A Glance At Key Police Shootings In The St. Louis Area

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ST. LOUIS (AP) — The shooting death of 18-year-old Antonio Martin marks the third fatal shooting of a young black man by a white police officer in the St. Louis area since Michael Brown was killed in August.

Here’s a glance at the circumstances in each case:



Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old, was shot and killed shortly after noon Aug. 9 following an apparent scuffle in the middle of the street with Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson at his police vehicle. Brown’s body lay there for hours as police investigated and an angry crowd of onlookers gathered. Several days of tense protests that sometimes turned violent followed in the predominantly black suburb, prompting Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to call in the National Guard. St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch decided to present the case to a grand jury rather than appoint a special prosecutor.

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  1. crustyolemothman

    Other than all these shootings involved adult black males and white police officers, what do they have in common? We have one that involves a person that was unarmed, two that involve guns, and one that involves a knife. Is the basic theme that white police officers are looking for excuses to execute black men? Was there any criminal activity involved on the part of the deceased? The real question to be answered is there viable solution that will eliminate police deaths regardless of race of the person involved? Could it be that we have a problem that both sides need to make changes to resolve?


    • right and the first step is to acknowledge we’ve got a serious crime problem before any real change is likely.
      there’s violent crime, drug crime, theft, petty and victimless crime but the cops know they can usually get away with it all.
      the same doesn’t hold true for the above mentioned young black male demographic disproportionately compared to the rest of society. and they’re punished much harsher for the most minor crimes than anyone else. sometimes punished to death.
      and I think that’s a problem both sides gotta deal with before changes happen.


      • crustyolemothman

        shannoninmiami, If we were to take the minor drug offenses off the table and only looked at the major crime involving violence, how would the numbers compare between white and black crime? Would they be in proportion to the percentage of population? I have not researched this to any degree and while I keep hearing that the black population is targeted more frequently even with these crimes, is that factual and can it be backed up with statistics? I have no doubt that the war on drugs was aimed at the poor and minorities as a means of control, but does that problem extend upward into the more serious crimes as well? How much effect would poverty have on violent crime rates or is it a factor? No doubt we have a serious problem, what do we do to resolve it? Is it a problem that can be resolved without a racial war as some people seem to wish to happen? I refuse to accept that the color of a persons skin has any thing to do with the worth of the person… Solutions??

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        • The statistics are only as good as the data collected. the data is incomplete and incorrect. for example just imagine all the Zimmermans in the US. he would’ve never been arrested if the whole world hadn’t found out so Trayvon’s murder wouldn’t have counted as a crime!

          part of the problem with the FED’S statistics (even though they represent white ppl, per capita, are committing most violent of crimes) is the local police departments aren’t reporting the crimes accurately. and the data is based on arrests not convictions. and we know black ppl are more likely to be falsely arrested then others.
          then we have evidence Chicago PD & NYPD are cooking their crime statistics like crazy by under reporting serious crimes. like classifying apparent murders as accidents and not even investigating so the reported data can justify practices like stop & frisk and/or to qualify for certain FED monies that line officials pockets.

          think of the 1000s of murders done in the name of self -defense that black ppl aren’t afforded nearly as frequently as white ppl regardless of the victim’s race. and all the UNJUSTIFIED police killings and abuses that are never even heard of much less adjudicated!

          studies prove conclusively that the idea that young black males are inherently more violent than young white males is simply bullshit racist rhetoric. but this fallacy is so ingrained into the American psyche that it gets stated as fact by some of the most liberal media. But then they’ll try to explain it away as a byproduct of poverty, poor educational and oppression. I’ve even seen ignorant, but otherwise learned black ppl say it! but its just not true. none of the inequities poor black ppl suffer have any greater effect on their potential criminality any more than it would for any other person. ppl are exactly the same.

          the problem is the way the police are enabled and encouraged to harass and abuse certain groups more than others. just like the KKK were allowed to harass certain groups. it doesn’t mean the harassed groups were in anyway encouraging harassment. they were harassed simply because they were allowed to be harassed.


          • Shannon,
            Excellent comment.

            studies prove conclusively that the idea that young black males are inherently more violent than young white males is simply bullshit racist rhetoric. but this fallacy is so ingrained into the American psyche that it gets stated as fact by some of the most liberal media.

            These were things I heard as a child, and they didn’t set right with me. I questioned them then through the innocent eyes of a child. For example, how did people who worked for free on every plantation in the South, suddenly become “inherently lazy”? Also, when Black women cleaned the houses of Whites, did their laundry, cooked their food and cleaned their dishes, why is it that Blacks are “inherently unclean”?

            But look at what was said about Native Americans being “savages”. Those “savages” taught the first settlers about edible plants and helped them to survive.

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          • crustyolemothman

            shannoninmiami, If we have no firm proof via numbers that are verifiable and dismiss any evidence that we feel contradict our cause, how do we convince people that what we say is true? Do we expect them to simply accept that if we say something is true, do we expect them to believe us simply because we say it is? The real problem is that you don’t have to convince me, I honestly believe that there is a terrible miscarriage of justice for not just minorities but the poor of all races as well, however the ones that will actually make change happen won’t make these changes until you (we) can offer factual proof that there is a problem. Until that time I suppose all we can do is argue amongst ourselves as a means of venting frustration. Think about something for just a moment, I stood beside you (and others) in the Travon Martin case and every case that came about until the Mike Brown case, then suddenly because I attempted to make the point that because of the way the laws were written to support the police in this nation that there was no way Wilson would be convicted. Wow with the reaction to that came a sudden and obvious shunning as if I were suddenly a newly discovered racist. My views on that case had nothing to do with the race of the victim, because quite frankly Wilson would not have been convicted regardless of the race of the victim. One of the major flaws that we have in attempting to achieve justice that is not racially biased is that in some ways we thru our own actions and words are often perceived as racist, especially when you hear people make absolute statements that include all people of a race that they are not a member of. If we truly want to find a solution for the problem of racial prejudice, we have to first remove the racist from ourselves, and then offer “real solutions” toward change. I’ve probably said enough at this point to be forever branded as a racist troll by some, but at some point maybe what I say will be understood… I’ll close this long post by saying: We are rapidly reaching a point in this nation that equality for all people will come from people working together to bring change under the laws of the nation or by the use of force in which there will be no winner.


            • Mothman,

              I’ve probably said enough at this point to be forever branded as a racist troll by some, but at some point maybe what I say will be understood

              First, I want to say that you and many others here have not once said the color of your skin. I’ve never asked that of people.

              Secondly, you, and a person formerly known as M1, broke my shell, opened my eyes, and caused me to think. There are times when I perceive your comments are intended to cause thinking. I don’t perceive them as argumentative. You are not a troll and the word “racist” has been used so improperly in the last 6 years or so that it has lost its meaning.


            • like I said, even the data the feds do have says that white ppl are doing the most violent crimes against ppl like murder and assaults. black ppl are doing more property crimes like robberies.
              so even tho the data is incomplete, the facts via numbers are there for all to read.

              but I don’t think facts will make a difference to bigots. if facts were a cure for racism racists would be extinct. they know Trayvon was screaming for help but they ignored that part because that conclusively proves Zimmerman’s a murderer.

              and I musta missed your comments about Mike Brown. but I think there’s times when the laws are being abused and misinterpreted to favor “the white right to kill with impunity” bullshit because there’s times they work properly and fairly. re; ted wafer.
              i’m sure you were around when we all spoke about the SYG law applying to Trayvon not the murderer because Trayvon was the one being pursued. but we saw the state completely disregard one of the most fundamental rules in the laws, and they were never called out for that.
              (I want to know why at least speaking as a citizen of florida, we can’t demand the prosecutor explain themselves! I want answers!)

              when you say Wilson wouldn’t be convicted no matter what color the victim was, I don’t necessarily agree with that. because i have to assume the circumstances would have to be different for Wilson to accost a white kid. and that the aftermath would’ve been handled much differently then it did with Ferguson leaving Mike’s body laying there in front of his own parents for hours!

              but i’d go further and say Wilson wouldn’t have killed Mike Brown had he been white. I’ve tried to imagine it and i don’t even believe Wilson would’ve told my 18yr 6’3 blond blue eyed kid brother walking down the street to ‘get the fuck on the sidewalk’
              That’s fuckin crazy talk in my mind! I’m just not getting how that’s not illegal in of itself! now I did come from a southern town probably about the same size as ferguson. I know my mom would’ve freaked out had my brother came home saying some cop spoke to him like that. and I know my stepfather would’ve gone after any cop who spoke to his son like that! when I was a kid the cops took me home when I was skipping school and trying to get home before my mom found I missed the bus.


    • 2 of those shootings occurred when officers approached the men, when the men weren’t committing any crimes. Michael Brown was approached because he was walking in the middle of the road.


  2. peni4yothot

    An interesting view worth considering.


  3. You’ve got that exactly right peni!
    If people can’t see that, then it’s just because they don’t want to.


    • peni4yothot

      Frien and Donner. Plenty more who have committed heinous crimes but were able to surrender.


      • I think that the majority of the officers should be fired, instead they aren’t even charged or arrested like the rest of the population.
        They murder in heinous crimes as well and the Grand Jury s bought IMO.


        • peni4yothot

          “I think that the majority of the officers should be fired”

          Lolypop, I agree and so does several retired LE. They believe the very reason why police don’t care is “no consequences”. Paid leave is “vacation” to them.

          Here’s another unequal justice w/in LE.



          • Right peni,
            That’s the officers that I feel bad for, NOT these jerks that you can’t even trust to help you when you need them. Who are we going to call?
            They took their job to protect and that’s what she was doing for 19 years and she’s the ONE fired, even though she was assaulted too?
            This is so bad,
            Someone has to get control and fire these bad officers.
            Of course they never regret it. First of all they don’t have a conscience or any regrets and to top it off they get a paid vacation.
            Who is going to get control??


            • “Who is going to get control??”

              Lolypop, if a politician goes against anything resembling LE, they (police union) demonizes that individual/institution.
              They attempted it on the Mayor re: “Pointer-gate” and now de Blasio. Don’t forget Stl Rams and plenty others whom LE unions demanded apologies from, teams exercising their rights.
              It’s the Roorda’s, Patrick Lynch and other radical police union leaders who’s spewing hate/war on citizens/communities.

              As the retired cop in StL said, start terminating them; that will promote change.


  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    I have been thinking of Eric Garner tonight.

    What kind of heartbreak,
    What deep hurt
    Did Eric Garner endure
    When his repeated cries of “I can’t breathe”
    Were ignored?

    I grieve for Eric.

    Why was his humanity not respected?
    His right to live?
    From being choked
    To head being pressed down hard
    Amidst his “I can’t breathe” cries?

    I feel an aching inside.
    Eric endured two deaths:
    Physical death and the death of his
    Right to be seen as human.

    His attacker, in those last moments, put Eric in a lonely, dark space
    A space with no respect.


  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    The funeral of Officer Rafael Ramos is today. My heart breaks that his life was horrifically taken from him

    I am sending my thoughts and prayers and support to his family today.

    He was a dedicated officer. His son Justin spoke these words about his father:

    “He was the embodiment of compassion and care, and we are all truly blessed to have him to be part of our lives. We are going to miss his loving presence and I can’t even begin to fathom what life is going to be like without him.”

    May you rest in peace in God’s loving arms, Rafael Ramos.


  6. To everyone,
    Sorry for my absence. I have the flu and it’s kicking my butt.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Oh, no Xena. I am sorry to hear that. I know that it is a very rough flu that is going around and that it really saps ones energy.

      I hope you get a lot of rest and will be feeling better soon.


    • peni4yothot

      Bless you, hoping get well wishing to you.


    • oh no Xena! I hope you feel better soon!


      • My doctor’s office will be opened tomorrow and I’m going to try to get an appointment. The coughing has my entire body sore but I was feeling better this morning. Now, my lymph nodes are sore and swollen.


        • Glad that you get to see the doctor tomorrow.
          Sounds like a whopper!!
          Take care of yourself!!
          Love you!!!!!


          • Hey Lolypop! I just got home from the doctor’s office. He put me on a pretty potent anti-biotic. I feel so bad that I’m not up to participating, but hopefully that will change real soon. Not only do I have the flu, but also an inner ear infection. Love you too!!


            • yahtzeebutterfly

              Take good care of yourself, Xena. Just rest, rest, rest. I am still exhausted from my flu. Finished the antibiotic yesterday, but I don’t feel cured. I might need it extended.

              I am so sorry to hear that you have an ear infection on top of the flu. Whew!


            • Thanks Yahtzee. Seems that I don’t have much of a choice about resting. I’m up for about half an hour, then sleep for 4 hours, then it repeats itself. There are several strains of flu that are out now and some are treated with antibiotics to prevent bronchitis and pneumonia. You too rest, rest, rest.


            • I’m so sorry Xena. : (
              That really sucks, doesn’t it?
              I agree with yahtzee, just rest, rest and rest.
              I hope that you don’t have any plans.
              Take this time to just take care of you.
              We all know that’s what you need.
              You’re always caring so much for others.
              Lord knows you really need to take care of yourself.
              I’ll be thinking of you and saying prayers for you. LOVE YOU Thissssssssssssssssssss
              much!! : )


            • Lolypop,
              Thanks so much for your kind words. I love you too! Today I’m feeling better. The antibiotics are working and I’ve actually been up for almost 3 hours without feeling sleepy. 🙂


            • Geat!!!
              You even have the fire works going.
              Xena, you make a very beautiful site.
              I loved all of the Christmas ones too. : )


            • Lolypop,
              I’ve felt so bad that I really can’t write much, so I play around with the backgrounds instead. 🙂 Glad you like them. 🙂


            • yahtzeebutterfly

              I’ve had that same sleep pattern, Xena.

              Don’t know if it will help you, but I’ve had a craving for pears and feel temporarily better each time I eat one.



            • Hey Yahtzee. I don’t have any particular cravings. I take supplements such as time released vitamin C. Fruit doesn’t like me. 😦


    • Xena, I hope that you feel better soon, it sucks being sick during the holidays.


    • Xena,
      Sorry that you have that old bug.
      Sure makes you miserable!!!
      Hope that YOU kick it soon and can enjoy the New Year.
      Wishing you the best year ever. : )
      Love you!!!!


  7. Mindy,
    that’s terrible. He said it because that’s how they treated him.
    They lie, kill and get by with everything!
    Wish all of the bad ones were in prison.
    That would be a start!!!


  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson @deray · 1h 1 hour ago
    Ezell’s autopsy was completed on AUGUST 14th. And is just now being released. “…the right back wound has muzzle imprint.” Y’all, Wow.

    deray mckesson @deray · 27m 27 minutes ago
    And the autopsy was dictated on 8.14.14. But it wasn’t signed until 9.23.14. Is that normal? #EzellFord

    Ezell Ford’s Autopsy:



  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson @deray 12 hours ago :

    I’m still processing how to talk about the weight of oppression, its pain, and the presence of hope. I’ll admit, I’m struggling.

    What does it say about a country that structurally deprives a set of people of the conditions for hope and then blames them?

    Hope has to rest on something. Something like the idea of freedom, the idea of liberation. What happens when the idea wanes?

    Y’all know that I firmly believe that love is the why. That love is what allows us to fight each day and that keeps the movement alive.

    But this morning I just need to think through hope a little more. Hope in the presence of such intense evil.

    See, evil tries to use our love against us. Evil wants us to believe that love is weakness. But love is not surrender. In love, we overcome.

    The bonds of love will always be stronger than the bonds of evil.

    See, love reaches more people than evil. Love is the essence of us all.

    The effects of evil are immediate. The effects of love felt over time. The immediacy of evil makes it appear to be stronger than love.

    We protest not to affirm the worth of our lives, but to expose the depth of the evil we face.

    See, love holds us accountable. Evil, by its nature, is not accountability. And accountability is, at its core, is justice.

    And hope is rooted in honesty. To confront the trauma of our todays frees us to fight for the freedom in our tomorrows.

    Hopelessness is to admit defeat. And that has never been the story of our struggle, that has never been the story of our people.

    In hope, we do not deny the trauma of the past that we have lived. But we refuse to be trapped in trauma. Hope is the belief in life itself.


    • I understand that hopelessness. it’s starting to get to me too. it really started when Wilson wasn’t indicted and took a few weeks to kinda gather my wits. but now with the police in NYC acting so outrageous and the mayor not taking some sort of action against them… I don’t know what to think. it’s crazy that cop’s heads aren’t rolling. I don’t understand what else they have to do to prove their unfit for public service. how do you get away with such a public act of disrespect for your own boss?
      why are they letting some guy who hangs with david douche stay in congress? supposedly representing the ppl??


  10. it wouldnt let me post my comment so i’m trying again to post the video


    • Thanks for embedding the video. Sorry that you had problems posting a comment. There are times when Word Press burbs.

      No justice. No trust.


  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    I unsuccessfully tried to find your original article on this story, Xena, so that I could post this link there.

    Anyway, here it is:

    “Grand Jury Clears Two White Texas Cops Who Brutally Beat A Black Woman Over An Unpaid Traffic Ticket”



    • Yahtzeebutterfly,

      I unsuccessfully tried to find your original article on this story, Xena, so that I could post this link there.

      I don’t remember writing about that. Someone may have posted it in the comment section on an open discussion thread. Thanks for the info.


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