Protests In Madison, WI After Police Kill Unarmed Teen

When I first heard about this, and that citizens were organizing to protest, it did not take me by surprise. Madison, Wisconsin is known as a college town.  People travel from Illinois to Madison for health services. Madison is known for its veteran’s and research hospitals. It is a city where many residents are professionals and college students.

Fort McCoy’s Total Force Training Center is about a two-hour drive from Madison, and it is not unusual to see military personnel and their families use Madison as a meeting place and to socialize. Dane County Regional Airport is located in Madison, WI. When I visited there, I found diversity. There are no second looks on mixed race couples.


Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny

What am I saying? When Madison police officer Matt Kenny killed unarmed 19-year old Tony Robinson, he not only killed an unarmed person, but he also tarnished Madison’s reputation as the city in Wisconsin that seeks positive changes for its state. Officer Kenny did this in a state that does not have the death penalty. Understand that to mean that there is no crime in the State of Wisconsin where judicial punishment is death. In 1853, Wisconsin was the first state in America to permanently abolish the death penalty for all crimes.

After Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes became public knowledge, there was a push in the Wisconsin legislature to reinstate the death penalty. Between 1991 and 1996, 22 Bills were introduced for reinstatement. None made it through legislative committees.

When an unarmed person is killed by the police, and social media takes off to justify the killing of a “thug,” the people of Madison take exception to that. They do not kill their own even when the person is convicted for murder.


Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson was a recent high school graduate and was headed to the Madison Area Technical College, where he wanted to get a business degree. However, he also has a criminal record. In April 2014, Tony was alleged to committing home invasion with 4 others, one armed with a shotgun. In October 2014, Tony plead guilty to armed robbery and was sentenced to 120 days in jail, which was stayed by the judge who gave Tony 3 years of probation.

What we have here is a situation where Tony, unarmed, was sentenced to death by Officer Kenny because he and Tony got into a fist fight, in a residence where Kenny forced entry.   And now, those who do not understand the spirit of Madison, Wisconsin justify Kenny’s killing of a thug. They should listen to Chief Koval and the Mayor of Madison, Paul Soglin, who went to city hall where protesters gathered. Mayor Soglin made the statement to WKOW;

“We’ve got a family that’s really hurting. And we’ve got a city and neighborhood that’s feeling pretty well hurt itself.”

This situation is not about Tony’s past.  It’s about Tony’s family, the city and neighborhood hurting.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said at a news conference that an officer responded to 911 calls reporting a “subject” who was “jumping in and out of traffic, dodging cars and the like.” that had been responsible for a battery. Kenny was the responding officer who went to an apartment where Tony had gone.   Kenny has stated that when he arrived at the apartment, he heard what sounded like a disturbance inside. Kenny forced entry into the apartment.

Chief Koval said once Kenny went inside the apartment, the victim “assaulted my officer and in the context of mutual combat, the officer did draw his revolver and subsequently shot the subject.”

According to CNN, Chief Koval confirmed that Tony was unarmed and stated;

“We have to be clear about this. He was unarmed. That’s going to make this all the more complicated for the investigators, the public, to accept, to understand … why deadly force had to be used.”

Officer Kenny has been with the Madison police department since 2002. He was an active officer with the U.S. Coast Guard for 9 years prior to joining the force. Kenny was taken to the hospital, but was not seriously injured. The police chief said a blood test was taken to determine if alcohol or drugs were in the officer’s blood. Kenny has been placed on administrative leave.

In July of 2007, Kenny shot and killed 48-year old Ronald Brandon who had a pellet gun. At that time, Dane County District Attorney Brian Blanchard said the gun looked genuine, and Kenny was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing:


Paul Heenan


This time, Kenny will be investigated by an outside agency, the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation, (DCI) per state law. The law that requires the investigation by an outside agency was a response to the 2012 police involved shooting of 30-year old Paul Heenan. Paul was unarmed and intoxicated. He entered a neighbor’s home mistakenly, and the neighbor told police that she knew him. Stephen Heimsness, the officer who killed Paul, said that he thought Paul was reaching for a gun.


Madison police Officer Stephen Heimsness who killed Paul Heenan.


John Heenan, Paul’s father, lobbied the legislature for the law that requires outside investigators to investigate all fatal police shootings, saying that police “wagons were circled” after the shooting to cover-up facts.

John Heenan told 27 News his lifelong confidence in the actions of police officers was close to shattered by his son’s death.

“I used to trust them. I used to not question anything. I question things now,” he said.

The law became effective in 2014. Madison State Representative Chris Taylor co-authored the bill, and stated of the recent killing that she was informed that the Department of Justice’s division of criminal investigation is on its way to the scene.

The people of Madison do more than talk. Whether successful or unsuccessful, they take action.

Chief Koval’s press conference;


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  1. Have you seen the picture of the school kids who packed the capital today in Wisconsin? It does seem the Police department is doing a much better job than most in promising a fair investigation.

    Imo, This officer who killed Tony, with this being the 2nd unarmed human being whose life he took, he needs to go.


    • “Madison Police Chief Mike Koval publicly apologized to Robinson’s family Monday. “Reconciliation cannot begin without my stating ‘I am sorry,'” Koval wrote in his blog, “and I don’t think I can say this enough. I am sorry.” Koval added that he hoped people would not judge his department on this incident.”

      Thank you!


  2. Two sides to a story

    Let’s see how far the sorry talk goes. It’s easy to do that and then clear the cop. Hopefully the people of Madison won’t put up with that scenario.


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  4. welp, I’m not sure which one to use…


  5. Why is it majority of unarmed POC shot/killed by LE? I understand a naked man in DeKalb County, Georgia was shot/killed yesterday because he charged toward them. Where is the weapon hidden at on a nude person? We hear/read of some whirling a knife at police, breaking police fingers, shooting at police but all these were taking in handcuffed. They are given a benefit where as others aren’t.


    • Peni,
      My first thought is that it is fear based on perception along with a lack of respect for all human lives. The source of that fear could be racial stereotyping. It could also be hatred.

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      • human nature is complex but in some ways very simple……people that dont trust others CANT BE TRUSTED…….the reason is they know they are dishonest but rationalize that is ok because everyone else is just like me so i am ok too…….people that desire to be in control over others migrate to police work because they WANT to be able to push others around………in this case why follow the guy into an apartment? what crime did the officer witness to allow him to break down a door and enter…..loud voices is NOT probable cause for that action.


        • Bill Taylor,

          human nature is complex but in some ways very simple……people that dont trust others CANT BE TRUSTED…….the reason is they know they are dishonest but rationalize that is ok because everyone else is just like me so i am ok too…….

          That makes sense.


  6. Shaun King @ShaunKing
    · 19m 19 minutes ago

    White man points gun at children. Taken in alive.

    Mentally ill black man walks naked. Shot dead on sight.


  7. Shaun King @ShaunKing
    · 20m 20 minutes ago
    White man points gun at children. Taken in alive.
    Mentally ill black man walks naked. Shot dead on sight.


  8. Hat tip to Jueseppi.

    The following is an interview of the father of a man who was killed by cops in Wisconsin, and what he did to bring public attention to and interest in getting the law changed in Wisconsin for outside investigation.


  9. Coroner’s Preliminary Report

    Tony Robinson was shot in the head, right arm and torso.


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