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Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small,

The following video is one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

What’s On Your Mind?

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  1. Blessings and Namaste. Sharing this.

  2. I’ve never seen the movie but now I will HAVE to!! That was so cool! Thank you

  3. 🙂 A pleasant surprise!

  4. scrodriguez

    Looking forward to tonights Heavyweight title fight, undefeated Deontay Wilder (USA) is set to face WBC Champion Bernie Stiverne (Canada) both are knock out artist Bernie has an 80% Knock out Ratio Deontay has a 100% knock out ratio 32 wins 0 losses 32 knock outs and all have happened in four rounds or less.
    However I think the Canadian will win this fight, he is a very accurate counter puncher he places his shots well does not waste anything in there, while Wilder has a questionable chin. I am still routing for the American born fighter, we have not had a Champion for years not since Haseem Rahman held the title in 2001

    • scrodriguez, I was a huge boxing fan since the Gillette Blue Blade Friday Night Fights. When they separated into divisions, I still kept up with the boxers and matches. For years, we subscribed to premium channels that used to show the matches. Then they went to pay-for-view, but then the match would be shown maybe two weeks later on a cable premium channel.

      I miss watching the matches. Thanks so much for sharing this.

      • Next weeks fight on HBO is going to be a war if you are familiar with Gillette and you have to have been around a while to know about those fights, or know allot about boxing those Gillete friday night fights were throw back wars next Saturday HBO has the 3rd fight between Rios and Alvarado they each split a win in the first two fights both fights brutal war I think Boxing is going to make a come back this year

        • Darn scrodriguez! I don’t have HBO. From time to time, I can catch matches on an ESPN channel. I do miss professional boxing on television.

          As a little girl watching the Gillette Blue Blade Friday Night Fights with my dad, I asked him if he would teach me to box. He said that girls didn’t box. Had he only lived to see otherwise. 🙂

    • Did I hear it right? Wilder won. The match actually went 12 rounds. That had to be one hell of a fight.

      • Yes you did, I was shocked honestly he dominated the fight fought the perfect fight to win and won every single round fought behind his jab a high guard didnt lay on the ropes Wilder brought the WBC title back to the states 🙂

  5. crustyolemothman

    Interesting read, a little long, but well worth you time to read this…

  6. crustyolemothman

    It would seem that a lot of people like to quote figures from the site that I am going to provide the link to. How many spot the basic flaw in doing so? The figures are probably pretty close, but the way that they are used is questionable due to the method that most people quote the figures. See how many of you realize the erroneous way these figures are used?

    • Latinos are either missing from the data – or more likely lumped into either the White or Black numbers depending if they have some White heritage or some Black heritage or how they self identify or how they are identified in the police reports.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      The number of individuals committing these crimes is not listed. (No indication of “repeat offenders.”)

      • crustyolemothman

        yahtzee, While that is true, I would suspect with the total number of people arrested that the ones counted twice would not have a significant effect on the percentage of crimes committed.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      The chart only lists arrests but does not indicate whether or not the arrests led to convictions.

      • Annie Cabani

        And the universe is only arrestees. By omitting the TOTAL population and its racial distribution, the arrestee data lacks perspective and, therefore, any significant meaning.

        • Annie Cabani

          Oops … they actually DO provide a total population figure at the very top. But since they don’t provide the total population’s racial distribution (or its +/- age 18 population and racial distribution) my point remains valid.

          Having noticed that, I now also noticed the “12,196 agencies” figure at the very top, which raises many – and more serious – questions in my mind about the validity of the data. For example, if the figures do not account for all arrests in the US, then this is SAMPLED data. And we need lots more information about the sample selection in order to know whether ANY of the data has any meaning at all!

          • crustyolemothman

            Annie Cabani, Thank you! You are among the few that really realize that the data is seriously flawed and there fore invalid. It would seem that with the assets that are available to compute the figures in a method that would be actually useful that we would have data that we could use.

  7. chuquestaquenumber1

    Last year ended with WAR ON COPS slogan.However,what wasn’t mentioned is most cop killers and cop attackers are white males. The following covers several points.
    1. Another cop attack by a white male.
    2. This illustrates the racial double standard black LEOs are subjected to on all levels.
    3.The silence of pro cop supporters on this matter is deafening,though not surprising.

    Did the WAR ON COPS end?

    • Chuquest, Sovereign citizens waged war on cops and sheriffs for a very long time. They didn’t begin with killing them, but it eventually led to some deaths. Law enforcement supporters were silent then as they are silent on that issue now, because some, if not most, share in the white supremacy ideology of sovereign citizens.

      Back in October 2013, I reported on Sarasota Springs, Florida police department detective Tom Laughlin, who actually filed paperwork declaring himself a “Freeman” which is an offshoot of sovereign citizenship.

      It didn’t surprise me to find that the same people making their presence online that denigrated the Black race during the Zimmerman case, and who jumped on Michael Brown doing the same, are the same ones who are now on social media claiming to support cops. In fact, most if not all of them on Twitter combine criticism of protesters and what happens in Ferguson, with their accusations that reporting on cops who use excessive force is the same as hating all cops.

  8. I just watched The Replacements on DVD last night……love that movie.

    • Racer,
      It’s a delightful movie, isn’t it? The first I saw it was on cable — didn’t see any promotions for it when it was released in theaters. It’s one of those great, sleeper movies.

  9. i’m frozen watching florida’s high school cheerleading on our local TV channel! I can’t stop.
    I love to watch the dancing more than the boring tumbling for some reason. and l love how there’s so many boys on the teams. it’s so cute. they’re all so cute 🙂

    • Shannon,
      ENJOY!! I love watching cheer leading teams and am like you that I like the dancing more than the tumbling.

    • I love the scene when they flip Falco’s truck over the 2nd time and his linemen back him up staring with “….we got this……that your car there? …….” and he shoots it up then when the strike players are putting Falco’s truck back on it’s wheels he says “….and give that mo – fo a tune up too”

      The other great football movie, at least in my opinion, is North Dallas Forty. I hate the Cowboys, but that movie is based on a book written by Peter Gent who played for the Cowboys and is based on real characters and events.

      Of course the best one is “Remember the Titans” also based on true events. Then again, anything with Denzel Washington is always good.

      • Racer,
        Remember the Titans is a good movie for those interested in race relations and White privilege. I thought that Denzel should have been nominated and won the Academy Award for Titans that year instead of Training Day where his character was a bad cop.

        I loved the music in Remember the Titans too. Here’s a scene that demonstrates systematic oppression and how White privilege was used to resolve it.

      • I like this scene in Remember the Titan’s too. Addressing cultural and racial differences, they then addressed homophobia. I liked when they “played the dozens” or rather, the “Yo Mama” jokes. That was popular back in the 60’s.

        • WOW X you & your film studies!!! i would’ve never seen all those things in these clips had you not pointed them out. this last one w.the homo stuff was so warm& cute,love & acceptance.

          and isn’t life so much better when there’s all kinds of “OTHER” ppl around??? i can’t stand a life of sameness. i can remember how boring life was at time when there were no ‘others’ around. just my family &the other weird church ppl exactly like us who hardly smiled. everyone was exactly the same & did same thing every day. everyone looked alike and sounded alike.

          • Hey Shannon!
            Remember the Titans is an amazing movie. It covers culture shock, diversity, finding things in common, and respecting people as individuals. Since the characters that play that out before us are teens, it makes it a pleasant, yet serious experience. Here’s a scene of “Sunshine’s” experience with Jim Crow. He thought that things had changed. Things had changed for him and the team, but not for others.

            I think that is what many of us have expressed too. In our world, people are individuals — not lumped together as a group based on the color of their skin. It was shocking when we discovered that racial prejudice and bigotry still exists in the worlds of some others.

  10. chuquestaquenumber1

    Hello Xena,you recently asked what are you afraid of if you’re wearing a bulletproof vest.I listened to an internet show that brought up the killing of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. The unarmed black couple shot 137 times in their car by Cleveland cops.Officer Michael Brelo was indicted for manslaughter for his crimes. He fired 49 bullets. Brelo gave the standard I feared for my life line Brelo not only had a bullet proof vest. Brelo got on the hood of Williams car and fired into the windshield. Does that sound like somebody who was in fear? Speaking of movies here are scenes from The Replacement Killers. Scene 21-22 starting at 1:37. This is a visual of what Officer Michael Brelo did.

    • chuquest,
      HA! Fear my you-know-what. Am I wrong in saying that man is the only life form on earth that claims fear when killing?

  11. I was pulling for Wilder. Happy that he won. I know that most were expecting a knock-out by either challenger and so was I.

  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson retweeted
    do gooder @do_gooder · 5m 5 minutes ago
    @deray: Want to know the protestor demands from across the country? Check out the Protestor Demand Map: .

  13. I’ve posted on this blog many times how I was threatened with defamation unless I deleted this blog. After the verdict in the Zimmerman case came in, I was threatened with defamation unless I reported solely on “black on black crime.” The person who I refer to as Miss Filth submitted those threats to this blog. Here is further proof that @blanc_papillon7, (who apparently admires me so much that she chose the French version of Whitebutterfly7) is the same person who threatened that unless I report solely on “black on black crime” that she will defame me until I’m humiliated into silence.

    The nonsense in the below screenshot is likened to saying that if you blog about growing flowers but Miss Filth targets you as a minority or someone who supports equal justice for all, that she will criticize you for not blogging what she wants.

    Hey Whitebutterfly7 — get your own blog and then you can write about whatever you want.

    • What a lonely POS! Pathetic. Who The F even GAS abt what an obvious moron thinks???!! one of the “worst blaming cops” black teen violence??!! LMAO she doesn’t even post on your blog what’s she doing reading it??!! LMAO what a stupid bitch! i’m embarrassed for her. she sounds obsessed. weird.

      • Shannon,
        She makes me wonder — if she sees no value in this blog, neither an amount of interest and participation, why does she spend so much time lurking here and tweeting about it?

        Miss Filth has always tried to define me to fit her agenda. She closes her eyes to the fact that my heart is for victims, regardless of their race. Additionally, the circumstances is what makes the cases interesting and important for me to report. For example, I plan to follow the Curtis Reeves case. Chad Oulson deserves justice. It’s not a motivation of reporting “white on white crime” but a stupid act of killing a man for texting in a theater and claiming self-defense. My heart shall be with Chad’s wife and family throughout the trial. The color of their skin is not important to me.

        LMAO she doesn’t even post on your blog what’s she doing reading it??!!

        She’s tried, beginning in September 2012. Not only is her IP address blocked, but she cannot access this blog through proxy IP addresses either.

        Can you now see where she confirms what I’ve been saying since getting her comments that threatened that unless I report “black on black” crime, that she will defame me?

        She’s been breathing out the threats since early 2013. If she’s not careful, what Danny Warrior reported about her might come to pass with the Sheriff knocking on her door because her motivation is race based.

    • scrodriguez

      Haters gonna hate… I am amazed that they have the audacity to even pretend like they are on the up & up knowing they are aligned with blatant racist on twitter and facebook. Shocked that people like this can make statements like that and still keep a straight face..

      • scrodriguez,
        They are not just aligned with bigoted racists — they are bigoted racists. They are hoping to recruit others into their gang and have them attack us. When Miss Filth came to Twitter in November, 2014, it was just after I wrote the WCTV article about the cyber-harasser who posted Kendrick Johnson’s autopsy photos on her blog.

        She first claimed that I have a protected Twitter account to “hide.” Well, she knows about the blog and if she or anyone else has something to say to me, and they don’t want to be an approved follower on Twitter, they can contact me here. But she can’t, and she knows she can’t because her IP address is blacklisted in the Word Press system and she cannot access this blog through proxy IP addresses. She is the one wants to be hidden.

        When she came to Twitter as the French version of Whitebutterly7, she had others tweet about me, putting my handle in the tweets so they came in my “mentions.” I contacted Twitter and they said they handled that. So now, she has expanded her outreach to try to get more people to tweet her filth putting my handle as a mention.

        She wants others to do her dirty work. That is classic bully behavior, but she has a tracked history and she is the person responsible for her actions.

        • Well she has apparently messed with one too many people in the wrong way I will do what ever it takes to put her in her place. She should have just took a walk with her friend after they got schooled in court but some insist on learning the hard way, I have no problem assisting in that

          • Common sense should tell them that the game they’ve been running since 2012 doesn’t work. What they intend for evil backfires on them.

            I shall continue to write about victims and cases, regardless of the race of those involved.

            If you think that there is any information I have to assist people who are harmed by any or all of the Miss Filth’s, just let me know.

            • scrodriguez

              You know I will be coming to you soon for anything we may need 🙂 as I stated im not going to ask for my name to be removed from the tab on her blog that is good evidence for court when it comes to Violating Mr Stalker and providing this victim with additional evidence of her ways.

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