Three Years – Remembering Trayvon Martin

Racerrodig asked that I open a thread so people can share remembrance and their thoughts on how we heard about the death of Trayvon Martin. He also suggested that we discuss how it affects us and what we do to make relations better. Thank you, Racerodig, for your willingness to share with others.

130711_POL_TrayvonRallies.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largeIt’s not often that I write opinion or editorial pieces, but today I’m compelled to do so in remembering Trayvon. The announcement by the Department of Justice was not limited to not charging George Zimmerman with violating Trayvon’s civil rights. The announcement included more, and I would like to address that.

In its written announcement, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder wrote:

“The death of Trayvon Martin was a devastating tragedy.  It shook an entire community, drew the attention of millions across the nation, and sparked a painful but necessary dialogue throughout the country,” said Attorney General Eric Holder.  “Though a comprehensive investigation found that the high standard for a federal hate crime prosecution cannot be met under the circumstances here, this young man’s premature death necessitates that we continue the dialogue and be unafraid of confronting the issues and tensions his passing brought to the surface.  We, as a nation, must take concrete steps to ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future.”

Many of us have experienced that anyone who participates in the necessary dialogue is targeted for destruction by a small group of individuals who believe there is a conspiracy which they call the “BGI.” No one has been destroyed however, and all of their efforts have not stopped the necessary dialogue. The best dialogue I’ve witnessed has taken place on this blog respectfully, and between diverse people.   Some of us even have diverse spiritual beliefs, but all of them are based on doing no harm, respecting life, and promoting equality for all regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, age.  

1332614213_trayvon-martin-bThe painful but necessary dialogue begins with recognizing that people kill other people, and when that happens, citizens rely on law enforcement to impartially investigate.


We say that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but what drew the attention of millions across this nation is that Trayvon was judged guilty even before his killer was arrested. Even George Zimmerman’s attorneys participated in the social media slander of the deceased. That behavior is also part of the necessary dialogue. Please notice that I use the word “behavior.” I do so because such behavior comes with motivations.

Attorney Holder has stated that we must be unafraid of confronting the issues and tensions that Trayvon’s death brought to the surface. To do that, we must first identify the issues and tensions. Attorney Holder did not identify those issues and tensions in the announcement. Is there any question what those issues and tensions are?  As Lisa Bloom tweeted today,

“It did not begin or end with Trayvon, but the attention to his case woke many up to evils of racial bias, gun violence & Stand Your Ground.”

According to Attorney Holder, as a nation, we must take concrete steps to ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future. That is within our individual authority for our own actions, but not within our authority when the actions of others result in the same incidents that led to Trayvon’s death.

We, as a nation, find that when the states don’t get it right, that we are subject to the highest law enforcement agency in the nation to investigate such incidents. What we have witnessed as a nation is that in the State of Michigan, prosecutors challenged the reasonableness of fear when Ted Wafer fired a shotgun into the face of 19-year old Renisha McBride.  Wafer was convicted for murdering Renisha McBride.

We witnessed prosecutors challenge the amount of deliberate thought that Michael Dunn took when shooting at a vehicle containing 4 teens that was driving off . That challenge convinced a jury to convict Dunn of 3 counts of attempted second degree murder.  We witnessed those same prosecutors challenge Dunn’s story that the door of the vehicle was opened when he fired shots at Jordan Davis. His decisions and actions thereafter were challenged, and the jury returned a verdict of first degree murder in the killing of Jordan Davis.

trayvon-martin111Yet, those same prosecutors during George Zimmerman’s trial failed to challenge Zimmerman’s own story that included that he wiggled his head off the concrete, which caused his shirt to raise exposing his gun. Logically, there was no further threat of Zimmerman having his head bashed on concrete, although he maintained that was his fear causing him to use self-defense. Zimmerman told investigators that when he unholstered his gun, that he had pinned Trayvon’s arm to prevent Trayvon from getting the gun. He also stated on Hannity’s program that he was afraid that the cops would arrive and find him holding his gun and shoot him. Why would Zimmerman be “holding” his gun if it was all a spur of the moment decision to shoot Trayvon in self-defense?

Zimmerman said that he took time to aim so he wouldn’t shoot his own hand. Prosecutors questioned Adam Pollock at trial, and Pollock testified that there was no way Zimmerman could have made a shot in Trayvon’s heart from the physical position that Zimmerman said he was in at the time that he fired his gun.

The nation witnessed that those same prosecutors did not present Dunn’s interview with the police until after Dunn took the witness stand, forcing him to give his own version of events and reasons. Yet, they played all of Zimmerman’s police interviews for the jury, making it possible for there to be no need for Zimmerman to take the witness stand and be cross-examined.

Trayvon and Sybrina 2Honorable Attorney Holder, if we as a nation are to continue the dialogue and be unafraid of confronting the issues, then it must include the issue of prosecutors and juries on the state level. What we have witnessed as a nation most recently, is that the Department of Justice has taken a position of being inspectors rather than investigators. Citizens receive a report of the inspection that essentially says that there are bugs in the cracks, but not enough to justify using the highest form of insecticide to flush them out to the open.

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin


I will always remember Trayvon Martin, and my best wishes are with his family to continue fighting the good fight, the right fight, and in the right manner. There is strength through struggle.


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  1. I am so impressed by your blog!! Thank you for saying it all, Today, I did email the DOJ at

    I am a White, older, taxpaying registered republican who is not happy with your department deciding not to pursue any charges against George Zimmerman because
    supposedly the standard for prevailing in a civil rights violation case is too high.

    I hope that the NY Times, recently leaked article that the DOJ will probably not go forward with charges against Police Officer Darren Wilson is not true.

    Do you remember the Rodney King case in 1992? Federal charges were brought against 3 police officers for excessive abuse and force when they were originally not convicted in a
    local Los Angeles courtroom. The federal officials had to have the WILL to proceed because those who supported going forward with federal charges received a lot of flack. Our President
    W.H. Bush stood up to his criticizers by allowing the process on a federal level to continue. They set up a team of special prosecutors and investigators who were determined to prevail. They did not win a conviction on the basis of racial animus or because of any civil rights violations. They believed that they had to send a message that society would not turn a blind eye to justice when one of our citizens was so horribly treated by those representing justice, our police officers.

    How could society condone the brutal treatment of Rodney King caught on video by not sending a message to other police officers that this brutality towards one of our citizens is NOT OKAY!!!

    You are at this point now. If the DOJ is going to have any credibility in standing up for justice, then now is the time to take a stance.

    Thank you,
    Gronda Morin


  2. Sybrina Fulton speaks;

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  3. I feel so much better after reading your beautiful blog. I was reading an article from my local news station about the third anniversary of Trayvon’s murder. I was deeply upset by a negative tweet they posted from a troll who called him a teen criminal and that we were praise him for the wrong reasons. Sadly, the ignorance is out there from people who unfairly judged Trayvon when he will never able to tell his side. But on this third anniversary of a horrible tragedy, I turn a negative outcome into something positive. I donated to the Trayvon Martin Foundation. I believe God chose Trayvon to be the movement to fight and save our children. It is a mission that started from the bravery and courage of Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. I tweet I will not let a negative remark or tweet about Trayvon Martin continue to spread love and the truth and overcome hate and ignorance.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly


      the movement to fight and save our children. It is a mission that started from the bravery and courage of Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.


      Parents should be able to trust the justice system to protect their children. The words of agony, tears, and trembling expressed by so many the night of the 2013 gz not guilty verdict are still echoing in my being. And, now this from the DOJ.

      Today’s children are now living under the shadow of these decisions. The court verdict and the DOJ’s decision send a message to Black and minority parents…a message of non-support…a message that their children’s safety is not protected and, therefore, is at risk. This is so wrong, so unacceptable.

      Their anguish and tears are pure and need to be heard. I ache as they reverberate through by being.

      Change needs to come. I hope the demand for change becomes louder, stronger and more persistent.

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      • “Today’s children are now living under the shadow of these decisions.”

        And that’s it, exactly. Thank you


    • Dara,
      Thanks for your kind words and I’m sure that Sybrina and Tracy are grateful for your financial support.

      Before and even after the verdict in July 2013, I lost count of the number of comments submitted to this blog that denigrated Trayvon. I never approved them for public posting and never defended Trayvon because he was not on trial. I concentrated on his killer’s words and mostly, I posted monthly encouragements for Trayvon’s family, friends, and those advocating for justice who did get into the trenches with the cyberharassers. Even warriors need a safe place to rest.

      Sadly, the ignorance is out there from people who unfairly judged Trayvon when he will never able to tell his side.

      True, and there was also ignorance on the side of the Sanford police department that assumed Tracy and Sybrina would do like so many other parents, bury their child, and shuffle along. As you say, Trayvon’s death has started a positive movement. Even AG Holder realizes that it has been a wake-up call.


      • Many people don’t realize how much they were always seeking answers before the story went national. Sybrina was no longer in Miami but before the cameras in Orlando asking for answers. I remember her always being in one of the opening stories on the evening news. One of the first marches from Daytona to Sanford started before Sharpton came onto the scene.


        • It slays me how Zipperskin’s supports claim the only reason there was an investigation was because of Al S. Everyone else knew better


        • One of the first marches from Daytona to Sanford started before Sharpton came onto the scene.

          Isn’t that what people do with President Obama? He’s blamed for everything including the volcano eruption on Pompeii. Dr. King was blamed for causing racial tension. Rev. Sharpton is blamed for pulling the race card, and Attorney Crump is blamed for representing people in court.


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  5. XENA, I did notice it. I also noticed how low key the grand jury hearing press was handled. I have been upset about this decision on many levels. Why do we have this federal justice system that appears unwilling to take a stance for justice and fairness for all.?


  6. yahtzeebutterfly


    Attorney Holder did not identify those issues and tensions in the announcement. Is there any question what those issues and tensions are?  As Lisa Bloom tweeted today,

    “It did not begin or end with Trayvon, but the attention to his case woke many up to evils of racial bias, gun violence & Stand Your Ground.”


    People are demanding change and demonstrating against inequality and injustice. Justice advocates are even telling legislators and LE what changes are needed and how to go about it.

    The lawmakers and LE and DOJ just return with excuses and inaction. They play dumb and just don’t deliver a full water bucket of justice because they are unwilling to fix the hole in the bucket.

    Despite petitions, letters, marches, protests for change and and suggestions of how to fix the problems from a myriad of advocacy groups, The-powers-that-be act just like Henry in the song, “There’s a Hole in the Bucket”


  7. That is a great analogy. The police. the judicial system, prosecutors, press are all part of the frustrating system that isn’t working for all of us. I pay my taxes for effective government that is fair to all of us. This includes our children of all colors and backgrounds. Still I think it is time to protest the DOJ. Eric Holder is getting ready to make his exit and I am hoping that he does not drop the ball on the Michael Brown case because I bet the new Attorney General, Ms. Lynch will have more guts, smarts and problem solving creativity.


  8. Another fabulous post. I kept my promise to be in thought & prayer tonight for Trayvon, his family & friends and all the victims of violence. 3 years and how many more victims ? This unfathomable tragedy has been a wake up call, but how many times must the alarm be sounded by a terrible event like this.

    It is true that some good will come of this as seen by some of the convictions, but why do these killings go on ? What fear do these killers really have. Not one has a story to be believed on face value. All of them need a very tilted view to be sold. Was Wafer in fear behind a locked door ? with a phone at his side & a shotgun on his lap. No.

    Was Dunn in fear for his life when all he had to do was move his car ? No.

    And what about Michael Brown……he was walking along with his friend and not a threat by any stretch. All of the victims truly are victims despite the denigration of them. It is sickening to see the killer and their supporters vilify the victim yet they can’t be assailed.

    I still say why can’t we all just get along ? How hard is that to do. I’ve shared this so many times, but I’ll keep saying it. I love starting or being in a conversation in line at the store or wherever and getting to know people. Just tonight I had to go out and get a new compressor pump for my shop. While in line the customer in front of me at Harbor Freight needed something but more than that he needed advice. The cashier didn’t have any idea so he asked me if I was a mechanic. Both of them were black. The cashier about 35 and the customer over 60. The cashier looked apprehensive when he asked if I knew about what oil to use in the air tool and the like. Being the talkative one, I had no problem telling them what I use, what some use and a few secrets I found to keep air tools in service.

    I find it amusing when they look at me with a Uhh Ohh, do I dare ask the white dude something, and I jump right into the fray as if we’re old friends or brothers and such. I know God must get a giggle out of me when I take the helpful challenge the way I do. It’s my grandfathers influence of that I’m sure.

    Not only is it great to talk to people, it’s a sense of feeling useful to another person that I don’t even know. That man will go home, get his stuff fixed and maybe he’ll be on a blog somewhere where he talks about this. If he gets a 1% better feeling about my race, than life is worth all the garbage that goes on.

    Said this as well…….I talk with my son about these social issues all the time. 2 years ago he held his own 2/26 remembrance with some of his friends and they posted their thoughts here. For a 14 year old to take up the torch for this was overwhelming. He talks with me about we could see Trayvon and his family as neighbors……them swimming in our pool on hot afternoons, playing ball together, cruising around the mall talking to girls, maybe Trayvon getting into music and playing or singing in my sons band, or just going to the gigs. We see him going to play paintball and having a real fun time.

    It’s so hard for me as a parent to know AA parents have to have “that Talk” with their kids when the talk I have with my son is getting to know them and not making them afraid of you, making them feel part of the group, helping without being begged. AA parents have to tell their kids not to act suspicious, how not to dress, where not to go and all of that. How diametrically opposed are we and why ?

    Xena’s site, here we come to a safe haven, drop the landing gear down and settle in for a chat…… animosity, no hate, clever talk by a wide range of great people. Some have gone on and new ones come in all the time.

    I can see Tracy & Sabrina sitting on my deck and the girls talking recipes and the new fall fashions, of decorating ideas……and we’re praising the newest grille setup or the handling and ride of someones new ride. That’s living to me. Hey…….lets throw Tracy into the pool !
    Hey…..I know, lets all get dressed up gangsta style and ride around in the cool 32 Caddy racers got up and running. Kool Photo Op……Trayvon…….get in the drivers seat Dad…..sit where Capone sat…….I’ll stand on the running board and play bodyguard, `Sybrina…..sit next to Trayvon and hold these fake money sacks. Remember BBQ at my place afterwards,
    Lets watch the 2 kids put the moves on their girlfriends……..shhhh…….Scott’s giving T more roon….how cool…….Check it out……..Scott’s letting Trayvon drive his Monte SS up the driveway. I can see Tracey asking what’s up with that 68 Charger with the blower sticking out of the hood ?

    All right……’s me and Jaharvis vs Trayvon & Scott at air hockey………Scott warns T about my ferocious bank shot……Okay…….Me and Jaharvis will spot ya………say 7 points. 1st to 21 wins.

    Bottom line, I love you guys and have met only 1 and that’s Another Andy from HP who we gave a months free stay here as he was homeless. He was a very entertaining & traveled guy. He stayed Christmas time 2012 and insisted on helping me make up the 1st effects pedal board fro my sons guitar rig. He just wanted to contribute as a thanks for helping him out at a bad time.

    There is so much we’ve accomplished yet so much more to do……….count me in.

    So much more to say, despite all that we’ve said.


    • I am so moved by your post.


    • Racer,
      I love your spirit. It speaks that there is no fear in communicating with our fellow man. That is truly how to we get to know others.

      Glen Kaiser sings a song with the lyrics:
      “If I leave this world tomorrow, Lord let me leave a little of your love behind.”

      Acts of kindness are not soon forgotten. I remember at the age of 18 of traveling the first time on my own. I landed at the airport and followed the signs to where the taxis lined-up because I had to take a taxi. I did not know about getting a ticket-number to wait in line, and just stood in line. When I was first in line, the man asked for my ticket. What ticket? The man behind me picked up my suitcase, opened the door of the taxi, put the suitcase inside, took me gently by the arm and helped me into the back of the taxi. I thanked him.

      I don’t remember his face, but I remember his act of kindness and through all these years when I pray, I ask that he receive special blessings.

      Now, with your story, there might be some wrestling over who gets to sit in the driver’s seat of the Caddy. LOL!


      • Why couldn’t Zimmerman have just asked Trayvon if he needed a ride… he could have found out then what ‘he was up to’ and where he was staying.


        • yahtzeebutterfly


          Why couldn’t Zimmerman have just asked Trayvon if he needed a ride…

          The White person in this photo answers your question:


      • It seems most of us have stories and events in our past where we had a pleasant yet unexpected interaction with someone. I love those stories and I’m not afraid to share them. If we can have a positive impact on others, we’re winners.

        The ’32 Caddy……it belongs to a cust and it’s for sale. I’ve had more customers come back with the wife and kids just to ask if I would let them take an oldie style picture with them and the car. It is a cool old piece. Everyone…….come on over. Pics at 11:00 BBQ at 3:00 !!!!!!


    • So touching, racerrdog! RIPTrayvon


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Wonderful post, Racer! So beautiful!


  9. WOW!!! That was a fun read. I loved it.


  10. its hard to imagine that such a law would exist what is even more bothersome is that well take for example Zimmerman they believed his nonsense from the outset. I am sorry but that is not how it should work if you are to have such a law.
    someone is dead your claiming self defense okay well they will have a Stand your ground hearing to determine that so the way I see it if people are going to claim Stand your ground they should be taken into custody booked and face a SYG hearing if the panel decides this is not self defense it moves forward to a trial.
    there should be no side stepping that hearing nor should the triggerman be allowed to stay at home until this is figured out.
    Notice since GZ we have had allot more idiots claiming they have stood their ground, opening your door and shooting someone who was knocking is not self defense. Shooting at a SUV with teens in it because you didn’t like their loud music is not self defense.
    the law should be repealed then again I believe we simply need to disarm as a nation. There are Nations that face the same every day issues we do and their citizens are not armed and you know what they manage to do quite well there is no excuse for our citizens to bare arms.
    people will argue well that’s our constitutional right in the event we need to over throw a corrupt Government.
    I challenge that ignorance by asking what type of firepower can you purchase that can beat our armed forces? so the whole corrupt Government argument is just as nutty as this SYG Law is


    • scrodriquez…While I do believe that the SYG law needs work, I don’t want it to disappear entirely. It is important to remember that GZ never asked for a SYG hearing, he didn’t because he and his lawyers knew he would lose it…..regardless of how many times MOM promised to ask for a hearing. The reason why is because he was the cause of the encounter and the law doesn’t protect the person if they start confrontation. I am at a loss as to why the instructions for SYG were included when he wasn’t using it.

      As to the 2nd Amendment…..the whole basis of it wasn’t to solely man a militia but to also give a warning to the government that the people had a right to fight back against an out of control government. I believe some take it too far… when they carry an AR into a target to go shopping……there is no fear of government there. I don’t need to carry an AR for protection from the boogie man while walking down the street and I feel those that do, do more harm to the 2nd A. then help.

      I have never believed GZ to be a good candidate for concealed carry. He had a history of violence before that night. I also believe that he was under the influence of the drugs that he takes…Adderall being one, all of them listed items that could effect one’s mind and 2 of them listed violence. His ex-fiancée even mentioned in her FBI report that she thought his violence was due to one of his medicines. I think one way we could tweek it is to ban anyone who takes long term medicines which list violence as a side effect and to remove the permit from anyone who exhibits threats of violence. Nothing about GZ says he is a responsible gun owner. People like Dunn and Wafer were found guilty and are paying the price for their needless actions.

      GZ might have escaped justice but his continued actions continue to reinforce what we already knew. He won’t change his mode of operation and sooner or later someone will file charges against him. I pray that in the meantime that no one else loses their life.


      • Most states have had justifiable homicide on the books since the books were written. The problem I have with stand your ground is that it’s the opposite of fear of great bodily harm or death. What it says is that if you think a person intends you harm, that you can shoot to kill. Then interpretation of the law is sorted out across desks and conference tables to decide on whether to file charges.

        I don’t like living in a country where I’m minding my own business, but people can conceal carry and if they don’t like the way I look, they can shoot me and claim they were in fear for their life. Then detectives will ask my kindergarten teacher if I ever showed signs of violence, she will say that she saw me frown once, and that would be postured as “reasonable fear” justifying taking my life.


    • Stand Your Ground was made up by white men who wanted the right to kill people of color without consequence. I believe this with all of my heart.

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  11. Two sides to a story

    I’m glad that Holder made the statements alluding to the fact that Trayvon’s death was completely preventable. There’s that, at least, and the statement is about the gun toter, not Trayvon.


    • Another thing that was telling was the statement about how it didn’t meet the “high standards” for charges……it didn’t say we didn’t find anything.


  12. roderick2012

    I may be showing my ignorance but why didn’t the feds charge Zimmerman and Shellie with attempted tax evasion since it’s as plain as day that they ‘smurfed’ the blood money so that they wouldn’t have to fill out the iRS form and therefore report it as income.

    I have heard that the blood money wasn’t taxable income, but couldn’t the IRS get them on intent?


    • There was a news article at one time about the $. Was it income or not, they got an expert in the field of taxes and the general determination was the money was gifts and not taxable. But the selling of the paintings for income is another story.



    It’s for sure the parents of the murderer will never be invited to the White House whoever is President!


    • Bonnie,
      Remember Elliot Roger’s dad? When Elliot went on the shooting/killing spree, his dad met with the dad of one of the victim’s. They got together and worked on getting legislation passed in California to prevent that sort of incident from happening again.

      The Zimmerman’s showed no compassion for Trayvon, nor his family. They held themselves out as competing with Sybrina and Tracy. They held themselves out as being superior to them. It’s one thing to say along the lines of, “My son did what he thought was necessary to save his life.” It’s another thing to come to the media and give George’s entire story as if they were standing there to witness it all.

      They made serious mistakes, including having Junior as their spokesperson. He’s an embarrassment and eventually he unzipped and exposed his racial animus all the way.


  14. First forgive me if you notice a spelling error….my “t” key is acting up.

    Trayvon Martin continues to live on, he didn’t just fade away as a new story came up. Many continue to bring his name to the forefront. He continues to live on in the foundation that his parents started. The parents of Trayvon are strong and show class at every turn. They continue to bring some good out of their tragic loss.

    Trayvon’s parents are invited to the White House and that speaks volumes. I hope that Z and the rest of his family continue to live in their own self-imposed hell. They can try to blame Trayvon for their woes when all they have to do is look in the mirror for the real problem.


  15. I have wondered as to how different GZ’s life would have been if he had admitted to being at fault by having made a monumental mistake that cost a young man his life.. If he had been remorseful to where he accepted the consequences like a man, then he would probably be in a much better place today.

    Instead, he knew he could get away with his actions and he acted accordingly. What is so sad is that the rest of the system helped GZ get away with taking away a precious life without any appropriate consequences.

    Eric Holder has probably been hearing from a lot of folks about how upset many are at the lack of judicial closure regarding this case. We all know what fairness looks like and this decision of the DOJ not to pursue GZ for anything, isn’t it. I am not happy about this outcome. I do not want to hear about the high threshold of proof that is required to prevail in civil right’s violation case. If the threshold for proof is so high that it is mission impossible to succeed at trial, then why bother going through the motions just to look good. You do what the prosecutors and the investigators did to prevail in the Rodney King case which is that you figure out a way to have justice mean something.


    • He in Florida, had he admitted he accidentally killed Trayvon, he would have been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter which is usually a 5 year sentence, 3 years actually served.


      • i don’t think he couldn’t have admitted to anything because of florida’s 10-20-life gun enhancement, so any conviction would’ve put him in a cage for 20 years minimum for causing death.


        • You are so right! In Florida, with SYG, you will be better off if you kill someone than if you just shoot a firearm in the air to scare someone off, even if no one was hurt.

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  16. With the opportunity to try to make a difference, sports anchor Dale Hansen of Dallas-Fort Worth’s WFAA recently used some airtime to deliver a powerful anti-racism speech.

    He speaks from experience.


  17. Dear Xena,

    you’re a damn genius! you’re a word Houdini, a magician?? I don’t know what to say, but you’ve got a gift that literally turns blue eyes brown?? I don’t know how to explain it. but your post here, your logic, your intelligent answers AND questions have given me like an injection of vitamin B12,B6 w/20000mg of C! I have so much more clarity. I don’t know how to thank you but thank you so much. and i just remembered why I value you so much.

    years ago when i was spending several weeks in germany I went to a doctor and took a bunch of tests like an IQ test, aptitude, personality type tests etc..i love those things and I learned things about myself that you’d probably need someone like a parent to tell you.
    so but then later on i realized (ok w/a lil help from a therapist 🙂 i realized that i instinctively gravitate towards highly intelligent ppl, like yourself (and most importantly WHY i do that & why I’m so lucky to have you!)
    Did you know the most intelligent ppl tend to be the most compassionate ppl on earth?
    In fact, even in the worst of times, they’re the light in the dark for me. sometimes its the ppl like you who keep ppl like me from jumping off the deep end!

    Until last night, i’ve stayed pretty isolated & just ruminating over every little detail: going over & over in my mind what happened, why & what now. TOTALLY ineffective because I can’t even put my own questions into words. my thoughts are scattered and frantic. personally I’ve been in a fog of rage and depression.

    I couldn’t talk to even my dearest friends here because I don’t have a single positive thing to say. most of you guys are too good to ever comprehend some of the feelings i’m having & i certainly don’t want to add to anyone’s frustration & pain with negativity.

    Thank you X,
    and thank you too to those of you forced to read through all my irrelevant ramblings
    ( that took me like two hours in between my ADD distractions 🙂
    it hurts, but i appreciate that it was Trayvon who brought all the kindred spirits of you guys here.
    xoxo shannon


    • My dear Shannon,
      You are the person I should thank because you are able to see my many words, put them in less than 140 characters, and tweet them out in announcing new articles posted here.

      Thanks so much for your kind words and I am happy to know that you have been lifted.

      I remember in 2012 when I first found your blog, that I admired the way you just come out and say what is on your mind. You don’t give a hoot about personal attacks and just think — it’s 2015 and you’re still here, the same person, speaking your mind.

      We have work to do, and I am happy that you are on the right team.

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    • What a beautiful tribute.

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  18. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Three years after Trayvon Martin killing, two women’s lives intersect”


  19. Just in case anyone forgot, or didn’t see, Adam Pollock’s testimony.


    • that clip of Zimmerman’s reenactment where he’s demonstrating how he squeezes Trayvon’s arm & reaches for his holstered gun, right side under his fatass, with his super stretchable left arm should’ve been played in slow motion side by side w/someone doing a demo laying on the ground.
      he sure couldn’t have grabbed it w.his right hand & if he uses his left hand how does he grab his gun all the way over there & get it in his right hand?
      I just saw that…I know others have pointed out the impossibility of him firing while laying on his back cuz he cant bend his elbow, but what hand did he get the gun with? its all impossible!


      • Shannon, remember that after the trial, Bernie even said that he believed that Zimmerman had his gun out way before he says that he did. Let’s not forget too how Trayvon’s shirts were pulled.


        • he should’ve said it at the trial. it’s pretty clear he didn’t get the gun while rolling around on ground. he didn’t squeeze Trayvon’s arm w.the arm he shot him with!
          he didn’t have to qualify any of his really obvious BS to anyone!

          my feeling is that he convinced himself that since Trayvon wasn’t there to say otherwise his stupidass story could literally be the truth- cuz HE says so!

          sorta like if a tree falls in the woods thing except the question is; hey you there, walking out of the woods w/that ax, did you just chop down that fallen tree?
          but the guy says nope, I didn’t chop it down, I was just taking my ax out for a walk and I personally saw the tree get knocked down by a giant flock of Dodo birds.
          the rest of us could’ve simply gone to see for ourselves if the tree had ax marks, instead we all just accept the guy’s stupid story even though Dodo birds have been extinct for decades.
          something like that..


  20. Like

  21. Dear Shannon, All of us have our crazy times in our life journey. Some like you are just honest about it. I talk about my 2 close long time friends frequently. Myself and one of my friends openly seek the help of a therapist in our rough patches and we are better off for it. One would probably never seek this type of assistance. However, we know each other well enough to be there for each other when we go through some tough times. Just don’t give into the inclination to hide when are in a down spiral. You being open about any personal issues helps others to know that they are not alone. Thanks for sharing!!


    • Yes, being with friends was usually best in my case. but in the last 3years I’ve made a few really good friends that share my passion for justice for all & they’re an important part of my life now.

      I don’t think I’m the only one, but I think the DOJ announcement was harder to accept than the jury verdict. I definitely trusted the DOJ more than the prosecutors & jury. but now I’ve lost my trust of DOJ too. they have the evidence & they know Trayvon & his parents deserve to have that POS child killer rotting in a cage for the rest of his miserable life!

      I don’t understand how they expect to keep doing these investigations only decide the laws are protecting some criminals instead of their victims.
      they say the evidence doesn’t meet the high threshold needed for conviction & I say the threshold is meaningless. its either against the law to stalk, chase & murder teenagers while calling them racial slurs or it’s not. if there is a threshold, the killer stepped over it when he killed Trayvon.


  22. chuquestaquenumber1

    We remember Trayvon Martin as he was an unarmed victim of a predator. Unfortunately that predator continues to be a menace to society and isn’t punished for being a menace to society.His unjust killing has started a discussion on racism,self defense.Which followed to unjust killings,racism,self defense in policing. Of course ,the enemies attack us,Pres Obama,Rev Sharpton,AG Holder with the false BGI label.Now let’s see if Bush 43 FBI director Comey now NYPD Commisioner Bratton get the BGI label for saying what we’ve saying.Now FBi director and NYPD Commisioner need tomake their depts better.


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