Rosanne Barr Files New Documents In Zimmerman Case

Robert and Gladys Zimmerman

Gladys and Robert Zimmerman in court during George Zimmerman’s murder trial.

It started in the Circuit Court for Seminole County, Florida. It was then transferred to the federal court.   There was no amount in the prayer for relief. In June 2014, a federal magistrate judge ruled that the case did not meet the minimum federal damages of $75,000 in damages. The case was transferred back to the state circuit court.

For those unfamiliar, Robert and Gladys Zimmerman, parents of George Zimmerman, filed suit against Rosanne Barr.  In July 2013, George Zimmerman was acquitted for killing unarmed 17-year old Trayvon Martin.  The Zimmerman’s allege that Rosanne tweeted out the address to their home forcing them to move in the middle of the night and live in hiding. They accused Barr of trying to incite a “lynch mob.”

After the case was transferred back to the circuit court, the Zimmerman’s claimed damages that included doing their laundry. They asked Barr to settle the case for $750,000.  Barr’s attorneys’ actions thereafter conveyed to the Zimmerman’s to kick sand.

Rosanne posted the tweet on March 29, 2012. However, Robert Zimmerman Sr. told the Orlando Sentinel two weeks earlier that his family was already living in hiding.

2011 Summer TCA Tour - Day 1

Rosanne Barr

The document filed by Rosanne’s attorneys last week raise several defenses, among them that the Rosanne’s tweets are “constitutionally protected” because it was truthful and newsworthy; that Rosanne didn’t tweet private facts because the information is easily accessible through the Seminole County property records and the phone book; and that the Zimmerman’s are public figures. Rosanne also claims that her tweet didn’t cause the Zimmerman’s “cognizable damages.”


Now that it is publicly known that George Zimmerman was arrested at that same house this past Friday, and was living there, I wonder if that will have any effect on his parent’s losing the lawsuit? The only threat for living in that house for George, is George.  His parents still own the property.

The case is before Circuit Judge Melanie Chase.

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  1. That whole family is so effing full of lies – like having mentored the children that day (Travon was MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD) and cooking dinner – when Shellie wasn’t EVEN there. Can’t that lying sack of sheet dad be brought up on perjury charges for that? As well as lying about this, seeing how Georgie Porgie has been living there all along (homeless and couch surfing with friends my @ss). What is wrong with the whole lot of them? An entire family of pathologic compulsive liars? I’ve never heard of an entire family like that. I don’t just mean a family that is supportive of the lies, I mean an entire family of liars!!!

  2. Notice the puss on the ZimmerPhooles…….Imagine being their neighbor……

    He’s thinking “……I wish I hadn’t been drinking that night 32 years ago…….oh sure, he’s family….
    …….then again, I can still ask for a DNA test…….what was I thinking……and that stupid look on her face all the time…….”

    She’s thinking “………what was I thinking………I let him do the horizontal bop and between those 2 boys………..if I didn’t have those labor pains, I’d still be wondering who the real mother is……and that stupid look on his face all the time”

    I see Roseanne is smiling however. She’s thinking “Look at the stupid looks on their faces……this
    would make a great sitcom. Maybe we can call it “Unlucky with the ladies” I’ll even bet I can have Robbie the Racist on for one episode and make fun of his sitcom family and he won’t even be able to tell it’s Fogen I’m making fun of.”

    • haaaaa!
      Funny one racer.
      They both look constipated to me.
      Maybe when she had the boys she didn’t realize
      she was pregnant, just constipated!
      They both always have that same look.
      Hope her tubes are tied. : )

      • I hear ya, but constipated, or full of shit……???? Lets be accurate now.

        • Well, racer
          I thought that was the same! : )
          In my house it is. lol

          • Well… is intentional, and one is not. I’m thinking since they’re broke and on the run just like scenes from “The Fugitive” how could it possibly from “not”

            Hey !!!!!! Roseanne can develop a sitcom “On the run…..!!”

  3. Sanford Watch, on you tube, made a video that was complied of the local TV stations. One station interviewed some of his neighbors….they aren’t fans.

    Check it out.

  4. Rachael and Racer,
    The Zimmerman family are an angry bunch of liars. They blame everyone besides themselves for their problems. They should have kept their mouths closed. You’re absolutely right. Papa Zim’s story about what George did the night before he killed Trayvon was a lie. The question is, why would Papa Zim make it up unless the truth had something to do with what George did before, and his real reason for leaving the house?

    Remember when Papa Zim told the investigators what they should conclude? He just wanted what George did to Trayvon to go away.

    • Well, he may have cooked diner for “…him and his wife….” (racer laughing hard) but one day, his goose will be cooked.

      I forgot he used the term “media event”…..ya know, kind of like a party……just like when Fogen graduated…….well, didn’t actually graduate in the sense he had enough credits, but what the hell……for that family…….it’s close enough.

      And we’re to believe Papa Zim was in Army Intel. ????? It’s more like, who do they have naked pictures of. If any of us in the real world spoke like that, you’d hear the cops laughing 3 counties away.

      In fact, I doubt any dad other than this dip weed ever got that involved with any part of an investigation Fogen being what we must, by law, call an “adult” (racer laughing hard again)

      I believe most dads would have offered to see about bail, maybe a lawyer and said “Gee son, I thought I raised you better than that”……….but that’s just me.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Well, he may have cooked diner for “…him and his wife….” (racer laughing hard)

        But..but..Racer, think of all the recipes gz could have accessed on internet:

        Cook with Cheez-Its! Make cheesecake bites, meatballs, more”

        • “Cook with Cheez-Its! Make cheesecake bites, meatballs, more””

          (racer laughing hard……thank God not drinking Ginger Ale or milk)

          I’m betting he can’t can’t get frozen TV dinners right……let alone something that has actual “ingredients” I’m pretty sure my BBQ is a tad better than anything he can muster up as well.

          • yahtzeebutterfly


            You write so well, Racer, that I can hear you laughing!

            • Well….you have to admit, they give us great material to work with. The fab. part is that we can be pretty sure they read these blogs and know exactly what the real world thinks.
              Ain’t life grand !!!

  5. Oh snap! Another way Zimmerskin has spread his disease like the virus it is, to his parents, again, causing them to lose money.

    • Mindyme,
      They simply should have answered the door when the media came, said “George isn’t here,” closed the door, and gone back to their cocktails.

  6. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    If this were on a TRUE/FALSE test I would have thought it was a trick question… I love Rosanne Bar. That is all I can say. ❤

    • Back in the day, her stand up routine was really good and the Domestic Goddess was the best of it. I wasn’t real keen on her butchering the National Anthem at a MLB game, but she apologized as she was just trying to be funny.

      Picture her on stage at The Troubadour ………in her best yammy voice

      “……..yeah, right…….so this guy Fogen, I can’t mention his name, and those two, well I hate to use the word “parents, ‘cuz that word alone is usually a positive thing, but they said they were so scared they were forced to move………from where………….the kitchen. So……..
      …anyways, they tell all these stories, like we’re supposed to believe them…….like none of us can tell the difference between a fat guy with a gun yelling and a scared teenager.”

      “…….see, his daddy said he used to hear his offspring yell like that all the time…….yeah, right…………did his kid stop screaming when he was shot…… we all miss the obvious right.”

      “I think I’ll call my ex husband and I’ll bet him and Arnie can make another buddy cop movie. Yeah…..he can use the work and Arnie will love it since he can play a cop and and use guns and silly comic lines.”

  7. scrodriguez

    This is going to be thrown out there are no damages not one person has made any attempt to carry out any threat on the Zimmermans. They moved NOT because of what Rosanne posted they moved because of what their son did to an un armed kid after calling him a C**n on the NEN call.
    if they should be suing anybody they should sue their son for being a racist punk with a chip on his shoulder he is who caused their damages his actions nothing more nothing less

    • Hey Jueseppi! Thanks for the reblog. Hope you’re having a great week.

      • I had forgotten all about Ms. Barr’s legal case with these idiots. I’m good, hope you’re well and enjoying the new year.

        • Jueseppi,
          That came up this weekend after George’s arrest and the news reporting that he lived in that same house. Amazing how time is not working to their favor. Apparently, they try to bury living facts, but those facts work their way out of the grave.

  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    In my opinion, their lawsuit will not get anywhere. The Z seniors left their house before Rosanne tweeted.

    • Yahtzeebutterfly,
      I agree. There was entire family claiming to be vagabonds but we come to find out that George has been safely living in that same house.

  9. Two sides to a story

    *shakes head* There isn’t anyone in that family with credibility. They got what they wanted – a not guilty verdict for a son they know damn well has a problem, or several problems – so why compound the lies and misery with more lies?

    • Two sides to a story

      LOL – so now their house is filmed for the news. *smh* Karma is immutable, enit?

    • Two sides, I agree. Maybe they are in denial. It’s George, not Rosanne, not the media, who is the problem.

      • Two sides to a story

        I don’t think it’s denial so much as the belief that Trayvon’s life was worth less than their son’s. Let them broil in that conundrum for awhile.

        • Two sides,
          That is a profound comment and I can see that. The Zimmerman’s do have a superiority complex.

  10. peni4yothot

    Instantly my thoughts; why any “z’s” living at that address if it was so unsafe.

    I didn’t realize that case went back to circuit court. This time, I hope Roseanne is able to get that tossed out as it should have been in the first place.

    • Peni,
      The judge would not dismiss the case, so Barr’s attorneys have filed another petition. Evidently Mama and Papa Zim thought it was be an open, settled, and shut case.

      • peni4yothot

        Ha, facts now dispute their case. Hope this works in favor of Rosenne Barr.

        • Peni,
          So do I. When they claimed costs of doing laundry, I almost fell off my chair. They would have dirty clothes no matter where they lived.

          • You’re kidding???????? Wow, money grabbing ^%*(explicit) lol

            • Peni,
              What really makes me shake my head is knowing that an attorney would even claim laundry expense as a damage. Mama and Papa Zim did not just start having dirty laundry when they moved from their house.

            • When the lawsuit was first filed I figured out the cost of their laundry at more than $350 a month. That is a lot of coin operated machines. If it had been dry cleaning they would have had that expense before and not as a result of Barr’s tweet.

            • Exactly, if they were staying at hotels; they wouldn’t have linens to wash. They are so full of it. What was she washing, drapes; lol

            • yahtzeebutterfly

              Do you think they splurged and had room service pick up their laundry and send it out to the cleaners?

    • Maybe they heard the insults I was hurling their way from NJ ?? Because………that’s about the only thing going on. Lets face reality, if they were being threatened, they’d have letters, recorded calls, witnesses, video and saved e-mails as evidence.

      What do they have …………..well lets see…

      Exhibit A) Gladys said “Way to go son…..the New Black Panthers will find us”

      Exhibit B) Papa Z said “I’m to old to have to fight the mob off”

      Exhibit C) Robbie the Racist said “We’ve been getting death threats from all over”

      Actual Proof…………0 !!

      Maybe it should have panned out like this scene…….substitute “Paulie” for Daddy and it’s how it should have played out.

      Then again, maybe Shellie and Sam and the new female victim should have a brother like Ray in this scene…….hey, we can dream. Picture the 2 in the background as Robbie the Racist and Frank the Racist Tank.

      • ROTFLMAO!

        You’re good.

        He thinks he is the “Ray”. IIRC on his Myspace Goodfellas was one of his fave.

  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Wonder to whom Don West gave gz’s guns?

    “George Zimmerman turns in his guns after assault”

  12. Sanford Watch did this video last year after the Zimmerman’s filed suit. They present public records to show that the value of that house has increased, and not decreased, as alleged by Papa and Mama Zim.

    • I wonder if anyone in that family has ever not lied about something ever.

    • Another thing to consider is the housing market in the State of Florida…..we went through a major housing boom that crashed after a couple of years. People were going nuts in this state, apartments converted to condos to take advantage of people buying everything, including the swamp land (lol). It bottomed out in 2012, the same year that TM was killed. They are also claiming the tweet caused their home to lose value when every home in the State lost value when the market crashed and the values went back into a normal range. The lost of value in their home had nothing to do with the Zimmerman name or the Barr tweet but everything to do with the housing market crash. As Sanford Watch pointed out the value of the home is now rebounding, just like most of the homes in Florida are. The home is still worth more than what they purchased it for and if you check on Zillow and compare it to other homes in the development that have the same square footage, the value is the same.

      • Towerflower,
        Thanks for the info. Mama and Papa Zim act as if they were going to sell the house before George killed Trayvon, and they lost value in the house because of Rosanne’s tweet. They weren’t planning to sell that house. They have not put it on the market and George had no problem living there with his girlfriend. The Zimmerman’s are full of it.

  13. I am still stuck at laundry!

  14. Hey, I was NOT kidding about the LIES that elder Z told on the stand with regard to his son the night before and of the MURDER. We know now that it is a LIE. Can’t something be done about it?

    • I KNOW I asked the same question about the parents lies in the lawsuit.
      specifically the ‘we fled in fear for our pathetic lives cuz of Roseanne’s tweet’ when they had already whined to Rene that they “fled” weeks before.
      Why isn’t that a perjury charge??? Why isn’t Roseanne’s lawyer mentioning that lie??

      I don’t remember anyone really answering my hysterical rant but I thought maybe the zimmerliar’s excuse cld be their lawyer made a mistake by misstating a wrong timeline in their lawsuit w/o their knowledge. except that detail is pretty much the basis of their claim. But for Roseanne’s tweet they would’ve never had to flee from the home and could’ve done their own laundry in the laundry room like before!

      • Shannon,

        Why isn’t that a perjury charge???

        Because in civil cases, litigants lie all the time. That is why the courts give each side opportunity to answer and conduct discovery to ferret out the lies and bring the facts before the court.

  15. How do they get away with it? All the lies? And I seriously doubt it is anything new. I have the feeling this family has been making up lies about all kinds of stuff and for a very long time. Think about GZ and his cousin. And who knows what else has been lied about and hidden in his past – and not just about him, but maybe his brother, his sisters and his father and even his mother. I have the feeling there is a WHOLE lot of stuff that we know nothing about – and I don’t mean just typical family stuff, I mean – dirty laundry – REALLY dirty laundry – the kind you certainly would not want to do in a public laundry area. What a sick family.

    • Rachael,

      How do they get away with it? All the lies? And I seriously doubt it is anything new. I have the feeling this family has been making up lies about all kinds of stuff and for a very long time.

      When I read/listen to Junior, and that portion of Papa Zim’s book, I got the distinct impression that they cannot divide fact from fiction. They want to blame the media for George’s problems. However, it was because the Sanford Police Dept. and Wolfinger would not arrest George that Tracy Martin reached out to the media via Benjamin Crump. According to the Zimmerman’s demonstrated attitude, small town, everyday people are not suppose to have that much power, nor confidence.

      That family demonstrates the proverbial story of the Emperor’s new clothes.

      • As I recall a college student named Sean Cunningham got the ball rolling with a petition, which is how I found out. I don’t know all the early details as to how it got past just another local killing from 2/26 to about mid March, but I signed a petition and the next day it was some 24 hour news channel. I was working in the shop about 8 or so that night and lo & behold, there’s my 1st look at Robbie the Racist.

        • Racer,
          I was a late comer. It was not until Zimmerman was arrested that I paid serious attention to the case. I prayed about getting involved on the internet, and had a dream about Trayvon that confirmed to me that I should. By the time I came to the blogs, I was way behind and had missed the media interviews with Robbie, Joe Oliver, and Frank Taaffe and had to catch-up. What shocked me the most were the mean-spirited, bigoted racist comments on social media.

          • That’s what shocked me the most as well. When RtR and Papa Fogen volunteered to go on TV and run their mouths, the only thing I though was “Thou protest to much dear Juliette !!” Then both of their stories were in conflict with what Fogen had said to the police.

            That’s about when I opened a HuffPost account and holy smokes !! The racist comments !! On the other hand, I met you, kh101, Morpheus Flux and all the people here and on Freds blog that have it together. I’m probably the one who got right in those bigots faces back then. I also got one of my customer/friends to dig a little and along with my friend who went on HP as BigScaryMan, we goaded some of them into saying things only one with 1st hand knowledge would say. We proved that some of the posters were none other than Fogen, Shellie, Papa Z and Robbie. The best part was that they would have a dz. or so handles and more often than not one of them would post a response to themselves and forget to switch names.

            Not only that, whenever there was a court date, none of them would be on, but 20 minutes or so later, they would bombard the blog with crap. The one name Fogen was using was “Cherry Pop Tarts” and one day I got into him with it and he wound up in a fit of rage admitting he was there that night and since I wasn’t, what did I know.

            So needless to say, I kept posting his name directly to him. Of course, he and the other criminals kept making complaints until I was banned. Oh well !!

            • Racer,
              I remember that the main reason for opening private chat was for stress relief for those who debated against mean-spirited people on venues such as HuffPost. Also, I remember people posting that haters were impersonating others, using semblances of their handles along with their avatars, and posting comments to make them look stupid. Well, they started doing the same thing in comments submitted to blogs, and then went to online news sources with that same game.

              And they think that people should find them credible?

              In his radio interview of advice for those killing in self-defense, Zimmerman said to stay away from social media. Yeah — he was on social media under handles. I suspect that the feds have traced his internet use and collected all of his bigoted racists comments.

            • There was a part of me that was so innocent and naïve before that. It isn’t that I had never heard racist comments before, I mean I’m almost 60 years old and am from a biracial family so of course I have but I had NEVER seen ANYTHING like what I saw when I started reading comments. I had no idea people like that even really existed and the fact that they were “anonymous” scared the daylights out of me. They could be my next door neighbors for all I knew. Trayvon most certainly could have been my son and when I would read the horrible comments about him and his parents, well I’ve never been the same to this day. It just did something to me. And his lawyer just perpetuated it.

              But you probably all know me from there – I used my same name as here and picture and everything. Y’all know who I am.

            • Rachael,

              but I had NEVER seen ANYTHING like what I saw when I started reading comments.

              Same here. What surprised me more were that the sources did nothing to moderate and remove offensive comments. Free speech is not hate-speech, and what I read went beyond being mean-spirited and consisted mostly of hate-speech.

              I don’t think any of us are the same since having that experience.

        • TM’s parents never gave up. In the early days after his death, they tried to make their voices heard. In the beginning it was only a local news story with Sabrina wanting answers for her son’s death and the police not cooperating with her. It was after Tracy got in touch with Crump and his office that the story went national.

          • Towerflower,
            I don’t remember now if it was Tracy Martin or Ben Crump who said it, but they spoke about when Tracy first contacted Crump. Crump told him to give the Sanford Police Dept. time because they would arrest Zimmerman. Tracy told Crump that they were not going to arrest Zimmerman. The Sanford Police Dept. apparently made-up their minds on the night that Trayvon was killed that they were going to rely on Zimmerman’s story only.

            Remember, the crime scene folks didn’t even bother to check the concrete for ZImmerman’s blood, although he said that his head had been bashed on the concrete and blood was in his eyes. The witness at his trial said that she walked the area using a flashlight and didn’t see any blood.

            Tracy had that gut feeling, and he was right. They didn’t bother to investigate the scene as a homicide because they swept it under the rug as self-defense. Like you said, Trayvon’s parents never gave up.

  16. Xena to your 1:31 post. That’s what I’m led to believe as far as his recent comment on social media.I also believe that Taaffe didn’t exactly “…come to Jesus” either. I’d bet the farm he was confronted with about 500 pages of transcripts of racist rant crap he had under many names as that’s their style.

    From sometime in June thru Sept 2012 is when we were helping by posting pro Trayvon remarks and like I said before, they couldn’t keep their mouths shut and always had to have the last word. I noticed that at some point in Aug 2013, all of them disappeared at once.

    Co-incidence, no-way !!!

    I wish I could remember all of those handles, ‘cuz many of them were dead giveaways by themselves. There was one that turned out to be Shellie and she tried to be some unbiased grandmotherly figure, but would give away details trying to out smart us and I almost wanted to say “Hey Stupid !!!! The Feds are watching…….’cuz 2 of ’em are friends of mine” One of them was on temp assignment to Sanford in the summer of 2012 looking into the hate crime aspect.

    As has been stated here, if he was not being indicted, we’d have known by now. I believe he very well may be.

    • Racer,

      I noticed that at some point in Aug 2013, all of them disappeared at once.

      That would have been after the verdict, and many of his supporters also disappeared. They even deleted their blogs and some decided to harass those blogs supporting justice for Trayvon to delete as well.

      There was one that turned out to be Shellie and she tried to be some unbiased grandmotherly figure, but would give away details trying to out smart us and I almost wanted to say “Hey Stupid !!!! The Feds are watching…….’cuz 2 of ‘em are friends of mine” One of them was on temp assignment to Sanford in the summer of 2012 looking into the hate crime aspect.

      I’ve often wondered of any of those that Mindyme encountered on Yahoo articles were Zimmerman’s under handles.

      In dealing with harassers, I learned so much about tracing. People are really stupid if they think they can hide behind any equipment that accesses the internet. There is always a way to trace, even when they use public Wi-Fi and proxy IP addresses.

      As has been stated here, if he was not being indicted, we’d have known by now. I believe he very well may be.

      Racer, I agree. The federal grand jury’s session ended in December. Either the DOJ is slow in announcing no indictment, or they are working at getting Zimmerman to plea. If he has been indicted and goes to trial, the feds will seek the maximum on all charges, and I do believe there will be more charges than violation of Trayvon’s civil rights. I think of wire fraud regarding the donations; and maybe even interference with the federal investigation since Zimmerman took it upon himself to use the security firm to investigate Trayvon, who was a juvenile.

      I hope they found who the DNA blood stains belong to on Zimmerman’s jacket that were not identified as Trayvon’s nor Zimmerman’s. I’ve said — George got his butt whipped that weekend, but it wasn’t by Trayvon.

      • Well I still want answers about why Papa LIED on the stand and is not being prosecuted.

        • Rachael,
          We could be licensed, certified psychologists, and still not know why Papa Zim lied. The dysfunctions are a tangled weaved nest.

          As far as perjury, since there are no appeal rights to prosecutors who fail to get a guilty verdict, the prosecutor’s hands are tied bringing perjury charges. There is also something involved in that because Papa Zim said what George told him he did that night before he killed Trayvon, and that is actually hearsay.

          What the feds have however, is George’s recorded statement to Hannity. But, how is that proved to be a lie without Shellie’s testimony? In the alternative, her dad could testify that Shellie was at his house.

          In essence, it is George who lied, but because he didn’t lie to a judge or the court, he would not be charged with perjury, which is probably why prosecutors did not charge him with perjury regarding the donations — because he sat like a “potted palm.”

      • I’d still like to know who’s blood stains were found on the garage door post of one of the houses behind where Trayvon was murdered. Somewhere along the line someone took photos and there is blood on one of the door posts and yet it was never investigated. The blood stain is just about how high Fogens head is off the ground.

        I think Shellie bopped him upside the head earlier and he reopened it on the door post. As I recall, some of the blood on his jacket turned out to be non-human blood as I recall. There are so many unanswered questions it’s a joke.

        Refresh my memory on the security co. investigating Trayvon……what did I miss ?

        • Racer,

          I’d still like to know who’s blood stains were found on the garage door post of one of the houses behind where Trayvon was murdered.

          That was Jon Manolo’s house. He’s the same guy who went to investigate a gun shot, armed with a flashlight. He’s also the one who took the photo of Zimmerman’s head, Trayvon’s body, and the tactical flashlight and was photographed talking to the cops at the crime scene.

          As I recall, some of the blood on his jacket turned out to be non-human blood as I recall.

          One of the written reports in discovery said there was a stain of animal blood on GZ’s jacket. The pro who testified at trial however, did not mention that. He pointed out what blood stains were mixtures, including mixtures of GZ’s and Trayvon’s, which were GZ’s, which were Trayvon’s, which did not match either person, and which samples were too small to tell.

          Refresh my memory on the security co. investigating Trayvon……what did I miss ?

          I don’t remember now if it was by way of attached documents or in the complaint, but when the security firm sued George, Shellie, and O’Mara, they said that their detectives followed-up on a report by GZ that someone purchased Pot from Trayvon. They stated they located the person and there was no truth to that. See, George was trying to defend himself in profiling Trayvon. If he could make Trayvon a Pot dealer, he would substitute that for racial profiling. Factually however, if he had no knowledge of Trayvon before he killed him, the reasons he found him suspicious were what he believed at that time. He has to live with his assumptions.

          • Manolo, that’s right !! And Taaffe took Marinade Dave on a “tour” of the neighborhood telling this bs tale of Trayvon, pot dealing and lean making.

            • Racer,

              And Taaffe took Marinade Dave on a “tour” of the neighborhood telling this bs tale of Trayvon, pot dealing and lean making.

              Right. Dave handled that interview like a gentleman. He questioned Taaffe’s proof.

  17. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks Xena for keeping the pressure on the grifters. Great work you are doing here. It’s much appreciated.


    Anyone else read this or any of the books for sale on Amazon that deal with this same subject?
    I ordered one of the books but haven’t received it yet.

    • Bonnie,
      I just read the excerpt and it is very interesting and convincing. The stalking was the beginning of Zimmerman’s intent and from the clubhouse videos, there’s no doubt that he followed on Trayvon’s heels. We don’t have to wonder if Trayvon was in fear of the stalker because he told us by his actions — he ran.

      I read Lisa Bloom’s book but other than that, have not read others that address the Zimmerman case and how the jury was manipulated to acquit.

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