen a leprechaun’s crock of gold and plans to plant it in the ground so it’ll grow faster (or else why would the Americans have rushed to dig the gold out of California only to plant it back in the ground at Fort Knox?). But trouble arrives in the form of Og the leprechaun, who has followed Finian to America and is bent on retrieving his gold.

    Meanwhile, the bigoted Senator Billboard Rawkins, in an effort to stop progress in his state in the form of a new dam and hydroelectric system, plans to take the remaining parcel of land needed to stop the project – Woody’s, which Finian has purchased to save from the auctioneer’s gavel. But then the government’s geologists reveal to the Senator that gold has been detected on the property!

    Rawkins and his men confront the sharecroppers to seize their land using as an excuse an obscure law making it a felony for blacks and whites to live together, but when Sharon, outraged at this bigotry, cries out while standing right over the pot of gold, “I wish to God you were black …” all hell breaks loose as wishes come true.

    You can watch the full movie at the following link.



  9. Check this shit out! note what they say about the ‘hand cuffs’
    it’s just unbelievable!

    the feds need to get back there & get those cops who beat that guy & mc colluch for his misconduct.


    • Shannon,
      If I remember correctly, someone detected and captured tweets by a person just minutes before the shots were fired. Those tweets threatened the protesters, and the man was said to be known for following some live streamers and that he drives a Camry. A video that shows the red car also shows a Camry speeding pass just after the shots were fired, so I’m wondering if that is what McColluch means when asking for more people to come forward with information?

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      • we have that SS. but I haven’t seen the video. the idiot trolls are busy now combing thru livefeed video trying to find pics of Jeffery so they can ‘prove’ he was a protester. as if that even makes difference!

        my probelme is the cops said they arrested him “using the shot officers’ hand cuffs” I find that very childish and vindictive for a professional organization. It’s one thing to actually do that but it’s another thing to have to advertise it by telling media! its taunting. that attitude is another ‘us against them’ thing. its disturbing.


        • Shannon,
          Okay. I see and can see the problem. It was like rubbing things in the face of the man arrested as well as the public. At the time Jeffrey was handcuffed, he was to be innocent until proven guilty by a court of law, and not used as an instrument to humiliate.

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  10. I hope you had a great day… Sending thoughts your way, and a great job in raising awareness you are doing too Xena.. Take care.. Sue


    • Hey Sue! Thanks so much for your thoughts. My heart makes a relieving sigh to know that others understand that my sharing about the cyber-extortionists is for the purpose of making others aware. Thanks again. (((Hugs)))

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      • Yes Xena, when I share I share in poetry , but even that can offend some.. who sit in bubbles with head buried .. Keep doing what you are doing… And hopefully More will waken to the madness that is over taking this world..
        Much Love xxx ❤


        • Sue, I so appreciate your blog. It’s uplifting and hits in the heart. I’m sorry to hear that you also deal with harassers.

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          • Xena, thank you for that kind compliment.. ❤ I guess life would be pretty boring if we all agreed about everything.. We live in a world of duality.. Right, Wrong, Good Bad.. And yes we need one to experience the other.. But what we need to be mindful of is Balance.. And this world is tipping rather crazily right now.. So I am thankful there are people like you to remind us of who we are, and what We should be putting our focused thoughts upon.. For too long those in Power have abused their positions,
            Here in the UK.. big revaluations are coming to light about Child abuse rings, and how those right at the top stopped investigations.. Its all now coming out.. And I feel this is Global that people are expressing their thoughts now upon the 'Establishment' and making them accountable for their actions..

            Love and Blessings to you
            Sue xxx


          • Sue, I’ve been reading several blogs that address issues in other countries that effect the rights of women, children, and minorities, and I’m very thankful for the information. It causes me to see that there is something within mankind and I should never make assumptions that one country is more advanced than another when it comes to Human Rights. Ugly is ugly no matter where it is located.

            But, I also believe that good overcomes evil, and each individual must start in examining their own heart. We learn as we walk the path and that includes doing no harm. Thanks so much for being on and showing others that path.

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          • When you look at the ‘whole’ Xena, you will see major corruption is being exposed world wide, which brings me back to the Mass Conciousness and how we are all reflecting back.. Each affecting the whole.. I live in ‘Hope’ When enough of us want change for the betterment of Mankind, without control using fear .. Man may once again learn to live from his Heart and not let his head rule..
            Blessings Sue x


  11. Xena, for a charming Irish whimsy, check out “Derby O’Gill and the Little People”. Stars a very young Sean Connery who sings!


  12. An interim chief of police officially took over the Ferguson Police Department Thursday. Lt. Col. Al Eickhoff will serve as chief while the city conducts a national search for a permanent chief. He joined the Ferguson Police Department days before the Aug. 9 shooting death of Michael Brown. Prior to that, he was working in St. Louis County. He replaces Tom Jackson, who resigned as chief of police last week.



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