Black History Month – Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Benjamin Martin (February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012) was a 17-year-old Black teen from Miami Gardens, Florida. His life became famous in his death that brought many issues to public interest, including neighborhood watch, stand your ground law, racial profiling, and police investigations. Trayvon’s death brought attention to the justice system and cultural diversity.

Trayvon Martin 5

Trayvon Benjamin Martin

Trayvon was born in Miami, Florida. At the time he was killed, he was a junior at Dr. Michael M. Krop High School. Trayvon is the son of Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin who divorced in 1999. On February 26, 2012, Trayvon was visiting his father who was at his fiancee’s townhouse at the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Florida. That evening, Trayvon walked to a convenience store and purchased candy and juice. On his walk back, George Zimmerman saw him and called the Sanford Police reporting a suspicious person.   According to an ear witness who was on the phone with Trayvon, after noticing that he was being closely and consistently followed by a man in a truck, Trayvon ran. The man in the truck was George Zimmerman who left his vehicle and followed Trayvon. Subsequently, Zimmerman shot Trayvon in the heart, killing him.

At the time of the shooting, Sybrina Fulton was a program coordinator for the Miami Dade Housing Authority, and Tracy was a truck driver. Trayvon’s older brother, Jahvaris, was 21 years old at the time of Trayvon’s death. He was attending Florida International University majoring in information technology. In 2014, Jahvaris earned his degree.

Trayvon aviation

Trayvon Martin

When Trayvon was 9 years old, he saved his father’s life by pulling him from a fire that had burned Tracy’s legs. Trayvon enjoyed sports and was mechanically talented. In the summer of 2009, Trayvon enrolled in “Experience Aviation,” a 7-week program in Opalocka, Florida where he was introduced to aviation. During that time, the program was ran by Barrington Irving, the youngest person to ever fly solo around the world. Irving said that Trayvon was polite and enjoyed flying and had an interest in football. The following summer, Trayvon volunteered, helping out new students in the aviation program. According to Sybrina and Tracy, Trayvon hoped to attend the University of Miami or Florida A&M University.

Trayvon had a trademark of wearing a hoodie and headphones. He listened to music and also had a headset for his cell phone. On February 26, 2012 when George Zimmerman killed Trayvon, Trayvon was wearing a hoodie and a telephone ear-bud.

George Zimmerman was not arrested, leading to rallies, marches, 130711_POL_TrayvonRallies.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largeand protests across the United States and other countries. On March 8, Kevin Cunningham, a social media coordinator who had read about Martin’s death, created a petition on which became the largest in the website’s history. It gained 2.2 million signatures.

Media coverage surrounding Trayvon’s death was greater than that of the 2012 presidential race. The Miami Herald reported that in the 30 days following the shooting, the name “Trayvon” was tweeted more than two million times.

Trayvon’s life and death has inspired many artists, including music, theater, painting and poetry.

Trayvon’s body is buried in Dade-Memorial Park in Miami. A memorial dedicated to Trayvon is located at the Goldsboro Westside Historical Museum, which is a Black History Museum in Sanford.


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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Trayvon, you live on in my heart inspiring me to advocate for justice.

    Your glow in my heart inspires me to do all I can to work for a better world.

    Live on, Trayvon, live on.

  2. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    I think of him often; it was such a terrible waste. 😦

  3. Trayvon Martin was the impetus that motivated me as a computer technology challenged person to learn how to blog. This took me months and a lot of frustration to figure out how to do this on Word press. I could not believe that my fellow White, older, republicans were mostly in favor of a “not guilty” vote for George Zimmerman. This was based on a Pew poll at the time. It was unfathomable how the right could cater to the likes of this bully. To me, valuing all of our children is not a right or left issue. I believed at the time that the prosecutor fell short in executing the trial for George Zimmerman because in her heart, she did not believe she could win. Justice definitely did not prevail. I was very disappointed over the mid term elections in Florida when just about every republican running for office was elected. This means that any chance for overturning or modifying the “stand your ground” law is nil for awhile. His memory is still in our hearts and he will not be forgotten.

    Thanks for doing such a great job on this blog.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Gronda, thank you for being a voice for justice!

      I pray that these young people, holding the banner in this photo, will see an increasingly better world of justice as they grow older:

    • Gronda,
      I came to the internet to read about the case and discovered a cess pool of hate. That is what caused me to look for blogs where I could share without the name-calling and demeaning. If anyone had told me of the extortion threats and harassment I would receive, I would not have believed them.

      Trayvon is the reason I came to the internet, and justice for all compels me to remain.

      Thanks for your kind words and thanks for blogging again. Your motivation and talent is something to admire.

      • Hi Xena:

        I totally understand you Xena. I came to the internet and to this blog and Professor Leatherman’s blog because of Trayvon Martin. Happy Birthday dear Trayvon. As a mother myself, my heart is so full, and my heart cries for Sybrina and Tracy as they face another year without their dear son. Justice was not done for their son. He was murdered and we all knew that then, and we know it now! He will never rest in peace until his killer is brought to justice! Thank you all for your friendship and thank you all for sharing your thoughts with me over the past three years. It has been just overwhelming what has transpired over the years. I am still so saddened by the tragedy that transpired with Trayvon Martin.

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    Will never forget Trayvon …. taken violently, too soon!!

    • Good morning Jueseppi! Thanks for the reblog, dear friend.

      • Good afternoon Ms. Xena, this new Worstpress notification set up sucks. Gotta get used to it.

        • Juseppi,
          Is there a new notification setup? LOL! What I did discover recently is that the reader notifies of blogs that I follow is in alphabetical order and seems to have a limit to the number of blogs that I can click to read on the blog other than the excerpt given in the reader. I have to think of a new way of organizing so I don’t fall behind like I did several months ago.

  5. Awesome, awesome post!!! Have to share!!

  6. Thank you for this beautiful biography of Trayvon Xena! May he rest in peace and his family find resolution and comfort somehow.

    • Glenn,
      As I stated in another comment, I don’t think it’s by coincidence that Trayvon’s birthday falls during Black History month. He leaves a legacy that America CANNOT forget.

  7. Reblogged this on studiotj and commented:
    Today, I’m giving you a post that I read. Of course when I like something a lot, I have to share it with you. Take time to check it out. This post truly speaks to our history and has inspired a lot of people into action. His story is one that still gives me chills. And to think that his MURDERER, George Zimmerman, still roaming the streets is absolutely asinine.

    • Roach59! Thanks so much for the reblog. I don’t think it’s by coincidence that Trayvon’s birthday falls during Black History month. Trayvon is the catalyst behind people seeking justice in other cases. His blood is like righteous seed and we are seeing a crop of people gathering strength.

      • You’re absolutely welcome. When I saw the post…that blood like righteous seed began to flow through my veins as well (smile). You’re doing an awesome job keeping the dream alive. But that is what BLACK BUTTERFLIES DO!!!

        • Roach59,
          Strength through struggle. That is how butterflies grow their wings and break free. They are wonderful teaching creatures of transformation and life.

          Let the righteous seed sprout and grow into a mighty tree of life!

  8. Trayvon’s death brought to light for me, the hateful racism that exists still to this day, in America. I have twins born in May in 1995. The murder of Trayvon Martin brought ‘home’ to me how Trayvon could be any of our child, all of ours.

    He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He had a right to be where he was. He RAN, in every version of the story ‘that changed with each retelling’ his killer was consistent on that one point, Trayvon RAN.

    My heart and thoughts are with Trayvon’s family today.

    I wait for the day his killer gets what he deserves. I wait patiently for the day his supporters quit excusing his actions and accept responsibility for the grief and ugliness they have caused as well.

    This blog has been a safe place where we can discuss on going issues in America, troll free. I know I’m not the only one who appreciates what you do Xena! Thank You so much!

    • Mindyme,
      Thanks for your kind words, but you were and still are a foundation for this blog, and shoulder for me in time of need. And, just think — it’s because of Trayvon that our paths crossed. Thank you, and everyone here, for your support and encouragement. Trayvon lives in our hearts, (and in my dreams).

      • My life changed when you made this blog, I’m serious. I had never been involved with social justice issues and was so frustrated when trying to find my voice on public comment boards. I did not know people could be so hateful against a child who had done nothing wrong. And support his killer in celebration of causing the loss of life of a child of color.

        You’re right, had it not been for the unfortunate death of Trayvon, we may never have met. His death, like Jordan’s and too many others, have brought people together in a way I never imagined. .

      • Trayvon did bring many strangers together. I first started commenting on the yahoo pages dealing with TM’s death when another yahoo poster told me about a blog…..blackbutterfly7……I had to check it out and have been here ever since.

        Like Mindy, I don’t understand the hate, hate that still continues to this day. I don’t understand the support that his killer receives, how they will continue to support him even after all the DV claims.

        I don’t understand the hate/fear that seems to drive the world today. Killing one for the color of their skin, their religion, their preferences, etc. Hopefully more people like Xena exist and continue to do their part in bringing us together.

        • Towerflower, I didn’t know that you came to know about Blackbutterfly7 through a Yahoo poster.

          Mindy, Jim and I met on Yahoo comments about the case. Not only could I not understand the hate, but I could neither understand why Yahoo allowed comments that contained racial slurs. I stopped reading and posting on Yahoo around April 2012. During voir dire in the Zimmerman case, I remember a potential juror being asked about whether he read comment boards such as on Yahoo and he replied that he avoided them because of the mean-spirited comments. I thought “yep.”

          More people like me do exist. You are one of them. Trayvon’s blood was the seed planted in the ground in the Retreat at Twin Lakes that started the tree where we are the branches. A great wind has swept across American spreading that seed. It’s falling on good soil and bearing more fruit.

        • I used to tell people about this blog when I was posting on stories on Yahoo about the murder of Trayvon Martin. I knew we would be ‘safe’ here

          • Yahoo comment sections were play grounds for White Supremacists. Remember Alexander the Great? Then there was Cliff who was dying with cancer but on the computer in the hospital as the nurse came in to give him radiation therapy. And they really thought that people would believe that.

            • I remember ATG very well. He had over 20 accounts, possibly closer to 50. And Cliff, omg.. what a nut job.. Anonymity on the internet is the new white pointy hood for many who live with the delusion of WS.

            • Mindyme,
              Remember when ATG and Ken wanted to take over the comment section on news articles to use it for their late night chats, and got mad because others posted comments? ATG admitted to having at least 35 different handles/accounts and laughed about using them to thumb down the comments of others who he didn’t want there.

              So many of those articles where they verbally vandalized the comment section are now gone. Their efforts were all in vain.

            • I had forgotten some of those names until you mentioned them, there was also a Dave who I would get into it with quite often. I was often accused of being another person from Jacksonville (Mindy, was that you?). Funny how we all were accused of being the exact same person….after all in their small minds there couldn’t be more than one person who supported TM. They would start the troll accounts just to shut down the comments of others, enough down thumbs and the comment would not show but you could still read it. During the trial there was an Anonymous person who managed to keep others from clicking on their ID, not sure how they managed that one but they claimed to be in Miami.

              But yes, it was a comment on the yahoo pages that brought me here.

            • Towerflower, they operate with a gang mentality where they need to give the impression that their gang is largest. It’s very telling about them. And, they start right off with those accusations.

              I don’t know why Yahoo allows the thumbs to hide comments.

              I’m happy you found us and also grateful that you are a part of and writer for this blog. Look how far we have come. I wonder now what ATG, Dave and Ken are doing with their time? Uh — actually, I don’t. 🙂

  9. 41 shots Bruce Springsteen, calling for justice ‘back home’ for Trayvon Martin

  10. Love that video … Little Boy Wonder! ❤

  11. scrodriguez

    I will never forget the 1st time hearing about this on the news, that a 17 year old kid was gunned down by a grown man who happened to be a neighborhood watchman. Hearing this kids screams for help just a millisecond before the shot that took his life was fired was disturbing.

    This case seemed to bring out the worse in society, the majority of Zimmerman supporters either supported him due Trayvons Race, or they were 2nd Amendment ammo-sexuals who believed this case may be what infringes on their rights to self defense and their right to bare arms.

    Trayvon Martin got lost in the mist of all of this chaos, as Zimmermans brother publicly vilified him even though George himself had a history of violence which included assaulting a federal agent.

    I will never forget the 911 recording the night of Feb 26th 2012 and I will never forget the way the media and the way Zimmerman supporters slandered this kid and put him on trial for his own death.

    I will never forget who emerged and lurked on social media making photo shopped images and creating racist memes of Trayvon Martin and his family….. come to think of it, I have court with him Feb 26th 2015 on the 3rd year anniversary of his death….. Fate always seems to arrive with a twist of irony doesnt it….

    • Santiago, right — none of us will forget. Thanks for the excellent comment.

      • scrodriguez

        Xena, that website they created is currently being traced I just got a call from a company I hired who told me that they have proxied the hell out of it and it looks like its potentially hosted on one specific computer

        However I was also informed that there is allot of Phishing adware on that site designed to steal identity in other words what they are looking to do is not only lure people in to clicking on that page but in doing so those who do leave themselves subjected to potentially falling victim to identity

        • Santiago,
          and all of that because you support justice for Trayvon. (sigh)

        • Oh — let me add. The cyber-extortionists submitted comments here with links. I never clicked the links. It wasn’t that I thought about Phishing or malware but that I simply wasn’t interested in whatever they are interested in. I figured the intent was to bait to provoke, and I don’t give abusers that power.

    • Oh Wow! Yes, very ironic!

  12. scrodriguez

    Reblogged this on scrodriguez.

  13. I got chill reading this. Of course, I’ve heard of Trayvon Martin and I’m familiar with the tragic story, but I appreciate you taking time to write about the many positive aspects of Trayvon’s short life.

    • Hey Faith! Welcome to Blackbutterfly7. Thanks for the comment. Trayvon is the reason why I opened the blog. It was after I had a dream about him. How could I not honor what would have been his birthday that occurs during Black History Month? He laughed in the dream and each time I dream about him, he still throws his head back and laughs.

  14. Two sides to a story

    Trayvon, you came to me in my dreams to tell your story. I will never forget and your short life will not be in vain. May all beings be free of suffering.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      When I would think about Trayvon, I had this sensation in my being of my right arm being pinned down against my side.

      I don’t play tennis anymore, but this sensation was coupled with the picture that I could not reach out to return the ball with a forehand swing.

      This caused me to wonder if Trayvon’s right arm was being pinned on the ground against his side at some point.

      • Yahtzeebutterfly,
        Spiritually, the right hand/arm is the side of righteous judgment. It might have been an indication that righteous judgment was restrained in the investigation, subsequent trial and jury verdict. Looking back, there is evidence that is exactly what happened.

  15. yahtzeebutterfly

    HOODIES UP ……Let’s continue pushing for change…Let’s be the change! 🙂

  16. I will never forget when I first heard about Trayvon Martin. I will never forget the negative posted I read on a comment forum on the Miami Herald about the Trayvon’s murder. I was disgusted by the comment by a supporter of George Zimmerman, who also defended the “stand your ground law”. He was so ignorant and tell us if you don’t like the laws in this country, then leave the country. Fire up, I fired back. But it was not until I heard Sybrina Fulton’s heartbreaking words, “That’s was my baby.” I was in tears. Trayvon’s tragic death was on my mind throughout 2012. I was disgusted, betray, yet not surprised when his killer was acquitted in 2013. I couldn’t sleep. I was angry, so hurt and screaming. Sybrina Fulton, to me, is our Mamie Till Mobley of our generation. I am not a mother, but I can’t imagine the pain, Sybrina and Tracy were going through when it comes to losing a child. I stood strong as the media and the supporters of the monster crucify a child in death. If it have not been through the courage, loyalty, and dignity class of his parents, Trayvon’s murder would had been swept under the rug. His memory brought all of us together. His death will not be in vain. Rest in eternal peace, Trayvon. We will never give up the fight for justice for you.

    • Dara,
      Thanks for the comment. Your words describe what many other feel and felt.

      If it have not been through the courage, loyalty, and dignity class of his parents, Trayvon’s murder would had been swept under the rug.


  17. bottom line on the 911 recording of the voice right before the fatal shot it was clearly coming from a person facing DEATH……one of them had a GUN and was taking aim at that moment in time, the other had no weapon and no defense……which person would utter a death scream????

    only IDIOTS could possibly conclude zimmerman did that screaming out.

  18. chuquestaquenumber1

    Sorry to come in late on this topic.I do appreciate you having a Black History Month commemoration of Trayvon Martin’s birthday and death. Both occurring in February. Remember Trayvon,especially since George Zimmerman continues to be a menace to society.

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