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Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small,

butterfly6-500x500I’m taking a break this weekend from writing, but will be posting tidbits from the news in the comment section here as time allows.

Feel free in doing the same, or posting whatever is on your mind.

Blackbutterfly7 has received lots of new visitors (thank you), and I need to visit to pay it forward, and also catch up on the blogs that I follow.

To those of you who are excited about Super Bowl Sunday, enjoy!  I might watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

Clap along if you know what happiness is to you.




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    • These are tremendous events. The cause is 100% on target.

      Geeeeee, I seem to miss all the ones by Fogens minions…….or don’t they have any ?

      Why do all the pictures of Fogen look like mug shots or pictures of Neo – Nazi
      skinheads ??

      What ever happened to Mark Osterman ? I’ll bet he looks funny wearing a cheap wig trying to be incognito about now.

      What about Joe “Rent a Friend” Oliver ? Is he still unemployed ? Hell, that dumb ass actually quit his job thinking he’d actually make money supporting FogenPhoole.

      I love football, but the teams this year are unlikeable to me. Richard Sherman and his poor attitude is sickening. He can take money to do commercials, and run his mouth when it’s convenient, but claims he’s uncomfortable in front of a camera answering football questions…….gimma a break. All those fans who buy his jersey and stuff, can he be any more disrespectful ???

      And Belichick………I know he wears a hoodie, and I used to say back in 2012 when the Zidiots……..hey, remember Zidiots !! anyway, they would make the claim that anyone who wore a hoodie was a thug and I’d have a long list of famous hoodie wearers which included Belichick. But he’s more unlikeable and insincere as the days go on. His deceptive on field cheating with one guy talking to the ref as if he’s an eligible receiver when he isn’t and somebody else not reporting but walking onto the field on the sly and not being in the huddle is not only sandlot, but flat out cheating.

      Anyway…….what the over/under for Puppy Bowl ?? The problem I have is they don’t throw the ball, it’s all “ground and pound” or more accurately “roll and be cute”

      Have a great weekend everyone………and remember………at least Buffalo or Minnesota aren’t playing.


    • I can’t believe it’s coming on 3 years already………


      • Time flies. Had Trayvon lived, on Feb. 5th, he would have been 20 years old.

        Three years, and none of his purported supporters have given George a job, a place to live, or gotten him back in college. But, he does have time to court the ladies. It just goes to show where he places his priorities and dependency.


        • Can you imagine what a date with him must be like ?????????

          Lord Love A Duck as mom used to say. So…….lets say he meets the new light of his life, or more accurately, the next Victim. They agree to go “out on the town”
          So ole Fogen rings the bell, but more than likely, he makes her meet in a parking lot, but from the door ring…………

          Fogen “……uhhmmmmm, hey there Vic”

          Vic(tim) “Oh hi (Fogen)…….let me get my purse, phone and a jacket”

          Fogen “Okay……..uhhhmmm………do you have gun in your purse?”

          Vic “…….no, why would I need a gun”

          Fogen “…….uhmmmm, well, sometimes people attack me and, uhhmm, well, my ex is really ticked at me”

          Vic “Really ? Is she a threat to you?”

          Fogen “Well, I think everybody’s a threat to me?”

          Vic “Well, never mind all that, where do you want to go?”

          Fogen “I thought we’d go to “Uncle Marks Redneck Shooting Range”

          Vic “What? On a first date? I’m not interested in guns or shooting at all”

          Fogen ‘Once you get to know me a little, you will”

          Vic “How about we go out and get something to eat and maybe go dancing, I love to dance. My friends all go to “Booty Shakers” on Friday night, lets go there. In fact, they have a pretty good menu, it’s mostly finger food, but that’s cool with me”

          Fogen “Uhhhmmm…….I don’t dance, and uuhhmmmmm, I’d rather do something I want to do”

          Vic “Well, you never know, I can show you how to dance, it’s not hard…….and I love the music”

          Fogen “So now it’s all about you”

          Vic “Excuse me? you wanted to go shooting. Is that your idea of starting a relationship?”

          Fogen “Okay, lets go out to eat”

          Vic “Thank you, I’m starved anyway”

          Fogen “Okay…..lets go to Golden Corral…………………you have any money?”

          (Door slams in face)

          Fogen “Bitch………and I was gonna give you one of my paintings”

          Yep…….I’m betting some of his dates are pretty close to starting out just like that. Hell, on one date with Samantha, the highlights were……….

          1) Stalking Shellie
          2) Hiding Fogens pistol
          3) Watching him confront Shellie
          4) Watching him rip Shellie’s I Pad from her hands
          4) (a) break I Pad apart using a knife
          (b) throw I Pad into the flower bed
          5) Reach into shirt as if to pull a pistol
          6) Blaming Shellie for everything
          7) Avoiding responsibility for everything
          8) Striking Shellie’s dad

          Of course, Samantha was wearing a full length black evening gown at what……..
          2:00 PM ?? !! ?? (who wears black on a summer afternoon ?) and Fogen was wearing ripped jeans and a plaid shirt…….what a pair !!!! Oh……and the always present baseball hat. As we say in the real world “……a real class act”

          Another date consisted of his

          1) Breaking her table
          2) Hiding his gun (hmmmmm, I see a pattern there)
          3) Blaming her for everything (hmmmmm, I see a pattern there as well)
          4) Blackmailing her with a sex tape (what a guy……….what a guy!!)
          5) Avoiding responsibility for everything (once again…)
          6) Showing mom having sex to her 6 year daughter, with him no less (yeeeeee)

          I’m waiting for the Koch brothers to announce they created a high level position for him. Lets call it…………….”The midnight to eight, back gate watchman”


          • Vic “What? On a first date? I’m not interested in guns or shooting at all”

            Fogen ‘Once you get to know me a little, you will”

            That says it all.
            Laughing Hysterically


            • I see you fully understood my meaning there !!!!

              Funny on the topic of 1st dates, I think we should all tell a 1st or most interesting date story. Who’s first ???

              On a funny note speaking about dates……..Back in 1985 when it was my week to date Cher, I was busy that week at a National Event drag race…..

              I bet none of use ever had a clown like that to date. The 2 funniest I had was in HS, I had a thing going with hot shapely girl with a seriously Italian last name. 5-4 115 drop dead gorgeous face and hair, a year behind me and smitten with my football playing and she was on the drill team. Seems her dad was President of a restaurant union that was mobbed up. Now I wasn’t looking to join a mob, I was looking to have this popular hot blonde on my arm. So, dad, the cop finds out after we’re an item a few months and he’s on the path to wreck it. Don’t need any mobsters in the family calling him “father in law”

              Then on my 1st date with my current wife Renee, while at a fancy place, Rexys a nice Italian place, my old girlfriend, about 8 years younger, walks in looking for me, having seen my car out front. Well, she had a hard time letting go and was now following me around. So she walks in, finds where were sitting and stands 2 tables away staring. That was a good time……..all I can say, it’s better to be wanted, than be a Fogen.


            • First dates? Let’s see. First, I was not allowed to date until after I completed high school. The first date was to the movies. A guy sitting behind us starting throwing popcorn at me and laughing about it. My date went to the row where the guy was sitting and had a talk with him. The guy and girl with him left.

              Second first date was to a restaurant. But, my date admitted to being uncomfortable because we were the same age but he was still in high school.

              Third first date was after I met the man who would become my husband. Nuff said. 🙂


          • yahtzeebutterfly

            and this:

            Fogen “Okay, lets go out to eat”

            Vic “Thank you, I’m starved anyway”

            Fogen “Okay…..lets go to Golden Corral…………………you have any money?”

            (Door slams in face)

            Hey Racer,

            Do you think gz’s next girlfriend should be a mental hygienist rather than a dental one?


            • “…mental hygienist…” That would go a long way, of that there is no doubt.
              The more I think about what this clown is and what he does and what he tries and gets away with, knowing we only see the tip of the iceberg, the more I shake my head.

              Seriously…….and he stands there joking with the cops like all these people he screws with are just wasting his precious time………..as if he’s in a rush to get to work or someplace where actual humans want his presence.

              I’m guessing he wasn’t invited to any New Years Eve Parties……..well, other than the one he had solo in his truck.


            • yahtzeebutterfly

              and what he does and what he tries and gets away with, knowing we only see the tip of the iceberg, the more I shake my head.

              Yes….except I would have said “tip of the geyser.”


          • I love the way racer’s mind works….lol.


  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    R.I.P. Ramarley Graham.

    “NYC Awards $3.9M In 2012 Police Killing Of Unarmed Bronx Teen Ramarley Graham”



    • From the article: “His administration reached a $41 million settlement with the “Central Park Five,” men wrongly convicted in the vicious 1989 rape and beating of a Central Park jogger; a $10 million pact with a Brooklyn man who spent 15 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of killing a rabbi, and a $2.75 million settlement with the family of a city jail inmate who died after what his lawyers described as a beating in which jail officers kicked him in the head.

      On Friday, word emerged of a $5 million settlement with the family of a man killed in 1986 after being mistaken for a mobster with the same name; prosecutors said the bad information came from two former police detectives later convicted of moonlighting as hit men for the mob.

      Meanwhile, City Comptroller Scott Stringer‘s office has pursued a strategy of settling major civil rights claims before lawsuits are filed. They include a $6.4 million agreement with a man whose murder conviction was overturned after he spent 23 years in prison and a $2.25 million settlement with the family of a mentally ill former Marine who died after being left unattended for hours in a sweltering city jail cell”

      All the money, the city is apparently willing to pay, in return for not removing those from the force who are responsible could be spent in better ways.


  2. roderick2012

    (CNN)A jury found Kendrick Johnson’s parents and five other family members guilty of misdemeanor charges related to a 2013 protest, attorney Benjamin Crump said Wednesday.

    State Court Judge Mark Mitchell sentenced them to 12 months in jail and suspended the sentence, so they will spend no more time behind bars and will not be placed on probation. They won’t be fined, either.

    Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson and five family members were convicted of interference with government property for blocking the entrance to the Lowndes County Courthouse in Valdosta, Georgia, and blocking access to the security checkpoint inside the building.


    So instead of utilizing all of their resources in finding what happened to Kendrick they want to use the justice system to harass his family?

    This country just gets worse and worse.


    • This is insane. I’m truly amazed they didn’t lock this grieving family up. We are so backwoods here in the South.


      • I’m not sure how things work in Georgia, but here not having a permit to demonstrate is an administrative action by the city.

        Kendricks family is willing to do whatever is necessary to get an impartial and complete investigation into the death of their son. What prosecutors intended to humiliate only made that family stronger.


  3. Enjoy your well earned Break.. 🙂 see you soon, and thank you for following 🙂


    • Sue,
      Thanks and the same to you. I’m catching up with the blogs that are following Blackbutterfly7, but still have to put time aside for reading many of them.

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      • Like wise. I doubt I will ever catch up as I cleared my inbox email on Friday.. I have 201 in there again.. All new posts from the people I follow.. So I try to respond to those who respond to me first and work my way backwards.. 🙂 We have to remember to put time aside for us.. So please do take time out for you xxx Hugs Sue


  4. Enjoy the respite. You have well earned it~


    • Thanks. It might be extended for another day. With the blizzard we got today, it’s all I can do to keep the snow beneath 4 feet in front of my doors.

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      • yahtzeebutterfly

        4 feet in front of your doors!?? That is some blizzard, Xena!!


        • Yep Yahtzeebutterfly. You can’t see the front steps either. All we’ve been able to do pretty much all day is keep the drifts from the doors and the driveway cleared out as much as possible.


      • I’ll be over with my snow blower……no problem !!!!!


        • Racer,
          We have the snow blower and shovel in full operation, but the wind is so high that the moment we remove a high drift, it’s back again. I haven’t watched the local news yet but suspect that all government offices and schools will be closed tomorrow.


          • Oh man……..we were supposed to get blasted last week and got about 2 inches, if that. We’re supposed to be getting hit with the storm that hit you guys but I’m not holding my breath.

            Don’t ya just hate when people throw popcorn at you. I saw the response, oh……back in the mid 70’s when a couple of dim bulbs were throwing popcorn at a young & in love couple and one of the dimmer bulbs said “f ‘er……I did” to which the guy gets up, all 6 ft 5 inches of him, maybe 270……and walks back and dumps his drink on the kid. The usher must have seen some of it or was told by someone else and he went down and tossed the bulbs out.

            Somehow, I can see Fogen being a popcorn thrower……….must be me/


            • Racer,
              It was my first and last experience having popcorn thrown at me. At first, I thought it was an accident. Then it happened again and the guy started laughing. Well, he wasn’t laughing after my date went back and had a talk with him. I remember the movie too; “If He Hollers, Let Him Go.” I was somewhat embarrassed not knowing there would be nudity in the movie. Oh — my 17 year old virgin eyes. 🙂


    • Chuquest,
      Marissa is an overcomer. I hear she is in school to become a paralegal so she can help others. That’s the way to start over and accomplish something — unlike GZ who thought going on a victory tour was better than looking for a job or returning to school.


  5. Annie Cabani

    I might watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

    I don’t know how I completely missed Puppy Bowls I through X!! This Puppy Bowl XI is like a souped-up, extended play “Too Cute” episode (a favorite show of mine)!!

    I gotta say though: I think Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl II – which is also running today and is obviously a copycat (pun intended) production – actually has it beat! You might want to check that out, too.

    Admittedly, I have a slight bias in favor of kittens, though it’s not as strong as my avatar might suggest. But the Kitten Bowl teams are composed of similarly-marked kittens – seemingly like little team “uniforms” – and the kittens just have more variety in their antics and shenanigans, too. They also have more space to play. The Puppy Bowl stadium seems a bit undersized – I bet those puppies would love some more space for running around!

    Anyway, both “Adorable Bowls” are being re-played back-to-back today, so you can easily watch both of them … and still catch the Super Bowl later. I’m totally enjoying this gluttonous serving of cuteness this afternoon!


    • Hey Annie! I enjoy watching the pups. They have kittens on it this year. I don’t understand football — not a sports fan here. I used to keep up with boxing until they divided into numerous divisions. Now, I’m not familiar with most of the boxers.


  6. No Puppy Bowl for me… Super Bowl all the way to Seattle. Well, at least almost. If only…
    On another note, I live in Georgia and am not familiar with the Kendrick Johnson case. But I am familiar with the Houston/Brown family and all that is going on with Bobbi Christina (Whitney’s daughter). Last reports indicate that she is clinging to life but things are not looking good as she is in a medically-induced coma. They are practically talking about her funeral arrangements. Something seems fishy here with her being found in a bath tub in similar circumstances to her mother (almost 3 years to the day). She was found by her (loving) husband. Of course the husband is the first one that they look at when things happen like this. Not sure if there was a pre-nup. Uh-oh… here goes another episode of Forensic Files!!!


    • Hey Roach!
      It’s sad about Bobbi Christina. It had to be hard on her seeing her mom dead in the hotel. That’s a vision that is difficult to handle. Bobby must be at his wits end but he’s an Aquarian and will hopefully reach for that wisdom in urgent times. I read that Bobbi Christina had brain swelling, and that was the reason for inducing the coma.

      The Puppy Bowl was great. They featured some of the pups, how their lives started, and those who had been adopted. I wanted to hug each of them. 🙂


      • I wonder what awards they have for those puppies?? College has the Heisman Trophy, maybe the pups can get the Hug Man trophy.

        On another note to anyone who is into football, for the record, Pete Carroll made the worst football play call of all time when it mattered the most. Now I love the passing game having been a receiver, but when you have 2nd & goal, a time out, and Marshawn Lynch, the human battering ram, and you don’t run the ball from the 1 ?? Lynch’s nickname is only Beast Mode.


  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson retweeted
    Me @NixxieMcBoo · 44m 44 minutes ago
    “@deray: Baltimore Mayor wants creation of new felony charge to address police brutality” http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/politics/bs-md-ci-police-bills-20150202-story.html …”


  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Eric Garner’s Only Crime Was Indignation. He Should Be Alive Today.”



  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Powerful Spoken Word: Poet Antonio Taylor Performs For Sybrina Fulton In Honor Of Her Son Trayvon”


  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Attorney for Michael Brown’s family was also head of troubled police department”



  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Ms. Hightower retweeted
    Melissa McEwan @Shakestweetz · 3h 3 hours ago
    James Howard Allen, a 74-year-old black man, was killed by police who were asked to do a welfare check on him.


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