Man Being Booked Saved Officer’s Life

In September 2015, Jamal Rutledge was being booked on charges of violation of probation for criminal mischief and burglary. Officer Franklin Foulks of the Fort Lauderdale Police was doing the booking when he suddenly collapsed. Being handcuffed behind his back, the only thing that Jamal could do was yell for help and kick the door to alert nearby officers.


Jamal Rutledge (center) and three Fort Lauderdale Police Officers are being commended for saving another officer’s life.

Sergeant Todd Bunin heard Jamal’s cries for help. He saw Officer Foulks clenching his chest. Bunin notified police dispatch to send help. Officers Robert Norvis and Raymond Ketchmark overheard Bunin’s radio transmissions and immediately responded to assist. Norvis removed Foulks’ police gear and cut off his shirt. Ketchmark got a nearby Automated External Defibrillator to stimulate Officer Foulks’ heart.


Fire rescue arrived and transported Foulks to Broward Health Medical Center.

NBC Miami reports;

“ Fort Lauderdale Police say that the attending medical staff noted that the immediate actions by Rutledge, along with the quick response by nearby officers, saved Foulks’ life.”

Rutledge, Bunin and Ketchmark and Norvis will be honored publicly on Januray 21st at 6 p.m. at the next Fort Lauderdale Commission Meeting.




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  1. Good Job! (could those officers have walked any slower?)


  2. Wow @ That’s quite an interesting scene.


  3. Two sides to a story

    Interesting story.


  4. Their response is a good indicator they aren’t tone deaf to calls for help. Meanwhile regarding an OT subject,

    Cannot make threats on twitter w/out repercussion.

    BREAKING: #CBWest Guidance Counselor MaryKate Blankenburg FIRED for this December facebook post. Details at 11pm.


    • Are you kidding me?? And she’s worried the protestors might be violent, right? ARGH the hypocrisy! Thanks for this peni4yothot


      • peni4yothot

        Hi Mindy,

        Yep, a guidance counselor threatening to kill protesters if her sons missed/late to a game.


  5. Annie Cabani

    My apologies – I haven’t read anything here yet and this is almost certainly OT.


    Jon Stewart (The Daily Show, on Comedy Central) had Marco Rubio as his special guest tonight. Stewart’s first segment is general comedic attacks on Florida (sorry … nothing Zimmerthug-specific). And then he chats with Rubio, and is handed many opportunities by Rubio to make Rubio look ridiculous. Stewart tries to dial it back in his 3rd segment, but Rubio hands him more irresistible opportunities that he can’t resist (and who could?).

    Check it out online or in replays tomorrow, if you feel inclined and are able to do so. It might give you a few well-earned laughs.


  6. chuquestaquenumber1

    Did police drop charges against Rutledge ?


  7. OK off to work but I couldn’t resist. I RE-TWITTER hahaha. Sorry! Love you guys. Have a good day!


  8. Wonderful! Now I want to see this broadcast all over evry channel and published on every news service!!


  9. My first thought was how lucky Jamal was. The cops could easily have assumed Officer Foulks was down because he’d been assaulted by the teenager.


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