Putting Victims on Trial

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That is such an awesome idea- videos of the victim before the killer &co vilify them. but then I remember xena telling me a long time ago, that the victim is not on trial,
they don’t need to defend themselves! isn’t that some BS??@!! because I remember thinking of course, that makes perfect sense or THEY WOULDN’T BE the VICTIM, they’d be the DEFENDANT!

that’s true technically but things have changed. the media & the legal profession seem to be devolving into game show like entertainment sources. the ones who used to respect & speak for the victims aren’t really doing that in certain cases.
victims aren’t treated as victims. but in order for a dead victim to have a fair chance at justice they gotta be the victim.

Maybe we need a sort of special victim’s defense team who can speak out on the victim’s behalf and counter attack the killer’s allegations.
look at cases like Mike Brown & Trayvon where racist character assassination is used as a defense for murder, literally.
it seems anything goes, even fantastic stories of dead teenagers with super human strength and magical powers”

Thank you Shannon, for bringing up this subject.  Today, the media and internet have changed things to where many people no longer think logically.  In fact, the double-minded man is revealed more today because of the internet, and we see this when people place victims on trial.

I would like to share a portion of how I came to understand that victims are not on trial.

front_pageOn December 1, 1958, Our Lady of Angels School in Chicago caught fire, killing 93 children and 3 nuns.  Some of the children that died were my age. I remember seeing the photographs of those who died on television and in the newspaper that my dad brought home with him from work.  So many children.

In my child, inquisitive mind, I asked my Sunday School teacher if the children had done anything wrong to die so young and by fire.  My thoughts were somewhat along the lines of Santa Claus giving presents only to children who were good.


Victims of Richard Speck

The next I remember hearing of massive death came by Richard Speck, who on July 13, 1966, killed 8 nursing students in Chicago.  There was talk in the beauty shops and meat market. Rumors were passed about the immorality of the nursing students and some people disagreed that White nursing students should have shared living quarters with nursing students from the Philippines. It left me puzzled.  How could those nursing students be responsible for their own deaths and why accuse the lone survivor, who was from the Philippines, of conspiring with Speck?

Later, there was the case of John Wayne Gacy. I was an adult then, but still puzzled about Gacy’s defense. Gacy’s defense was that all of his victims were bad boys; they were either run-a-ways or male prostitutes and none had parents who loved them.

article-2242161-165369B3000005DC-303_634x502The media did not go about questioning parents and digging up criminal backgrounds on the victims. The public never learned if any of Gacy’s victims failed in school, or robbed a store, or used drugs. The jury did not care about what his victims did before he killed them. They convicted Gacy of murdering 33 young men and boys and sentenced him to death. Some of the recovered bodies have not been identified/claimed to this day. I’ve not heard one person justify Gacy’s murders by denigrating his victims whose bodies were not claimed by family members.

atlanta_child_killings2Next were the Atlanta child murders, where 28 Black children and teens were killed over a two-year period.  The victims were boys and girls. It was then that I heard people criticize the parents.  Parents were accused of not knowing where their children were.  However, these were not children that went off on their own without telling their parents where they were going.  In some cases, these were children who went to the store, or the bank, at the direction of a parent.   One victim went to the swimming pool.  The children went missing during the day-time.

We heard that the victims were poor, living in public housing and that is why law enforcement was not concerned.  But, we also heard that because the victims were poor children, that they would grow up to be hoodlums or living on public assistance. The media was playing both sides of the fence.

Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and the Jackson’s held benefit concerts to raise money for the victims’ families.  Gladys Knight and the Pips recorded ” Forever Yesterday (For The Children)”, a song in memorial of the victims.  In accepting his Best Actor Oscar for Raging Bull, Robert DeNiro wore a green ribbon as a sign of solidarity with the children of Atlanta.

Going back to Sunday School days, I remember being taught that we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Is there any human being who is perfect? Why was it necessary for people to justify the killing of others by judging them to deserve death? It was not as if death skipped over saints. If the end is the same for the perfect and imperfect, why do some people think that some others deserve death?

In my high school literature class, we read and discussed the book Brave New World. It’s a story about prejudice and perfection where humans are grown in test tubes and programmed to believe in the value of society over the individual.  It’s a story of how some humans grown and programmed discovered those naturally born. Actually, I don’t remember too much about the book other than the concept of building castes and brainwashing. I remember more about Lord of the Flies during a study of sociology. There, an older boy promised protection and food to the younger boys. Based on those promises and his provisions to them, they did his bidding causing the death of other children.

As a teen in high school and young adult in college, we had not lived to see or experience the theories.  Now, I can see where the theories written in those classic books are those behind the theory of putting victims on trial, and it all can be summarized as believing that some humans are inferior, imperfect and have no individuality in society.   When people are brainwashed into believing that they are better than others, there is nothing good that can be presented to them about victims that will change their mind.

There is a hypocritical judgment principle when people believe that killing is okay as long as it’s someone who is of a lower caste, or too individualized, (understand that to be people who are different than ourselves), or who don’t live, speak, walk, talk, dress according to standards we set for them. It is hypocritical because death does not discriminate.

If people are going to judge others believing that some deserve to be killed, then they have better have a darn good substitute to death for themselves.

The cemeteries are filled with the bones of people of all ages, races, genders and nationalities and in fact, some who never took one breath out of the womb.

People are calling death good when done to those they deem are evil. But, those same people believe that death is bad when it happens to someone they know and love. In the alternative, if they believe that death is a natural occurrence, then it’s not anything they should use to judge those whose lives are taken by others.

What if there was a special victim’s defense team like Shannon suggests?

Those defending victims should keep in mind that they had no capability of defending themselves against objects of death.

Weapons are power.

Trayvon Martin, neither Jordan Davis, Michael Brown, James Boyd, Richard Ramirez, nor Patricia Cook, had control over the guns and fingers on triggers that released the bullet or bullets that killed them, anymore than the children at Our Lady of Angels School had over the raging flames that trapped them in their classrooms. None of the victims had anything available to defend themselves.

James Anderson had no more control over the steering wheel driving the truck running him over, than Tamir Rice had over Tim Loehmann’s split second decision to shoot the 12-year old.  They had nothing in which to defend themselves.

“I thought …” “And I thought he was going to …” “And if he did then he would kill me.”

The defendant’s thoughts are on trial because it is their thoughts that led to their actions.

Did Darren Wilson really believe that Michael Brown would have killed him in the middle of street in broad daylight with eyewitnesses? Wilson killed Michael in the middle of the street in broad daylight with eyewitnesses, and avoided punishment because he had the weapon and a municipality’s authority to use it.  Michael had nothing in which to defend himself.

Did George Zimmerman really believe that Trayvon would have killed him after knowing that a neighbor came outside, saw them, and was calling the police? George pulled the trigger, and he did so at a time and in a manner where no one saw him fire his gun. His attorney, Mark O’Mara, said that concrete is a weapon.  The prosecution did not remind the jury that Zimmerman said he had removed his head from the concrete, and that is what allegedly exposed his gun. According to Zimmerman, he restrained Trayvon’s arms then drew his gun, took time to aim, and then fired a bullet into Trayvon’s heart.  Trayvon had nothing to use as a defense.

We hear the words, “It could have been your son.” What about, “It could have been you”? The nation has been told that unless people are perfect, they can be killed and a ten-year old parking ticket will be used to justify that they were a bad person who deserved to be shot down.

The jury in Ted Wafer’s case found him guilty of murdering Renisha McBride because Wafer’s thoughts were not reasonable.

In like manner, the jury in Michael Dunn’s case found him guilty of murder because his thoughts were not reasonable. He testified what he thought that not only led to him shooting into the vehicle as it drove away, but also why he thought he could leave the scene, and then leave the town.

juan-martinezIn my opinion, prosecutor Juan Martinez sets a good example for avoiding putting the victim on trial.  He did it in the Jodi Arias murder trial by getting into Jodi’s thoughts.

Jodi tried justifying her brutal murder of Travis Alexander by telling the jury what a horrible person he was. She even painted him as a religious hypocrite. She claimed self-defense. Her defense was character assassination against Travis.

Attorney Martinez didn’t take time to tell the jury that Travis was the perfect guy. Rather, he spoke about Jodi’s actions. The video of his closing is more than 3 hours, but I ask if you don’t have time to watch it all, please do watch the first 5 minutes. Prosecutor Martinez understood the importance of telling the jury what type of person Jodi Arias IS – not what type of person Travis Alexander WAS.  Attorney Martinez told the jury what Travis suffered because of what Jodi thought.   If you’re interested in watching that part, it starts in the video around 1:49:13.

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    This is magnificent. Thank you Ms. Xena


  2. Great article Xena, and so true.


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Outstanding article, Xena!

    I greatly appreciate your articulating so well and plainly demonstrating the mistreatment of victims by the media and those defending their killers.


    • Yahtzeebutterfly,
      Thanks for the kind words. It’s a bit long but I wanted to give some history. I could have actually written a book on the subject.


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        It is the history that you presented that makes your article so powerful!


        • Yahtzeebutterfly,
          The fire at Our Lady of Angels School had a real impact on me. I remember going to school and the teacher talking about it with the class. That school was in our area so it wasn’t like it was on the other side of the city. We were all traumatized wondering if that could happen at our school, and I spent lots of time praying (as a child could pray) to understand why those children died.

          I came to realize it was all because of the Santa Claus indoctrination; bad kids are punished, good kids are not. Well, Santa Claus coming at Christmas with presents is not true, so the indoctrination wasn’t true either. Truly, there are times now that I think those who put victims on trial were abused as children and have very low self-esteem that they deflect onto others.


  4. yahtzeebutterfly


    This from your article bears repeating:

    “When people are brainwashed into believing that they are better than others, there is nothing good that can be presented to them about victims that will change their mind.

    There is a hypocritical judgment principle when people believe that killing is okay as long as it’s someone who is of a lower caste, or too individualized, (understand that to be people who are different than ourselves), or who don’t live, speak, walk, talk, dress according to standards we set for them. It is hypocritical because death does not discriminate.”

    I will call out the unjust and nasty treatment of the character of victims every time I witness it. This needs to stop! Enough is enough!


  5. It was truly horrible the way Jodi’s defense tried so hard to paint Travis as a ‘bad guy’ who deserved to die because he ‘hurt Jodi’s feelings.. No matter what Travis did or didn’t do, he didn’t stab shoot and slit anyone’s throat.


    • Mindyme,
      Exactly! I love the way that Juan Martinez did his closing argument without notes. I think he walked over to his notes 3 times during the 3 hours, and he didn’t miss a beat.


  6. chuquestaquenumber1

    Meanwhile Dalton Hayes and Cheyenne Phillips criminals who go on a multi state crime spree are described in the nicest terms.


    • except meanwhile i’m not quite sure i’ve heard of those ppl you’re referring to as criminals.
      aren’t you talking about those crazy youngsters, sorta like the new folk heroes like Bonnie& Clyde? thanks to the sympathetic media controlled by the ‘white right’ these two will probably spend a few months being coddled by lawyers & judges in court before it’s decided they’re just too pretty for prison or that prison would be detrimental to their delicate emotional conditions considering the imperfect childhoods they’ve already suffered.
      Instead they’ll (their parents) pay restitution to victims in tiny monthly increments during the few years they’ll spend on probation receiving lots of support though court ordered therapy that we the taxpayers will pay for. Then they’ll be completely rehabilitated and sent back out into society to live the rest of their lives with their records expunged.
      But they will NEVER to be referred to as
      ARMED w/a sidewalk, fists & big black bodies
      drug addicts
      giant demons
      lean drinkin’
      strong armed robbers
      rap music lifestyle
      suspended from high school
      weren’t where they belonged
      wondering around in a gated community
      should’ve stopped & told n’hood watch stalker who, what& where they think they’re going
      involved in a 2nd degree murder as minors
      should’ve been shot on sight to save taxpayers from paying for years in prison
      would’ve killed tons of ppl had they not been caught
      the guy was a rapist
      the girl was a drunken hooker
      police showed restraint becuz anyone else would’ve shot them
      kicked out of the house & abandoned by their welfare, food stamp, government phone having ghetto dwelling single parents
      and that their parents are only care about them now because they’re trying to make a buck off their crimes.

      just a few thoughts that come to mind…


      • Shannon,

        But they will NEVER to be referred to as ….

        Car thieves and robbers.

        The truth of those crimes will be hidden in the “they’re just kids” descriptions.

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    • Chuquest,
      But — but — but, she is only 13-years old and lied to the boy that she is 19. We can’t blame her for lying and hanging out with a car thief and robber. She made those choices as a 13-year old and her mom is not responsible for it. (please apply snark) 🙂


  7. I had the most disturbing discourse with someone in some article the other day. It was about how GZ took a downward spiral after “all that happened.”

    Say what? He was on that spiral LONG before anything happened with Trayvon – so I wrote:

    “Since then, he’s lived under this incredible cloud, and I don’t know how he gets through the day,” Cashill said. “It’s obviously affecting his behavior.”How does that explain the incidences road rage and out of control bouncer and DV BEFORE he murdered Trayvon – including turning off and locking his own mother’s electricity? This is no *sudden* spiral since he murdered Trayvon. Considering his past, it should come as no big surprise that something like this happened – and it will certainly come as no surprise when it happens again. Has this person done ANY investigation into the material of which he is writing?

    I got back this appalling response – tell me if you get out of it the same thing I did. Here is what some #*&%*& !#%&#( said:

    Tryavon was a thug and society is better off with him gone. As a woman you might be interested in the book “white girl bleed a lot” which collects the incredible number of black mob attacks on whites. Or just look at FBI crime stats which show a white person is 7 times more likely to be murdered by a black criminal than vice versa. Or just keep putting your head in the sand.

    EXCUSE ME? I seem to be missing a connection here – oh, wait – no I’m not. He said because Trayvon is black, society is better off without him because the FBI has crime states on black criminals (NOT Trayvon, mind you, but black criminals).

    Here is my response:
    Rachael > CatoYounger • 2 days ago

    What? I am really trying to follow your *logic* here CatoYounger. First of all, GZ has a LONG history of domestic abuse, road rage and violence prior to murdering Trayvon – so WHO exactly is the thug here? And you are saying because Trayvon is black, he is a thug, therefore the world is better off without him because…because why? Because FBI crime stats say that a white person is 7 times more likely to be murdered by a black criminal – therefore Trayvon – and what, all black people – are better off dead? What is WRONG with you? How are you saying it is okay that Trayvon should be killed because statistics say…what does that have to do with HIM or the situation? Are you some kind of racist?


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Your response are great, Rachael.

      Obviously that guy does not want to deal with reality….no logic will change his mind…


    • Rachael,
      Good for you!! You didn’t get distracted by the brainwashed Brave New World mindset.

      Like I’ve said for years, they are not Zimmerman supporters. Rather, they applaud what Zimmerman did to Trayvon. Under any other circumstances, those same people would refer to Zimmerman as an unintelligent loser and denigrate his dad for marrying a “wetback.” The Zimmerman’s know that too.


  8. I’m not sure about this victims on trial stuff. If they have been murdered, it makes no difference what they may have or may not have done. Very few crimes deserve to be met with the ultimate price… death penalty. But for someone who is tried and convicted for murdering so many people sure… it’s only one life for who knows how many and may save who knows how many… the victims don’t need to be tried or brought on the scene for that!

    For those who still live…. Say what? Are they not already suffering enough? It’s heinous to even suggest such a thing! Sorry… I just can’t condone it. It’s like this, let the criminal see the damage s/he’s done ie; a family had been torn to pieces so they will see the extent of damage… WTF? Do you think they really care to begin with? If they did, they wouldn’t have done what they did. And… If I was the victim or family of the victim for example, I wouldn’t want the bastard anywhere near me unless I was planning on killing him/her.

    Which brings me to all this crap about remorse and Oh, I found Jesus type stuff and I’m a changed person, shouldn’t be used for them to get off easy… if they feel remorse or have found Christ etc., that should only make it easier for them to live out their sentence. Isn’ t that enough?

    Ok, I’ve rambled on… all done. 🙂


    • Kev,
      Thanks for your comment. It’s not rambling at all.

      As far as remorse, I think that when people cause harm to others by accident, they can be sincerely remorseful. But now, we have people who are given authority either by the law or by their job. They are only required to come up with an excuse that blames the victim.

      if they feel remorse or have found Christ etc., that should only make it easier for them to live out their sentence.

      True. Those “come to Jesus” moments after they have been arrested are their way of trying to get out of the fix they’re in. If it resulted in that, they would leave the prison and not even take time to thank Jesus.

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  9. Another thing that gets me is the vilification of the victim through the instant media areas of FB/twitter/instagram/etc. Look at how many people actually believe that TM hit a bus driver when there has never been any proof to support it, or that he was making Lean and high on it? Same with MB when they said he was awaiting trial for 2nd degree murder when it wasn’t true.

    Yet, there are those who will believe these rumors as fact and the scary part is some may end up on a jury…like juror B37 on the GZ trial.


    • Towerflower,
      Yes! People make up lies and photoshop pictures to get their evidence. Remember the photo that was circulating of a rap artist that was said to be Trayvon? The rumors were started by a White Supremacist website, that has since been taken down. Since their ideologies were no secret, it really surprised me when I saw them repeated by so-called Zimmerman supporters. At first, I thought that maybe they did not know how that crap was started. Then I came upon the conclusion that they didn’t care and actually agreed with the ideology because eventually, I saw them change his name to “Traycoon” and use racial slurs.


  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    Xena, in your article you ask a superb, insightful question:

    “Did George Zimmerman really believe that Trayvon would have killed him after knowing that a neighbor came outside, saw them, and was calling the police?”

    I certainly don’t think so.

    Oh, how I wish that the prosecution had asked that question in their closing argument!


    • Yahtzeebutterfly,
      I wish that the prosecution had focused on prosecuting Zimmerman PERIOD. They got distracted. Days and days of “We love Georgie” witnesses distracted from the reason for the case, and then the prosecution did not follow-up with rebuttal witnesses. However, with all that said, it is still my opinion that with Juror B37 on the jury, Zimmerman could have admitted that he DID NOT kill Trayvon in self-defense, and she still would have manipulated the other 5 women into voting not-guilty.


  11. chuquestaquenumber1

    Breaking News:
    The mother of criminal Cheyenne Phillips has been arrested.It turns out Sherry Peters took Cheyenne when it was Cheyenne’s dad custodial time. So it appears Criminals are multi generational in this family. Cheyenne was born with a crime gene. Cheyenne’s mom passed down criminality instead of decency. You know all of the things and more said about black mothers.
    Here is the story. Notice Sherry Peters isn’t even called a bad mother:



    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I wish the public had the ability to see to it that ownership of each mainstream media outlet was held by a group of owners and not by a single individual…. and the group of owners should be diverse, representing different ethnicities, viewpoints, races, sexual orientations, etc.


    • Chuquest,
      Wow! Custodial battles happen often, and most courts do not make it easy for custodial parents to get before them. So, the mom removes Cheyenne from her dad’s house, and then Cheyenne runs away with her boyfriend.

      Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I can’t imagine a 13 year old girl having a boyfriend.


      • Stories are still being released on the pair. Supposedly the boy thought the girl was 19 when they first met and learned after he had fallen in loooovvveee that she was only 13. He has also said they left because she was in an abusive situation and was beaten often……..mother was surprised to hear of the accusation.

        But like you said, Xena, where were the parents when this 18 yr old starting coming around a 13 yr old?


        • Towerflower,
          So boy rescues girl from an abusive home and puts her into a life of crime. Now, that’s the way to make her life better. (snark)

          I don’t know, towerflower. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but 13 is too young to date. She should be reading, learning to be a lady or at least ladylike. Or, as my mom used to say, “Education comes first. The boys will still be here after you get your diploma.”


  12. Annie Cabani

    Lots of reporting is saying that the feds will not charge Darren Wilson with anything.

    I don’t know if it’s true, but this is the second rash of such reports, so it makes me wonder if the feds are leaking to prepare us for their impotence??


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      And there is also this:

      “Judge denies request for new grand jury in Ferguson case”
      Wednesday 21 January 2015 at 1:22 PM ET



      • I just read the letter and actually, can’t disagree with it. The letter submitted by the Legal Defense Fund argued law and is considered ex parte, which judges are forbidden to entertain. The letter also essentially says that if the same law and arguments are brought in a complaint before the court, then the judge will hear both sides and decide.

        I just downloaded the letter and will have it in the document section shortly.


        • I just read both the entire letter & answer because of what you said. so why do you think LDF wrote it like a letter instead of a legal complaint?
          i’m sure they’ve rarely seen a situation so egregious just laid out naked for all the world to see like this one, with mc culloch even admitting to misconduct on TV& radio & providing his own proof, but shouldn’t they know the proper procedures to go though in this case?
          it’s so infuriating!! How they treated Wilson’s case in front of the grand jury was bad enough, but what about mc culloch’s arrogance & defiance in flaunting that BS in our faces & in front of officials who would KNOW WHAT HE DID WAS WRONG, some of whom in positions to do something about it? But apparently he’s not worried about being held accountable by anyone & that’s extra annoying!!!


          • Shannon,

            i’m sure they’ve rarely seen a situation so egregious just laid out naked for all the world to see like this one, with mc culloch even admitting to misconduct on TV& radio & providing his own proof, but shouldn’t they know the proper procedures to go though in this case?

            Good question. I can’t answer it. As far as I can tell, the NAACP is an activist organization and their attorneys might not be experienced litigators when it comes to criminal cases. When the news first broke about asking the judge to appoint another grand jury, I read the statute that was cited and commented on it. That statute only applies to cases before the judge. There is no case against Darren Wilson.

            The late Sherman Skolnick was experienced in requesting the appointment of special commissions and filing complaints with the courts alleging fraud on the court. He was so good at it that John Paul Stevens was appointed in one investigation, leading him on the path to become a Supreme Court Justice. http://www.albany.edu/scj/jcjpc/old-indices/vol10is3/patten.pdf

            Taking an example from how Sherman Skolnick operated, the path to take to investigate how Bob McCullouch proceeded before the grand jury investigating whether Darren Wilson committed a crime when killing Michael Brown, lies with the Missouri legislature. McCullouch is slick and an elected official, so he has special immunity and protections that he flaunts. The point is, getting another grand jury to investigate Darren Wilson is separate from having McCullouch investigated for how he proceeded before the grand jury.

            It’s been said that old-school methods of investigating corruption have gone the way of the dinosaur. IMHO, that’s because those who were successful at it found that their reputations and careers were ruined thereafter unless they had certain political connections. For example, after Sherman’s actions led to Illinois Governor Otto Kerner going to prison, Sherman spent a great deal of his life being called a conspiracy theorist. http://www.dailycatholic.org/issue/2001Aug/shermbio.htm

            The public in general is not able to separate McCulloch from Darren Wilson and we want to see Wilson face a jury for killing Michael Brown. The truth however, is that it is McCulloch who made sure that Wilson would not be indicted, and McCulloch is the individual who should be subject to investigation. McCulloch was also involved in raising money for Wilson. There should be a special commission formed to investigate where the money went. As Skolnick would say when he was alive, “There is always a bag man.” And, as Elliot Ness learned when investigating Al Capone, find the accountant and find the bag man, and you have a case.

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    • Annie,
      I read the report on Jueseppi’s blog. The same article that says the justice department is moving to clear Darren Wilson, also says that Eric Holder has not decided.


      It may or may not be true, but sounds like propaganda to me. They want their race war before President Obama leaves office.


      • Exactly what I thought when I read the NYT article-3 anonymous sources?
        where have we heard that before? didn’t the media do the same thing w/Wilson’s grand jury? secret sources who wish to remain secret bc apparently they’re not supposed to be talking about what they’re talking about, but since no one will ever read the NYT they’re sure their secrets are safe?!
        But this one is less believable than the Ferguson Grand Jury leak since it’s about the fed’s investigation. why wld FEDS leak things to the press when they never do?
        that along with the personal jabs at those of us who want justice by including completely bogus comments like “Only reason Holder didn’t want to announce his decision side by side (cuz obviously McCullogh& Holder are long time BFFs & do everything together) the County prosecutor -in part, because he didn’t want it to seem like DOJ & Ferguson were working together”
        The author wants us to believe Holder said some stupid shit like that??!!
        Sure, except Holder is the same guy who was irritated w/ Ferguson officials who seemed to be releasing things to poison the public’s opinion on Mike Brown.
        But this guy says Holder considered making his announcement w/mc Culloch, that he would’ve gotten right up there along w/the scum sucking murder cover up conspirators of Ferguson! sure.

        Last night I watched rachel maddow bring the author of the NYT article on as if it were breaking “news” as in ACTUAL NEWS, as in FACTUAL NEWS. but of course he could not say that. instead when Rachel asked him if his story was basically the final conclusion, he rambled on and said ‘anything is possible’ since Holder has not made his decision.


        • Shannon,

          instead when Rachel asked him if his story was basically the final conclusion, he rambled on and said ‘anything is possible’ since Holder has not made his decision.

          Darn! I missed Rachel last night. I’ll see if I can find it on the MSNBC website. I’m so glad that you read the NYT’s article and saw Maddow’s program. In this instant information age, people repeat and make headlines the truth without reading the full-story to discern the intent behind it. There’s an intent behind that story and it does not appear to be in good-faith.

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  13. peni4yothot

    Antonio French retweeted
    FOX2now @FOX2now
    · Jan 21

    Michael Brown’s family has issued the following statement to #STL media following the #NYT article



    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Thanks for this, peni.

      “The family won’t address speculation from anonymous sources.”

      “speculation”…….”anonymous sources”………wham!…… = this anonymous nonsense approach needs to stop–leave it to the DOJ to do the official announcing and quit trying to prey on the nerves of Mike’s family, the Ferguson community and the public!


      • peni4yothot

        YW Yahtzee, I remember the rumors re: DOJ/Zimmerman, then in December the GJ update.
        The police union is spinning this via NYtimes. I’d hope that the DOJ isn’t that heartless to not speak first with Mike Brown’s parents.


    • Peni and Yahtzeebutterfly,
      I just read the Twitter timeline of one of the Miss Filth’s, and sure enough, she has taken the banner of announcing Darren Wilson “innocent” and is tweeting that she hopes:
      1. That there will be a riot and Ferguson is burned down.
      2. That Blacks will call Eric Holder racist.

      For me, this is the intent I saw behind the “leak” reported in the NYT. Let’s say that the DOJ does not charge Wilson and nothing is leaked until the DOJ makes the announcement. It would not have the same effect as what is being provoked now by White Supremacists. For one, with a scheduled press conference, the side of justice will be able to ask questions and activists will be able to encourage peace.

      I’ve known the agenda of the “Tea Party” since 2008. They began forming in Texas and Florida just after the presidential election, even before Barack Obama was sworn in. Their agenda included promoting a race riot, and they thought it would be funny to first pit Blacks against Blacks so that the peaceful side, and the violent side, would be divided so that neither side prevails. They would also use the violent side as reason to harm and kill those on the peaceful side by painting all Blacks and “White guilt idiots” responsible for the actions of the violent side.

      I see that agenda taking place on Twitter now on only the timelines of two individuals.


      • Hi Xena, Ah……………

        “It’s not black rage they fear, it’s the unity .” or
        “they fear your unity” (read this on twitter)

        As long as they (filth) feel they can “split” then their agenda is fulfilled.

        It must be miserable to live in her skin. So sad. Yet, white supremacy is real. “Don’t tread on me” is one of tea-party groups. Racist link to Clive Bundy supporter and we know what he thinks.
        I heard faux made a racist statement re: Holder release the noose around Wilson neck. (can’t remember word verbatim). Even France wants to sue them behind racist depiction (???)

        NY Times use to be a reliable paper but it’s fair to say; it’s now the national police rumor blog.

        I watched Klansville, USA (PBS documentary) fear of financial loss/gain was Bob Jones motivation to rehash/start KKK again.
        Wow, just think; Manson’s rationale for murdering Sharon Tate was to incite a race riot.
        Scary people like that exist.


        • Peni, you are so right. My counterpart, Whitebutterfly7, (@blanc_papillon7) tried contacting TheObamaCat who harasses TheObamaCrat on twitter. She hates both individuals but wanted to help TheObamaCat harass TheObamaCrat because he reblogs articles posted here and Miss Filth hates that she has not been able to threaten and defame me enough to delete this blog.

          I remember how Tea Party initiators began making signs that Obama was going to turn America into a socialist country, and have their grandchildren paying the debt, before he was even sworn into office. As sad as it is, Blacks are being punished for America having a Black president. (That’s to teach minorities and what they call “White guilt idiots” a lesson. It’s to instill oppressive fear.) Also sad is that those trying to provoke a race riot are not behind bars like Charles Manson.

          Re: Bob Jones. Racism is rooted in greed because it started by making human beings the property of others to work for free and reproduce so more people could be sold so the sellers would make more money. In America, money is power.


          • Wow Xena, you said it. They’ve been unsuccessful defaming the leader (Obama) so they go after any POC exercising their amendment rights. (your blog and anyone standing up) Even comedians have joked about never having another black POTUS which is this systems goal. If any non-white will run again, we’ll hear the code talk language of how so many racist groups formed within 2008-16, and how it’s POC fault. The ” I step on your toe but make you apologize for being in the way”.

            “In America, money is power”.

            What’s sad is, the poor whites were pitted against blacks/others by the elite. Remember the Detroit riots, jobs/economy were at the center of it.
            You’re so right, money. smh


          • Peni,

            What’s sad is, the poor whites were pitted against blacks/others by the elite. Remember the Detroit riots, jobs/economy were at the center of it.


            “Code talk” = dog whistles. We heard it when they said Obama was Muslim. Muslim is a religion, but they used it to refer to a race. I can’t forget the woman who stated to McCain that Obama is an “Arab.” She would probably say too that he was born in Africa, not realizing that “Arab” conveys people born in the Middle-East.

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          • peni4yothot

            Ha! It takes it back to Bob Jones, ignorance. & Sheriff ??? in Arizona flying to Hawaii, since when a state local LE has the authority to do what he did, but he did. As you know, they only acknowledge “sheriffs”.
            It’s one thing to be ignorant but the combo w/hate, is venomous.
            If it wasn’t so sad some of their thinking is truly hilarious.


  14. Tim Wise gives a powerful presentation.


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