Deputy charged with murder asks for house arrest

This is sad. The deceased leaves behind a pregnant wife, and the killer has a pregnant girlfriend.

FOX New Mexico

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LAS CRUCES (KRQE) – The former deputy charged with murdering a fellow deputy is asking the judge for a break.

Tai Chan is already out of jail, which is rare for a murder suspect, let alone someone accused of killing a deputy.

Now, while Chan awaits trial, he wants to move back home to Santa Fe where the murdered deputy’s family also lives.

Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Martin died three months ago after guests at a Las Cruces hotel found him lying in the lobby, shot in the back.

“Just to know he’s not around… It’s heartbreaking,” Lupe Leal, a family friend told News 13 in October.

Police said, fellow deputy, Chan, pulled the trigger after a night out at a bar sparked an argument.

He is charged with first degree murder, but he is no longer behind bars.

Now, his attorney John Day said…

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  1. There is a video on the blog that originally wrote the article.

  2. This is almost unbelievable. And folks wonder why many Americans believe that if a LEO commits a crime, the system treats them differently. There is no clearer proof than this.

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