Man Charged In The Shooting of Police Officers In Ferguson


Jeffrey Williams

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch identified the suspect as 20-year old Jeffery Williams. McCulloch said Williams was arrested Saturday night and acknowledged his participation in firing the shots. A 40mm handgun tied to the attack was recovered.

Williams is charged with two counts of first-degree assault, one count of firing a weapon from a vehicle, and three counts of armed criminal action. McCulloch stated that Williams is not a resident of Ferguson and may not have been aiming at police officers. McCulloch did stated that regardless of the intended targets, the charges would be the same.


Here’s McCulloch’s News Briefing;


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  1. Hmmm.. What do you think? A handgun? Is that what the officers were shot with?

  2. Prosecutor McCulloch and the Union leader, Jeff Roorda are saying Jeffrey Williams was a protestor.. Pastor Robinson said he talked to this young man and determined that he is not a protestor. Does anyone know the answer to this?

    “Bishop Derrick Robinson, an area organizer, challenged the idea that Williams was a well-known protester.

    “I asked him (Williams) why would he say that he was a protester because it makes us look bad — because so many things that we’ve done to rebuild our community. It sets us like five steps back to say that it was a protester who did it, but he admitted to me that he’d never protested,” said Robinson, who spoke to Williams on Sunday.”

  3. Two sides to a story

    All the well-known organizers and livestreamers of the protests in Ferguson who are on Twitter say they don’t know Williams. And they have more credibility with me than Ferguson PD.

    • Gronda and Two Sides. What I find interesting regarding Williams is, had he been a regular protester, why did it take 9 months and his shooting two cops for LE to know he was on probation?

      I don’t keep up well with Twitter, but distinctly remember some people saying that LE had checked out all of the regular protesters. Some were being harassed, and through others on Twitter, their employers were contacted, and their personal information posted on the internet.

  4. I saw where one said they had seen him before but he was not a regular. MissJupiter had her phone, while live streaming, confiscated by police and supposedly she captured the car as it was leaving.

    Mindyme…..yes, they knew the officers were hit with a .40 caliber pistol and she’ll casings were recovered and when they arrested Williams they also recovered the firearm used.

    But, it appears, according to press releases, that the police nor protesters were targeted but individual/s who had robbed or attempted to rob Williams. He wasn’t some super crack shot and the opposite was the truth…..that the shots missed what he was aiming at and hit others who were in the area.

  5. Dayum 15min presser?!! McCulloch just loves the spotlight! he’s a pig!
    Yes X, he’s attributing the public w/providing the info, but yet he swears they had no credibility about Mike!
    He’s such a lying POS! the cops stole all kinds of ppl’s phones when Mike was murdered & I don’t believe none of those phones had videos of Wilson executing Mike or something incriminating to Wilson.
    I’m sure they’ve got some video from protesters’ phones I just wish they weren’t allowed to just confiscate them w/o the person’s consent.


    • Shannon, while I sincerely want whomever shot the cops to be arrested, there’s that other side of me that doesn’t trust one word from McCulloch’s mouth.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        deray mckesson @deray · 22m 22 minutes ago
        And it seems that the police physically assaulted Jeffrey Williams, which resulted in bruises, even though he peacefully surrendered.

        Wesley Lowery @WesleyLowery · 36m 36 minutes ago
        According to Robinson, Williams was beaten by police last night, and his chest and body covered in bruises that the minister says he saw

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Then this:

          Matt Pearce @mattdpearce · 2h 2 hours ago
          Bishop Derrick Robinson visited suspected Ferguson shooter in jail, tells me “he was very remorseful … he wished he could replay it over.”

          Instead of people reporting what Robinson says, I think Robinson needs to speak directly to the public.

      • Nope, McCulloch is about as credible as Wilson. And I have ZERO trust in any of the police investigations especially in this cops shooting case! we haven’t seen any of the cops’ injuries, they could be just as serious as Sarg said Wilson’s were when he saw him! that’s a lie! I have no doubt they could’ve found this kid & beat the shit out of him to make him the scape goat! They’ve done it before & this guy will be perfect for the media’s narrative that the protesters are all criminals, holder’s got blood on his hands, rev al caused this, Obama blah blah blah..

        I’m getting sick as I go thru the Grand Jury testimony. the prosecutors NEVER question any of the sergeant’s inconstancies in his various statements, the jurors do & even then the prosecutors reiterate and give him excuses & explanations. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen!!

        I can’t believe McColloch is even there really! How can he show his face?? How does he get to completely manipulate the system in full view of everyone -even the DOJ,
        yet no one does anything?!! I’m wondering whether the DOJ mentioned him in their reports? I haven’t read them yet because I’m waiting till I hear ALL the statements from everyone in Mike’s case.

        • Thanks Shannon for doing all that reading, It is upsetting to read for yourself how rigged that grand jury hearing was. McCulloch keeps manipulating because he keeps getting away with it.

    • I’m not relying solely on McCulloch’s statements. They also had a reverend interview Williams and he also said that Williams confessed to the shooting and that the cops were not his intended target.

  6. Towerflower and Mindyme,
    I’m wondering — because it was a handgun shot at a great distance, was that why there was not more damage from the bullets?

    As I went through reports, there are just too many inconsistent with fact/details. One report says that an officer was shot beneath his right-eye and the bullet stopped behind his right ear and has not been removed. It said that the shield on his riot helmet was not down. Another report said that the officer had the riot shield down on his helmet.

    One report said that the other officer was shot in the shoulder and the bullet passed through his back. Another report said he was shot in the shoulder — no mention about the bullet going through.

    Without the bullets, will it be possible to prove they were shot from the gun confiscated from Williams?

    • Xena, a 40 cal. S&W 180 grain bullet can travel up to 1 mile or 1024 fps (feet per second). It will lose impact power the further distance it travels. One of the things everyone agreed upon was that if it had been a high power rifle the officers would have sustained greater injuries, if not death.

      I had not seen the reports about the helmets, but I did see a helmet which showed the visor down with some blood on it. They never said which officer was wearing it and there was no bullet hole in the visor. I really don’t think it matters much about the visor. If the bullet had traveled through the visor then you might have had some extra injury from fragments. I also heard the bullet passed through the one who got shot in the shoulder. I never heard if they recovered the bullet or if the two officers were hit by the same bullet…..which is also very possible and if it was from one bullet and it is now lodged near his ear, they might never recover it as sometimes recovery can be more dangerous than leaving it.

      Yes, they can match a gun to shell casings. They had recovered the shell casings and with the gun they can match the firing pin strikes on the casings. So they have the shell casings, the gun, and the confession.

      • towerflower,

        Xena, a 40 cal. S&W 180 grain bullet can travel up to 1 mile or 1024 fps (feet per second). It will lose impact power the further distance it travels. One of the things everyone agreed upon was that if it had been a high power rifle the officers would have sustained greater injuries, if not death.

        That makes sense.

        Yes, they can match a gun to shell casings. They had recovered the shell casings and with the gun they can match the firing pin strikes on the casings. So they have the shell casings, the gun, and the confession.

        Thanks for the explanation. Regarding the confession, I can’t understand the controversy over who he intended to shoot. He fired the gun and the bullets wounded humans.

        • You have two groups that I can see. One group is LE and their supporters which want to believe that he was a protestor and had targeted LE that night. This way any protestor can be viewed as a potential threat and not peaceful. The other group are the peaceful protestors who don’t want to be associated with an outsider’s actions, especially one who hasn’t had the same motives.

          If you noticed he never was charged with attempted murder nor assault on a LE officer.

          • Towerflower, there does not seem to be a middle ground by anti-Ferguson protesters who stereotype. All Ferguson protestors are not violent, just like all cops are not bad. I really wish that people would stop stereotyping. What has resulted from their prejudicial stereotyping are responses from some people defending Williams who may or may not be guilty. His trial should be interesting.

  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    Natalie Jackson @NatJackEsq · 44s 45 seconds ago
    FYI: Asking the cause of alleged injuries visible on mugshot is not defending the accused; it is defending the U.S. Constitution. #Ferguson

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Is she hinting that the DOJ could check out whether his civil rights were violated?

      • I hope so! I hope someone is keeping an eye on this case! I don’t want anyone who’s not done anything wrong to be shot. not even cops. I don’t like what police are doing to innocent ppl but I don’t know if these two particular cops are two of the bad ones.
        Because its not all cops! Not all cops support the brutality their coworkers are perpetrating and I know it’s hard for them to speak out! even deadly sometimes. so I hope someone good is repping this guy to make sure he isnt railroaded or wasn’t set up & I want him to get a fair trial & chance at rehabilitation if it turns out he deserves it. no one died so he should not be spending his whole life in prison if he’s able to be reformed.
        plenty of gunloving freaks have killed ppl & never did a day in prison.
        plenty of idiots have accidentally shot ppl & never did a day in jail.
        so he’s not the worst offender on earth so he shouldn’t be treated any different than anyone else just because he injured cops. they aren’t any more special than anyone else.

    • Was the mugshot from the arrest of shooting the officers or a mugshot of his prior arrest?

      • Nope, this is his latest & he was obviously beaten up.

        • I just to make sure…..yes, this mugshot does appear that he has some injuries….redness on forehead, cheek and neck. I tried to find his previous mugshots to see for myself and I couldn’t find a site that doesn’t charge for more info and I haven’t had much luck in locating the free ones.

  8. You know, the police hate it when a cop’s misstep is attributed to all cops. Well the same is true when a one time protestor acts badly. It should not reflect on all the protestors who had been peaceful for months.

  9. There appears to be a coordinated effort in stages, for things to happen at just a right time, with each conspirator doing their assignment.

    • You need to read Jueseppi’s blog “20-year-old Jeffrey Williams Charged In Shooting 2 Ferguson, Missouri Cops.” I don’t know how to do the links like you all do.

      • Gronda, thanks for the head’s up. To post a link, go to the address on the browser, highlight and copy. Some use the function of right clicking the mouse and choosing copy. Others use the Ctrl C to copy. Come to the comment box and paste, either by right clicking the mouse and choosing paste, or using Ctrl V.

      • I think I read somewhere you’re were a republican ( don’t mean it in a bad way, my mom was one of them! LMAO) so I thought you may appreciate knowing you’re not the only one who’s found Ferguson’s PD & the whole gang to be deplorable! ( I know I sure do, cuz my mom wasn’t anything like they are today & I know she’d be mortified being compared to the clowns in congress these days )

        that’s one reason why I was so trilled to find this ‘conservative’ pundit socking it to the conservatives in his article about the DOJ report! and he lays it so well there’s really no room for wiggle.
        its awesome!

        • Yes, I had already read the blog. I was thrilled to see a conservative blogger point out that that the republican conservatives are acting against their own ideals when they discount the DOJ report without even reading it.

          I would describe myself as more like a Colin Powell republican. There are many who would say I am a RINO. My son says I am evolving into a flaming liberal. Truth is, I have never followed the group when I disagree on something.

          I have not voted for a republican in years and I refuse to do so until someone with some guts and principles stands up to the tea party type conservatives who are in many cases, racist. When they say that out President was born in Kenya, is not a US citizen; that he is really a Muslim v the Christian that he claims to be; that he does not love our country and that he is a subversive out to destroy our country, they are spouting racist rhetoric.

          I cannot support them when they blindly adhere their beliefs like lemmings that the science does not support the concept of climate change; that it is ok to cheat by enacting legislation to keep peoples from the ballot box; that because they are owned by the NRA, the most reasonable gun restriction laws cannot be passed. etc., etc.

          In the past 2014 Florida election, I volunteered and supported Charlie Crist because he publicly stated that he would revisit the “stand your ground” law and the 10-20-life minimum gun sentencing guidelines. As you know, there was the lowest turn out of voters in over 50 years. Unfortunately, I am of the philosophy that you get what you vote for! I pray that in 2016, we will have the highest voter turnout in years.

  10. Two police officers have been released from hospital after they were shot in Ferguson, Missouri on Wednesday night, following a street protest. Jon Belmar, St. Louis County Police Chief, told media that one officer was shot in the face, and another was shot in the shoulder.

  11. Shannon… is one for you:

    “Defense attorney Jerryl Christmas also suggested that St. Louis County police may have used excessive force when arresting the suspect, Jeffrey Williams, saying his client had bruises on his back, shoulders and face and a knot on his head.

    Police spokesman Brian Schellman called the lawyer’s allegations “completely false,” adding that Williams was seen by a nurse when booked into the county jail, standard procedure for all incoming inmates.

    “The nurse released Williams as fit for confinement,” he said.”

    Sooooo, because a nurse saw him and released him as fit for confinement means he wasn’t roughed up?

    • I’m gonna watch this now, its the preacher talking about when he spoke to Jeffery.
      and someone mentioned today if Jeffery didn’t have a lawyer when he ‘confessed’ it may not be used against him.
      I said all the more reason for McColloch to have a 15min presser&make sure any potential jurors know anyway.
      and the news mentioned he didn’t have a lawyer today in court either.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        “news mentioned he didn’t have a lawyer today in court either.”


        Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid · 5h 5 hours ago
        “And then today, a hearing at which there was no media present. The press was shown into the wrong room. Lots of odd goings on in Ferguson.”

  12. Shannon… depends…..if Williams was read his rights and he talked willingly, it could be used against him. Think part of the Miranda warning….anything you say can be used against you. If Williams invoked his right to an attorney, even if he didn’t have one, they are supposed to stop the interview until his attorney can be made available…..whether he hires one, one volunteers, or it is appointed by the court.

    If the cops were smart, they should’ve recorded the interview and most departments will restate Miranda warning so there is no question raised later. His attorney will take care of it if they didn’t follow procedures correctly. If his confession is thrown out, then I would want to know how they came about the gun… warrant, given up freely, or as a result of confession.

  13. I just read this in Yahoo news: 3/17/15

    “The suspect charged with shooting two police officers during a demonstration in Ferguson, Mo., last week is now recanting a confession that he was the gunman, his lawyer told Yahoo News on Tuesday.

    “He told me that he never fired a weapon,” said Jerryl T. Christmas, attorney for Jeffrey Williams.

    Christmas said Williams, 20, was scared and in a “tremendous amount of pain,” having allegedly been pistol-whipped before being questioned by detectives.”

  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Ferguson Police Shooting Suspect Returns to Court”
    CLAYTON, Mo. — Mar 17, 2015, 6:50 PM ET

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