Staying the Course

gold fence

I have built a fence of gold for righteousness, and given it a gate of silver for judgment.

Passing through it judges the heart and mind to do what is right.

Within the fence is a house built of love.

It is for the protection of hearts and minds so that cruelty does not plant seeds.

It is a place of rest for the weary.

We speak of the hurt because there can be no compassion unless the hurt is known.

The only power that evil has is what we give to it.

We shall learn the ways of countering evil with good.

There are things of interest to write about.

There is encouragement to give.


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  1. So beautiful.

    Thank you for everything, Xena.


  2. Strong, positive thinking and fine expression. i like this very much.

    Best wishes


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    What exciting words, Xena!

    I am filled with appreciation.

    Thank you for this special haven/space that you provide here.

    My journey on your blog has been one of discovery, insight, self-growth, and inspiration. For this I thank you.


  4. kindheart101

    Very well said Xena.

    May we all live behind such gates, and feel pure love of others.

    Thank you


  5. Xena, thank you for everything! You bring many of us together, show and give us strength with your words and a haven to express our opinions.


  6. Yahtzeebutterfly, Kindheart and towerflower,
    It’s not one-sided. You guys have held me up, motivated and encouraged me.

    There were times when I felt I was only a shoulder, and someone else came and became the arm. Someone else became the hand and five others became the fingers.

    We are a body.


  7. Can’t thank you enough for this safe landing zone. Not only did you build a fence of gold, but you gave us keys to get in……..The epitome of “Wonderful”


    • Hey Racer! That’s the title of your next song, “The keys to my heart.”

      Speaking of encouragement and your songs ….


      • Xena and racer, that is so beautiful.
        I sent it to my sister. Her husband is having some pretty serious surgery tomorrow
        and it was just perfect for them.
        Thanks so much!!


        • Oh my Loly! Here’s praying for your brother-in-law; wisdom and guidance for the surgeon’s hands, and speedy healing and recovery.


          • Thanks so much Xena.
            I know he could use a lot of prayers.
            Last month there was some cancer found in a lymph node under his toe. They did surgery and thought that they had gotten it all, but, found more in the lymph nodes. He had pretty extensive surgery today. I pray that they have gotten all of it this time. It is rough. : (


      • Wow !! I woke up this morning, did a bunch of snow blowing and shoveling and then checked my e-mail. My best to everyone !!!

        As the song says “……..I’m nothing without You.”

        Now for some hot coffee………..!!!


    • Racer, please stay safe in your part of the woods. Heard that there’s a travel ban because of the snow storm.


      • Sooooooooooo, I buy all this bread and milk, not to mention 345 cans of soup, a back up generator, 200 batteries, 12 new flashlights, a locator beacon, Amend my Last Will & Testament, tune up the snow blower, buy 25 gals of gas, 4 new windshield scrapers and prepare for the “Mother of all storms”, stay up until 4:00 AM waiting so I can get a head start on it with aforementioned snow blower, and what happens……….3 inches of snow.

        Well, I only bought 1 loaf of bread and 2 gals of milk…….but what the hell….. you know what I mean !!

        The coffee was great………… what am I gonna do with all those batteries ????


  8. Love this, thank you Xena and everyone


  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    Racer writes

    “Not only did you build a fence of gold, but you gave us keys to get in……..The epitome of “Wonderful”

    Yes, so wonderful!

    A gate of peace and a fence of salvation where the din and hateful nonsense is kept out.


  10. I love this. God bless you, dearheart.


  11. kindheart101

    The keys to my heart, can we all take a vow,
    that we promise to all, let our heads take a bow.

    We promise to love, each and every dear soul,
    to respect them as one, as we are all are a Whole.

    A whole so you say, so what can that be….
    it’s a way of living, free for both you and me!

    When the day comes, we see no colors,
    it’s then that WE’LL BE ALL LOVING BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please……just live and love


  12. Xena, this is for you! : )


    • Lolypop,
      That is the cutest, most purest form of humor and innocence I will ever see. Thanks so much for sharing it and ….

      Sweet Thank You


      • I’m glad that you liked it!! : )
        I KNOW that they made it just for you. : )
        You do work so hard and you are so much appreciated for it.


        • Loly, I have work to do on myself as well. This weekend I started to become distracted by the cyber-extortionists’ lies on Twitter. Then I remembered that they started the same lies in 2012. It’s now 2015.

          There are many good people who read this blog. Whatever path one walks, whether in good thoughts, positive thinking or prayer, we need to direct our energy to the hurting. There’s too many people hurting and too many injustices to report for me to get off course.


          • Xena, I really don’t even know the first thing about twitter.
            By the time my answer or question would be read, no one would even know what I was talking
            At least I have a little more time on this kind of form and even then you’re not sure you got it over correctly.
            I’m so sad for the hurting people and they say if you can’t do anything don’t worry.
            Now, that to me is crazy. If I can I will do something and not worry, IF I can’t, then I worry. Does that make sense?
            I’m so messed up!! right!! : )
            Thanks again for having this wonderful site.
            Have you heard that song by Michael Jackson?
            You have to start with the man in the mirror?
            I love that!!
            I think I’ll put a sticker on my mirror “start w. This woman in the Mirror!! : )


            • Lolypop,
              I’m still learning Twitter and I joined it in August 2013. Maybe I’m not learning it fast because I mainly use it to send notice of new posts.

              Yes — I understand about wanting to help and worrying when we can’t. I’m the say way.

              Man in the Mirror — here ’tis. 🙂 This song takes me through every emotion possible. I go from crying to making a victory shout.


            • Thanks Xena,
              Michael Jackson sings and means it with such passion.

              I always have to ask and I guess I will never get the answer I want, but I’ll ask it until I die, WHY hate, Why bombs and weapons.

              Why hunger? Isn’t it easier really to love than hate and want the VERY best for everyone on this little blue marble??


            • Hey Lolypop!

              I always have to ask and I guess I will never get the answer I want, but I’ll ask it until I die, WHY hate, Why bombs and weapons.

              I have looked for answers too. The best I figure is that it’s the first nature of man and grounded in competitive envy. The Bible has lots to say about the carnal nature opposed to the fruits of the Spirit. It’s for each individual to work on themselves; respect themselves first. That’s because man cannot give to others from his heart what does not exist in himself.

              As Mindyme said years ago, “Hurting people hurt others.”


            • “man cannot give to others from his heart what does not exist in himself”

              Wow!! That’s heavy Xena and sad. I hate to judge but sure does seem like a lot of heartless people, doesn’t it?


            • Loly,
              There are trees in the garden good for food and pleasant to look at, the tree of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, and the tree of life. They all reside within each person. What we feed is what thrives. We are gardens. When we plant good seed in good soil it reproduces enough for ourselves and others.

              Heartless people are actually stone-hearted people. That is all they have to give to others — stones. No seed can be planted in stone. One of the oldest forms of execution was stoning. It demonstrated the hardened heart.

              Sad? Yes. People learn by doing, but stone-hearted people think that acts of love, kindness, and life are in the receiving only so they never learn those good things by doing them.


            • Xena,
              Can’t we just get rid of the bad trees? : )
              I ask my husband so many questions at night and he tells me that he lays there all night thinking about it. : )
              He’s going to love you for taking some of this off of him. : )


            • Lolypop,

              Can’t we just get rid of the bad trees? : )

              LOL! Afraid not. Like in the natural, there are people who specialize in treating trees. If not treated, they eventually die and then fall. Also like in the natural, a tree is recognized by its fruit, or the leafs.

              I ask my husband so many questions at night and he tells me that he lays there all night thinking about it. : )
              He’s going to love you for taking some of this off of him. : )

              LOL! I too ponder answers.

              Liked by 1 person

  13. To Xena and ALL of my friends here at Bbf7!
    My favorite sanity place! lol
    This is for you. : )
    I love these little characters! : )
    Enjoy, all of you!


  14. Thought I’d share a smile. This is one of my favorite commercials.


  15. Beautiful! And Namaste’ from me to you! Hugs


  16. Thank You Xena You Have Helped My Wife & I in More ways than one Many Blessings to You.


    • Hey Navy Dad! It good to see your fonts. I have no idea how I’ve help you and the wife other the tease you about children growing up fast. 🙂 Blessing to you and family.


  17. Good News ……Marisa Alexander was released today. Not that there was Justice in her even being arrested, but thank God it’s finally over for her.


    • That is good news. More good news — Kendrick Johnson’s family was found guilty for blocking access to the courthouse, but their sentence has been suspended.


      • I missed that one. I pray every day that his killer(s) are prosecuted. I still say the kid with the FBI dad is the killer. Far to many issues with him and what’s going on.


        • Racer,
          I think that more than one person was involved. Because there is a federal investigation, I don’t say much about the case, and it might be years before the feds connect all the dots.


    • AC360 just interviewed Marissa tonight. She is attending school to be a paralegal so she can help others. Zimmerman should take notice on how to build a life and career after trial.


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