No Federal Civil Right Violation Charges Against George Zimmerman

Hat tip to Butterflydreamer2.

Zimmerman’s attorney, Don West, said that he hopes the decision will mark the start of a new chapter in George Zimmerman’s life.

Trayvon’s parents said they are disappointed but thanked the Justice Department for their investigation.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder stated that the investigation concluded that circumstances of the case did not meet the high standard required to prove a federal hate crime.

The timing raises suspicion of the investigation and result. The federal grand jury met last year and their session ended in December. Had the federal grand jury not returned an indictment, the DOJ should have announced that much sooner than now. Zimmerman did have an attorney; Don West, who is a federal criminal defense attorney. Apparently, Zimmerman was anticipating an indictment. The question is, did the federal grand jury return an indictment, but the DOJ decide that in spite of that, they will not prosecute?

The “new chapter” in Zimmerman’s life cannot be different that his life experiences before and after February 26, 2012. As soon as Zimmerman left the police station after killing Trayvon, he abandoned his home. It was later learned that on February 26, 2012, Zimmerman was two months behind on paying his rent as well as credit card and vehicle payments.

Zimmerman did not continue his employment either. Having told his employer that he was mugged, his employer required a police report and a doctor’s release that he could return to work. Zimmerman got a note from a physician’s assistant, but whether he obtained a police report is questionable. It was revealed at his trial that he took FMLA from work and did not return. Zimmerman has been unemployed since February 2012.

After receiving donations for a legal defense fund, Zimmerman instructed his wife Shellie on transferring those funds and paying off debts that occurred prior to February 26, 2012. At his bond hearing, Shellie misrepresented her knowledge of the money. She was charged with perjury. In a subsequent decision revoking Zimmerman’s bond, the judge wrote that Zimmerman sat like a potted palm and if not but for the GPS ankle bracelet, would have left the country with a passport he lied about, and other people’s money.

Since his acquittal, Zimmerman attempted to arrange a celebrity boxing match that did not take place. Zimmerman traced photos, painted them, and attempted to sell them, resulting in a threatened lawsuit for one such painting.

Then there have been his encounters with law enforcement since his acquittal, starting with traffic stops; domestic violence allegations involving Shellie Zimmerman, her dad, then a girlfriend. That was followed by Zimmerman being found in the back of a store and saying he was working security. The man who owned the store was running for local political office, and told the press that he never approved for Zimmerman to provide security for his store. He lost the election.

Zimmerman was also accused of stalking and threatening a man, who didn’t want to file charges and bring attention to himself. Most recently, Zimmerman was arrested again for domestic violence and like the previous case, the woman recanted.

The story has not ended, because George Zimmerman is known not only for his actions on February 26, 2012, but because of those actions, his life prior to that rainy night and thereafter. He brought a spotlight on himself that does not dim. By his own words, he wears a bullet proof vest and looks over his shoulder whenever he leaves the house.

Meanwhile, Trayvon Martin’s legacy has led to many positive things. His parents work to provide support to the families of other victims, and have made financial contributions to scholarships in Trayvon’s name.  Sybrina has spoken and been invited to speak before various organizations.

Once again, reality hits that man is incapable of writing and implementing laws that provide liberty and justice for all.

As videos are made available for embedding, I’ll post them in the comment section.

 No justice, no trust.

Trayvon lives on

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  1. I’ve seen the headline all day but didn’t have the heart to click on it. There is no doubt we haven’t heard the last of George Zimmerskin. He’s not smart enough to know when to quit, and neither are his supporters.


    • Exactly. He won’t be satisfied until he gets into it again with somebody just to claim his bs about being the “victim” are true. I’m sure the next picture taken of him will have a date under the image…….ya know, like a mugshot.

      Of course his next picture might be of him at work.


      • So true.


      • Racer,
        I didn’t hear wrong. I know you will understand what I mean. In 2012, I heard “George Zimmerman will be convicted of second degree murder.” When he was acquitted, I went into quiet time about what I heard. What I heard was not that he would be convicted for killing Trayvon. That placed me in a position of forgiveness, because it would mean that Zimmerman would kill someone else. I do not want that.

        Is there peace in my spirit that he won’t? No. He makes his own choices the same as those who come into his presence.


        • One thing that is obvious is that no one stands by him anymore. Taaffe, Oliver…all of them are silent. I’ll venture it’s a safe bet to say none of them will step out and say “….see, it wasn’t a hate crime”

          He said “Fucking coons” and that’s all that matters to me. He followed someone for no reason, other than his race, admitted his victims age, provoked an altercation while armed and murdered an innocent kid.

          Pardon my French…….


          • Racer,

            One thing that is obvious is that no one stands by him anymore. Taaffe, Oliver…all of them are silent.

            The same is true for his internet buddies. In July 2013 after the verdict, those who had blogs dedicated to “supporting” Zimmerman, (which were actually blogs that denigrated attorney Crump, Trayvon and his family), deleted them. I didn’t know about those blogs until someone told me about them. Two remain, and one consists of 4 month old open discussions with a splattering of a new thread about every 4 months. There were a few “supporters” who hung around until Shellie filed for divorce and had that media interview. When the video was released showing Zimmerman taking an aggressive stance and destroying Shellie’s IPad, more of his “supporters” disappeared from the blogosphere.


          • Again, empty barrels make the most noise and that’s what his camp was full of. I proved using math and O’ Morons own words he only had less than 3,000 supporters (donators) He got about 200 K and 100 K was from 3 large entities in 4 blocks of 25 K each, leaving a little less than 100 K. Markie said most are repeat donators and the average is $20.00

            $20.00 X 5000 = 100 K and cutting it in half for the repeaters makes it 2,500 donators.

            It’s not the number of them, it’s the hate the few spew that is offensive. I’m sure there are a lot of racist nut jobs nobody heard from, but they know deep inside it was a murder and will wisely keep silent. It’s generally accepted the Koch brothers donated 2 of the 25K blocks.

            I have a lot of customers of all types and quite a few red neck boys and not one of them thinks he was justified. Even the most die hard nut I know wouldn’t give him a dime and says Trayvon was murdered and Karma will take care of Fogen.

            For the most part, there is no actual “support” for him anywhere or someone would give him a job even if it was just in sympathy. Even the Koch boys can dream up a 50 K or so a year position that requires no skills if they believe in him. As you say, he’s “Toxic”


          • Racer,
            Did you know that Zimmerman has a blog? The visits were so low that he removed the widget that records and displays the number of visits. He had maybe 3 comments that he approved for public posting, one coming from a cyber-harasser. He opened that blog in September 2014 and the last I checked, he hasn’t posted anything since. No matter how sweet and polite he sounds after February 26, 2012, the first impression impugns him. That first impression was a man talking to dispatch who used profanity and sounded angry and cunning.


    • I saw the dreadfull headline on Facebook, and was just stunned but not surprised. I have been trying to block this out because I have to watch my blood pressure. I can only shake my head and cry. I am sick and heartbroken for Tracy and Sybrina. My Facebook friends are all upset, and their were conversations going on with so many people who were having discussions about this topic! Most of the discussions were civil and favorable, and some of them were the same old racist bigots who know nothing about this case, but still think all black people are criminals etc,. Fogen is in a prison of his own making, however, he should be sitting his ass in the state pen, for killing Trayvon Martin!


  2. butterflydreamer2

    Things won’t get easier with GZ. He has the big man to answer for.


  3. crustyolemothman

    While this is disappointing, can anyone actually say they are surprised? Because of the way the law was written it is almost impossible to bring a case if the individual has an attorney. The majority of cases that have been brought under the federal statutes, have been because the person charged was unable for one reason or another to have adequate legal representation or was willing to plead guilty to prevent convictions of other crimes. While Zimmerman is not going to be charged under the law, he will have this heinous crime hanging over his head for eternity. His name will be synonymous with the killing of a child under false pretenses in our nations history for all future generations to see. He will in time receive his just rewards for his life of cruel deeds and criminal enterprise. Karma owns him, she just has not claimed her prize yet…


    • Mothman, you spoke volumes.

      Because of the way the law was written it is almost impossible to bring a case if the individual has an attorney.

      Yes! It also makes it almost impossible for prosecutors to meet the requirements that judges have established in jury instructions.

      Anyone who refers to one person as a group, and that group is by race, has profiled that one person based on race. The U.S. Attorney probably turned over and examined how jurors would accept such an argument and based on the area for jury selection, found that it would be a waste of time for jurors to learn and accept dog-whistles.


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Xena, We know so well the hateful words that gz used to lump Trayvon in with a group. Yes, you are correct here about gz profiling Trayvon:

        Anyone who refers to one person as a group, and that group is by race, has profiled that one person based on race.

        The following video is a powerful poetry performance posted just 3 days ago on Youtube. The poet has seen too much….too many victims of racial killings:


      • To your 1:09 post. You mentioned his blog before. I’m shocked…..shocked I tell you nobody posts on his blog. To be honest, I’ll bet the few actual supporters he did have were quite put off by his posting under dozens of fake names on other sites and stirring it up so badly. Even pure self defense proponents found that act offensive.

        Hmmmmmmmmmmmm ??? maybe I should saunter over there ?? Naaaaaaaaa !!!!


        • Racer, what to know what’s really funny? The 2 Anti-Trayvon blogs that still exist do not get much of any activity. I think they might average 12 followers between them. There were people tweeting to me about his blog when it opened. Although they were not approved followers, their tweets appeared in my notifications. I blocked them to prevent that. They wanted to provoke me into writing about Zimmerman’s new blog knowing that it was a means of spreading the word and driving views to it. I’ve not once shared the link to his blog and I won’t.


    • “Karma owns him, she just has not claimed her prize yet…”

      This gave me chills


  4. This decision will embolden him even more.


  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    Trayvon, I will always carry you in my heart!
    You raised my social consciousness!
    You have uncovered so much about our justice system!
    You have fired up the path of the movement for justice!
    With your cries for help, you have magnified the cries of the others who are seeking justice.
    I hear you, Trayvon!
    You have inspired me to continue on, to march on for the betterment of our nation and the world!
    May God bless and protect your soul, Trayvon!

    Live on, Trayvon, Live On!



  6. The announcement from the feds was telling…..” the case did not meet the high standard required to prove a federal hate crime.” hmmmm, interesting use of words. I suspect they found things out but didn’t have a smoking gun situation.

    A tiger cannot change it’s stripes and like the tiger I doubt GZ will be able to change his mode of operation. He had a history of violence before and after TM and a history of road rage before and after TM. I foresee him to continue to blame TM for all his woes and I seriously doubt that he seriously has sought to find employment since the shooting–even his work history was spotty before TM. He had money problems before TM and was even sued by a credit card company….but he’ll use TM as an excuse for continuing money problems.

    I see him trying to continue to sponge off his infamy, thinking he is some sort of hero instead of a zero. I think he will continue to put himself into his own little prison…..within his head…..trying to convince himself that others are out to get him and he will continue in his paranoia. Let him live his life constantly looking over his shoulder for the bogey man that just isn’t there, let him continue to wear that vest to convince others he is in fear. He isn’t fooling anyone, he posted several times on twitter about going to the movies, parties, shopping, etc.

    He might have escaped charges from the DOJ but he can’t escape his past. He will forever be known as the person who killed a teenager who had done nothing wrong but was only trying to get home.

    Once again the parents of Trayvon have shown the class that we all know that they possess. May their foundation continue to thrive.


  7. kindheart101

    Though I expected the DOJ would find it almost impossible to bring this ass up on charges….I still feel sickened.

    What goes around, comes around……..and I would love a front row seat when “it” falls! “It” is a lying murderer, and will always be nothing more than a total loser.

    Prayers sent to the Martin family and friends,

    Blessings sent to Trayvon.


  8. Two sides to a story

    Dang it. This will give all his deluded followers more ammunition for their deluded thoughts. My prayers go to the Fulton and Martin families.

    The Big Z will continue to show his butt to the world. Someone will be mighty sorry he wasn’t prosecutred for following to begin with.


    • Two sides,
      His deluded followers are of the impression that “losing” is embarrassment and they think that “Traybots” or other names they call people have lost. What they don’t realize is that there is nothing wrong in hoping, and that many Americans understand that the criminal justice system often disappoints. Just look at the case of the two cops acquitted for killing Kelly Thomas.


  9. scrodriguez

    I am at a loss for words Basically what America is saying is that you can kill and get away with it as long as the victim is a person of color you leave no witness to tell the story and if you come up with a string of BullSh!t for a narrative.

    The whole world knows Zimmerman is guilty, his priors and his post trial run ins with the law tell us one thing for sure. George Zimmerman will kill again


    • Yes, the whole world knows he is guilty.


    • The whole world knows Zimmerman is guilty …

      That is true because even those who believe he killed Trayvon in self-defense still have to admit that Zimmerman is guilty of killing another human being.

      George Zimmerman will kill again

      I truly hope not, but he makes his own choices.

      Actually, I think his life would have been better with 3 hots and a cot, and free medicine. It serves him right to be in an open-air prison where he has to wonder where his next dime and meal will come from.


  10. butterflydreamer2

    What better justice could be served than having GZ look outside each and everyday to try and find inner peace. There are some things in life all the riches cannot buy. This will haunt him every day for the rest of his life.


  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    It is creepy and chilling that the DOJ chose to make this announcement two days before the 3rd anniversary of when Trayvon begged for, screamed for help.

    His scream echoing still.


  12. From the DOJ’s press release;

    The federal investigation sought to determine whether the evidence of the events that led to Martin’s death were sufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman’s actions violated the federal criminal civil rights statutes, specifically Section 3631 of Title 42 of the U.S. Code or Section 249 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code, as well as other relevant federal criminal statutes. Section 3631 criminalizes willfully using force or threat of force to interfere with a person’s federally protected housing rights on account of that person’s race or color. Section 249 criminalizes willfully causing bodily injury to a person because of that person’s actual or perceived race. Courts define “willfully” to require proof that a defendant knew his acts were unlawful, and committed those acts in open defiance of the law. It is one of the highest standards of intent imposed by law.


  13. I read the following and thought, it is so true in so many ways.

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    • 😥


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      You know, I am trying to be strong at the same time as feeling I need a good cry(the tears inside are ready to flow)….and the tension between the two is making me sick inside.

      If only tears could was away the hatefulness and racism out there….if only tears could wash away the ills of the world.


      • Yahtzeebutterfly,
        There are times when sobs and moans carry to the spiritual realm expressing what we cannot express in words. Tears are never a sign of weakness.

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        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Xena, thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. I want you to know that words have reached me.


        • There’s more than one way to skin a cat.. as my folks used to say. He’ll get his. I have every faith in that


          • Mindyme,
            Who was it here that said a tiger can’t change its stripes? Was that Kindheart? That is so correct, and a snake is a snake. People who have had snakes for pets have discovered that they still live by the instinct of a reptile. When they are hungry, they don’t come to their owner like a dog or cat and get attention towards their food dish. They will constrict and kill the very person responsible for caring for them.


          • That was me.

            How about this fable: A scorpion asks a frog to carry him over a river. The frog is afraid of being stung during the trip, but the scorpion argues that if it stung the frog, both would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog agrees and begins carrying the scorpion, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion points out that this is its nature.

            This is Z’s toxic life….he is the scorpion who gets people to believe his lines and then they pay the penalty for believing him.


          • Towerflower,
            Opps. My memory failed me. Please forgive me.
            Thanks for the story and powerful lesson.


  14. If my government won’t uphold the laws equally and prosecute the murders of the defenseless, the vulnerable, the young, the old, the innocent victims of a permissive gun culture and racial discrimination then i have no allegiance to this country nor its laws.
    I’ll stick to what my mom said when i decided i didn’t believe in church anymore.
    She said live by the golden rule and i do pretty much.
    i don’t have the faith to sit around waiting for God and i now i don’t have faith in the united states of hate & inequality. fuck this place.
    I’ll take my own justice by any means necessary.


  15. Courtesy of Sanford Watch.


    • How can I ever get over this?


      • roderick2012

        Rachael: How can I ever get over this?

        Not being condescending but you would have to be black or other minority to not be surprised.

        After reading the comments on the OS and other area newspapers over the years there was no way that the feds would have been able to seat a jury that would have convicted Piglet.


        • I am another minority and I am being serious – how can I get past this? And should I? And thank you very much for your response.


          • And you have pissed me off to the point I will NOT be coming back here – everyone talking about how they were so sure they got him on this and all the reasons why – but I didn’t believe it – yet when it didn’t happen, everyone acting like they knew all along – so I’m done – I will NOT be treated that way – YES I WANTED TO BELIEVE so eff me for that – and eff me for being hopeful for my own minority as well as my son and grandchildren


          • Take it easy. Don’t take it personal either and I hear both of you. We all hoped he’d be arrested……….he was. We all hoped he’d be convicted……he wasn’t, BUT look at his life.

            WE all HOPED he be charged by the FEDS but most of us knew he wouldn’t. As unfair as it is on one hand, it’s legally correct on the other as to getting a conviction. The Federal burden of proof is very high. Many cases get bumped from Federal Court to State Court because of that and it increases the chance of a conviction.

            I’ll ask you not to get to upset and go away. I can’t pretend to fully understand the view of a minority on this but I can see it from a mature, clear thinking adult male dad of a 16 year old. To be honest, some of the strongest supporters of this are not minorities. It’s the race baiting hate mongers that try to drive a wedge between us.

            I can tell roderick meant no attack or harm and he’s right about the jury. Even if he was charged, I doubt he’d be convicted. We all know what he said……..we’re not deaf and stupid so lets stick together. As a group, we’ve gotten this far.

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          • Racer,

            To be honest, some of the strongest supporters of this are not minorities. It’s the race baiting hate mongers that try to drive a wedge between us.

            ABSOLUTELY! Race was not in my mind when I first heard Zimmerman’s non-emergency call. I heard a man who sounded angry; who was setting up a situation so that the suspicious teen would be shot by the cops. Then I heard him running, and that was before he was asked if he was following Trayvon. I heard a man say “He ran” then I heard him lower his voice and ask that the arriving officer call him and he would tell him where he was. That indicated that Zimmerman did not intend on returning to his vehicle.

            That set the foundation for the case.

            Just after jury selection I spoke with an attorney friend who practices in Florida. He told me there was no way that White women were going to convict a non-Black for killing a Black teen in Florida, regardless of evidence. He said that’s their custom. Me? I always have hope that people have minds and hearts that are not prejudicial. It’s always been my theory that women are able to be more compassionate regardless of race because there are 2 things that all human women experience that binds us together — menstruation and menopause. I don’t know of any woman who avoided cramps and hot flashes because of their race.

            You and I know how the feds operate when the grand jury indicts. They give the accused time to get an attorney and discuss plea to avoid trial. If the accused refuses to plea, then the U.S. Attorney goes before a magistrate to issue an arrest warrant. Once the accused is taken into custody, the indictment is unsealed, and the DOJ issues a press release.

            Here, the federal grand jury’s session ended in December. Had there been no indictment, the DOJ has had plenty of time to make that announcement. That Zimmerman was represented by Don West who appeared when he was arrested on the domestic violence charges speaks volumes. That was in January. Of course, the U.S. Attorney had to consider that if Zimmerman was charged with federal offenses, how would they get an impartial jury in Florida?

            Notice that although AG Holder said they were not charging, he did not say that the federal grand jury did not indict.


          • yahtzeebutterfly

            Rachael, I hear your pain, your stress and worry for you son and grandchildren’s safety, and deep heartbreak. I care about you and what you are going through.

            Love you.


      • My dear Rachael,
        People are not designed to get over things. What we do is handle it differently as we go on.
        Does a mother ever get over the experience of labor pains?
        Does a family every get over the experience of the death of a loved one?
        Do people ever get over a harsh supervisor or boss?
        Heck! I’m not over the death of my first dog back around 1973.
        In all situations where things are beyond out control, we don’t get over it. We shouldn’t want to.

        We remember. Then we ask what our lives would be had we not had the experience?


    • Back about 2 years ago right now I took the 17 band stereo EQ from the rack in my PA system and hooked it up to one of my computers and was able to do exactly what was done here where you hear “EQ 1” “EQ 2” and so on. When I played it loud enough without even enhancing any frequency bands it’s as clear as a bell what he says.

      When I lowered the frequencies where the static is, and the highs and very lows, it’s as if it’s part of a normal conversation.

      Insufficient my butt.

      Taaffe………… a bow tie ?? Questions, Wasn’t it reported he was foreclosed on and evicted ?? Where’s he working and who would hire him. He got arrested for DUI twice since 2/2012 and was doing community service. His take on the Feds and “fervor” is telling me we’re missing something here. Is somebody paying Taaffe for misinformation or is my paranoia on this up a bit.


      • Racer, I have the software that one of the experts used and I can clearly hear Zimmerman’s voice in the background of the 911 call speaking profanity at the same time as the screams.

        Taaffe? I give him the benefit of the doubt. With all of his own problems and disappointments, maybe he learned something. Yes, his house was foreclosed. He might be in one of those keys for cash type of arrangements where he can continue living in the house until it is sold.


        • Oppppppps…I forgot that. I used my basic EQ and compressor and I heard Fogen giving Trayvon the 3rd degree. He was yelling at him to tell him who “they” are. Trayvon at one point yells back “……I don’t know ’em…”

          It’s not as clear as “f’in ^&$#” but it’s there. As I recall, without setting it all up again, Fogen says “…who’s doin’ the break in’s”

          I still say his “…they always get away” says it all. Fogen was playing top cop for Shellie and the whole world, well, his pathetic world, to see. He walked around the Sanford police dept on video like the hero. Look at him now.

          Taaffe……….to quote David Ferrie in the movie JFK…….”it’s a mystery…wrapped in a riddle, inside an enigma”


  16. roderick2012

    The timing sux.

    Two days before the third anniversary of Trayvon’s murder.


  17. Yesterday decision was devastating, yet not surprising. There is so much hate, bigotry, and prejudice in our society. Like Martin Luther King, Jr says, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. It will be a matter of time until this murderer screws up again. I feel betray by the judicial and federal justice system, who failed to realize how dangerous this man is. Some will say there’s no real closure because the lives of Trayvon’s family is forever changed by this tragedy. I do know one thing. Trayvon’s killer will never every find peace. No matter what he does, he will not defined Trayvon’s memory. “If they refuse to hear us, we will make them feel us.’-Sybrina Fulton. Sleep In Peace, Trayvon. we will never forget.


    • Hey Dara! Welcome to Blackbutterfly7 and thanks for your comment. There is a justice in the universe that guarantees that what goes around, comes around. There is reaping and sowing. Cucumber seeds do not produce roses, and onion bulbs do not produce roses. I don’t understand why, when people claim that they killed a stranger in self-defense, they have to denigrate the person whose life they took rather than show remorse. Self-defense requires reasonable fear, and perpetrators such as Zimmerman and Dunn testify of having a mind clear enough to weigh their actions and proceed not in fear, but in hate. Zimmerman should be in a cell next to Dunn.


  18. I knew this would happened.. but I don’t understand why FT had to tesifted front of feds GJ? There was even GJ in place to begin with? They should ask Jeremy Weinberg instead.. I think he is hiding something that we don’t know..

    I think that zero’s dad have someone in his pocket to control.. few weeks ago, Mr. Holder said he will share a lot details of investigation when it’s announced.. He didn’t do that.. Can we request a free act of information act for the details?

    Can the new US AG reopen the investigation? Or it’s closed forever?

    Sorry for a lot of questions.


    • Hey Lyd! Lots of questions but it’s okay. I don’t know if the new AG can reopen the investigation.
      Maybe we can answer the rest of the questions with one question, which is, if we had answers to the questions, would the DOJ change its decision? We know that the answer is “No.” This puts another stain on America. It’s for us to continue supporting Sybrina and Tracy in all ways that we can, and remember Trayvon.


  19. kindheart101

    My version of what Trayvon would say to Zimmerfluffnut

    He is waiting. He is waiting for his day.

    Trayvon is not waiting for vengeance, but he knows the day will come they face again.

    Please let me say, I feel the love,
    I watch all of you from above.
    It’s been so long, almost three years,
    I feel your pain, I wipe your tears.

    What happened on that fateful night,
    will be held to, the highest right!
    On earth you will not ever be,
    judged for your life, eternity!

    But when you take your final breath,
    it’s then you’ll be judged in you death.
    There will not be a jury, trial,
    there will not be any denial!

    You’ll face me, and be judged, for true,
    and I will look so straight at you!
    I sit above… Gods pure PEACE..
    and to pure hell, you’ll be released!

    I will see you again Zimmerman……..and it won’t be pretty.

    RIP Trayvon


    • As always, well said. Only God knows what He’ll say when FogenPhoole tries to cross the threshold of The Pearly Gates. It will probably go something like this…..

      Fogen “……..uuhhmmm, I can’t believe that guy shot me…….I was just patrolling and..”

      St. Peter “Excuse me, were you invited ??”

      Fogen “I’m….that is uhmmmm, there was a real suspicious guy and he was coming to check me…..”

      St. Peter “I have it from a higher power you’re being less than, shall we say, truthful”

      Fogen “That guy was on drugs or something and……”

      St. Peter “SILENCE !! I say to thee, not only did the clubhouse have security cameras, we also have security, and it’s not wise to fool with the Truth. Speak not with an evil tongue, nay even have an evil thought”

      Fogen “I was just doing my patrol and it was raining and he was just looking about and…….”

      St. Peter “SILENCE I SAY……you cannot speak the truth, so speak not !!!”

      Fogen “……and he’s a……”

      St. Peter (waves hand of eternal silence at Fogen) “Ye shall no longer have use of your tongue as it has caused untold sorrow, Ye shall be cast into the eternal abyss and no longer will thee patrol……..NEVER AGAIN shall you inflict your agony on another. (St. Peter rewinding the “Earthly Security Visual System & Sin Detector”) THERE…..I see the truth and it shall be known to all corners of the earth. Again you followed one of The Creators Children and again provoked a confrontation. Now it is known that, well…………ya picked on the wrong guy. In the Heavens, we know who is the quicker draw……as evil as guns are to all men………….you lose Fogen……”
      Ye be condemned to damnation for all eternity……….there be the Shuttle to Hell…..
      …………GO, and trouble mankind no more”

      Satan “………..hey Pete………uhhhhhhhhhh, can we make a trade ??…..ya know, for old times sake. Christ, opps, sorry, that was a slip, but I have Hitler, Stalin, Manson, all those serial killers………..and now this guy !! Come on…….give a guy a break. Look, I took that Moron O’ Mara off your hands and I’m sure these two together again, well……..think about it”

      Something like that………..


  20. yahtzeebutterfly

    Sybrina, Tracy, and Jahvaris,

    I am thinking of you today and am embracing you with my prayers and heart.

    May you feel the Lord’s comforting presence today and every day.


  21. yahtzeebutterfly

    Precious Trayvon,

    On this night three years ago you were alone when you desperately cried for help, but now you are no longer alone. You are in the Lord’s loving hands and protection surrounded by a chorus of heavenly angels.

    I light this candle for you always remembering you and keeping you in my heart.

    Live on, Trayvon, live on!


  22. yahtzeebutterfly


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