Retaliation Against Cop For Reporting Police Brutality


Joe Crystal

Because of numerous reports of police brutality and use of excessive force, many have asked why the good cops do not report the bad  ones.

I no longer need to address that in the comment section of this blog.

Now former Baltimore police detective Joe Crystal tells his story in the following video. Joe has sued both the Baltimore Police Department and the police commissioner for not protecting him from retaliation.

See the New York Daily News for more on this story.


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  1. Good for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need more Cops like him.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Yes we do, supabutterfly!

      And shame on the cops who did not respond to his calls for back-up when he was in dangerous situations after he had been a whistleblower!


  2. Shame on me for my anti-cop mentality. I know there must be more good ones than bad, but those bad ones are soooo bad, and those that would not help him when he needed backup… bless his soul. I hope he is successful!


  3. Just posted the lawsuit filed by Joe Crystal in the “Document” section that you can find in the right-side border.


  4. I’m proud of him for speaking up.
    Hopefully, like he said others will too.
    The majority are good, all it takes is the majority to do what he’s done
    and shame on those that don’t,
    Where is the police chief in all of this?


    • Lolypop, I’m looking for updated information, even spoke with a friend in Baltimore about it. Not many cops speak up. It’s not to their benefit, as Crystal experienced.


  5. One of the officers reported by Crystal was charged, went to trial, and was found guilty of assault and hindering the investigation. He was sentenced to (wait for it) …… 45 days in jail.

    The supervisor the night of the drug arrest, Sgt. Marinos Gialamas, was convicted of misconduct.


    • 45 days is peanuts but I’m amazed he even got that. And to say he would do it again is a slap in the face to the system.

      I don’t believe it’s only 1 or 2% that are ‘bad’, it wouldn’t be so hard to get rid of them if that were true. The silence of the rest amounts to condoning the actions of the few


      • Mindyme,
        Right. 45 days and I think he still has his job.

        The silence of the rest amounts to condoning the actions of the few

        The reason they remain silent is called self-preservation. Within self-preservation is fear. It happens in other careers, but most of those careers do not include the taking of human life.


  6. Another update. Sgt. Gialamas was convicted of nonfeasance and sentenced to six months of suspended jail time and one year of probation.


  7. O/T but an update on a story reported here. In January 2014, we reported on Howard Morgan.

    We later posted an update. There have been many efforts to free Howard Morgan, including appeals and petitioning the Governor.

    Good news! Governor Quinn has commuted Howard’s sentence. Benjamin Crump is holding a press conference to welcome Howard home.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Good news!


    • this is very good news!!


      • Here’s today’s story about Howard’s release. Some folks are angry, but they still can’t answer how a jury can find that Howard never discharged his gun, to have another jury on a second trial find that he committed attempted murder by shooting the gun that the first jury found he never fired.


        • The system has always been rigged.


          • Mindyme,
            IMHO, Howard should have never been arrested. At the first trial, it could not be established if a bullet that fell from the officer’s bullet proof vest came from Howard’s gun. The bullet was mysteriously misplaced. There was argument that the cops were hit by friendly fire because of where THEY SAID they were position.

            The cops explained shooting Howard in the back by saying he was turning in circles shooting at them. I would think that logically, it would mean that he would have been shoot in the front of his body at least a number of times close to the shots in his back. 21 times in the back with 7 shots elsewhere indicates that Howard was standing still and not turning in circles when being shot in the back.

            It’s been a long journey for him, and I’m very happy that he is now out of prison and with his family.


  8. I was going to blog this story, but I got sick to the stomach when I heard the words “You done what you had to do.”

    70 year old Bobby Canipe survived. York County, SC Deputy Terrance Knox was not charged.


    • The whole time I’m watching this I’m wanting to scream ‘get her out of the road’.


    • I have to give this cop a medal! at least he actually attended to his 99yo victim after he tried to murder him unlike the pigs in cleveland when they murdered the little kid. and the other cops didn’t slam the old woman to the ground & hog tie her for being having the nerve to be concerned & praying to god.
      I can hardly tell but it appears that the victim is white & the pig is black? Not sure, I could just be ‘racebaiting’ LOL IDK..and I don’t know where my compassion has gone lately but I’m not really impressed with the pig’s boohooing either.
      this is absolute bullshit!


      • Shannon,
        And at least the woman wasn’t arrested for interfering. I think that officer was sincerely shocked and upset that he mistook a walking cane for a shotgun. That’s doesn’t make it right, however.

        When I saw the video, I didn’t pay attention to the races of the parties until the comfort cop showed up, who is Black. He is the one that told the shooting cop that he did what had to be done. No, he didn’t have to shoot. It was not necessary. The point is that there are officers who see non-existent threats and shoot while yelling commands. When they are on the street, no one, no matter race, gender or age, is safe.

        Maybe — just maybe — that officer learned that bullets are intended to kill or seriously wound, and once that trigger is pulled, there’s no calling them back.

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        • hey the comment thingy on wordpress changed! could be old one but new update for me cuz i’m setting up another computer.

          well i’m impressed that he didn’t just leave him there to bleed to death. but
          I’m not in anyway convinced the shooter has learned anything. the whining& sniveling sounds fake& dramatized. I don’t think most ppl are compelled to make all kinds of excuses when we’re truly remorseful.

          reminds me of the other cop we saw recently, conveniently caught on dash cam wailing after he killed someone.
          it was just that the killing part was not caught on video, unfortunately i’m sure.
          I don’t believe him either. I don’t believe either one of these cops reasonably assessed the situ.

          I think they are literally playing cops & robbers- Mindlessly. with ZERO sense of morality, duty or honor & ZERO critical thinking. It’s all a big fat ego tripping game to these cops.

          Most of us realize that most cops NEVER KILL ANYONE! but we find out that too many of the ones that do kill are on their second, third kill &/or excessive force lawsuit. they should’ve been gone after a single legit complaint against them.
          that should be cause for immediate termination, right after their criminal conviction, so they don’t get to apply to another PD or the opportunity to resign&/or retire and collect pensions they no longer deserve.


    • Annie Cabani

      Excuse me, but (… clearing throat …) that would be York SOUTH Carolina, not NC.

      [That’s not to say that it COULDN’T happen in NC. But with all the budget slashes by our Neanderthal government here in NC, I’d be surprised if dashboard cameras exist here at all or, if they exist, that they are functional and there our cops educated enough to know how to use them!]



      • LOL@Annie. Know what? The first article I read said South Carolina. The second said North Carolina. Just goes to show that when it comes to cities, I don’t know south from north. LOL!. Thanks for setting that straight. I’ll make the correction.


  9. Two sides to a story

    I’m glad all these cases are coming to light. These have likely been happening for a long time but it’s only since people are recording them with their phones that they’re being publicized.


  10. Dreamer9177

    He definitely is one of the good cops. It is a shame that there are so many dysfunctional people wearing police uniforms all around this country.


  11. I am also proud of the cop that came forward. Bless him and his family and keep them safe. May more come forward.

    I can’t get over the last video where a 70 year old man got shot. I just can’t believe it. It seems no one is safe. What can we do? I am speechless.


    • Shyloh, that statement made by the arriving cop really made me ill. The cop did not have to shoot. I also wonder how the comfort cops arrive before emergency medical personnel?


  12. Annie Cabani

    He’s like a modern day Serpico (for those of you old enough to remember that old movie that just stays with you throughout life)! But thank heavens he got out of police work before getting shot by his co-workers.



  13. peni4yothot

    Petition to ban discriminatory/abusive policing


  14. chuquestaquenumber1

    This is a good story. More need to stand up to criminality.


  15. This young man lived to report his brutality by the police.


    • omg. The horror that must go through one’s mind when they are being beaten, knowing they haven’t done anything wrong.


  16. yahtzeebutterfly

    This was an update from June 1, 2016:

    “Baltimore’s spending panel approved a $42,000 settlement Wednesday with a former police officer who alleged that the department failed to protect him after he reported misconduct by fellow officers.”


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